Daily Deal graphic applicable to Escort Outcalls in Northern England
Image of bad news headline cuttings drawing attention to fun50couple Daily Deal

Is the News making you feel sick? You’re not alone! The majority of our clients are aged 40+ and in positions of management or business. These are worrying times! We also know from experience that many men in that demographic yearn to explore new horizons. To sample things ‘not on the menu at home’ perhaps. So if you’re heading out this week on business to Northern England and you’re booked in to a local hotel, sieze the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. We are a hot bisexual escort couple and live near Darlington UK. We love to meet mature men aged 40+ for sexy fun. Is an MMF or MFM threesome on your bucket list? Many married men are secretly bicurious, bisexual or have a kinky side they hide from their significant other for fear of rejection, we GET THAT! You’ll find us discreet & professional, but most of all FUN. When visiting your hotel we merge in well, adopting the appearance of a middle aged business couple until we’re behind closed doors WITH YOU. We know that many people are very stressed with current affairs & politics right now. We can’t change the big picture, however, we can provide a welcome escape from it all, even if only for an hour or two. To make life easier we’ve introduced a ‘Daily Deal’ offer on Escort Outcalls across Northern England including Leeds. Check out our Local Outcall Area Map and get in touch if you want to claim TODAY’s DAILY DEAL (Saturday 19th October) which is: an hour and a half CARLISLE or PENRITH Escort Outcall normally £280, reduced by £81 to just £199.00, WOW, Call Minx NOW to make a booking.