'What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Escort Couples'

So many people ask us about our life as one of the UK's most popular Escort Couples that we started our own #sexblog in 2016 we call 'NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS' accessible by FREE subscription. The 'Prima Donnas' have since told us its not a sexblog, but a MAGAZINE. Ok guys. It's even been picked up by the wider Press, with the UK's celeb magazine 'CLOSER' featuring us just after Brexit. We've NEVER been one's to follow the fold; the same applies to our content, which you'll findย refreshingly different from others. Simply put, News Views & Screws is UNIQUE. Its 100% well writtenย original content, & plenty of it, without all kinds of blatant self promotion & 'SELL SELL SELL' you see elsewhere. So, what's it all about?

Most readers make a beeline for the SCREWS section (predictably) and read that FIRST. A good many of them tell us (see testimonials) it's the content they ENJOY the most; Why? Because it's chapter & verse on some of the raunchier (or not) meets which have taken place since the last blog. Names, locations and close descriptions are changed, otherwise the accounts are all TRUE; It's lengthy at around 4000+ words, so you'll get right into it, you'll feel like a voyeur, like you were actually there, because Geeze is a master at bringing a scene to life through the written word...we'd bet you'll get a little turned on by it...after all, you DID want to find out what life's REALLY LIKE for and WITH an Escort Couple didn't you??? ENJOY and feel free to SHARE with others ๐Ÿ™‚

VIEWS is usually a piece about what's trending and relevant to our life as escorts and yours as a punter or just some-one who loves SEX. Recent topics have included Cross Dressing, Lockdown, Klein Sexuality Grid & QUEST P-massager #giveaway, Cryptocurrencies, El Salvador, Taboo tokens, HIV Self Testing, Pride, Sextoys for Men, Loneliness, Fifty Shades Darker, Pegging, Keith Vaz & rent boys, ROCKS OFF RO-ZEN product review, EMMA massage wand test by Fun50Minx, Sex shops, the Digital Economy Act in the shape of the Porn Block & how it will affect YOU, Human Rights Reform, Mistress Orchid the #TeesValleyMistress, FOSTA, SESTA, Switter, DeCrim, Phone-sex and many more; a bit political sometimes, and a bit controversial sometimes...just like us.

NEWS keeps you up to date with what we've been up to since the last issue, our plans for the immediate future, PLUS 'inside information' and comment about what's going on in the Adult Trade, new products/fads etc.

Also in NEWS VIEWS n SCREWS [NVS] we bring you EASY competitions to WIN sextoys, & offers exclusive to readers on selected adult pleasure products from fun-five-0 and some of our friends. To receive NVS all you have to do is complete the boxes adjacent, hit the 'ENTER OUR WORLD' button and BOOM!... we'll take you straight to the 'Thank You' page. From there you can link instantly to the latest issue of NVS + archives but WAIT! There's more...Click the second link on the subscriber 'Thank You' page & you'll get access to the Club-50 Free Gallery! Be sure to BOOKMARK the page so you can get instant access anytime! Link back to our main site HERE



Just read April 2023 Fun50Couple news brief. Extremely well written and full of lots of naughty fun information for me to use, try and share. Thank you for writing and posting such an informative piece, #mature #men, SiSi

SiSi Erotic Massage, by BT Tower London W1

Sisi, sisi-eroticmassage, Warren Street, London W1

'Wow! loved the story with Paul...had a good fiddle thinking about you and him f*****g Minx....with cum everywhere! xxxx

Feb 14th 2022

'A good read with one of our vids thrown in too. Check it out...'

Apr 18th 2018

Sexiest couple on here. Loved the latest issue of the newsletter by the way. Very hot x

Kay, Twitter @kj_2468
April 2023

NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS sexblog reader testimonial"Excellent well written and very entertaining blog post guys.....Love reading about your adventures, so much better than make believe fantasy..."

AdultWork client via text message
December 2021

privacy NVS subscribers get automatic access to CLUB-50 Free Gallery, WooHoo!

Image of fun50minx, female half of one of the UK's best known mature Escort Couples
Image of the front cover of CLOSER magazine who used a story about escort couples in relation to Brexit

Once again thanks for Febs NVS, read with interest, the S bit twice. Turned me on no end. I was interested to work out who was on the receiving end of the strap on...."

and: 'Thank you for your NVS posts which I really enjoy reading, especially the screws bit which I find really erotic. Always good to read your views on current affairs too.'

@Geri_Blunden, 2nd Mar/16th Feb 2018

Thanks for sharing so much about your background.... Fantastic you included us in your NVS. It looks great & we are flattered by the write-up. It sounds like your audience would respond well to an experience offered by you.

Max Strauss Co-Founder 'Everything To Sea', April 2023

I mean I guess the biggest selling point of your blogs is the seemingly seamless combination of your everyday observations about life with the explicit down-and-dirty retelling of your sexy encounters. I got my girlfriend to read the last blog post, she loved it too, I think there's just something about the matter-of-factly way you express yourself, so unapologetic, unashamed and liberated, and as a result, it is liberating to read.

Lili H, Net1on1.com

'Ta Geeze. I always enjoy your writings. Descriptive, intelligent and always horny. Poignant too in places......'

Jerry B, UK expat (Europe) May 2023