fade-leftfade-rightWhere Were YOU 23 Years Ago?

WHO were you 23 years ago?
A twinkle in your mother’s eye?
A spotty school leaver looking for a first job?
A sixth former studying A levels? We like A levels 🙂

If you were a 17 or 18 year old in the year 1994 that makes you 40-41 today and in the Generation X camp. (DOB between 1965 and 1976).  You’ll remember life as a kid in the 80’s; you may vaguely recall daily news about the IRA, Black Wednesday, Scargill, mine closures, the demise of Thatcher, recession, John Major and his soap box….but I bet you won’t remember this....

It’s hard to believe isn’t it….that the internet has gone from something virtually unknown 23 years ago, to where it is today. You’re reading this on an escort's own webpage…which we take for granted…back then if you wanted paid sex you cruised in your car ‘to the wrong side of the tracks’ and took your pick from a street corner, or alternatively sought out one of those little A5 contact mags off the top shelf of the more risqué newsagents. Remember ‘NEW DIRECTION’?

Contrast that to today’s 23 year olds. They have NEVER KNOWN a world without digital technology. They have never had to cash a cheque, use a hard encyclopedia for reference, or file anything in a metal cabinet.  Their formative years have been made public in minute detail for all to see via Social Media. They’re a self-made 'brand' of their own, believing they can do, or be, Anything They Want.

So what? Well my friends, I’ve been prompted to write this by what is going on TODAY. You see right now, we find ourselves in a similar place to where we were in 1994. How so? Something unusual & exciting is going on in the world of finance and currency, and most Brits remain blissfully unaware of it. When I say Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, you’ll likely yawn and hit the CLOSE button….your loss.


Still here? GREAT! 🙂 🙂 …Appreciated! xxx

Did you know that Scameron[sic] and Osborne (before they were sacked) planned to do away with cash TOTALLY by 2020?

Did you know that in France it is illegal to make cash transactions for more than £1000? And that Germany intends to withdraw big denomination notes completely?  And that our own authorities are shelving the introduction of a polymer £50 note because they too want rid of high denomination notes. The little see thru window btw on the new note is reckoned to be there by design...a space reserved, eventually, to accommodate a chip…Google it…it’s frightening, it’s called ‘chipped cash

Did you know that in India a year ago in 2016, with the country in financial crisis, their President, out of the blue, went live on TV to inform the country that in ‘four hours time, 500 and 1000 rupee notes would no longer be in circulation and would not be accepted as legal tender’ and they were outlawed! At a stroke, millions lost their life savings, due to the actions of a desperate Establishment, trying to eliminate a black economy. Over 90% of transactions in India are cash, compared to 79% in Germany and just 48% here in Britain.

What do all these things have in common?  They are all moves being made by people in POWER to do away with cash. Turning every transaction digital means they can control ALL and EVERY-BODY's money to the last penny. And steal it and tax it, to bail out the mountain of debt that they and their corrupt policies have encouraged and nurtured to keep them in power, but which now threaten to spin out of control.

Don’t think it can’t happen here my friends. For a good chunk of the 20th Century the World was at war, fought militarily. In the 21st Century, similar objectives are battled for, not with hard weapons, but financial instruments instead…in short we are still a World at War, a financial war. Couple that to political instabilities (think Trump, Brexit, the EU, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey etc) and any fool can see storm clouds on the horizon.  Any fool can predict that WTSHTF (‘when the shit hits the fan’ LOL 🙂 ) those who’ve got fat off the system will want to maintain the status quo, at the expense of you guessed it, the man in the street AKA YOU and I. It’s entirely possible we may see ATM’s closed, restrictions on cash withdrawals, confiscations of savings etc and worse. I am not qualified to lecture about these things however I AM some-one who’s lived off my wits for over three decades as a self-employed business person & citizen.  I’ve been an avid follower of adult industry trends for 30 years. I like many of YOU, was hit hard by the GFC of 2008, to then recover, only to be kicked again NOW with the Brexit debacle and years of uncertainty. Not that I have any issue with Brexit itself...it's the incompetence of those in government that worries me. What has this got to do with cryptocurrencies and the sex trade I hear you ask?

If you’re a punter it means a helluva lot.  Every cloud has a silver lining. The 2008 GFC spawned Bitcoin. BTC was designed & created as an alternative financial system ‘for the people’ by some-one we know only as Satoshi Nakamoto. ‘For the people’ because it’s anti-establishment, anti -politics, anti-bank, it’s private, and best of all ANONYMOUS, which fits very well with our industry. It also means ‘the great and the good’ AKA our ‘so called leaders’ don’t like it, because it’s a THREAT to their way of life…their POWER. The technology we’re talking about is called Blockchain, and it’s a de-centralised network which transcends borders, controlled by ‘the people’ by means of thousands upon thousands of individual computers, so it’s difficult for Governments to stop.  Be in no doubt though that they’ll seek to destroy it, but there’s a sporting chance that may not happen, why? Because WTSHTF, our disgraced and desperate leaders, they too, will need somewhere to hide and preserve their wealth. It’s likely, for that reason, they’ll choose to leave it substantially intact, and not legislate against it, time will tell.

For us in the Adult Industry there’s another spanner in the works, in the form of the hated Digital Economy Act due to come into play Spring 2018. What this means is that YOU, our esteemed punter and lover of porn, phone-sex, sexual services and general debauchery will come under its jurisdiction. This MAY (how I loathe those 3 letters) MEAN you will have to enter credit card details to each and every adult site you visit, in the name of protecting children blah blah AKA age verification. So do a little homework on crypto. It’s NOT rocket science. I’ve recently noticed AdultWork.com have started to offer the option of buying credits with bitcoin. Co-incidentally, we’ve also started accepting ‘bitcoin’ and GAYmoney on our own site. What does this mean to you and how does it work?

Briefly, you’ll need to open an account on a crypto exchange first. That’s easily done, but does require ID and a bank account. But that in itself has nothing to do with sex or adult material. Once you’ve got your account you need to buy some bitcoin. Bitcoin right now is around £4500 a ‘coin’ but you don’t have to buy a whole coin, which isn’t really a coin anyway…it’s nothing more than a string of computer code.  So for example you could pay for a fraction of a bitcoin with a bank transfer. That bitcoin is stored in what’s called an online wallet. You will not arouse suspicions at all with significant others…you’re simply playing around with new technology…seeking to ride the wave. Let’s say you buy a hundred quid’s worth of coin…today that’s equal to the equivalent of around 0.020BTC. Now here’s the best bit. Once you’re in, you can make any number of transactions for anything and with anybody TOTALLY ANONYMOUSLY, but still  with 100% proof of payment. So that means for example you could pay for twenty quid’s worth of phone-sex without any record you were paying for adult entertainment, without the need to call an expensive premium line, with NO record of it appearing on any bank statement; is that GOOD NEWS or what?

It also means potentially, an end to the scourge of our trade, namely the TIME-WASTERS and ‘no shows’ who get away with it because they’re not escort site or agency members. Why? Because there will be no excuse for them to not secure an appointment with a deposit. Savvy service providers already ask for money up front, especially when touring to offset hotel bills, however, in truth, the policy deters more than it brings in. Serious married punters can, admittedly, pay a deposit anonymously via cash over any bank counter, but its hassle for them. We ‘get’ that. We also understand that some of them may be reluctant to pay money to some-one they don’t know.  Escorts working through big sites log on every day and it’s like home to them….in contrast most punters will only visit occasionally when they ‘feel the need’ so they are not used to the intricacies of the sites; few of them will know about all the site features and benefits; they’re not really interested after all, they just want to F*CK. Crypto technology means that they can secure a booking in seconds by sending a deposit via the blockchain, with irrevocable proof of payment visible to both parties….but with NO visible ID! Bingo. And there’s more good news. Your £100 of bitcoin could very well have the buying power of £200 a few months down the line, with you doing nothing else other than leaving it there, as cryptos gain in value as the networks increase. BE AWARE though that the opposite could also be true, you could lose the lot. We’re in Wild West territory here, but so we were in 1994 with the internet. Don’t forget that! You might also have heard about Ether and Ethereum?  I’ve bamboozled you here with TMI probably but suffice to say, Ether may just be even bigger than the internet, time will tell.

Should you get involved?  We say YES. £1-200 isn’t much for most people to gamble. We get men regularly spending up to £50 on a single phone-sex call FFS!! My guess is that many of you reading this will dismiss it as rubbish or think I’m a mug. That’s your prerogative. We as an escort couple make our living solely from the 'oldest profession' & need to constantly think outside the box to survive…as well as deliver excellent service so we benefit from repeat custom. Crypto may be scary stuff right now, rather like the net was in '94, but it could just be set to become the ‘norm’ in a few short years, with an entirely new economy built upon it run by the people for the people. That’s what the Arab Spring was all about, ordinary people taking control, against oppression and exploitation. Spend an hour or two Googling this subject, look at COINBASE, Cryptocompare, CRYPTOPIA and others, most of all ‘Do Something Your Future Self Might Thank You For’ and look after #1; you heard it here first, OK?

Written by fun50geeze, the male half of fun50couple, one of the the UK's best known mature professional mature escort duos, recently featured in 'CLOSER' magazine

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