Dear Sexy Friends, It happens every year. One minute we’re in London the middle of November passing by numerous compounds selling Christmas trees asking ‘who on earth would want to buy a tree that early?’…the next minute it seems the dreaded ‘big day’ is almost upon us, hence the reason this issue of NVS is a tad late hitting your Inbox. Sorry guys, but there just haven’t been enough hours in the day lately to get everything done, not helped by our IT man going AWOL. Just when we thought we’d come across some-one we could work with, he’s gone…no explanation, no email, no phone call, but sadly it’s the kind of thing we expect these days. We’re back advertising for some-one else and casting the net wide, including London where we’ve had some promising applicants. We’ll be interviewing them the first week in January whilst we’re back in the Capital on tour January 1st to the 6th, in Richmond and Eltham SE9. So guys if you missed  meeting us on our November trip spend a few minutes browsing the net over the festive period and book your slot; we’ll be working as normal on admin duties throughout, and escorting up till the 24th, starting back again on the 27th. You’ll note I called it the ‘festive period’, which brings me neatly on to…


We meet many self-employed people who, like us are no lovers of the uniquely British ‘Christmas Shut Down’ with the disruption of income not to mention tax hassles with the self-assessment charade looming every January. Yes we pay tax too. Much to the amazement of some of our clients who assume we just pocket the cash…if only. How the hell do they think we manage to do that with escorting activities representing 95% of our income? I’m writing this whilst in Dundee Scotland on tour. We left these parts nearly 2 years ago to move back to a house we had in England, and it feels like we’re here NOW as outsiders looking back in. Travelling far and wide as we do, it’s fascinating to see what’s going on up and down the country, and the stark differences between the regions. Our stay in South Queensferry coincided with the Scottish Budget 2017, the first time the Scottish Government was able to exercise new tax raising powers under devolution. People earning under 24k have had their tax burden eased, whilst those on more than 150K have been ‘hit’; It seems that those in power North of the Border recognise, that in 21st Century Britain, despite the fact that Mr Average reportedly earns around 26k (ha ha ha) some-one earning that kind of salary or a tad less, is in reality, struggling.

The same week has seen the finalists picked on #TheApprentice and Masterchef Professional. We’re not ones much for TV (unless it’s the transsexual genre LOL) however, these two programmes reveal too, much of what’s good and bad in our country today. The eight young chefs drawn as finalists, this year in particular, are an inspiration to us all…the lone girl contestant (& finalist) is just 23 years old. All finalists displayed incredible levels of competence making it difficult for the judges to decide who went through. Their skills came from years of hard graft in hot kitchens catering to the wealthy, yet few of these folk will ever earn much more than ‘the National average’. Then there was the ‘flower lady’ Elizabeth McKenna on The Apprentice. She made the final 5. Elizabeth apparently, owns and runs three florist shops, draws a wage and makes a surplus of just £18k. Derided by the media, Lord Sugar to his credit said he actually liked her, acknowledging publicly that she and her kind represent the backbone of hard working British business, IE the 96%, yes that IS correct my friends…the 96% of all British businesses that are classified as micro businesses employing less than 10 people. So many ‘armchair experts’ are jumping up and down right now about how Brexit will affect British Business and jobs…one only has to click on FSB statistics to see the true picture….99.3% of businesses are SME’s contributing 51%+ of all private sector income…including our good selves! The two Apprentice grand finalists are just as interesting, each attracting a good deal of stick; we have to sympathise with Sarah Lynn though. Many have made cruel comments about her business being nothing more than ‘Pick & Mix’ sweets, and ridiculed her for not having a properly functioning website.  James White on the other hand, neatly portrays the other side of the coin; a slippery character with a chequered past boasting an income of £200k+ at age 25, working in IT recruitment.

Sarah’s integrity and quiet determination shines through; she’s worked for 8 years to achieve a turnover of 450k….

which is no mean feat either, and as for her website not working, yep, we get that too! There are ARMIES of useless web agencies, developers & so called IT ‘gurus’ out there pocketing shed loads of cash on the backs of people like Sarah, and formerly us, before we took control ourselves and learnt to make sites and promote online. We’ve met many ‘James White’ types some of whom have sneered at our www.fun50couple website asking ‘did we made it ourselves?’ and telling us we’re not tech savvy. Which is all very amusing; because search for an ‘escort couple’ in the ‘north east’ or a host of other similarly relevant keywords and you’ll see we come up top of the page, regularly claiming #1 spot! Yes, there’s room for improvement, but that is the nature of web development, it’s a constant process.

#TheApprentice, #Masterchef and our trip to South Queensferry all share a theme, with the iconic & newly opened #QueensferryCrossing a powerful metaphor! The new bridge came Image of overhead road sign on Queensferry Crossingabout as a result of the SNP taking action themselves after proposals to finance a new crossing were shunned by Westmonster, {sic}. It’s a truly impressive feat of engineering and a credit to Scotland, but it’s more than that. Minx (a born Scot) hit the nail on the head during conversation immediately following our first crossing…she says ‘the difference between England & Scotland is that England is run from London by London for London' and ‘stuff the rest’ of the country.  Holyrood on the other hand, appears to be well on the way to creating a more inclusive and fairer society; Scotland already enjoys a reputation throughout the World as a favourable place to live, and despite the weather we tend to agree. Do we want to return? Yes and No. The anti-English feeling which has intensified in recent years as a by-product of the Indy movement leaves a bad taste in the mouth, so probably not. All we're saying is that England could and should learn lessons from Scotland when it comes to 'social inclusion' instead of forever treating the nation north of the border with utter contempt.

Our travels have taken us to every corner of the UK, from South Wales to London, Birmingham, the Home Counties, Yorkshire and the North East. Apart from the obvious sexual side, escorting promotes stimulating conversation between client and service provider; the majority of our clientele are successful business people (though all too often ‘successful’ might better be substituted with the word ‘surviving’) or retired/semi-retired, well-heeled public sector types.  As a politically motivated couple and former activists, you may not agree with what we say here, however, we feel VERY CONNECTED to what’s going on at street level, as opposed to what you read in our increasingly skewed media.  We are disheartened by so much of what is happening in UK 2017, yet there’s hope too; The British mentality is all too often to focus on the negative; the media are especially good at this. Be your own person, make your own judgment, dig deep to get to the truth or at least a more rounded picture of what’s going on. There’s a lot of GOOD GOING ON OUT THERE! Go find it.


Do you find certain words in the English language confusing to understand the meaning of? The word ‘decadent’ is one of those words for me.  So when we got this 3 word review from a recent client “wonderfully decadent couple” I found myself reaching for the dictionary. Dictionary I hear you ask? Why not Google…well, it’s one of my favourite books, one of those BIG Collins jobs about six inches thick…(we like thick) and it sits right next to me on a chair at my desk. I ‘thought’ I had a vague handle on what the word meant, my mind conjuring up visions of faded grandeur like the old Edwardian terraces you see in so many coastal towns; then I thought of fashion and burlesque…. It turned out I was partially correct. As an adjective its definition is ‘characterised by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline’ as in ‘a decaying, decadent, Britain’ then as a secondary meaning: ‘Luxuriously self-indulgent’.... Digging even deeper reveals synonyms (words of the same meaning) as follows: dissolute, degenerate, corrupt, depraved, louche, rakish, shameless, sinful, unprincipled, immoral, licentious, wanton, abandoned, unrestrained, profligate, intemperate, fast-living. Hee-hee…yeah! We’ll drink to that! Every once in a while we come across (and that too) a guy we TOTALLY CONNECT with within minutes of meeting, and this guy’s use of the ‘decadent ‘ word was spot on, so I’m going to take the liberty of sharing with you his own take on the activities here….Enjoy. We can’t wait to hook up with him again.

Minx & I, clients, sexy people in general…we’re all on a journey. As with many things in life some are happy to remain where they are, while others seek to continually grow and reach for new horizons. That character trait often spits couples up over time, where one grows and the other doesn’t or even want to grow. In truth, more careful selection in the first place would probably avoid this issue, but then hindsight is a wonderful thing, and judgments made in the early stages of a relationship can so easily be skewed by other factors. Minx & I are fortunate in that we always want to stretch, and get the most out of our life, to see more, do more, feel more, so SEX and KINK go hand in hand with this outlook on life. Things we do today we would never have dreamed of years ago; it’s about open minds, and goes to the very heart of the debate in society about what’s ‘right’ and what’s ‘wrong’.

What’s ‘right and wrong’ should be a choice for the individual, not some bible bashing do-gooder or small town busybody, and certainly not Big State or Church.

Anyway, let’s not get too deep here….two or three years ago we weren’t over enthused by cross-dressers. NOW though, things are very different. One thing leads to another….especially when the mind is open, and you go with the flow. Different forces come into play with different people…we all have a masculine side and feminine side in different proportions…some guys will never acknowledge that…for example:the macho homophobic beer swilling rugby player type maybe...but hang on…..we see them too…a few years down the line…because all of us are, at any given time, somewhere on the Kinsey Scale even if we don’t know it. It’s a fascinating subject and one which demands attention from anyone serious about getting the most out of their own body, or somebody else’s for that matter. We as ‘thinking escorts’ attach mush importance to this as we strive to understand our client and to deliver upon his needs. It’s no accident that we enjoy such high ratings and have stood the test of time….repeat business being the key to success for any escort. (We’re the first to acknowledge there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and additional services though!)

‘Gemma’ contacted us a few weeks ago while we were on tour. She actually comes from the North East, and is a senior executive spending most of her life travelling between corporate offices. She also gets to stay in the ‘better hotels’ up and down our land, and one such week, discovered we were close-by, so a meeting was arranged. There was some debate as to whether we should all meet in the bar or have us come straight to her room; Gemma’s known to the hotel as a regular guest, so didn’t want to risk any ‘inappropriate behaviour’ in a public area, not that she should have worried, because as everyone knows, we are VERY discreet and Professional. One doesn’t have to be outrageously sexual or flirty to get somebody seriously turned on. So 8PM one Wednesday found us knocking on the door of an executive suite in a classy hotel close to the M25.  Even after years of escorting it’s still thrilling to discover who might emerge from behind the opened door…and tonight was no exception. Image of a platinum blonde Cross DresserA slim and very tidy platinum blonde emerged dressed in a fishnet body stocking under a tight black satin corset, 4” heels, bright red lippie and nails. As the door closed Geeze put his arm around her and the pair kissed, polite conversation & compliments flowed for a minute and then Minx joined in for a 3way embrace, tongues, lips, arms around each other, hands on bums, we were all INTO each other, pleased to be together, and that we’d all made the effort! A bottle of red wine appeared, a good one at that, and we all came down to earth for a few minutes swapping notes about work, social lives, sexual preferences etc.  You’ll be guessing (correctly) that things heated up pretty quickly;

we’d already had a meeting earlier in the afternoon, but Geeze was on fire and so was Gemma, the pair were clearly attracted to each other so much so that hands wandered, Geeze  finding her pert ass while Gemma reached for cock.

Gemma wore a very tight pair of silk panties over her body stocking, which made Geeze’s exploration of her nether regions all the more exciting. All three sexed up peeps moved to the bed, Geeze lay lengthways, Minx knelt by his head close to the headboard, while Gemma straddled Geeze and sucked his cock before moving on to masturbate him. Gemma had the kind of ‘look’ Geeze finds particularly appealing; strong features, prominent lips, fuck- me brown eyes;  Geeze found himself transfixed by the lust in her face; Minx French kissing him at the same time as he had eye contact with Gemma amplified the feeling….Geeze felt like ONE LUCKY MAN…these were intense moments, and moments to savour for sure. Experience allows one to control an orgasm to a great extent, so Geeze switched to endurance mode, willing the handjob to last for as long as possible;  all three of us were enjoying the moment, Minx egged Gem on, sexy talk flowed between the 2 main players, prompting Gemma to up the tempo; She wanked Geeze roughly, furiously even; Minx had made Geeze cum profusely the night before during a staff training session, and she described it to Gemma as being like an eruption, a cue for Geeze to relax for an instant, and let the orgasm rise pass the point of no return. For some reason, the heavy load shot out simultaneously in all directions rather like a Roman Candle (as Minx saw it), it was thick, it was sticky, it was everywhere, over Gemma's slender hand, her corset, even the wall above the headboard, BLISS. The imagery, the lust, the emotional CONNECTION between the three of us was almost palpable, WOW but it didn’t stop there…..It was Geeze’s turn to pleasure Gemma  now…deep kissing followed, his fingers gently raked her platinum locks, his hands fondled her modest breasts held firmly in place by the corset…and then it was off with her nickers. The crotchless body stocking revealed a cock in all its glory….shaven, swelling rapidly, twitching, ripe for Geeze and Minx to enjoy together as one….I’ll leave it there, the rest for your imagination, as Minx often says…a little bit of imagination is a whole lot sexier than full on exposure, but thanks Gemma, we hope we’ll see you again sometime soon.

We thought we’d give you a ‘bit more’ this month…it’s not all about MMF’s,  bi/bi-curious action and the odd straight MFM meet in between, because Minx works solo as well. The theme running thru this ish of NVS is all about the different kinds of people we meet and for all kinds of reasons. Many guys use the services of escorts to preserve marriages believe it or not, something Minx is particularly tuned in to….here she shares a recent example…Enter Mick, a 44 year old senior member of the emergency services. Mick was very specific about what he wanted during the initial phone chat…he is a LEATHER MAN.

Touching it, smelling it, tasting it, looking at it... LEATHER was his ‘thing’, his fetish.

He grilled Minx about it at length over the phone….it seems (and we hear this many times) that most escorts promise one thing and deliver something else entirely different and Mick wanted to ensure he was not going to be disappointed. When potential new clients doubt us as  services providers, quizzing us in minute detail about things clearly described on the profile it can get a little irksome especially when our profiles are so comprehensive. Geeze will often re-assure Minx that many of the clients who initially come across as pernickety, frequently turn in to the best long term customers…all too often they’ve been let down in the past, so they are usually worth the effort if you’re the kind of escort who delivers ‘what it says on the tin’. So Mick eventually beat a path to our hotel on the fringes of Glasgow. Even when he called to say he was in the car park he checked again to see if she had leather gloves on….YES!!!

Minx has a body which is quite difficult to find a good fit for, in that she’s verging on extreme ‘hour glass’ in shape with breasts on the larger side, however, a past visit to Honour Clothing down in Watford came up trumps, with a full length dom outfit in soft black leather. It accommodates her voluptuous curves beautifully, and looks almost ‘made to measure’; it certainly hit the spot with our Mick, who couldn’t take his hands off it, or his nose, or tongue. It seems Mick sees some pretty awful sights in the course of his work, and the LEATHER DOM thing ‘does it for him’, providing an effective antidote to the scenes of devastation, strawberry jam and all, that he has to deal with on a regular basis. Food for thought we would suggest to the do-gooders and/or the ones who decry the ‘oldest profession’. Mick Image of UK Dom fun50minx in leatherurged Minx to post more pictures of herself in leather on her profiles;  he was clearly in awe of her outfit and how it satisfied his fetish. Spanking, tie & tease, kinky GFE and a sensual fuck succeeded in taking Mick to a better place, albeit for an hour only…so there you have it guys...You subscribe to NVS to find out about Escort Couple life, Surreyboy, Gemma & Mick, three people from very different backgrounds, all in a week’s work…think you could handle it?

Merry Christmas every-one, and look out for an EXTRA 'Fun50Couple-SCREW' hitting your inbox on CHRISTMAS DAY! We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….We thank you for your support, Stay tuned, safe sex always, until next time, Luv, fun50couple xxx

* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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