Hello Sexy Friends! Never have we known a year go so QUICK! Almost half way through, with Minx telling me there’s just 29 weeks to Christmas, Struth. So what’s been going on since our last sexblog? A whole lot. Spring Bank Holiday saw us on the borders of Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire ostensibly for pleasure of the prosaic kind, but things didn’t work out, so we decided to work. Big mistake! Silly us hadn’t done our homework, and it was HALF TERM, meaning that many guys were on holiday and/or grandchild 🙁  duty, hence a low number of inquiries. We ended up cancelling our ongoing London plan, and returning home. Every cloud has a silver lining though! It turned out to be a typical Escort’s week, going from ZERO to HERO overnight, with a fantastic out-call meeting to Newcastle’s Malmaison hotel on the waterfront; and not just any old room either….the 7th floor suites and a lengthy booking, ROCK and ROLL! We’ve seen our fair share of hotel rooms over the years, including a number in the United States (Embassy Suites are to die for btw), but all credit to MALMAISON NEWCASTLE…the huge suites were 5 star, décor and furnishings were sumptuous and immaculate, the guy we went to see wasn’t bad either. Apparently he’d been watching our profile for 2 years trying to pluck up the courage to meet. We knew before we went that he’d wasted our time on at least 2 or 3 previous occasions, but didn’t let on. He paid a deposit though so it was worth going to Newcastle at least, expecting it to be a wild goose chase, but NO! The guy was spot on. Meets like this teach us to step back every now and then, and to try and put ourselves in the shoes of the punters…it must take a lot of courage for some of these men to actually put their money where their mouth is, especially the bi-curious guys.

We also invested in an e-stim kit towards the end of May. (End of May? I wish 🙁 ) We went for an ElectroPebble XPF which is a high quality electroplay set from E-STIM. It features their latest ElectroPebble power box and includes 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops, and a Flange butt plug bipolar electrode. The kits are designed for singles AND couples. Remember folks, Electrosex isn’t just for guys, it’s for EVERYONE. We added a bipolar pinwheel to the bundle too, OUCH! All in all it came to around 300 sobs, but we figured it would be well worth the investment. E-stim is trending, Minx is slowly morphing into a Dom and many of E-STIM logoour clients have sub tendencies, so all looked good. And so it is proving with several inquiries. We didn’t start offering it professionally until yesterday though; it takes practice and a good deal of experimenting before you can even begin to ‘get it’ and everybody reacts to stimuli in different ways. There’s also a ton of stuff to read, not least the SAFETY stuff, nevertheless, our first client (a seasoned e-stimmer and sub) left with a big smile on his face, saying it was ‘the best e-stim session he’d ever had’, THANKS Mark! He told us that most doms he’d been to just whacked the power up to see how far a sub could go, with no fine control or empathy. Our test sessions paid off, but in truth, we’re just starting out on a very long journey. The E-STIM people have been playing with these things for close on 20 years…there’s a lot to learn. We’ll bring you more over the next few months. We’ve added ElectroPebble XPE to the www.fun-five-0.com portfolio, and you’ll see we’re offering it at a VERY KEEN PRICE; you’ll have a job to find it anywhere else for less. ElectroPebble has also been shortlisted for this year’s ETO AWARDS, Category:  ‘Best New Hi-Tech Product’.  Order yours today.

I’m writing this just before our tour to Wales. We were there back in January and had a great time, and met up with some really nice guys. We vowed to return in the summer, so that’s what we’re doing, and looking forward to some BEACH TIME hopefully, with a great forecast for the coming week. Give us a call if you’re anywhere near Swansea or Cardiff; we're frequent visitors there and we’d love to meet you! The picture below shows the Maritime Quarter in Swansea SA1. If' you've never been, then take time out to visit, it's well worth it, and makes an ideal Weekend Break destination for couples, especially those who like the beach AS WELL as fine dining & nightlife. Our visit co-incides with SWANSEA JAZZ festival, we're already thinking about re-booking for 2018.

Image of aerial view of SA1


As a very political couple, and former activists, it’s hard not to pass comment on the ELECTION which dominated the past 4 weeks. We’ve never known a contest like it, have YOU?  Many folk we talked to didn’t know which side to back, even though a good proportion of them had remained faithful to one party for decades. In the end, some of them chose not to vote at all by all accounts. As working escorts with ‘souls’, and a hard life behind us we’re easily able to empathize with people from all levels of society, which means we tend to ‘read’ correctly so much of what’s REALLY going on in our fair country at street level…the PULSE of the country if you like; in stark contrast to most people’s perception, skewed by a daily news feed from a mainstream media hell-bent on manipulating and misrepresenting it for their own shallow gain. We’ll leave it there; suffice to say, like many others we found it all nauseating to the extreme…Utter MayHem.  When will there be another election? We reckon before Christmas. You heard it here first, OK?

Loosely connected and relevant to the Election in a way, was a subject also close to our hearts: Loneliness.  No not us! Though it’s fair to say that one can still be married or in a committed relationship, and STILL be LONELY (See ‘SCREWS’ below!). As the years roll by, we pick up on trends; especially those affecting our demographic. Loneliness is increasingly a factor prompting many men to pluck up the courage and meet up with folk like us. We’ve met several recently who’ve been following our profile for a couple of years or more. Some have been widowed, some divorced, and many are in ‘lonely’ relationships, though we have to wonder if the latter, in truth, is merely a by-product of poor communication. All sexy people know that Communication is Key to great sex and a meaningful relationship. But of course, it always takes TWO to make it happen, easier said than done in today’s busy wired world. Jeremy Cunt oh sorry I’m like the three TV reporters who slipped up recently on LIVE image of Jeremy Hunt free zoneTV (did you see them? 🙂 hilarious 🙂 ), Jeremy Hunt, I should have said, in an interview about older people AKA Boomers labelled the group ‘a commercial opportunity’. In that at least he’s right. He was talking about commercial exploitation in the field of health, but it’s made us think. We’re constantly tweaking and moving with the times in an effort to stay in front, to lead not follow. There will be, indeed there ARE  hundreds of thousands of souls out there, men and women, LONELY & cut off from, or even TOTALLY WITHOUT, friends and family through no fault of their own, just ‘Circumstances’.

Sex is like food, every-one needs it though few admit to it…so what do these lonely folk do?

Self- pleasuring helps of course, but in time, it won’t truly fulfil the need. We see a burgeoning sector out there beckoning. We’ve never been the Slutty kind of escorts, the insatiable filthy human fucktoy kind; the ‘many’ in our industry are like that, but it’s never been our style. We are ‘thinking’ escorts, intelligent escorts, YES we love sex, but as full time professionals there are limits to what will turn us on personally; What we get most out of our work is the satisfaction of pleasing people, of actually delivering the goods, fulfilling people’s expectations, and giving them a fab time; taking them away from, albeit only for an hour or so, a humdrum existence, and putting a spring back in their step. After all that is the art of good service isn’t it, to under promise and over deliver ….‘To do what it says on the tin and add just a little bit more’ to get them coming back. The commercial opportunity we see is ‘COMPANIONSHIP’, with the subtlest of subtle hints that ‘more is on the menu’ for those that seek it, who may be too afraid to find it for themselves, or even to acknowledge the ‘need’. It’s a market we see developing and a market we intend to devote ever more effort to, stay tuned.


You subscribe to NVS to find out what life is really like for an escort couple in 21st Century Britain, the good times, the bad times; we share notes about all kinds of meets from the sensually erotic to the fiercely animalistic, and everything in between. This month’s ‘SCREWS’ takes you to two very different places, two guys at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet sharing a common thread; one lonely after divorcing 12 years ago, one lonely within a sexless marriage; a meeting from HELL and a meeting from HEAVEN. There used to be a banging night club by that name ‘HEAVEN & HELL’ near Vauxhall London if I remember correctly, back in the Nineties, any-one remember it?

It’s a Sunday morning on tour in London, and we’re up early for a 10AM meet with a bi-curious guy who’d confirmed he was still coming by phone the night before. ‘Confirm’ in that he’d chatted with us a couple of times about making a booking, provisionally booked the time, then called on the Saturday night to say he was indeed still coming the next morning. It takes a minimum of around an hour and a half for Minx to get properly ready, a bit less for Geeze, but then Geeze does all the bed/sextoys/lubes/drinks for the client etc. You’d be surprised at the number of guys who think we just sit around all day, freshly showered and ready for them to come and visit at 30 minutes notice. Anyway, we put in all the effort, and it was a no-show; the sun was shining, so we decided to head up the road to Dunstable Downs, close enough to return quickly if a guy was to call, but far enough out of the suburbs for a relaxing day in between meets. There was a strong wind, and a lot of gliding activity from conventional sailplanes, and para-gliders too. Most of you know we’re an ‘air minded’ couple, and Geeze a private pilot, so we enjoyed the view and the action while staying alert for incoming calls from ‘punters’. Three or four called us and wasted our time, and then two definitely wanted to meet us at 5PM, and yet another for 8PM. A fourth single guy in his late 50’s from Kent, 70 odd miles away, was begging us to come over saying he was ‘desperate’ and ‘never been with a couple before’. With 3 ‘almost definites’, and two of them wanting the same time, we didn’t really want to go to Kent, besides the guy wasn’t an Adult Work member, and ‘didn’t know how to make a deposit by Faster Payment’ 🙁 . The 8PM guy said he’d confirm at 4PM, all looked good. It looked like we’d make up the lost ground from the morning no-show after all. Kent guy kept texting to say he was ridiculously horny and already had cum twice, but there ‘was plenty more’, and ‘were we able to outcall to him?’ We told him we’d confirm before 6PM, giving us time to do one of the 5PM meets, and to see if 8PM confirmed, in which case we’d not bother with Kent.

Confused? That’s what’s it like for us several days a week working as escorts!

At 3-30PM we headed back towards our hotel in readiness for a 5PM meet. At 4, one guy told us he couldn’t get away from work, (yeah…right!! lost bottle more like!!) and no word from the other. We need to be discreet, so we don’t go chasing up married guys who don’t confirm; NOW, we were left with 8PM 40 something bi guy, and Mr Kent guy. We texted 8PM bi guy asking if he was still coming, he replied ‘which one are you, I was a bit drunk last night, remind me who you are’…..blah blah…..(seemingly forgetting he’d called us just 3 hours b4)…OK sunshine, don’t bother, so we called Mr Kent. Now Minx had expressed reservations, and I had briefly spoken to him myself but didn’t pick up on what she did….he spoke with a bit of an impediment, and was clearly not ‘au fait’ with modern banking and the internet, but, knew all about escort agencies, telling us we could call a couple of these outfits for references….we didn’t bother; We’d been let down 4 times already that day, at worst it would be a wasted 140 mile round trip, with a hefty crossing toll to pay on top, so we added a surcharge to the fee for our time, it was an outcall at London rates, so we took the punt. If it came off, it would be a good night. We googled the address which looked half decent, Georgian terraced properties painted all different colours in a fashionable area of town. It took around an hour and a half to get there, through a torrential thunderstorm, but clear and fresh the other side of the Thames. We texted him our ETA and he replied saying he’d open the gate into the alleyway to let us in. It was now 9PM and getting dusk. We parked up, and headed down the pavement. A police car drove slowly by, WTF, we turned the corner, and there he was, a grey head peeking out from a gateway in a brick wall…We waved, and soon were shaking hands with a tall late 50’s guy in a dark blue dressing gown and slippers. Drink in one hand he led us through a Image of Steptoes Yardsmall cluttered ‘Steptoe’s Yard’ down some steps through open patio doors into his ‘pad’. We found ourselves in the corner of a jumbled lounge, home to an eclectic collection of antiques and paintings including some rare pieces, along with a multitude of Knick-knacks trawled from London house clearances over the decades, and a 55” TV angled across the corner of the living space playing porn…a milf and a BBC. Minx was engaging Kent man (we’ll call him ‘BARRY’) in polite conversation, in between him kissing her, Geeze joined in with talk, while getting mildly turned on by the porn. Barry asked us if we minded him smoking at the patio doors; Minx quickly assured him he was welcome…there was ‘no hurry’ and ‘to take your time, it’s a lovely night’ etc.  Minx’s earlier assumption that the guy sounded ‘iffy’ proved correct… ‘Barry’ was a heavy drinker, the speech ‘impediment’ she’d picked up on was down to alcohol, I’d foolishly put it down to a medical condition…odd really, because both of our lives have been heavily influenced by the horrors of alcoholism, not personally, but with close family and former friends. I should have twigged on, but I was phased by all the no-shows and the need for us to ‘keep going’; it was one of those days we had to leave no stone unturned in order to bring home the bread, the kind of day most people would give up on, but the kind of day which sorts winners from losers. This life is our choice…there’s no sick pay, no holiday pay, no knowing where the next week’s shopping is coming from…it’s a life we’re used to…so it was ‘grin and bear it’ with Barry. There was a builder’s truck outside, and we learnt that he ran a busy business of his own, worked with the guys daily ‘on the tools’ still to ‘stay young’ as he put it, and was now single after a divorce 12 years ago.

In truth the guy almost looked handsome, like a faded American film star, swashbuckling, silvery wavy hair, a lean tall body and a tanned complexion.

It was the mannerisms that betrayed him though. Any-one who’s had dealings with alcoholics and addicts spots those little signs a mile off…it’s a look, a movement, a hesitation; Barry asked us which was his drink; he’d poured Minx a wine (from a sealed bottle I hasten to add) and then asked us which drink was his….he’d got 4 different cans on the go. Minx asked him what all the full cans of deodorants were doing on the lounge window sill, the entire width of the window, 3 deep and 3 high…he said he just collected them, just like the mountain of salsa dip towering 7 or 8 high along the back of the sink…there must have been over a hundred bottles, all full…he said he loved the stuff, all the time walking around talking to us, dressing gown open, masturbating. Fairplay to the guy though, he certainly wasn’t short of cash…the business side was dealt with, no problem there, though the 3 very large knives sticking the wrong way up on the draining board DID  give Minx cause for concern, as did the general shabbiness of the whole place. It was open plan, the lounge come kitchen opening out into a double bedroom, strewn with clothes, a bathroom glimpsed though a half open door looked no better with mould in abundance, and a number of towels on the floor…we were both privately wondering what little beasties there might be lurking among the bed clothes. I’ve been in many homes like his throughout my life whilst working in other businesses, and  traveled worldwide, so none of these things came as a shock; things often appear to be a lot worse than they really are. The guy WAS clean in himself, he was reasonably intelligent, and a bit of a Jack of all trades; a semi successful trader, living for not much else than his work, a lonely man losing himself in a world of sex drugs and alcohol at weekends….but, nevertheless the kind of guy who’d be up image of cash in handat 5AM Monday to drive a squad of blokes working ‘cash in hand’ up to ‘town’ to renovate some toff’s big house in the West End. His kind are a dying breed, regulated almost out of business, squeezed by foreigners, but streetwise too, able to turn their hands to anything practical, and do a GOOD JOB at the end of the day; solid people, brought up in a different era, clinging to a way of life that’s served them well for decades, eking out a few more years before old age and deteriorating health takes its toll. But not before accumulating a good shedload of cash…invisible by outward appearances, but stashed away somewhere all the same, FAIRPLAY. Given the choice between his kind and a slick suit driving a fancy BMW coming to give me a quote, I know who I would rather choose. Anyway, back to our meeting. Barry was behind Minx with one hand up her skirt the other wrapped around her tits, I was facing her and at times like this we pretend to hug, so she can whisper in my ear….I knew what was coming….she was horrified, a look of alarm creased her pretty face….I re-assure her, if the SHTF there’s two of us and one of him, He’s partly intoxicated anyway, we’re quick on our feet, no need to worry….just remember the times years ago we’ve worked 2 or 3 days for the same money…it’s only another hour, stick with it babe. The adrenaline kicks in, a couple of glasses of wine help, its our job to deliver a service and deliver it well!

Barry wanted a show. Music to our ears…it meant we could fuck and pass the time, while he watched.

Sometimes we can isolate ourselves, and get lost in another world, just Minx and I, it didn’t look like we’d have to worry too much about fluids on the bedsheets…Barry stood by, wanking incessantly…the show had the desired effect with him getting hard and wanting Minx to suck him….Minx obliged, but after a couple of minutes he asked if it was OK for him to get another ‘line’…we hadn’t noticed, but there was a side plate amongst all the junk with a good pile of Charlie heaped up in the middle of it. Minx and I have NO INTEREST in drugs whatsoever, what clients do is their business…it’s just part of the territory working as an escort. Some of you readers will struggle with that, but it’s modern day life FFS…truth is…take any ten suburban homes these days and one of them will be doing drugs…and invariably they'll be the folk you least expect! And if you don’t think that’s correct, maybe you’re right….perhaps all ten of your neighbours are clean…but that just means 2 out of the next 10 will be dabbling, take it from me! I never forget the time once in my previous job as a stretch limousine operator in London, we’d  stopped somewhere near Putney for a cigarette/comfort break, the well-heeled bloke in the back turning to me and asking ‘Would you care for a line of Charlie old chap???’ just as if it was as normal as sharing a fag. I politely declined of course, and later discovered the guy’s status by the name on his payment cheque, ‘EARL of ************* blah’…oh yeah, it was one of those fancy banks too like Coutts or Barings or something.  Anyway our Barry snorted a couple of lines, despite me warning against it, because coke usually prevents a hard on. Barry replied that for him it had the opposite effect, though we didn’t witness it! By this time nearly a full hour had elapsed. It was all downhill for us now. We wanted to give our Barry a happy ending, but it was not to be. He kind of realised it wasn’t going to happen. Geeze sucked him and wanked him while he played with Minx’s tits, to no avail. He admitted defeat, & started to thank us profusely for coming ‘all this way’ and ‘he was glad we’d come’ etc. all the time wanking his semi flaccid cock, but obviously enjoying the company. Then it was over…we were gone, into the night, and the nearest Mcdonalds, the only place open after 11PM. It was a good wash, a swill of the mouthwash, and a Big Mac with a black coffee to keep us awake for the trek back to Hertfordshire and a comfy hotel room, JOB DONE!

So what about the meeting from HEAVEN I hear you ask? We’ll call the client ‘Andy’. Andy has most of the finer things in life; A highly paid job in sales with big bonuses, a top of the range company car, a hefty expense allowance, a substantial home  in a sought after area of town, a modern day classic sports car in the garage, and he’s married with grown up kids. All good! Andy first met us a couple of years ago and identified himself as straight. He’d met with several female escorts over the years, as evidenced by his feedback; he’d also been with a MF couple. He told us too, about a couple of long standing affairs…in effect Andy leads a double life, married for 3 decades and a player for 3 decades…we wonder if his wife is one of those women who KNOWS or SUSPECTS what’s going on, but says nothing ‘for the greater good’ of the situation. By all accounts she’s certainly no ‘doormat’, with a career of her own, they go on nice holidays together…clearly their marriage ‘works’ to a degree.

Andy admits to being a ‘difficult person to live with’. That’s a trait not uncommon with ‘driven’ people….

they live in the fast lane at work, and they want ‘fast lane’ at home…a relationship firing on all cylinders and a supercharged one at that. As we all know, (well, most of us with any kind of experience in ‘life’), that ‘ideal life’ is seldom achieved…there’s always something just ‘missing’, and so it is with Andy. There’s just not enough adrenaline in the relationship to satisfy his needs….maybe it’s a communication problem, maybe his wife is one of those that just can’t keep up. Or more likely they’ve just grown apart. Some people just keep growing throughout their lives in all areas, some don’t, preferring a more settled and steady life. That in itself can be a force for good, with ‘opposites’ attracting…however, there’s no doubt, if you’re a SEXY person, a relationship is NEVER going to work 100% if the other partner really ISN’T  SEXY and DOESN’T WANT TO BE.  I heard a young guy the other day moaning that he couldn’t persuade his wife to enter into a threesome with him and another girl…he was asking how he could make it happen, how he could persuade her. Apparently she was very uncomfortable with the thought of it, and there was friction….our advice….MOVE ON brother, because it’s not something you engineer or FORCE; you’re never going to be happy together while you adopt that approach! Some clients express feelings of guilt when they are with us, more usually towards the end of a meet; Minx re-assures them….they’re not having an affair, they’re just looking after their needs, and some marriages will be saved, marriages that could have fallen apart for no other reason than the lack of a bit of  sex. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen Andy, and we always look forward to our meetings with him. We’re never complacent though, any time might be the last time we ever see him…sometimes people like him like to move on, to another challenge. Right now though, Minx, Geeze and Andy ROCK, and long may it continue. We’re three sexy people who just gel; it’s FULL-ON almost from the start of every meet, all three know what they like, all three ENJOY, there are NO inhibitions AT ALL. Andy is well endowed too, with a decent body, and intelligent…he brings a lot to the table; that’s why the meets are so good, we all connect. He’ll often whisper in Minx’s ear how he ‘wishes’ Sylvia (his wife) was like her, and tells me countless times, that I’m a ‘lucky man’.

The guy has everything EXCEPT the home sexlife of his dreams, hence his meets with us.

We alternate between home and hotel, this last time was a visit to us at home. Now that Andy is beyond ‘ just another client’ we make it a bit special with Prosecco, wine and nibbles to share while catching up on what’s been going on since our last time together. Minx makes notes after meets as to what she wore so that she’s always in something different or new for our fave repeat clients. On this occasion she wore new blue/purple/pink floral lingerie from Bravissimo, under a laced PVC dress, suspender belt, black stockings with purple tops and seam, and 5” grey leopard print heels, DRESSED to IMPRESS! The outfit was not lost on Andy, he’s a man for DETAIL, complimenting Minx in between kissing, all three of us in a group embrace, before hands wandered….hungry for more. Geeze sat on a floor cushion next to the other two on the futon; the bulge in Andy’s jeans was growing by the second; it was prominent even from the start…he’s one of those fortunate chaps who’s a ‘show’er’ and a ‘grower’, with a cock around 3.5” flaccid and 9 glorious inches HARD. The one downside if there is one, is that he experiences slight difficulty in cumming…sometimes it’s a dry cum, other times it’s normal but a long time in happening, but then can be a good thing too can’t it! hee hee.

Andy was soon snogging Minx and sucking on her tits, while Geeze mouthed his cock;

the more meetings we’ve done, the more Andy has come out; apparently his very first same sex experience was with a couple he met around a month before meeting us for the first time, but we didn’t know it at the time. That particular couple we know are long time AW members with plenty of feedback, however, we’ve learnt from several punters that the male half is only orally bi, and reluctant at times to get involved; Maybe that’s why Andy hooked up with us; the seed had been sown, he was after more….a lot more. And so it was to be this night. We endeavour to vary the menu with regular clients so no 2 meets are similar. Minx and I had discussed this beforehand, and we agreed that this time we’d fuck on the stairs, the two men that is….stairs present so many possibilities, and Andy didn’t need asking twice. Minx watched up close and got very wet and turned on by the two guys, Andy got fucked in every way imaginable; the position he seemed to most enjoy was when Geeze sat on the stair, Andy a couple of stairs lower with his back to Geeze, stooping low, enabling him to ride Geeze’s throbbing cock hard and fast, a sexually charged BLUR of action, which went on for a good 15 minutes before both men turned their attentions to Minx, back on the futon. Minx climbed on to Andy’s impressive cock and rode him gently, then bent low offering Geeze a partial view of her sweet anus…we’re both ass people to a degree it has to be said, though it isn’t always on offer….Minx saves it for ‘special times’…this was one of those times for sure, the threeway action was close and passionate, Geeze’s cock found her sweet hole, gently entering, and not too deep….

Andy’s 9 inches in her pussy PLUS Geeze teasing her ass with his own cock felt divine; the panting, the expletives and the facial expressions gave it away, this was no ordinary sexwork, this was HEAVEN;

a gentle push against Geeze signalled she’d had enough of two cocks for now, so Geeze stood up on the seat cushion briefly and arched over the pair, offering his cock to Andy’s mouth, while resting his arms on the back of the futon, head up close to the window blind…all the time the pair were still fucking, and fucking DEEP; it was such a sexy sight for Geeze, and Andy sucked on Geeze’s cock like a man possessed almost to the point of pain….nevertheless Geeze could feel the slow inexorable rise of his cream…one of the advantages of advancing years….the action slows a bit, and you get to SAVOR the sensation…the sucking got a wee bit too intense so Geeze withdrew, masturbating close to Andy face. Andy opened his mouth and flicked his tongue in and out in anticipation of the imminent deluge…he’d witnessed Geezes’s heavy ejaculations several times in the past & knew what was coming; a couple of minutes later he was rewarded, well partially at least. Geeze was on fire, Andy and Minx were ablaze too, Spunk initially shot everywhere, completely missing Andy’s gaping mouth, striking the wall behind the futon and running down the paint, before Geeze tamed it and aimed for the target, silencing Andy with a good 4 or 5 pumps of heavy white cum, which Andy rolled around his mouth for several seconds before swallowing the lot. All three of us took breath; one of us recalled some old record which seemed apt for the occasion, Andy like us is a bit of a music fan, prompting Minx to pump up the volume on the YouTube channel of our Smart TV…wall mounted, above a laminate floor surrounded by sofas, the three of us were soon dancing; Minx is a rock and roller, Andy’s a bit of an all-rounder…it was quite comical watching him jive naked, his long semi flaccid cock swaying around to the beat…totally uninhibited, just a fun time after a hard day's wheeling and dealing, it all felt so TOTALLY NATURAL. An hour or so later, it was back to MFM action, upstairs this time in front of the mirrors and after around 20 minutes that familiar long drawn out groan, almost of pain, as Andy climaxed into his condom…then it was warming down, hugs and the three of us kissing as one, falling slowly back down to earth, elated, spent, satisfied……till the next time.

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