fun50couple, North East escort couple in Hartlepool, New Year Hello sexy friends! Happy New Year and we hope you enjoyed the Christmas Break. Y'all know time is my enemy & it took a lot of effort to get December issue out before the 25th. Mind, it seems it was worth the bother, because we've had more positive feedback from that issue than any other since 2016, so we must be doing something right! There have been phone calls, emails, direct messages and advance bookings too off the back of it. Thanks guys! Like I mentioned in previous NVS, people really do seem to appreciate something from the heart, which pulls no punches. #TruthBomb 💣. In case you're a new subscriber, we don't include News or Views in the Christmas special.  So this is it, a week late, on New Years Day. That's probably not a bad thing since some folk like to make New Year Resolutions. Hopefully this missive will plant a seed, and we'll see some of you for sexy fun! #MondayMotivation ha! Beat those #backtoworkblues.

So let's meet Wayne. Wayne runs an automotive paint & body shop in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Aged 44, he's one of those guys who's always on the go, admitting to allowing work to take over his life pretty much 24/7. When he's not working on customers cars he's building competition cars for himself. Occasionally though he heads north for rest & relaxation with his family, to a static caravan on a quiet site by the River Wear in County Durham . The nearby village had been like a second home to him during childhood; a favourite aunt lived there & he'd stay with her over school holidays & the odd weekend. The place had grown on him, fond memories and all that, hence his decision to invest in a holiday home there. Most parks close during the colder months so Wayne had come up one weekend in November to collect belongings & check the unit was safe for winter... tightening stays, shutting off water, draining pipes, emptying fridges that kinda thing. Wayne's a bit of a trainspotter too, & he'd timed the visit to the leisure park to coincide with the Flying Scotsman stopping by Shildon rail museum, just up the road from us & another reason he'd come North this time on his own.

Christmas & New Year 2024 Flying Scotsman at Locomotion, Shildon, County Durham

Around 9PM on a Thursday night we got his call... 'Could we go to him right now?'  Err, No! We'd just come off a meeting, and it was short notice, so we suggested we get together the next day. He didn't think he'd have time, but we offered him the chance of a meet first thing, in the hope that curiosity and 'horn' would get the better of him. 7AM the next morning he was ringing us for directions. A couple of hours later a big 4x4 pulled up & out stepped our Wayne. He's a shortish guy around five-six, fair hair, squarish face with heavy stubble. He wore work boots, black combat trousers and a grey polo shirt with a car motif under a smart leather biker style jacket. He had noticeably small feet, offset by a prominent 'bulge' in his strides. He'd told us he'd never been with a couple but he had seen trans women on two occasions. We're seeing increasing numbers of men who've only been with trans; they've not seen female escorts or if they have, only very occasionally, often in the dim & distant past. Their kind are obviously attracted to 'girls' with a little 'extra' and to be fair, who can blame them? Take time to sort wheat from an awful lot of chaff, and you'll discover a good sprinkling of professional trans beauties online here in the UK. Many of them originate from South America & the Far East. I've spoken about these women in past issues, harking back to my days as a Merchant Seaman. Countries like Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, have large numbers of trans women, who've chosen to make the change not because its fashionable or woke, but for economic reasons IE they'll sell sex to avoid a life of abject poverty.

You gotta have some balls I guess to visit a trans in the first place. Outcomes from the SEXperience vary, ranging from 'Yep, Done that, crossed it off the bucket list', to 'can't wait to do it again', or in the case of Wayne....'wonder what sex with a couple would be like, where you've got horny MAN + WOMAN together?'

I've noticed that these man, when they visit, absolutely REQUIRE the female to be present at all times. They get edgy if Minx leaves the room for a few minutes. Well they do at the beginning anyway. So it was with Wayne. We'd enjoyed a good bit of banter in the reception area before heading up to the playroom... its like stepping into the Fifty Shades filmset & can be a bit intimidating to vanilla people. We assure them we're in 'escort mode today' & not to worry about the steel, the chains, sling, bondage accessories, the plumbing for the SeriousKit milker or the glass cabinet crammed with 'implements' heehee! Different strokes for different folks!

A lot of men can't wait to get their kit off & Wayne was no exception. Stripping down to the buff in a little less than 10 seconds, revealed a stocky body, a mild belly; not like he was a 'dad bod' though, far from it. Sixty & seventy hour weeks took care of that...meaning he was fit and agile. The thing guys like him have to watch is snacking and/or poor diet. We've met a number of men well north of 25 stone. Invariably they've told us it's mainly due to snatching grub 'on the fly', sandwiches, fast food & sodas the main culprits as far as weight gain is concerned. You'd think they'd spot the trend & nip it in the bud, but it creeps up on them, in tiny increments. A couple of guys have had gastric bands fitted. Another chap's considering going to Turkey for treatment. It's miles cheaper there. He's not sure whether to go for bypass surgery or a weight-loss balloon. It's fascinating when you listen to life stories, especially when they produce photos from the past. One fella showed us a snapshot from #backintheday. At the time he was a senior PO on Royal Navy subs. It showed him on a rare 'shore run', fighting fit & slim, accompanied by comrades from his boat. The funny thing was, when he stayed with us for an overnight he slept on the bondage bed in the playroom. We'd had the floor lights on red (they're multi-colour & we switch them according to mood; if its an MMF meet we select blue and pink, the international colors for bisexuality). Geeze offered to turn them off but he wanted them to be left on. They made him feel 'safe' he said, taking him back to his days on the subs. A good number of clients are ex Forces. Tough guys. With secrets.

What else can I tell you about Wayne now he was naked? His cock of course! We go months and see nothing bigger than 5 inches hard...not that that matters in the grand scheme of things. Eight inch rods do nothing for Minx. Guys who insist on sharing dick pics are a red flag too. Wayne's 'member' hung low and heavy at around 4 inches flaccid, supported by big balls. Was he going to be a grower or a 'run of the mill' show-er? Time would tell. Minx had suffered an upset stomach & gone to the bathroom, meanwhile Geeeze had stripped down to a purple gee string. Laying on the soft throw of the bondage bed he beckoned Wayne to join him. He didn't need a lot of encouragement. Clearly he was 'drawn' to Geeze's manhood.  Momentarily fumbling with the thong's zip before giving up on it & pulling the lycra fabric aside, he lay bare Geeze's cock which was now impressively stiff and erect, craving attention. I'm getting aroused even now, thinking about that feeling. Are you? I sincerely hope so.

There was no stopping Wayne or so it seemed. His keenness took Geeze by surprise, but in a good way. Evidently the liaisons with the trans gurls had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the horny panel beater from South Yorks. I can't think of a more 'masculine' area of the country, can you? Even today the legacy of the mining industry lives on. Hard men, WYSIWYG types, 'salt of the earth' with an accent to match. If you've ever spent time in that region, thy will know what I'm talking about. Won't thee?

Yorkshire miners

Fellating Geeze quite roughly at first, he got more gentle as he relaxed into it. Geeze told him he'd grade him on a scale of one to ten for intensity &/or accuracy when it came to hitting hot spots. Wayne never dropped below an eight. They say men give the best blow jobs; that's not to take away from women let me be clear. It's just that men know instintively how, where & when to stimulate. There's a good chance they'll take you to new highs. One of the best BJ's I've ever had was from a lass in Sheffield one Guy Falkes night. She had my trousers round my ankles and sucked cock for all she was worth. We were by an ally running through a terrace of brick built Victorian homes in the western suburbs. It was a cold night warmed by her hot breath & mouth, illuminated sporadically by rockets and roman candles set off in a nearby park. In the past year, we've met three or four guys who've excelled as cock suckers.

Sexy people are rarely givers and takers; they're often one or the other, or a bigger proportion of one to t'other. The most intense oral usually comes from givers....players who get turned on mostly from pleasuring others with little regard for THEMSELVES. Wayne was good, but I could see nerves kicking back in. Initial euphoria was giving way to signs of anxiety 'Where's Minx?'

'Ah she'll be back' replied Geeze, covering for his partner. He suspected she might be feeling a little uncomfortable from the tummy upset. Calling out to her, she at last came to Wayne's 'rescue'. As I said before, female participation & encoragement during trysts like these is crucial. It gives permission & a degree of respectability to same sex desire, which then gets buried in the workings of a true three-way dynamic. 'You've wasted no time!' she exclaimed, perhaps not realising she'd been absent for a good quarter of an hour. Waving her hands to part the two sexed up men, she sat down, put her arms around both and pulled us altogether for a joint kiss. It got quite passionate. Wayne's cock couldn't go un-noticed. It was pushing eight inches hard now. Arrow straight it was, veiny and girthy too. Though hairy all over, he'd trimmed his pubes in neat fashion. What was there not to LURVE?

34G fun50minx, Northeast escort and dominatrixHe seemed fascinated by Minx's tits. I've known her for 17+ years, and either its my eye sight or they really are getting better with each passing year. Her breasts bulged & beckoned in equal measure, kept under control, just, by a black cotton bustier edged in dark green silk. They were as impressive as they were ripe and delicious. At last, they spilled out, big heavy jugs white as snow. There was room enough for both men to indulge. 'Not my nipples, just my tits' she told us.... then 'Pussy's wanting attention boys!' Gently pushing Wayne's head down towards her thighs, she got herself comfy on the throw, sitting at first, then reclining. Once Wayne had got settled, she used her legs to pull him in tightly, crossed behind his back, her heels slightly scoring the skin around his hipbone. 'Ooohhh!!' then 'Yes Mistress!' as she demanded he 'get on with it'. 'Ahhhhh you've done this before haven't you. You naughty man, yeah right there.....' it didn't take many minutes before she was soaking. Wayne came up for air, then shuffled aside. Geeze had been turned on to the max....moving in he exchanged places with Wayne.  Licking & sucking on Minx's bud he knew right away she was super horny. Kneeling he slapped his hard cock against her cunt two or three times before easing it in. He looked at her lovingly. There was an intensity in her eyes. They were bluey grey, sparkling from the sex and the reflection from the floor lights. Geeze dropped his head down to kiss her hard. So hard she winced. Clients get turned on, powerfully, when they see us so loved up; Moving back to a kneeling position, I copied Wayne into the action. Putting an arm around his neck while simultaneously pulling on a strand of her hair, I fucked Minx hard. A film producer on a porn shoot once told Geeze (following a similar scene) 'I think we can all agree he's a bit of an animal'. That's how I felt with Minx & Wayne. Wanton. Animalistic. It lit him up....'I can't believe how yous [sic] two are so matter of fact &..... normal?'  That's something we're told often, but then what should you expect from a couple who've been solidly together through thick and thin for 17+ years, & escorted for over ten of 'em?

When you're fucking from a kneeling position you can only get in so far...you'll know that! Squatting's a better option, if you can manage it! Balancing precariously he continued to thrust hard & fast.... he watched his cock going right in, his pubic mound pressed hard against hers. He could also see Wayne's big dick out of the corner of his eye, and couldn't resist fondling it. It seeped precum. As it got more fluid, it formed into droplets, some of which rained down on Minx's midriff. He'd told us he didn't think he'd be able to cum twice in an hour. With that in mind, we thought best to ease off. Pulling out, I stood tall on the bed, holding on to the heavy steel frame as Wayne sucked me again.... savouring Minx's juices as he licked and cleaned. He wanted more of that taste.  Fortunately, Minx wasn't done. She craved further oral stimulation. Wayne got back down between her thighs. It didn't take long. With an almighty heave she let go. His tongue had done all the heavy lifting....there had been no rough fingering, or lapse in his concentration. He'd made her cum, just from skillful cunnilingus... 'Fuck me' she shouted somewhat uncharacteristically. Normally refined, she came across determined & a wee bit crude, a tad Glaswegian. Geeze knew by her tone she desperately wanted to be penetrated. She was yearning for an internal orgasm, and knew that that could only come in the split second he withdrew. But first things first. Wayne rubbered up, swiftly, while easily maintaining his erection, unlike so many who droop at the first site of a Skyn. The usual cause is 'erectile dissatisfaction', an unfortunate albeit normal symptom of ageing. Read more about it in past issues of NVS. If you're one of those men let me tell you there are things you can do to restore full libido, you just gotta have willpower & discipline. Pushing into Minx's sloppy cunt, Wayne found his rhythm. Between strokes Minx inquired if he'd ever had anything in his ass. 'Yeah, sometimes' Catching Geeze's eye, she nodded 'He likes his ass played with!'

fun50minx, northeast female escort and dominatrix with client, County DurhamGeeze had been standing behind the two of them, taking in the view, watching Wayne's big cock pounding his partners cunt. Its very erotic when you're up close & personal to two people fucking hard. I'm not a cuckold at all, it's more the sex positive thing.... enjoyment from participating in heavy sex in the company of others with no holes barred; it lights my fire.  Wayne spoke up 'Go gentle...' hmmmm.... did he expect to be fucked, fingered, toyed or what? He'd told us he'd douched which was a welcome change from guys who expect anal but don't prepare for it. Some don't even have the foresight to research HOW TO PREPARE! Others simply don't care, assuming that by paying for it they're entitled to demand whatever they want from us escorts. It doesn't work that way. Slipping on a vinyl 'examination glove' & applying a hefty dose of Lubido to the second & third fingers, Geeze gently rubbed Wayne's butt hole even while he continued to pound Minx. Slowing his movement, his brain doing its best to assimilate with this new, additional, sensation, he cried out 'Poppers, poppers, you got poppers?' It sounded now like he knew more than he'd let on. 'Yeah, course' Geeze replied, 'do you want ordinary ones or the real thing from the Continent?' 'The BEST' he bellowed, 'Hang fire then...'

Geeze rushed downstairs to the kitchen. There can't be many domestic fridges crammed with veggies, eggs and forty bottles of poppers but that's where they stay...it keeps 'em fresh & it keeps them in the dark... essential if you're wanting to keep aromas in tip top condition. Geeze checked 'You're not on any medication?'

'Nah' 'Give it 'ere' he said, snatching the bottle away then gripping it between his teeth. Notoriously difficult to open, Wayne succeeded in slitting the tight plastic wrapper & opening its cap in no time at all. Geeze knew only too well that anyone asking for amyl probably has experience with 'bigger objects'. 'Hmmm, you know more than you're telling'....  he proffered, before inserting a second finger. Wayne wasn't that tight, so he stopped fingering him, but not before he'd located his prostate, gently massaging it, adding strength to Wayne's erection. There was no time to waste. Rolling on a condom he sought confirmation of Wayne's desire 'Jam in the sandwich then*?' 'This'll be a first' he replied. Teasing his subject, Geeze blew gently on his bum-hole, then rubbed his helmet against Wayne's butt cheeks edging closer & closer to the target. Firmly parting them with two hands allowed full view for the first time of his hairy hole. Rubbing the tip of his protected cock against it, he teased still more, pausing as Wayne sniffed a hefty dose of Amsterdam Gold. Twenty seconds after, Geeze judged it was time. Time to strip the dirty Yorkshireman of his anal virginity. Pushing in gently, he could feel the tight muscular wall of his ass before it relaxed, little by little, then fully.  Wayne was still fucking Minx. 'Keep going' Geeze directed. The three of us had bunched up now so we could all stay in one another.... 'Sorry!!!! Oh My God! 'What's the matter????' Falling silent for a good ten seconds, he went from FULL ON to dare I say a little bashful.  'I just cum' he sighed, Sorrrrrryyyyyyyyyy! Finito. Over 😥😥 ' Just couldn't hold it' he said, 'It was toooooooooooo much! So. FUCKING. Horny. You're one sexy pair....' then once again 'I just can't believe how you're so normal..... '  He'd cum hard. Condom filled, he played with it a while, squeezing the thick white blister into all manner of shapes around his shaft and bell end, overwhelmed by the intensity of the experience & the sheer volume of sperm. And there you have it. One very hot MMF & another day 'in the office'. Please rest assured, every meeting is unique. This one ticked boxes because we all gelled so well; That's nearly always down to good communication. Wayne had been honest & open from the start. Well not quite! During the warming down he told us he'd taken a blue pill... Sildenafil. Oops! That's a big no-no if you're taking poppers! We ticked him off, but he said he'd often done it. 'Nuff said on that. Job Done! Take care guys!

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*Jam in the sandwich is high on the list of fantasies & the ultimate dream for many men. It means you're in the middle, fucking while being fucked by another male or getting pegged by a female. Some sexually liberated M/F couples explore role reversal with the help of a strap on. It' can be an extremely moving and loving experience #bonding You can learn more about pegging and its origins HERE.


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