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LOOK!!! We're still needing two BiSexual Male Models/Performers for a PAID video shoot in the North East one weekend in JULY or AUGUST. We have an experienced videographer booked, all we need is YOU to join us. Minimum age 30, Get in touch if you wanna get involved: 07981-726237  See our listing on Adult Industry Resources

Hello Sexy Friends! It's red hot and we're enjoying some Summer at last! We hope it's good where YOU are too! This month has been manic with a lot of time devoted to our impending presence at SMUT MARKET Manchester on June 30th between 1 and 5PM. Entry is FREE and we'll both be on the stall, and it goes without saying that we would love to meet YOU there! It's being held in Miss T's dungeon, Brook Street Works, Hazel Grove, SK7 4QZ. It's a small intimate location with I'm told 7-8 sizeable stalls selling a lot of bespoke stuff; we're taking along a selection of E-STIM power boxes and premium electrodes at BARGAIN PRICES plus a load of Sextoys for Men & Couples you can buy there and take way. We're really looking forward to'd be surprised how much work is invloved in putting these things together! If  it's successful we'll maybe attend more markets in the hope of getting the FUN-FIVE-0 brand better known.

We've failed to find any reliable models for the video surprise there! We HAVE HAD a ton of timewasters telling us they're definitely up for it provided they don't show their faces & provided there's no MM play. Number 1 these people haven't read the brief, Number 2 how many porn films do you see without faces, and Number 3 we're finding out that this venture like everything else is going to take TIME to cum together heehee. It took us 2 years to find an IT person; we're bracing ourselves for the long haul with the vids too. The best thing is?....if it was easy everybody would be doing it! As usual, Twitter has been a waste of time....the only reason we stay on that platform is because it helps our SERPS for! We are getting some better response though via Adult Industry Resources. If YOU are looking for an opening in Adult Films or if you know some-one elese out there who might be interested then get in touch, however, you/they'll need to be fully bisexual, comfortable with MM contact and face shots, OK? We're paying £180 for a four hour shoot, and the content is ours alone with a release needing to be signed. You'll need to be tested too.


Image of Peter StringfellowJune saw the passing of one Peter Stringfellow to the delight of many feminists. Perhaps 'delight' is a bit strong, but you get my drift. Several waded in labelling the star as nothing more than a 'pimp', a 'bilious relic' and/or a man who 'exploited women's objectified bodies for profit'. I was also drawn to an article in the 'Mail' about cheating midlife husbands which married up very nicely with the Stringfellow commentary. Twenty Eight year old columnist Lucy Holden tore into '50-something married man' who she says, 'regardless of their age always prefer women aged 20-22'...utter tosh but then Holden, Cosslett and Williams are three women helping to sell newspapers, peddling content on the back of new wave feminism and distorted immature Millenial values. In all spheres of life we're seeing the Millenial generation loudly inflicting their opinions on others the 'Gammon' {aka GenX} & Silent Gen age groups in particular. There's nothing inherently wrong with's always happened....a rebellious younger generation perceiving their elders to be 'out of touch'. What's different nowadays apart from the sheer pace of change, is that the two groups find themselves literally streets apart, sharing little if any common ground. Much of this is fueled by the internet and social media, the latter almost entirely the domain of the under 40's (over 85%) and with the loudest voice; it's driving Society.  God help any-one else quietly going about their normal business. Social Media, and football you could probably say, are the main drivers in Britain today.....and a point not lost on Amazon, who are moving in on TV rights. They know that once they control football, they've unlocked the wallets of mainstream Britain, Ka-Ching! But I digress.

The Nineties saw a 'Show Me the Money' loaded Great Britain of BOOM and GREED, the pre-curse shall we say of the GFC of 2008. It started as early as the late Eighties and looking back now, I can see how it shaped my life back then and even today, 30 years on. Living in South East Essex, prime 'loaded' territory, I struggled to find employees for my roofing company as the mega projects of the Dartford Crossing and Canary Wharf sucked in young building workers, paying youths no more than 19 years old thousand pound a week wages; In fact it went better than that, as some managed to work two jobs on sites so vast that they could go AWOL and operate as semi-ghost workers, picking up not one but two weekly wage packets I kid you not.  All you had to do was blag the bosses and tell them you had a couple of years 'experience' reality all you needed to do was look the part; the demand was that great... this was long before the Polish invasion...sites brimming with British workers....& almost unimaginable today 🙁 . They were also the days before the 'everybody is special' generation came of age & moved into the labor market; these new kids on the block had been conditioned at age 5 to go to 'uni' and seek 'high quality jobs' as Blair & Co opened the door to immigrants by the million, with an attitude of 'Let them do the dirty jobs while we Brits chase the REAL money'. Sure Start was born, then the Academies; teenagers lived for the day of the School Prom and a 10 seater Tiffany Lincoln to take them 'up town' with a crowd of girlz {sic} in micro skirts, hitting the Garage & Dance Image of Bagleys Night Clubclubs around midnight (Bagleys, Camden Palace, Emporium, The End, MoS to recall a few). The clubs closed between 6AM and some even as late as nine; crowds turned out looking drained from non stop dancing helped along by 'E', to bacon butties at a fiver a time served from mobile snack vans, before crashing in the limmo on the way back to the Home Counties, then starting over again 12 hours later. Ecstasy, Charlie, Champagne, vomit, group sex in 14 seater limmos driving down the Kings Road, I've seen it all, and I've STILL got the t-shirt!

It's hard to believe that this was actually released in 1977, although it could well be describing the times I've written about above, it's from Mr.Ian Dury another fascinating character & sadly no longer with us 🙁

But anyway, back to the Nineties! You could say I owe PS a debt of gratitude cuz barely a weekend went by without me dropping parties of women off at his empire based in 16, Upper St Martin's Lane, LONDON WC2. Well to be more precise, I'd drop them off around 6PM at an All Bar One, then I'd move them across the capital to Stringfellows around 9PM, picking them up in the early hours after dropping the other parties off at the garage clubs. I'd got my act together, shut the roofing  company down with all it's hassles and labour problems, and learned how to make a grand/fifteen hundred a weekend single handed by co-ordinating 3 different groups each night in one stretch limmo, 3 inbound trips and three homeward, 6 legs in all with each homeward leg requiring up to 8 drops, PHEW! Soon I bought a second car, a Cadillac and stuck a driver in it. Small beer though compared to a couple of more savvy souls who imported dozens of cars, put them up for sale immediately they arrived at port, and then worked them until they were sold, earning ten to twenty grand a year per unit AND doubling their money on a 15 grand import. No wonder there were a thousand+ cars at Royal Ascort back then..the ultimate Lad'z dream week, fueled by copious supplies of champagne, strawberries and coke. Some parties never left the car park, drinking for ten hours being waited on hand and foot under striped gazebos, not bad for a 25 year old! Yep it was the Nineties big style. I got lucky and sold my firm on to a merchant wanker {sic} for a fat price. It was a condition of sale that I move away from the area, (if I was to start another chauffeur company) hence my  move to the North. Decades of fast living in the South East had me longing for space, greenery, hills and scenery, so off I went to West Yorkshire....and my first ill fated foray into the World of Sex Toys, but thats another story.

I admire Stringfellow. The feminist writers Cosslet and Williams ridicule the man....but then they would. Stringfellow started with nothing, a million quid in debt and all drinks 'on the house' for opening night....but he went on to build an empire, copied by others like Spearmint.  Lord Sugar was a similar kind of man, though very different....still driven though, streetwise, and another success story regularly torn to shreds by these new wave lefties, who'll likely achieve nothing very much in their lives, certainly nothing in the way of wealth generation. Indeed, it goes against the Millenial's creed.....that you can't or shouldn't even try to do anything yourself; why? Because life in their eyes is all about collaboration with others for the greater good. Sugar and Stringfellow knew all about collaboration, it was called a 'drink', it was keeping Old Bill & your local councillors happy, it was you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. At the same time, these early entrepreneurs remained firmly in charge, almost as 'one man bands'. See any parallels here with the Brexit conundrum?

You see there are always two sides to every story. But like I said before, today it's only the lefty SM message that gets heard. I witnessed young girls of 20 odd swooning over Image of Stringfellows Club, LONDONPS, and remember several occasions when they returned to the cars shrieking with delight because they'd 'snogged Peter Stringfellow'. There are still women like that around. Thank God. Women who like the wolf whistle, court the attention, women who like to show a bit of leg, flirt and string the men along, no pun intended heehee. Working as I do within the sex industry as an escort, blogger and sextoy retailer, there is much that stirrs my emotions these days as I absorb so many stories from a main stream media leaning more and more to the left.  As I mature as a writer, I find myself constantly piecing together the jigsaw of life, whether it be Stringfellow, Brexit, Defence & Monetary Policies, legal matters relevant to the Sex Trade and Family Law, Education, Employment, Migration...everything is closely inter-related when you begin to carefully study it, and there lies the problem; As escorts we learn much about people's secret lives and aspirations...its the nature of the job, or at least for us it is. We are not the money-grubbing wham-bam-thank-you kind of serice providers. Being sensual and tuned in to a person for an hour or two get's you very close, surprisingly so, even total strangers. Our observations lead us to conclude that Mr Average thinks little about 'the bigger picture' and HOW its made up of several constituent parts all inter-related. For many, life's about turning up for work (seen as a necessary evil to secure a comfortable often early retirement) close family, football and the next holiday....which for some comes around every 2 months 🙁  Once in a while there's a birth, a wedding, a death...all events that focus the mind a little more than normal, though not for long, before its back to the 'grind'.

Death hit me and Minx this month with the passing of a sole remaining parent. When people die you begin to think about your own life, it's failures, its successes, its hopes and dreams. And it was while we were out together a couple of weekends ago to 'get some air' that we spied a bright flag flying proudly from a hill close to Cassop in County Durham. It was too far away to identify for certain, however, closeby were some ancient ruins, which led us to think it  might be an English Heritage flag marking some battle or other, back in the day. We surmised that it might be something to do with the battle of Neville Cross in 1346, and then we got to talking about how, in reality, that isn't that long ago! Am I mad? No. Life expectancy in medieval times was around 35 years, but that doesn't reveal the whole story. In those days, there were a disproportionate number of deaths before adulthood, particulalry in infacy, so if you managed to get to 25, there was a good chance you'd live till 70/75 years. The Black Death took it's toll between the 14th and 17th centuries with life expectancy reducing again, before reviving.We got to talking about the 1600s, then we talked Painting of Stockton-Darlington Railwayabout coal mines opening around 1830. (Cassop was on the Durham coalfield) Two hundred years ago there were NO RAILWAYS! (Stockton-Darlington opened 1825). No cars. No plastic. The first public electricity wasn't until 1881...that's just 137 years ago, and crucially....just two lifetimes back!! Think about that!! We were fighting the Scots at Neville Cross just 672 years ago, in other words, 8-9 lifetimes ago! I'm wondering if that's why some people call Geordies Scot's with their brains kicked out? Rings true to me. Heaven knows where we'll be 20 years from now because tech breeds tech....that's why World Wars were such drivers for technological advance.  And probably why advances in electric technology in recent years have been so great due to grim realisation that fossil fuels are a finite resource. But here's the thing. 'Modern Man' goes back around 3 million years. We are creatures with instincts. Up until medieval times, or even Georgian times, things changed slowly, and we could more easily cope. Women were only able to produce children until around age 35, 40+ when Minx & I were young parents....yep really.....we both recall 'shock/horror' in the 70's if some-one conceived past 40! Men on the other hand, can/could produce sperm up until death, even at 90 odd. So dear friends, what these feminist writers don't get, is the very shortness of life. At 28, Lucy Holden won't think too much about old her...a 50 year old man chatting up younger women is a figure to pity. She thinks at 28 she's Gods gift. She says the 50 year olds are always chatting up women half their age. SFW?

She says that while her kind have youth and looks, he  has "a face craggier than Snowdonia but you can look at it from the passenger seat of his Porsche".

And she has the brass neck to call most of these men 'arrogant'! She says 'Most fiftysomething women don't feel the need to chase conquests a third of their age'. At 28 she doesn't have the faintest clue about sexuality, sex or love, in my mind. Most men DON'T chase 22 year olds...they prefer women of their own age first and foremost. They also like sex, and need sex. Its instinctive. As is the need to preserve the species, which means, you keep fucking. But if you're a post menopause woman not remotely interested in SEX what's a man to do?  In Holden's eyes, you give up and grow old gracefully. In the real world, we would say that instinct drives a man to FUCK, always has done, always will do, and it's not modern 50-something mans' fault we're all living until our 80s and 90s. Its simply that 'instinct' over-rides life extending tech and questionable 'modern values'. Faces like 'the crags of Snowdonia' have nothing to do with it. Scrape beneath the surface of almost ANY human being and there is hidden escorts we know that. We also know that LOVE doesn't necessarily mean 'traditional' monogamous relationships between two people of similar ages. Its perfectly feasible for two people to love one another and yes, raise children with 40 years apart, because, you're only as old as the woman you got that Miss Holden? Stringfellow did, Rest in Peace my friend.


Born: 17 October 1940,Sheffield, Died: 7 June 2018

Married thrice, Norma Williams 1960-1965, Coral Wright 1967-1984, Bella Stringfellow 2009-2018



News Views & Screws is about Escort life, and some folk have trouble believing all we write! Trust me, 98% of its true; the little bits that aren't are where we've altered names and locations for the sake of anonimity. So, take a look at this, addressed to Minx taken form one of our escort profile emails: {verbatim} "What I am looking for is 1 hour with you and a half hour with you and your partner. While with you I would like you to be dominate me with Tie and Tease, Mildish CP, Elctrosex and all the while being restrained and being forced to perform oral sex on you to bring you to multiple squirting orgasms. I am not into ass or foot worship.If you want to mount me while I am restrained and make me come that would be great but I will need a short break to start again. Giving oral sex always gets me started again! While with you and your partner I would like your partner to fuck me while I am performing oral sex on you. I am not fully bi so wouldnt be into giving him oral sex back or kissing him. If there is time for you to mount me and make me come while your partner licks you that would be great too"

Meet Sean. Sean is a computer hardware specialist for a major car manufacturer, aged 47, married with kids, living in Bristol. Slight in build and bearded, we met Sean early one morning and it was definitely, one of our 'better meetings' with us all wanting an encore sometime soon.

It would be fair to say we're both still on our sexual journey with no sign of it stopping, and most of you will know that Minx has been training up to be a dom for a couple of years now; Training is a small part of readying oneself for work in the profession....every dom is different, some are taught from scratch and don't even come from an escorting background, but we believe it helps if you do. Most develop they're own repertoire of services over time, incorporating snippets of skillsets from others. We've always been strong when it comes to delivering services to the bicurious/bisexual brigade, and that's a great starting point when you're wanting to end up a dom. Why? Because bisexual men tend to be submissive, many like to be feminised and live a secret sissy-boy lifestyle; Large numbers of poeople have problems with 'bi' sexuality thinking of it as a half way house to gay, but when you really know bi people you realise they're in a class of their own, and 'gayness' has nothing to do with it. Male on Male action there is yes, but usually in the context of being humiliated or playing the part of a woman, rather than an emotional relationship with another man.

You'd be surprised at the numbers of men who crave to be penetrated who wouldn't dream of sucking another guy's cock, or in some cases, even touching one!

Our niche is a specialised group and one we know intimately, and most importantly feel 100% comfortable with, as a duo. I would imagine several couples reading this might struggle with that notion, while others might envy us; it is very enlightning I can assure you being able to live a 100% authentic life with one's partner with no secrets. We can say anything to each other about our sexual leanings without fear of rebuttal, and it's a reason why YOU as a prospective punter should only go with genuine couples if you seek threeway fun, instead of just two escorts who get together for financial gain. This is one of the big problems with Swinger Clubs and why they are so cliquey.....groups evolve within them, and relationships form within those groups to the exclusion of others. Members get resentful when a partner strays from the group; it's almost like a controlled open relationship, & at odds with many peoples' perception of the scene; it's not a free-for-all fuckfest! Each year we see many men who go along to these clubs and end up disappointed and unfulfilled. Conversely we see more than a few swingers as well, I rest my case. The swinging scene is NOT FOR US as we are fiercely independent souls; but Hey!...this is taking us away from June's SCREW! Sean was one of those guys who craved penetration, so it was an hour with Minx her words:

"Geeze & I met him together first before I whisked him away to the bedroom. I lay Sean down on his front and warmed his bottom up for a light spanking (Sean wasn't into severe pain) with a leather riding crop I enjoy ordinary crop either; it's one with spikes, ouch, then stroked his spine, then the backs of his legs, tickled his feet. Once I'd broken the ice I got him on to his back, and buckled him down tight to the bed with some new heavy duty cuffs, before teasing him with a silk scarf. This often drives men wild; first I teased his torso, then over his head, then down around his genitals....this turned Sean on as he started to moan, so to cool him down a tad I blindfolded him before picking up the crop again and slapping his balls and cock; Seans reaction was positive, I continied with the silk scarf then switched to a pinwheel, not rushing at all, my fingers in his mouth, then tightly gagging him with the scarf. Then it was gentle blowing on his face, fondling his ears and head, pulling my nails through his hair, tits in his mouth and around his face....this turned ME on too! So much so that I felt my cunt gently pulse, forcing a slow steady stream of warm squirt over Sean's thigh, something he obviously enjoyed! Forty minutes had elapsed so it was on to gentle E-stimulation. This was something Sean had asked for. Starting with a couple of pads, one on his cock and one on his scrotum, I scrolled through different modes to find his sweet spot; Sean's limits appeared to be quite high as I had the power box turned up to 80%....time for Geeze to take things up a tad more. I tapped the wall sharply (Geeze was in an office next door) as a cue for Geeze to appear. Over to you J":

Opening the bedroom door revelaed Minx and Sean on the big bed, Minx was straddling Sean's chest, giving me a full view of Seans monster cock standing proud....a good 9" and arrow straight, neatly trimmed pubic hair and above average balls...readers probably don't realise how much mens balls vary, from almost non existent and partially within the body, to big ball bags the size & texture of cricket balls at the other end of the scale, just as Minx likes Image of man with big balls between ladies thighsthem....she likes her men with BALLS, physically and metaphorically speaking. Fortunately I'm in the latter camp, but couldn't compete with Sean's size in the penis department I have to say, No worries! I swapped places with Minx and stooped very close to Sean's face almost inaudibly breathing the words 'so you want to be fucked do you Sean?' "Yes" he replied, a signal for Geeze to don gloves and reach for the lube. Clients seldom know I use gloves because I feel it might be a turn off for some, instead, I manoeuvre around the drawers and the mattress with back turned to 'rubber up' before gently parting a mans legs to stimulate his anus. Sometimes I'll shove a pillow under buttocks to raise an ass off the bed for easier acess, something I did now with Sean. Sean was tight; it's always fascinating to talk to men while performing anal play....clearly most of them have way more experience than they let on, usually from self play. Nipple stim combined with light rimming by the fingers often has men revved up and begging for more, is that how YOU are beginning to feel as you read this? We hope so, and if you've never been there, take time NOW and explore, but DON'T RUSH! The brain is the biggest sex organ and if you're aroused now, then what better time to take things further. So many men have yet to discover anal delights, but when they do, invariably, there's no turnng doesn't mean you're gay, it just means you're SEX POSITIVE, and I bet you don't think twice about fucking your lady in the ass do you? No, I thought not! (But I know too, that there are a disturbingly large group of men out there who have NO SEX at all with their partners, with increasing numbers of marriages more like BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS than LOVING ones...especially older second and/or third marriages following divorce or bereavment. I rememeber 15 years ago in the early days of internet dating my dismay at the number of women out there looking first and foremost for a house and a good pension, rather than a deep physical and mental CONNECTION.

Some look for and insist they'll be able to find the whole package...they are the ones that either get VERY LUCKY or more often than not face a life of eternal lonlieness.

They usually come under the 'high maintenance' category and often boast as much.....time for the REJECT button in my case. Minx is VERY low maintenance and a better and more genuine person for it I have to say; and probably the reason we still turn each other on after 12 years together. Back to Sean. Fingering gave way to medium beads, again covered by a condom and well lubed; Easy in too. Next was a flanged E-Stim electrode. These are made of steel with a satin finish with two terminals in the base. One takes current to the tip of the flange, the other to the base; it's what we call a bi-polar electrode and can be used on it's own for anal play. I'd been genning up more on electrosex lately including talking to Mick Clarke at length. Mick's bisexual too, and the Sales Director at E-Stim Systems. He told me about a bi-cable I should try, what better time than this? The bi cable lets you run two different size electrodes from one channel, as the cable has one 4mm socket and one 2mm socket. This was great news, why? Because formerly, when using two different size electrodes, I'd run one from each channel of ElectroPebble which is a dual channel power box. This meant though that one cable was left hanging and I always wondered if this might sap its efficiency. I wondered no more after rigging up the new cable. The flange took the 4mm end and I attached a 2mm pad to Sean's shaft while Minx continued to tease. Then it was GAME-ON with the power. No condom this time on the plug! Putting a rubber on an electrode is a big NO-NO because if you do it won't conduct which is a bit confusing for  some when they look at rubber loops and wonder how they work....the secret is that it's a special conductive rubber. Anyway, my plan was to stimulate Sean's P-gland by running current up the flange and along the prostate to the pad on his shaft. Electricity's lazy and takes the shortest path between two points of contact hence lightning strikes! In just a few minutes I knew I was getting close judging by the moans, not only from the E-stim but Minxie's wet cunt positioned over his face. To keep things lively I gave an occasional short sharp burst of high power causing him to gasp and writhe against tightly bound ankle AND wrist cuffs. It wasn't my intention to cause pain because that wasn't Sean's preference, however, the sharp bursts were 'within limits'. Sean impressed me with his resilience to the stimualtion so I removed the pad and replaced it with a new cable and a 4mm cock loop set just below the glans of his penis.

His glans was glorious, big, swollen, pimply and throbbing purple prompting me to suck on it briefly before attaching the electrode then it was game on again with the power.

I kept it down and played with the modes. Minx was watching now and I could see Sean was loving every minute of what to him was a NEW SENSATION. I actually said to him "I bet you could lay there all day edging like this couldn't you?" to which he agreed. We've always delivered a good experience with E-stim but following the extra homework and discussions with Mick, today's preformance qualified as Lloyds100A+....the man was sighing deep breaths, craving relief....a cue for me to straddle his legs, remove the flange and enter him with my own hard cock, gently at first, but encouraged by his willingness to accept my full length of around 7 inches, WOW. Some men like to be penetrated and masturbated off simultaneously and that was Sean's choice; there was no holding back, after a full 80 minutes he could no longer bear the suspense, cumming to violent completion. When men are aroused for extended periods of time and brought repeatedly to the brink then teased back down, it always shows with the ejaculation; it's bigger, creamier, wilder, more forceful, and Sean's load ticked every box, JOB DONE. We've had SEVERAL EXCELLENT meets recently with some VERY HOT SEXY and PERSONABLE GUYS with bigger than average cocks....Like all businesses you get people always see the bad times as necessary steps towards the good times. I guess we're in that 'good place' just now, long may it continue. A little bit of me thinks it may be down to more concerted efforts on the marketing side to keep us out in front; when one's 'hungry' and enthusiastically professional it tends to 'rub off' on quality 'prospects'. After all, the 'rich seams' are rarely just down to luck are they? Until next time,

You subscribe to NVS to find out about Escort Couple life, We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….We thank you for your support, Stay tuned, safe sex always, Luv, fun50couple xxx

The End nightclub, LONDON

* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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