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Hello again Sexy Friends! This blog’s a bit shorter than normal because we’ve been struggling with Minx’s fitness this past 3 weeks. After several months’ observation and 3 trips to hospital with pain during the last fortnight, we’re pleased to let you know that after an op yesterday, the problem’s been sorted; now hopefully, a speedy recovery will follow fingers crossed. There’s a lot in the news just now about funding and staffing issues within the NHS, all we can say is that care received from the County Durham & Darlington Trust NHS Foundation hospital has been fantastic; hats off to them 🙂 and to the switched on GP who actually did something about the problem in the first place, THANK YOU!

The disruption meant our March London tour had to be cancelled which was a major blow because our time there was planned to include further dom training with Miss Kitty Bliss, and a photo shoot in Slough. We should be back down there in April and have accommodation booked all ready. The precarious nature of our life as an escort couple dependent on us both being able to perform got thrust into the spotlight once again… effort to bring in additional income from other adult activities are ongoing, but it’s a rocky path. So many people think the adult industry is a road to riches, but in reality it’s like everything else…those that succeed at it are the people who manage to keep going against all kinds of adversity, who work hard and work smart.  We continue to promote FUN-FIVE-0 with high hopes of claiming market share in some emerging niches while at the same time broadening our repertoire of escorting services. There’s no doubt that here in the NorthEast the cold winds of uncertainty are blowing and it’s a case of thinking on one’s feet to stay ahead of the crowd, to safeguard income, and to remain upbeat. Easier said than done some times I have to say.

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Some of you’ll note we’ve been trailing another EASY competition to win sextoys. Stay tuned for our Easter comp. We’ll be setting it up over the next few days…and guys….ENTER it this time! A lot of folk are cynical and don’t bother entering because they think there’s a catch…there isn’t. Our last winner was from Texas USA and we’ve published (with his consent) his contact details…proof that our competitions are for real with NO nasty surprises. The Christmas winner was from Wales. One of the heartening things about our NEWS VIEWS n SCREWS subscriber list is that a number of you get in touch with us personally, with several folk commenting on our honest ‘heart on our sleeve’ style….thanks guys. New subscribers continue to join; no great flood but nevertheless a good steady trickle growing into a stream with most staying on board over time.

We really do appreciate that, and hope to further improve our offerings to include photo galleries and videos.

The problem is mainly down to time and finding reliable people to help us. Btw, have you checked out our latest digital media page on Take a look. You’ll find free preview clips from more than 130 bisexual vids, PLUS access to thousands more adult vids by subscription. There’s some pretty hard core stuff there if you do a bit of digging with all tastes catered for. You’ll also see we’ve got 3 options now for phone-sex; we do a fair few chats via Adult Work, with a good many repeat callers but we know there are many out there who won’t sign up to an adult site for fear of discovery so we’ve included an option to prepay via cash into an account leaving no paper trail, OR you can pay by Faster Payment transfer.


Minx’s intermittent and unpredictable fitness issues have clipped our wings a bit this month. We’ve avoided straight meetings where she’d be at the centre of attention and concentrated instead on entertaining bi men; we’ve had some VERY intense and enjoyable meetings and all of them came as a surprise. But then that’s not really true, because as escorts we’re used to expecting the unexpected! It’s difficult to pick which one to share with you; however, I’ll go with Tony from South Yorkshire. I always try and match a FUN50Couple-SCREW with what’s going on in the wider picture and tie it all together…I hope you’ve noticed!

Regular readers of this blog and our Adult Work scripts will know I’ve been fascinated by trends in the world of sex and sexuality for decades. I watched as anal sex come out into the open in the Eighties. I still have some niche porno mags from 30 odd years ago, worth an occasional look (& sometimes a bit more LOL). I watched female sextoys on their way to becoming main-stream thanks to the likes of Ann Summers 🙁 peddling them to a nervous home audience via party plan in the 90s. The Noughties saw same sex marriage legitimised and legalised.  Then we started to see sex positivism start to gain traction. Right now we’re seeing male sextoys  beginning to peek their heads above the parapet, but still a risky place to go for most straight and bi-curious men; they are still perceived by the majority to be objects exclusive to gay men. Nowadays I don’t have to rely on ‘hearsay’ or rumour, or the more informative reads like the old FORUM magazine to back up my own observations and thoughts.  I can get more informed reason via the likes of Google and other specialist worldwide SEARCH tools; over the last 12 months I’ve seen a big increase in posts about male bi-sexuality, and I would say that it’s one of the fastest growing trends. Here is not the place to elaborate about numbers and reports and articles…just take it from me that that is indeed the case, and keep tabs on it yourself. When you think about it, ALL the above trends going back 40 odd years are linked. Bisexuality isn’t NEW but its reluctant acceptability by the gay crowd IS NEW and RECENT.  Nowadays, thanks to social media and the internet, there’s greater access to all things fact and fiction than ever before; the buzz word is ‘CONVERSATION’. Cringe-worthy I know to us older GenX’ers and Boomers, but nothing is black or white anymore, and SELLING something to some-one these days is a dirty word…INCLUDING selling a concept, sexuality even….its NOW all about a CONVERSATION. And that conversation is what’s driving male bisexuality forward into the open right now. Sheeple are, at long last beginning to question age old assumptions that bisexuality is nothing but a phase, that it doesn’t exist, that it’s no more than greedy promiscuity blah blah blah. I for one have never been bothered or interested in the ‘scene’ or the politics, and nor by all accounts have most of our clients who fit into the bi-curious/bi/wannabe feel bi category.  For my part, I’ve just known I’ve been bi since school days, attracted mostly to women but some men too and easily able to enjoy sex with either. End of. Other folk find themselves moving to a different place on the spectrum of sexuality as time passes.

There’s actually a scale to measure this stuff, its called Kinsey; look it up in Wikipedia.

Tony is a classic example, happily married for decades with a fairly prosaic sex life, a couple of visits to female escorts each year to spice things up, and an odd ‘couple’ meet on the way. His kind explores threeway sex with couples often because they’d had a same sex encounter at some time in the past, and secretly enjoyed it. An arrangement to meet with a couple makes it a whole lot easier for men like Tony to re-visit the experience.  It affords them a chance to get up close and personal with a cock, especially if the couple are bisexual, what’s more, there’s a minimum of risk compared to meeting a gay male escort. Unfortunately there seem to be VERY FEW couples who deliver an amazing and sensual experience…or so we are told. We’ve met many guys who’ve gone with a couple, been disappointed, and then left it another DECADE before daring to go there again. I kid you not.

Tony initially rang to inquire about availability and to have a brief chat with us one weekend. No endless texting or messaging…the guy knew what he wanted, nae NEEDED, and he’d arranged to take a day off work. It was to be a MONDAY, and it was, as far as he was concerned, a day of ‘ME TIME’… he’d made the decision, gritted his teeth and picked up the phone. No silly games and withheld numbers either, this guy was clearly genuine. A week or so later he texted to say he was leaving Sheffield and on his way; a couple of hours later Minx and I were shaking his hand. He’d filled us in with some more requests the day before, ‘Could Minx be dressed in business attire?’  ‘Could Minx get the ball rolling and start getting the men to play?’ Etc Etc.

Straightaway he admitted to being very nervous…he’d had trouble remembering directions, brain was in pants and not on road signs or street names, all common enough. We’ve known men bottle out completely while getting flustered with directions, never to be seen or heard from again. It happens. He told us about previous meets which hadn’t delivered…what he wanted he told us, was to handle a man when he was soft and to feel a cock getting hard in his hand.

Many men fantasize about unzipping another, or watching another man take his cock out and start masturbating in front of the other.

It’s an erotic and very VISIBLE stimulus, and something they can relate to themselves unlike women where a lot of the initial arousal is a mental thing, and unseen, at least at the beginning. While describing the scenario to Minx he said by the looks of it that he was too late to see a soft cock because judging by the size of J’s bulge it didn’t appear he was soft anymore!  I too was dressed for business in a dark suit made from thin material with a skinny spandex-lycra thong beneath, so in point of fact, the bulge looked more impressive than it was, and fortunately for him, my cock was still fairly flaccid. I’ve mentioned in the past we are always surprised by cock size; popular conjecture is that most men are at least 6”, sorry guys, but the average is 5.17” HARD, OK? So at a millimetre off 7” myself on a good day I’m alright, though I’ve never considered myself big. In reality, we seldom see anything much bigger than 6 inches. An eight incher or more is a real treat, though Minx, in common with many women doesn’t see size as an advantage. It’s more about HOW a man can turn a woman on through sensual and thoughtful stimulation that counts. Don’t believe that SIZE is the ‘be all and the end all’, it’s clearly not, although there’s a whole industry out there wanting and willing you to believe the contrary.

It wasn’t long before Tony was unzipping J and had his cock in his hand, which steadily grew, to his delight, while his other hand was up Minx’s skirt. Minx was on a setae in the reception area, Geeze was stood facing her, with Tony kneeling between the pair of us. J’s fully erect cock was a joy to our Tony, who quickly became semi-erect himself, before stiffening further to around 5 ½”; Minx suggested we go upstairs to kick things up a gear and it wasn’t long before us two men were naked. Tony continued to play with us both simultaneously but sucking another cock, for him, was definitely off limits…this time at least. Not even Minx was allowed to suck him. As is the case with many men, to Tony’s mind visiting Escorts for some ‘extra-curricular was ‘all OK’ with nothing to feel guilty about so long as there was no actual fucking or in his case oral too. He told us that the last female escort he saw took him completely by surprise pushing 2 fingers up his ass just prior to him cumming…an experience totally off the wall to him but enjoyable nonetheless. At 56 years old our Tony has a lot to learn, and to ENJOY. Minx and I managed to guide him along, to take the lead, but ‘oh so gently does it’ to the point where two cocks were in Minx’s mouth together.

Skilful tongue action on both men simultaneously took Tony close to the edge causing him to sharply withdraw and demand that we start fucking in front of him.

No problem there…Minx was wet, Geeze was solid; only Minx and I were aware of the pain she’d been through the past month and the need to avoid any complicated positions which exacerbated the discomfort…good old missionary fucking was the order of the day, and the full length mirrors amplified the scene to something out of a porn movie as Tony let go over Minx’s heaving tits...QUALITY not quantity, thick white cum that looked like it had been building for a couple of days. Tony blew out with a deep sigh, the meeting was all he’d ever wanted…YES Minx was in a seductive business suit, YES she played out the scene, YES he got to play with a soft cock and to make it hard, YES he’d ben aroused watching two people fuck up close n personal, YES’ he’d cum with no inhibitions. But there was more to come. By this time around 45 minutes had elapsed, and we COULD have steered the meeting to a close, however, Tony was your quintessentially NICE GUY, the type of guy who looked like he’d NEVER put a foot wrong. Besides he admitted he ‘loved his wife to bits’ before adding ‘it’d be the end totally if she ever found out about this’ etc etc. Stuff we hear every day. Apparently she’d discovered he’d been browsing Adult Work around 3 years ago, but he’d managed for want of a better expression to ‘bullshit her off’. Nevertheless he was fearful she might catch on accidentally…no matter…for NOW anyway…we asked him if he thought he could cum again? He said it would take some doing but possibly yes. Many a man is spent after cumming just once, including guys 20 years his junior. Minx and I like a challenge, and we appreciate the company of a nice guy with some intelligence and finesse…so it was onward and upward. Tony mentioned I hadn’t cum yet and that he wanted to see it. OK.  I needed to get turned on and to step up a gear, so positioned myself between Minx’s thighs but held off penetrating her while looking down at and then gently wanking our Tony. After a few minutes he moved behind me and reached between my legs and under, to fondle my balls while I kept masturbating, Minx all the time egging us on and telling Tony to watch in the mirror. Tony was once again remarking about how hard and SOLID I was and I told him I was close. He moved on to the bed kneeling next to Minx as I masturbated….Him playing with my balls had me built up big time;

You can always tell when it’s going to be super-good and you’re on your way to the mother of all orgasms…the pre-cum gives it away;

loose clear drops spewing forth uncontrollably and oh so pleasurably (for me anyway) One of the advantages of age and doing sexwork for a living is that you get to feel the orgasm on its way in its own time, to enjoy its journey, and giving you time to target it…I relayed my feelings of joy to the other two who told me to aim for Minx’s face, and then BOOM! Without doubt one of the biggest ejaculations of recent months, truly ferocious in fact, 6-7 pumps PLUS aftershocks AKA an earthquake and a good 8 foot reach, to the amazement of Tony, who up to now had been fairly prim and proper, no swearing at all, but suddenly he was shouting ‘FUCKING HELL, FUCK!  WOW!  Mmmmm that lit his fire, and we kept it burning; we had a promise to keep, and sure enough, more nipple (oh dear I forgot to mention his nipples: both sensitive but the left one unbelievably so, there’s a very fine line which separates pain from intense pleasure as Tony found out) and cock-play brought ample reward, with a decent dribble from his cock. Tony by now was well and truly spent, grinning from ear to ear, for a few short minutes, before conceding that a sense of guilt was rising to the surface tempering the mood of extreme gratification.  He went on to say that it can take a good 3-4 months to subside and it was something of a dilemma for him, and something he was working on getting his head around. That’s a predicament we’ve heard about a thousand times. You love your wife and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. You’ve tried gentle coaxing. You’ve tried talking about what you want. Men have needs different to women. What to do? Grow up?  Suffer in silence?  Attempt to satisfy that need through endless masturbation?  One doesn’t want to go to one’s grave wondering.  Should fantasies remain just fantasies? OR, should one treat oneself to an occasional guilty pleasure? After all ‘what the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve over does it’? You have to decide.  Just be careful. Until next time, We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….You subscribe to our newsletter 'NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS' and to find out what it’s really like to be an EscortCouple, We thank you for your support, Stay tuned, safe sex always, until next time, Luv, fun50couple xxx


* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity

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