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We had a fabulous tour in London the week before Christmas and have planned tours to Wales and London again in January. As trailed before-hand we've decided to give you something special in this issue...there follows a short story (based on truth) for Boxing Day, ENJOY!

Hello Sexy Friends. We thought you might like something a little different from the usual NEWS VIEWS n SCREWS seeing as it’s Christmas; We’d hazard a bet that a good many of you are already fed up with the hype, the relatives, the over –indulgence and the commercialism, and might be in need of a little ‘YOU’ time…a chance to unwind, and lose yourself in a world you’re no stranger to…the WORLD of SEX, mmmmm, so get comfy, and let us share with you a short story about some people we’ve met.

George and Jane are a couple in their late 50’s and run an antique shop close-by. Earlier in the year Minx and I moved house, and vowed afterwards to NEVER AGAIN store stuff in a loft ‘in case we need it’ or because stuff might have ‘sentimental value’, truth is, it’s mostly old tat which would probably never see the light of day again if it weren’t for moving.  So with a garage load of second hand stuff some dating back to the early 20th Century, we decided to see what we could get for it. To be honest we were more interested in freeing up some space than gaining a few quid for it all, so we made our way to the shop we’d seen nearby, taking along with us a small sample of items for them to look at. Geeze used to live in the neighbourhood years ago and remembered the premises from then, so figured the folk must at least be half reputable or they’d not be still trading, especially after such a deep recession. So in we went. This was no ordinary junk shop; the front room was packed with all kinds of stuff ranging from military uniforms to bedpans, old clocks to church pews…an eclectic mix of memorabilia and everyday items from the last couple of hundred years. Interspersed amongst this lot were glass cases containing more valuable items, and the path between all these treasures led to a second room out the back, passing a steep staircase off to the side. An old two bar electric fire blazing away in a corner beckoned as we found ourselves in a back room jam-packed with ornaments, china, silver and gold, mannequins and yet more militaria. There was so much to see in fact, that for a brief moment we missed the long haired girl sat in a wooden armchair. She appeared to be busy crocheting a small antique looking cloth; a lapdog lay on her skirt along with a mobile phone, I say skirt, but it was little more than a belt riding up very high on tanned but bare legs. A short pair of ankle boots covered her feet, with a glimpse of a tattoo design which looked like it might stem from her foot, a spidery kind of web, appearing quite intricate and tasteful. But hey, hang on a minute this was no girl; Like most horny men who should know better I couldn’t resist looking at the skirt and imagining what might lay underneath, for a few seconds I rather rudely gawped before re-focusing on the lassie’s face, attractive and tanned but wrinkled and looking like some-one who’s overdone the sunbed over the years. I judged her age to be 50-something maybe. The northern lasses have a reputation for liking their tanning parlours and for wearing very little when out for a night on the town, and Jane fitted the bill to a tee. But this was daytime, at work, not a night out in Newcastle’s Big Market! Closer observation revealed an old imperial tailor’s tape strung round her neck nestling in-between a half dozen or so beaded necklaces, before disappearing into a loose denim shirt which to a trained eye promised voluptuous curves underneath. An old musical instrument hanging on the wall above her prompted me to ponder on the old saying ‘there’s many a good tune played on an old fiddle’; this woman looked sexy for sure, and the warm welcome she extended to us both only added to her positive aura. Sexy folk know all about aura. I remember going to some American sales seminars decades ago, presented by guys who were legends in their time when it came to the psychology of selling. They knew all about body language and how to manipulate people from cold ‘maybes’ to hot sales prospects and an order in the bag. I remember one famous character who shouted at us in a strong Chicago drawl ‘you do all know y’all have an aura dontchya?’ Well, NO, we didn’t. This was boring straight laced Britain in the early 80s, not AMERICA. But the guy was spot on. I was to learn as the years went by that 'YES we do', and some of us a lot more than others. It’s about charisma, and attitude, and positivity. It can and frequently is too, all about sex….mating, pheromones all kindsa stuff too complex and diverse to talk about here. In short, sexy people recognise it when they see it. Indeed there have been a few occasions in my life where it’s been so strong you could almost cut the aura/feeling with a knife….Guys n Gals, if you ever get that sense then run with it, don’t suppress it….it’s real; It’s probable that the other human being is feeling it too, so you’ll likely not get your fingers burned.  This woman’s aura was palpable; a whisper from Minx confirmed that she felt it too. Intuition is a valuable quality when it comes to escorting, and we both have it in spade-loads, no bad thing when it comes to dealing with all kinds of different people in the bedroom! We were wondering what kind of relationship Jane might be in, what kind of stuff she might be ‘in’ to, wondering if there was a man in her life even. Conversation turned to china and old fashion jewellery. She clearly knew her stuff until it came to the Dinky Toys…a shout towards the stairs summoned 'an expert in these matters' to give a valuation…was this person her true partner or just a co-worker? A stocky guy in shorts and polo shirt appeared, tattoos on one leg, salt n pepper hair and a broad Durham accent. His shorts were the military kind extending to well below the knee, camo, with deep cargo type pockets…I caught Minx scanning the waist area for signs of a bulge, our eyes met for an instant asking the question, could this couple be ‘players’? It was for them to know and us to wonder, for now at least. An arrangement was made for them to visit our home a few days later to value the rest of the collection in our garage. Meanwhile we busied ourselves with day to day escorting and thought no more about it.

On the Sunday they both came round as promised and a 10 minute viewing turned into an hour and a half’s banter, with several hundred pounds changing hands; they liked a lot of the stuff and loaded it into their van; it was an interesting afternoon. This pair were, indeed, a warm couple, knowledgeable, business-like but with a soul too, which shone through…one of the things which draws us to the North of England and Northerners in general; so different from the shallow ‘everyman for himself’ materialistic types so prevalent in the South. Well, at least that’s what we’ve found…it’s wrong to generalise though, we know 🙂

It wasn’t the time or place to explore our initial thoughts about these two, that was left to Geeze who caught up with the man walking his dogs a month or so later. Geeze told him how we’d both enjoyed meeting them and casually asked if they’d like to come round for a drink sometime. Minx and I have few true friends, as is common with people at the very sharp end of dealing with others and in the business of escorting, so this approach was calculated rather than casual…George seemed pleased we’d asked, and it was left to Geeze to relay the information to Minx who’d make arrangements with Jane.  The ladies agreed on a date about a fortnight hence. In the meantime we carried on as normal seeing clients, mostly bi-curious and bi men in their 40s and 50’s as well as some hedonistic straight men looking for a kinky threesome experience. The bi-curious brigade comes to explore same sex desire with Geeze, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be in the company of an open minded sexy female, there to give encouragement plus a whole lot more of course.  During the time between making the date and them actually coming round, we saw a couple of our favourite regulars, James and Don; one a local guy in his forties, the other a chap from Scotland, a former regular when we lived there, and in his fifties. Both are bi-curious….to be fair, I’d now classify them as fully bi, both are married, both are successful, both are well endowed. A lot of positives!

A knock on the door a fortnight later announced the arrival of our new found friends, bearing gifts, a couple of bottles of Prosecco, yum, what’s more it meant they’d walked not driven, so no worries about drinking, things had gotten off to a good start. Minx had changed into a fashionable grey-green loose wrap style dress with a low cut, and classy high 'fuck me' heels after spending time preparing a buffet for us all to nibble on later, in between drinks. We’d noticed our friends were into rock and roll so we’d got a playlist together on the SMART TV; this was chosen with care, including tracks with raunchier videos, more so as the list played through, well, that was the intention anyway, in truth we didn’t know HOW the night was going to pan out. A few drinks, polite conversation and learning more about antiques & collecting would be most likely, and FUN too, but under the surface we were keen to see if the ‘aura’ was there again, and if so, might we explore it? Or indeed, exploit it! Within an hour or so, our thoughts were confirmed; George and Jane were indeed fun people, shrewd in business and a bit political, all traits we favour in potential friends. There was some colourful language too; these folk were down to earth, called a spade a spade and were definitely on the same page. It wasn’t long before flirty innuendo got mixed in with all the other chat, and as luck would have it, the TV in the background started to play some music videos a couple of which portraying good ole American country girls flashing legs in cowboy boots….quite sexy and suggestive. I was in western style boots and jeans  anyway and by co-incidence Jane was wearing  turquoise Native American jewellery in the form of a necklace, earrings  and ankle chain; Minx too had a similar bangle, one I’d bought her years ago at the Notts Americana, a genuine article and quite valuable, as was her anklet, a solid silver chain with a dog’s head charm sourced from Texas…our couple being dog people and collectors were fascinated by these, and Jane wanted to see how far up my leg the boots came. For my part I was keen to have a better look at her necklace. What better excuse to get up closer to those curves and a little look….all of us men know  there’s no harm in looking is there?  Jane was raising my trouser leg to look at the boots, for a brief moment there was flesh on flesh as her hand brushed my leg….accidental or intentional? The aura meant it had to be intentional…perhaps? Down boy. While this was going on, George made a comment about the girls’ ankle chains being on opposite legs…this were music to our ears, why? Because some say there’s etiquette involved here. Dating back to Egyptian times, anklets have been used to symbolise relationships. George thought a lady wearing an ankle chain on the right leg signified she was spoken for and ‘in a relationship’, but he wasn’t sure, before going on…'I heard once that wearing one on the left leg meant you were ‘available’ and open to play with others, isn’t that right?’ while pointedly staring at Minx’s chain.

‘Is that right George? You mean she could be a ‘hot wife’?’ retorted Minx…

‘Well kind of’…replied George, a little tentatively. Clearly George now thought he may have over-stepped the mark… ‘So what do you know about hot wives then George?’ continued Minx, sensing that George might actually know more than he was telling….

‘You tell 'em’ he said, turning to Jane, a little embarrassed….

‘Well we’ve been to a couple of swingers clubs….we don’t normally tell any-one to be honest…away over in Manchester, we don’t play locally, some people have got small minds ye’  know’  she replied.

Minx who’d been stood with glass in hand now sidled over to George and plonked herself down on his knee…. ‘Have you now’ she said ‘you naughty pair…we sensed you might be players the first time we met you, ‘ mmmmm’….

At that moment ‘Jailhouse Rock’ came on and Minx just loves to jive’; Knowing the pair were dancers she tugged at George’s hand and led him to the floor…an area of laminate about 8 foot square in the living room…very soon the pair were gyrating to the beat like they’d known each other for years, leaving Geeze and Jane together on the two seat leather couch; they appeared to be deep in conversation. At one point Minx cradled the back of George’s neck with an outstretched hand, enticing his stocky body forward while arching her own towards his waist….Geeze caught this gesture out of the corner of his eye recognising in an instant that Minx was teasing him and wanting to feel his ‘bulge’…if it indeed existed; the moment wasn’t lost on Jane either who willingly accepted Geeze’s outstretched hand, squeezing it before interlocking all 5 fingers tightly, sensually, and yes, very sexually, while simultaneously shrinking her curvy frame enough to reveal an impressively deep cleavage.  Geeze stooped to kiss her lightly on the lips before whispering in her ear that she looked ‘soooo very hot’. She responded by kissing more passionately for an instant before mouthing the words ‘thank you’ then sipping on more Prosecco. Jailhouse Rock was winding down to be followed by a slower number ‘The Wonder of You’…. encouraging Jane and Geeze to join the other two on the floor. Both couples exchanged knowing glances, both looked relaxed and intrigued, switched on, turned on even…to the point where Minx felt emboldened enough to rather brazenly rub George’s bulge in full view of Jane….George responded by holding her hand tight to his trouser fly, while Jane and Geeze smooched to Elvis, Geeze’s hand never far from Jane’s impressive booty now straining against her tight leather skirt and begging attention…..there was a flashy brass zip running from top to bottom at the front….Geeze wondered whether she may be a shaven raven or ‘au natural’…the more he thought about this the more the stirrings down below worked….to stiffen his cock….restrained only by jeans….no knickers or boxers for him….he always goes ‘commando’….Jane sensed this and pressed her short but curvy body against his. This was getting a wee bit more than sensual…a fire was kindling. Minx and I ‘do sex’ for a living for sure, but it’s seldom sensual, it’s usually sex delivered to please and satisfy our client, YES we fuck, and YES we get into it and enjoy it, but it’s not the same as when we fuck at home together in our kitchen, on the futon, or on the stairs….those times are special and so much hornier. Working as the male half of an escort couple can be tough…after all, a man can’t fake a hard on…..and it can take more and more to get really stimulated; the kind of stimulation which gets a man really solid, twitching, pre-cumming even…that animalistic taut feeling to die for…. Jane & George clearly were sexy people, sex positive people maybe, meaning that provided no-one was being forced into anything and no-one was getting hurt, then well, anything goes….maybe? ‘The Wonder of You’ came to a close and both couples were by now feeling hungry, for food, and if truth be told, for one another as well. Minx had prepared a wonderful buffet, the music was turned down and all four feasted on the spread, but the fire was well and truly lit. Banter turned to sex and about people they knew and had seen….and of course it wasn’t long before they began asking more intimate questions about our own sex life, and work life… far as they knew we were just ‘business people’. We told them we worked in entertainment and web development….it’s always a good idea to stitch a little truth into a lie….well this wasn’t really a lie anyway…we DO entertain people and we DO make our own websites, so ‘all good then’. That seemed to satisfy them, and a good night was being had by all….George and Jane were back sitting next to one another in the dining area on our ‘fucking futon’ not that they knew it as that! Minx and Geeze chose not to sit on the bar stools, but re-located to sit on the deep pile rug, adjacent to the other two on the futon, it was VERY cosy. Empty plates were exchanged for refilled glasses…gins and Bacardi’s now, and conversation turned to politics. Both couples were all too familiar with a tough life; they worked hard and when they got the opportunity, played hard. Not for them Oxford or Cambridge, their education came courtesy of the University of Life; it would be pretty fair to say that all four were on the same wave-length, precisely. Now that Jane was on the futon, beside Minx with Geeze sitting on the floor rug, it became increasingly difficult to ignore her tight skirt, which by now was riding high exposing most of one thigh.  Minx too was now flirting, allowing the wrap of her dress to loosen and expose lilly white tit-flesh, plus some flashes of thigh and hold up…one time going so far as to allow George full view of her mesh thong, which barely concealed her ‘au natural’ gilf pussy….George was clearly aroused, prompting Geeze to say to him directly (as only Geeze knows how)… ‘Looks like you’re feeling a wee bit horny old son?’

‘Too fucking right Jer, we both are, aren’t we Jay’ turning to his sexy wife, as she simultaneously placed her hand on his bulge…..

‘And so are we both…you are so nice you two, do you wanna get dirty? Do you wanna have fun, yeah????’

Minx moved forward placing her hand on top of Janes, before Jane started unbuttoning George….His open fly revealed red silk boxers…..Jane dropped down to mouth hubby's cock through the boxer shorts, beckoning Minx to take over before turning to Jer by now sitting astride her thigh. She pouted her lips and pushed forward her cleavage, Jer was drawn instinctively to kiss her and to kiss her hard, tongues probed, licking, gagging, lips pressed so tight they were burning, this was hot, hot and more hot….not to mention the sight of Minx , who by now had George fully unbuttoned, boxers pulled to one side,  his cock now exposed in all its glory….average in length and circumcised too but with an impressively large almost huge bell-end….Jer briefly pondered whether that might have been the reason for his circumcision maybe at birth, no matter, it looked good enough to eat…. Jer wondered more…….Minx was doing a lot of the running here….encouraging George to open his shirt, revealing a muscular hairy chest with prominent nipples, before planting her mouth to one of them and sucking hard, causing George to gasp and masturbate vigorously for an instant before Minx gently chastised him. George looked like he relished a little domination, while Jane appeared a little submissive, allowing Jer to de-robe her to the point where she was all but naked save for a tight little wet-look thong which barely covered her sex….Her body was indeed curvy, tanned; a silver and turquoise jewel adorned her belly button, and her well rounded impressively firm tits were complimented by seriously large areolas surrounding nipples by now erect and the size of ripe cherries, begging to be nibbled, sucked, and twisted….nipple clamps even? Wait n see time. While Jer sucked, she moved her head across to George and started kissing him hard and deep while allowing Minx a free reign on his cock, which by now was tinged deep red, veins pumped to the max and clearly purple in places….'Oh fuck for the love of Jesus, this is fantastic’, George wimpered before shouting out loud ‘I need some-one to fuck’….He stood up, a green light now for Jane and Minx to strip him totally naked.  Jer seized the opportunity to crouch behind Jane licking the cheeks of her ass before  parting them with his hands and burying his tongue deep n dirty in her crack, craving the scent and taste of her bumhole, so close but alas, not quite close enough……There were no condoms close to hand, so instinctively (as seasoned sex-workers) Minx and I encouraged our new found friends to start the ball rolling, gently pushing Jane onto George’s manhood while we moved a few feet off the rug and onto the bottom of the stairs leading from the dining area….it’s one of our favourite places to fuck. Stairs offer so many possibilities, especially for multiple players.  Difficult positions requiring lots of stamina are made easy and much better than struggling on a soft mattress….even though Minx and I have been together 10 years, it seems incredible that no two times love-making have ever been the same, but that truly is the way it is…..Geeze sat on the third stair, solid carpet against his naked ass….a sexy feeling in itself, before Minx lowered her cunt onto his erect cock, reverse cowgirl style…WOW….that position is a turn on at any time, particularly for guys who love ass, for the view is to die for. But this time it was even better…we were being entertained as well as turned on by our friends who like us, were clearly very close, and sexually experienced; their love-making was sensual, like live porn, it was powerful verging almost on the violent, and very very VOCAL….the dirty talk added spice to the sexperience, causing Minx and I to increase our tempo, Geeze grabbed the stair-rail and spindles for support while cusping Minx’s tummy with his other arm, fingers outreached and rubbing the area above her clitoris, stretching the skin, giving her more sensation as he fucked her hard and fast…very fast…..Minx isn’t one for prolonged intercourse…she likes a long build up and she likes sensuality leading eventually to fairly rough fucking. Jane was getting a little carried away, her back was to us, it was George who had the best seat in the house. Realising this and wanting to share the experience with his wife, he placed his hand on her shoulders, suddenly forcing her to be still, fully penetrated by his cock, turning her pretty head to one side to take in the view…..Minx and I had slowed now, pausing while Jane disengaged from her lover, to turn and kneel at the foot of the stairs watching us while rubbing her cunt….right thumb expertly massaging her large clitoris, fingers deep between her rather generous labia, probing her sexuality. It wasn’t long before George joined her, kneeling behind, fondling her breasts while talking to us….talking dirty, both of them egging us on to continue fucking….I now paused, my hands around Minx’s impressive tits, I sensed what might be just around the corner, drawing Minx’s upper body closer to my own and kissing her neck…her head was now tilted back causing her to lose sight of our friends for a second or two, but time enough for Jane to steal a kiss against Minx’s quim….Minx flinched momentarily not knowing who or where it had come from before relaxing and pushing down hard on Geeze’s cock….it was a moment many of us are familiar with…the point almost of no return…. A bit like fucking in public and getting seen by some-one; it’s a case of WTF, who cares, this is GORGEOUS, this is what I want and no-one’s going to stop it….Minx stayed with it distracted by George ordering his wife to push her bum up further so he could enter her from behind….

‘fuck my ass babe, fuck me hard’ she cried,

before George eased himself in…pushing, pushing more….causing Jane to increase her pressure on Minx’s clitoral area….she was licking hard, savouring her juices, intermittently sucking on Jer’s balls, licking his shaft, clearly turned on to the max as was Jer; even more so, for Jer loves ass….listening to those words and knowing what George and Jane were doing was very arousing. We are a very loved up couple and together 24/7. Escorting and swinging have a significant effect on a relationship over time in most cases….it’ll either make you or break you, there’s seldom a half-way house in reality. The lifestyle has kept us very close, and there are no secrets between us…Minx has always identified herself to be 100% straight and I respect that, however, I know that sometimes ‘things happen’ just naturally….without any pressure or expectation, I’ve seen it, I’ve been there, it starts with the ‘aura’. There’s growing acceptance in society that sexuality is a spectrum and no one person is 100% straight or 100% gay…we’re all somewhere on the scale, and sometimes in different areas at different times in our short lives. This is something Minx and I are very familiar with for the reason that many of our clients come to ‘explore’ same sex desire…. Sex positivity is moving mainstream and becoming more acceptable…for a few sweet moments the four of us lay quiet, Minx sat down deep on my cock, my hands cupped her breasts while kissing and mouthing her neck….George was on his haunches, balls deep in his lover’s ass, quite still, Jane pleasuring Minx’s pussy with her mouth and tongue…Minx moaned, an indication she was close….my fingers found her slit to check on how close….Yes, her cunt muscle was swollen and hard, a sure indication she was about to come….I withdrew my fingers and found Jane's mouth, and pushed them in for her to taste before placing them behind her bottom front teeth pulling her face forward…so sexy….George started pumping away, Jane shouted encouragement, I started to fuck fast I could feel a big orgasm on the way. One of the few advantages of getting a little older is that you can really enjoy sex more……you can feel the orgasm building and quite happily fuck for a while knowing it’ll come in its own good time, BUT it can really be felt and savoured, making one confident enough to time the climax exactly…and so it was….I shot my load inside Minx and quickly pulled out while pumping out more sperm, no 6 second cum for me….I can usually manage a good heavy 6-7 pumps; the remainder spewed out over Minx’s back, some missed altogether landing on Jane’s face and hair, Minx found release, murmuring 'I'm cumming oh I'm cumming...',accompanied by a flood, female ejaculation for real, squirting powerfully in a jet over Janes tits. George screamed out like he was in pain, then shouted out loud while discharging his balls deep into Janes ass……Heavy sighs followed before both men erupted into gentle laughter, giggling, silly post fuck euphoria, soon silenced though by their woman's lips... French kissing, passionately at first, before giving way to more sensual pecking, then hugs, before all four rose to stand together, arms around one another, all four embracing as one; Close….kinky….wonderful…..oh WOW…..and oh YES … ‘aura’ really DOES EXIST… go find it peeps!

Did you like that? We hope you’re enjoying the Christmas break and that you are looking forward to a New Year. We shall be running another easy competition in the run up to Valentine’s Day and the release of the film Fifty Shades Darker. Meanwhile we thank the few of you who chose to participate in our most recent competition and have pleasure in inviting our winner Mr Bruce Jackson to step forward, and  get in touch with us to claim your prize…We see you’ve chosen Ro-Zen from Rocks-Off Ltd, well done! Until next time, stay safe, safe sex always, and Happy New Year to you all. We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….You subscribe to our newsletter 'NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS' and to find out what it’s really like to be an EscortCouple, We thank you for your support, Stay tuned, safe sex always, until next time, Luv, fun50couple xxx


* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity

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