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Hello Sexy Friends! It’s February and we’ve just had our first SNOW of the Winter up here in the NorthEast however, as I write this, it’s all but disappeared after an overnight thaw with the mercury back up to a balmy 10C. Last week was a different story though. Driving back home from a Liverpool outcall crossing the Pennines we saw -12 on the car’s outside temperature gauge...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It was a 6 hour drive there and back, for a two hour meeting, followed by an hour in the kebab shop made more entertaining by the presence of several Liverpool football fans warming down after a match against Leicester. Football isn’t our thing, but the banter & the people were good natured, adding some extra ‘spice’ to the evening. Our way of life isn’t just about SEX, it’s the whole escort lifestyle thing, the never knowing where you’ll end up, and/or with whom! And last week didn’t disappoint for what we lacked in quantity was more than made up for with quality as you’ll see if you scroll down to SCREWS! But wait! We’ve got some fab NEWS. After a decade of dreaming, our plans to own a first class dungeon are at last materialising. We’ve bought ourselves a large rambling building ‘somewhere in the North East’ and work is under way upgrading some of its accommodation. We have a playroom & a dark dungeon planned as well as a photographic studio across two rooms, one as a bedroom set, the other with variable props. There’s also a chill out area suitable for filming, plus assorted office suites, and we're building a new wetroom; Oh yeah, there’ll be quality complimentary COFFEE too. We hope to have the playroom & at least one of the studio rooms up and running by mid-end of April. We know of a dungeon in Scotland with 6 doms working out of it and NO SHOWER! Can you imagine that? Shame on them. Minx & I have seen our fair share of dubious dungeons; rest assured we shall NOT BE OPENING until everything’s 100%, after all, one never gets a second chance to make a first impression does one? We predict clients will be prepared to travel miles to what will be a FIRST CLASS FACILITY as many already do when visiting us for escort meets. The new location isn’t a million miles from the A1M or the LNER so there’s easy access from places like Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and even London for that matter, Stay tuned for more news and pictures as we progress with this project. To book appointments at the new suite you’ll have to be known to us, or be established AdultWork or DirtyFunPeople members; if you’re NOT a member then we shall still be happy to see you at our normal place of work. Minx no longer offers GFE and concentrates mainly on domination/tie n tease/electro/humiliation/chastity/CBT/mild (ish)CP/SPH/Feminisation/Sissy training & Accompanied Sissy shopping trips. You want more? Give her a call. Our 'Mature Escorts' activities remain relatively unchanged, with us continuing to welcome nervous newbies looking to explore same sex desire (straight but bi-curious), bisexual men, subs, sissies and cross-dressers by the score. We LOVE it! New services include chastity and key-holding, Double Dom, Sissy training, and even better E-stim sessions now we fully understand how to get the best out of the equipment, in other words a Happy Ending as in the ‘Mother of All Orgasms’ aka a hands free whole body climax thru electro-stim of the prostate alone mmmmmm, mmmmmm and MMMM again. Guys, I can tell you after much experimentation myself it’s Abso F*cking AWESOME.


It’s a strange old world isn’t it. While many in Government are forcing through ever more draconian restrictions on access to Adult Content on the web in the name of ‘protecting children’ and preparing to clamp down on prostitution by criminalising You the Punter, others in authority are still moving forward along more liberal lines. We’ve had news this past few days from BBFC that many sexual acts formerly deemed ‘as risky to life’ and banned from the public eye in the form of images and videos, are now legal following a Court ruling last week. So gags, spanking, water-sports, female ejaculation, face-sitting & the like can now all be published...the question is, how many out there will actually find it? As Censorship approaches in March requiring you to Age Verify to access ANYTHING in the UK that’s commercially pornographic, I'm expecting the door closing on many ‘casual porn viewers’ especially the techy deficient ones who won’t know how to get round the rules. Have you or have you not ‘twigged’ what all the ads popping up on telly since Christmas promoting VPN's are REALLY ALL ABOUT? The companies concerned identify porn as a huge market, and by configuring a VPN on your Image of celebrity hotel inspector Alex Polizzidevice, you bypass the censorship. As most 14 year olds much for 'protecting children'. That is WHAT ALL THE ADVERTS are  about guys but for obvious reasons they don’t say so publicly. We use Vypr or Proton; You can even get free versions. The premium service we subscribe to costs around £9 a month and its invaluable especially when we’re in hotels. We’d often wondered why we were denied WiFi internet access at so many places, until a client who happened to be a hotel inspector (no not Alex Polizzi with the glorious tits unfortunately) informed us that since many establishments are Asian (Muslim) owned, they impose very strict restrictions on internet access; anything mildly pornographic and you’re barred. The hotel chains log your IP address & you’re screwed forever, but with a VPN so long as you set it up correctly you can continue to browse normally, under their noses.

You’ll note I made mention above of the possible criminalisation of punters in the not too distant future. We have friends in high places and have been told it’s looking increasingly likely to happen here. What we’re talking about is ‘paying for sex’ becoming a crime. Its the way things have been in Southern Ireland for just over a year now, as well as in some Scandinavian countries. You might have heard of 'the Nordic Model'. That’s what I’m talking about. Last week in Ireland there was the first successful prosecution of a punter which had the feminists jumping up and down with glee. The guy got a criminal record and a £200 fine. The feminists and the ‘do-good’ brigade believe they can Nordic Model infographiccontrol and even eliminate prostitution by cutting off demand, and this is one way they see to achieve that goal. Yep I know, you’ll be shaking your head and saying there’s no way they’ll be able to stop the oldest profession since it’s a human ‘need’ but I’m not so sure. Social Media is the vehicle these people and their kind use to promote their ideas and it has the power to propel these kind of issues into the mainstream frighteningly quickly. While the silent majority get on with their lives, the activists wreak havoc, and with the likes of May & Trump in power, draconian laws are being hustled through by stealth while the big issues like Brexit occupy the minds of the masses. So I’m worried about these moves. To be convicted, punters will have to be ‘caught in the act’ or worse, entrapped by Law Enforcement. Careful souls will escape the net and continue to pay for sex for sure, but inevitably, there will be a majority scared off; former punters will call it a day, playing into the hands of the activists. We could well see the oldest profession 'wounded', facing possible death 'by a thousand cuts' as a slow but inexorable drip feed of ever more stringent laws & enforcement bears down on it...until things go full circle and more liberal voices prevail once again, when the pwers that be have seen that criminalisation of punters DOESN’T WORK. That could take decades though, as the political & social pendulum swings back and forth; it’s been doing that for centuries, little comfort though to some-one horny in their late 40s where sex has dried up at home. Most of us SexWorkers recognise that we’re actually saving a lot of marriages, not wrecking them. People are living to ages unimaginable just 3 or 4 decades ago. What’s a man supposed to do when his S/O is no longer interested in sex? The feminists and religious brigade prescribe abstinence, or to talk it through, yet this isn’t a realistic option for many. Anyway who TF do they think they are to preach, to dictate what we do with our own bodies? They say all prostitution is exploitation of women. They say all women in prostitution are victims even if they don’t recognise it themselves. I guess you’ve heard these things too. Social Media is distorting reality. Some say it will destroy civilisation as we know it, and I don’t think that’s as far fetched as it sounds. What do you think?


I’d hazard a bet that most NVS readers are like us, and on a Sexual Journey, always looking for better, different, pushing the boundaries, that’s just the way it is for many people. Others seem to be content living their whole life with just one partner and vanilla sex only. As I’ve pointed out before The World Of Sex is the same as any other, there are those that get out and explore new horizons, and there are those who never leave the station. From Day 1 as mature escorts we’ve met mainly with bi-curious & bisexual men, and it would be fair to say that many of these guys have more ‘feminine’ elements within them than most (albeit it hidden; we are ALL made up of different proportions of male/female characteristics btw). Once a newly bi-curious guy truly embraces his sexuality, he feels empowered to bring other fantasies out into the open, and for many, that means cross-dressing. For some it’s nothing more than wearing a pair of lace panties or stockings ‘for the sexy feel’ of the material...while others progress to full blown feminisation on an occasional, frequent or even permanent basis in the case of transgenders. Talking of which our accountant is trans gender, a damn good one too AND not bad looking 🙂 We’ve seen all kinds, and invariably our meets with them have been enjoyable and INTENSE. I told you that what we lacked in quantity last week was more than made up for with quality...two guys, both of them longer meetings, both new-comers seeking to turn fantasy into reality. Johan is Dutch & a lifelong Liverpool supporter believe it or not with commercial interests in the Beautiful Game. He was over last week to watch Liverpool v Leicester and had arranged to meet us well in advance having found us via our own fun50couple website. His spoken English wasn't brilliant though we gleaned enough from texting to learn that he was mildly bi-curious, which in reality means anything from just wanting a look at another man's cock close-up,  a bit of cuckolding maybe, or full blown bisexual action once they let go of any inhibitions...with ‘bi-curious’ we never know for sure, UNTIL!  I’ll share with you our meeting with Johan in brief, since the second with a guy called Dave was far more erotic. The point is, both guys were newcomers, and probably not a million miles away from where YOU might be, our esteemed NVS subscriber, with YOUR thoughts and YOUR FANTASIES.

Johan arrived back at his hotel from the Liverpool game late having had trouble getting a taxi. We hadn’t a clue what he looked like except that he’d be in an American Air Force style green parka with a fir lined WAS cold! The hotel was formerly Liverpool’s finest, back in the day, about 50 years ago. I remembered it from when I was a young apprentice on Merseyside...happy days. All the golden greats have played there, people like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Laurel & Hardy & Bob Dylan to name but a few; we imagined what it Image of grand chandaliers in the Sefton Suite of Liverpool's famed Adelphimust have been like, as we sat waiting in the grand suite, complete with fabulous chandeliers, one I’m not kidding you about the size of a small car, Fiat 500 maybe, yes really. Only one other person sat in the vast room away on the other side, until two more guys sat themselves down at a table next to us. Both men were in their late 50s. Minx & I exchanged glances, while trying to pick up from their conversation what/why/who they might be. Oddly enough neither of us are what you would call ‘gregarious’ (how I hate that word) but neither of us can resist ‘finding out more’ when opportunities present themselves. So we struck up conversation, which turned out to be very entertaining. Apparently they were off a coach tour from the North East of all places, waiting on their women to return from some outing or another. So in between glances towards the foyer searching for our punter, we found ourselves talking animatedly about politics and Liverpool in equal measure. That’s what I meant about escorting not just being about sex, it’s all about the people and the places. In time, their wives showed up, and very respectable they were too….by that I mean SEXY well turned out women in their sixties, with a glint in their eyes. A flippant comment about one of their local hotels alleged to have been involved in swinger parties raised eye-brows, hoots of laughter and inuendo...these folk would have made Great Friends for Minx & I, but it was not to be, as our Dutchman strode in, confidently, easily recognising us from our webpages. We’d told the two guys we were down for a business meeting and were going back home the same night...we had fun between us speculating what they might have thought we did. Escort couples are almost unknown in ‘regular life’...something we were drawn attention to by way of a recent survey carried out by Bristol University on behalf of HMG. Utterly fed up with authority painting all sexworkers as being trafficked, we’d filled out a questionnaire to help put across our views to the Commons Select Committee on Online Prostitution. The Uni got back to us later as they sought more information about our niche, which is very different to most others in the escorting world. I doubt the powers that be will pay much attention to their work though...the committee members are mostly antis and bible bashers...

I would think the University Research was little more than them paying lip service to the wants and needs of sex-workers, to them we are Public Enemy #1 and always will be.

Its like most things in politics...posturing, but anyway, back to Johan. He lead us up to his room, again, faded glory from the days of the Empire, which today translated into flaking paint, hanging cables, a cracked & crazed bath, your typical old style British hotel, overtaken & left behind by modern rivals. At least the water was hot and the bed comfy 🙂 . Johan took time to shower thoroughly, re-appearing around 15 minutes later wrapped in a ‘bath robe’ that barely met in the middle the towels being so cheap. It didn’t matter though cuz under the towel we spied black pants, NEVER a good sign with a bi-curious newbie! It looked like we might have to ‘work hard’ with this one. But it was not so; relaxing quickly he dropped his pants, exposing an average but very hard erect cock, which soon had the attention of us both as he ventured into the world of threeway sex for the first time. We always ask guys as to what genre of porn they like to watch, previous experience, fantasies etc so we can guage how far we can go, OR NOT 🙁 as the case may be. Johan seemed very happy to be sucked but wasn’t ready himself to perform oral on a man. Touching though WAS within his limits, as he gave Geeze some serious man-handling including ball twisting and nipple play. Oral sex was the focus of this liaison and it got quite intense over the course of an hour and a half, culminating in him bringing Minx off to squirt in his mouth, a good long drink to mix with the rather excellent South African white wine he’d brought up with him. After the female ejaculation he just wanted to masturbate over Minx’s big titties, while looking into her eyes with an occasional glance my way as I stood above them both on the bed, cock erect, aching to cum myself, but it was not to be, as he shot his heavy load 41 years old he had plenty of it too; it’s amazing how many men wane as they grow older, with many just trickling. I guess it’s down to the old adage ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ and probably the reason why Geeze continues to cum heavy. Long may that state of affairs continue!

Clients tend to associate with escorts for many reasons, not just for skin on skin, but for intimate conversation too as many lack any kind of 'closeness' in their lives.

Johan told us he wanted to talk, and there followed 30 minutes of conversation, fascinating stuff too about subjects we can’t/won’t divulge; it’s another facet of escort life; if you’re articulate, experienced and discreet, clients pick up on that, and one gets invited, albeit briefly, into their very private lives. Many times we discover these ‘ordinary looking types in green parkas’ to be high rollers, movers and shakers, Lords Sirs and Big Wigs, but nevertheless very human, just like the rest of us, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Encouraged by the easy going flow and an experiencve in line with expectations he told us he’d see us again on home soil with a trip to Newcastle coming up. We look forward to it as we bid Good Night to Johan and say 'Hello!' now to Dave. Dave hails from Stockton-On-Tees and had phoned us on numerous occasions. Long rambling conversations telling us all about his bicurious & cross dressing fantasies. We get many like him and tbh we don’t have time for text ping pong or numerous phone calls. Nearly all the men who see us share one thing in common…they’ve read our profile in full, they’ve followed us for ages, they phone only when ready to book, and they TURN UP. The ones that call us zillions of times seldom show and many of them are what we call DNC’s which means they’ve agreed to come in the past, but then not confirmed on the day, otherwise known as time-wasters. Many of them wouldn’t call themselves that...and to be fair they are often men with good intentions, but lack the bottle when it comes to the crunch, which is understandable. It doesn’t make us a living though!’s a fine line between a total dreamer and some-one gradually plucking up the courage to explore new horizons, we totally get that. Our niche is different from regular escorts. We are not there to satisfy an urgent need for relief. Our clients are on a sexual journey of exploration. They are very sexual and sensual people, not merely macho males out for a quick fix. The whole ‘sex positive’ thing neatly defines our audience (an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation). Most of them have felt that way naturally since childhood. Playing with both sexes is part of that. It’s nothing to do with ‘GAY’.

When you know Gay people and you know Bi people, you’ll know they’re VERY different animals; yes there are intersects, but emotionally, it’s a different scene altogether.

Our typical client is born that way with a ‘seed’ somewhere deep in their psyche. It’ll manifest itself MAYBE with fleeting play at school or uni perhaps, or may not even begin to germinate at all until later life, when seemingly all stright options have been exhausted, and they are left wondering ‘what else is there out there?’ They’ll have looked at porn. They will have masturbated to ‘thoughts’. Then it gets a bit more serious and they think about meeting some-one or swinging perhaps. Around 70% of swingers are reckoned to be bisexual which makes sense...its a sex positive scene, but unfortunately a very cliquey one and in many cases ‘a bit rough’. Our average client is a much more private person. We see many men who have been left disappointed by the swinging scene. So phoning round is a big step for them. Dave had rung us and texted on dozens of occasions, and on Saturday he called several more times about meeting the next day. He told us he wanted to go out and buy heels for the occasion, but felt very self conscious about it. Could we ‘get him stuff?’ Well, the answer to that is we can and do, however alarm bells rang when he told us he was single. So why couldn’t he buy online? Married men can’t do that every easily, but for him there was no excuse. Bells rang even more loudly when he inquired as to the size if Geeze’s cock..its a question posed by many as they quietly masturbate over the phone with no intention of meeting. Anyway to cut a long story, after numerous texts including one calling off the meeting after we’d agreed to it (We replied ‘Its tonight or NEVER’) we found ourselves parked outside a substantial 1950s detached home on the outskirts of Stockton. The roads and paths were under deep snow, and we made our way gingerly to his door carrying a briefcase brimming with toys and a suitcase full of girlie clothes, wigs and make-up. A stocky guy appeared, welcoming us heartily, before showing us through to a capacious kitchen, and a fridge well stocked with wine and Budweiser, Geeze’s fave.

He told he was nervous AF and he’d had to drink aplenty to find courage, though to be fair it didn’t show. We chatted and drank for about a half hour as Dave relaxed. Minx’s boobies peaked out, we beckoned him to touch and bingo we had him lit; Soon after, all three of us went upstairs to a bedroom, hazy with cigarette smoke...we’re both ex smokers going back decades, but Minx succumbed to a fag...putting Dave even more at ease. The bed was an expensive affair with a brand new duvet, it was quite comical, as the guy fretted about getting it wet heehee. I’ve seen Minx soak an entire sheet from female ejaculation (another practise now deemed legal for publication after last week’s ruling btw) so it didn’t look good for the new bed linen. Dave craved to be feminised and was aching to put on his new heels, a first for him. Apparently he’d rushed out to buy them and bumped into his Mum at the store; She wanted to come back with him for a little while, hence the text calling off the meet. Fortunately Dave made plausible excuses and we were spared the extra company! Minx gets great pleasure from feminising guys and normally bans Geeze from the room until a full transformation has taken place. Tonight was different, it was a first for Dave and he didn’t object to input from Geeze. We got him into fine fishnet suspender tights then the heels went on, black suede around 4 inches in height.

We dug out a shiny wet look fully zipped dress which fitted him beautifully..he was taking shape; adopting the name Jessie, all that was needed now was some make-up and a wig...

She got a bit tetchy about being made up since she was due in work the following morning & worried about removing all traces of it. Minx persisted, assuring her all would be fine, but held back on eye make-up, that was a step too far for Jess, though she did allow minimal lippie. Then finally the hair-piece, and it was WOW. Unless you’ve been there, you really wouldn’t believe the transformation that can be achieved; Jessies had smooth skin which helped plus a hint of man-tits, enough for Geeze to get hold of, suck on and fondle...all things she enjoyed. Her clitty (pindick) was kept well covered and out of sight and Geeze did likewise until things had progressed. Geeze teased her with a partial view of his cock before pulled his purple thong downward allowing it to pop out, semi hard and quite respectable, big enough to illicit a gasp of appreciation from Jessie. She grabbed it then sucked on it almost immediately. Geeze had had a rough day in the office and had mentioned to Minx he was ready for a full-on meet, so Dave’s call was Manna from Heaven; it was almost too good to be true that it was actually taking place. Dave wasn’t a time-waster after all, and whatsmore, he was pretty skilled at sucking cock. He revealed he’d only been there once before, decades ago, and only then briefly. Like many men (and women) involved in same-sex fun, he knew from his own body where and when to hit the right spots. Dave aka Jessie had Geeze in ecstasy...a feeling heightened further when Minx joined him, sucking balls and cock simultaneously. Geeze was rock solid and loving every minute of it. All three of us were SUPER TURNED ON, so much so that Geeze had to draw away to save cumming prematurely. Jessie had indicated she wanted to be fucked AND to swallow a load of cum prompting Geeze to start stimulating her pussy. She moaned as Geeze lightly fingered her, reminding him to go steady, she was tight, and she really wasn't sure if she could take a cock at all. Soon she was squirming with delight as Geeze’s fingering switched to lightly rubbing her anus, up and down, then round and round in a tight circular motion tracing the contours of her sweet hole. Once again Geeze was hyper turned on, and while Minx snogged with Jessie, Geeze let the two girls play while he found a condom. Rolling it on, Geeze returned; Jessie said to take it easy and use plenty of lube; she bared her ass to Geeze as she straddled Minx, Geeze threaded his way in between Minx’s legs and tapped his cock on Jessies back before teasing her cunt with his bell end. Jessie was almost panicking now, Geeze’s cock was much larger than her own, and she feared pain not pleasure. We both re-assured her that we didn’t want the meet to end with anything unpleasant... we’ve heard tales so often of forced anal, putting players off for good, something we DEFINITELY DIDN’T WANT with Jessie, because already we knew we wanted to be back. This was good, so why spoil it?

Rhythmic shallow penetration followed, like all anal virgins she thought she was taking the lot when in reality she was only receiving an inch or so...

Geeze asked her to get on to her back. Initially she refused, saying that I would take advantage and force my way in and she’d have no control. Assuring her again that this wouldn’t happen under any circumstances she relaxed, then spread her legs wide, looked into Geeze’s eyes and began to enjoy the ride. Over time Geeze managed to go quite deep, encouraged by her cries of appreciation. She was a good person and a good fuck for sure, but now she wanted to taste cum telling Geeze she wanted to suck him. Removing his condom, Geeze told her to get between his legs, then drawing her body in close with his crossed legs behind her back, beckoned her to sensually suck him like before. It was divine, and it wasn’t long before Geeze delivered; she swallowed, she gathered the excess cum off her chest with her fingers, licking them clean, but saving a good dose of his sperm in her mouth for snowballing with Minx. We all sat close, it had been a bit of a fuck fest and we’d run well over time. Geeze got dressed while Minx & Jess talked about eating...would we make the Chinese in time? What occurred next is something we’ve NEVER done before. Accompanying Dave nee Jessie downstairs we allowed ourselves to be seduced into joining him in the living room for another drink. A log fire blazed, and he told us more about his life, about his former wife now sadly deceased, his dogs and his hobbies. At 51 he looked ten years older. Heavy smoking, and years spent working nights had taken their toll, by appearances anyway, but our Dave was a lively soul with many interests. He had the both of us captivated, but gradually talk turned back to his ‘new heels’ and how nerve-wracking it was for him to have gone shopping for women’s stuff, for the first time. I guess there are many men like him. Geeze thinks nothing of buying Minx stockings, and even full outfits from time to time, and always assists enthusiastically when Minx is shopping for the right outfit or the right bra. All too often, while Geeze shops with Minx & engages with the assistants, other womens' men hang round sheepishly, keeping their distance, embarrassed Image of smart man holding a pair of red heelsby it all...almost unbelievable. Jessie now dressed in black trousers and ‘normal’ clothes couldn’t resist putting the heels back on. For some reason this caused arousal in Geeze and as sexy talk resumed, the inevitable happened. What could be better than to get naked in front of a roaring fire with two other kinky people? Undoing his flies, & taking out his cock, the other two were soon sucking and licking, Geeze slumped back in the sofa; it was one of those deep luxurious ones you have trouble getting out of. Wrapping his legs round the backs of both Dave and Minx he allowed himself the luxury of being stimulated to the extreme. Happy ending? You bet, with thick shards of spunk erupting over all three of us and Sooooo satisfying. There then followed more friendly talk, time just flew. Dave said he felt ‘like he’d known us for years’, something we’re often been told. We’re skilled at putting people at ease, and there’s a lot of sexual intuition from us both, it’s our JOB after all! What I found most interesting though was Dave’s revelation that the ‘second time’ for him was way better than the first. He said that the first time he felt ‘pressure to perform’ not that we’d put him under any. I guess when guys see the ‘professional escorts’ tag some get worried; some may even favour part time amateurs for the same reason, however, he needn’t have worried. We always tell men they have nothing to prove, we’re there FOR THEM not the other way round. He told us the second time felt so natural and he was blown away by it. As were we. It’s good to hear words like that from time to time. As full time escorts its very easy to become de-sensitised to people, and to ignore or forget the very real struggle it is for many people, as they come to terms with sexual feelings that confuse them, that they're not entirely comfortable with, and don’t know what to do about. If you’re one of those folk sitting on the fence, wondering 'What If?' then do something your future self will thank you for and pick up the phone, Until next time, You subscribed to NVS to find out about Escort Couple life, We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….We thank you for your continued support.  Stay tuned, Be good, and remember: safe sex always! #KnowYourStatus, Luv, fun50couple xxx

One of the UK's fave mature escorts fun50minx, shown here having fun out shoppingPS: You’re probably wondering what’s going on with NVS? We used to publish it monthly and the rules of blogging dictate that you must always be consistent to keep followers. We don’t do rules. Our big enemy is time, or more correctly the lack of it, not helped by the departure of our IT woman and recent illness. We've had trouble coming to terms this past 18 months with upcoming legislation set to have a deep impact on our future, both in escorting and sextoy retail. Many adult pleasure products can be bought as cheaply from retailers nowadays offering free delivery as we can get them from wholesalers. The big names are selling a lot of their own branded stuff much of it shamelessley knocked off from well known manufacturers they formerly imported from in what’s now almost a Wild West market-place. NVS is a bit of fun, but it’s also a means for us to connect with like minded souls in the hope you’ll buy from our e-com store FUN-FIVE-0. Summer last year saw us re-thinking the brand and looking at it from a sexual wellness angle which is a trend catching on quickly as firms link sex to mindfulness and ‘whole body health’. There’s no point in us trying to compete with the Ann Summers and the Lovehoney’s of this world. Fun-Five-0 is a long term project & we’ve been encouraged recently by several niche sites, some of who have been trading for 20+ years, & more to the point they are NOT DISCOUNTING crazily like the mainstream players. A multi-millionaire told me a couple of years ago at a conference that ‘you only need 1 person in every million worldwide to have a decent business with 8000 customers’ a fair point, and the basis on which we will continue, as a niche store serving the kind of people we know and love, people like Dave, Jessie, Johan and couples like Terry & Kathleen you may have read about last month. So stay tuned and bear with us while we re-group and attempt to move forward, Take care guys, and we hope you enjoyed this month’s NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS! Love, Geeze xxx


* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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