Chair 3 with TEXTJULY 2016 NEWSLETTER!

How y'all doing? Good we hope!  You don't need us to remind you that June proved to be a very turbulent month with the Football (that's soccer to our American friends btw) and the dreaded Brexit vote. Such things affect Escort Bookings in more ways than one might imagine. Obviously there are good numbers of people glued to the TV watching the sport, with many organising family gatherings or joining others in pubs and clubs; this can be reasonably expected with a drop off in bookings. What is more subtle though is that over a period of time, one tends to notice a correlation between numbers of phone inquiries and the 'mood of the country'. Sadly the UK has in the main 'a glass half empty' mentality, so instead of  moving forward with the brexit decision and being excited about new opportunities, many of the population are stressing and worrying.....which is good news for the likes of us, as folk forget their woes for an hour and lose themselves in another world, our world. Long may it continue!

I always remember when I first started selling sex toys in pubs and social clubs 15 years ago, one of the Adult Industry mandarins in Amsterdam telling me:'Sex is like food.....every-body needs it!'. I was left wondering at the time about folk knocking on in years to their 70s 80s and 90s and wondering if they still got the urge!?!? We see a fair few folk in their 70s (many of them unbelievably horny and capable btw) but have yet to meet any-one older, though I know of Escorts with clients in their 80's and 90's; The world seems to go round in circles....many of the angry young Remain people in the brexit campaign are ridiculing the 'old' as they call them for 'writing off their futures' as if the 'old' (who they regard as any-one over the age of 40) were incapable of rational thought let alone SEX!  The older one gets the more one realises that 'seniors' are merely the same folk as they were at the age of 30-40 wrapped up in an older body....which sometimes, not always, needs a little enhancement in the performance department.

Which brings me neatly on to other NEWS, news about fun-five-O, our niche adult product line. Have you ever found when you're on long term medication that you only notice the effect the drug is having on you....when you stop taking it? We promised you that we would 'field test' all our products and write reviews and in some cases, show you them in hot XXX action in video clips via our new Members Area under construction. Some months ago I thought I would try out some supplements that have a long history of supposedly improving libido. I wanted to try them because some of our visitors, young and old suffer to a degree from ED (erectile disfunction) and it was always our intention that our product line reflects the needs of our niche IE hyper-sexually active men. After a couple of weeks taking the tablets 3 times daily I thought I noticed an increased libido but couldn't really be sure, but kept taking them nevertheless. I always like the feeling of being horny...don't we all? I sometimes read about people (& met one once) taking viagra type pills and 'suffering' an erection for 2-3 days...indeed I think there's actually a medical term for it....I don't think I'd be complaining about a stiffy for 3 days, but I digress....we moved house about a couple of months ago which was a major upheaval with (by necessity due to repairs in some of the rooms) many of our belongings piled up for around 3 weeks in just one room. Amongst this chaos was 'Yes, you guessed it'....the supplement pills which were't now readily at hand, so I stopped taking them. For about 3 weeks. Obviously we were stressed and busy, and I wasn't feeling as horny as usual; I put it down to all the work around the move....nevertheless we were continuing escorting. Then it dawned on me...maybe the pills had something to do with it. I searched for them and started taking them again. And YES, I do definitely feel VERY horny again (TFFT!!) In truth I'm always hornyish as I know are most of you sexy subscribers....but anything one can do to enhance 'the feeling' has got to be good....right? Especially, I would say, if its a natural product and not a drug. The big pharma companies are making squillions out of products like sidenfil & there's a fair bit of misinformation put out by them about ED and associated problems, in order to protect their market....sometimes ED requires no more than a change of partner or environment to rectify the problem, trust us, we know!  Many a time a client makes excuses at the beginning of a meeting along the lines of 'I have trouble getting hard....' only to enjoy a raging 'stalk on' a short while later due to nothing more than a more stimulating environment than the one back home! There are many routes you can take to enhance sexual performance, and we hope to bring you more NEWS about products which deliver over the coming months. Work is progressing well on the FUN-FIVE-O site, with testing in progress as we speak and arrangements with Secure Payment Providers. It's never been our intention to rival the big players....we just want to make available a carefully selected range of quality items which we feel, as practising escorts getting 'down n dirty' on a daily basis, will be of benefit to our niche. Stay tuned for next months NEWSLETTER when we will bring you news on who won the SVAKOM massager for June, & some really EASY NEW competitions and picture galleries,   Meanwhile, take care folks, safe sex always, and STAY HORNEEEEE!

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Luv, fun50couple X