Hello Sexy Friends! It's Midsummer's Day & I had hoped to have this published June 21st but we've been pretty busy with meets so its a case of 'making hay while the sun shines'. Not that the sun's been seen much this year; one day we've had (Saturday 18th May) & memorable because we trekked 90 miles south for a car meet with a regular subby. He trades on his own account maintaining & fixing heavy plant, from excavators to dozers screeners & crushers. Backbreaking stuff, trust me, I've been there. On top of everything being HEAVY DUITY, there are time pressures too... operators simply can't afford downtime since the North East escort fun50minx with a submissive at a car meetplant's so costly. Physically demanding work, for some people makes them ultra horny, especially if there are other issues preventing the body from relaxing fully. So relief becomes crucial. Without it there can be all manner of mental problems meaning its difficult to concentrate; it's like they're craving a drug. Subby asked us to recce a spot where we could play safely, which isn't as straightforward as you might think. When you start looking, initially on Google Maps, there's always a property too close, OR there's a barrier across some promising looking track. This time though, Geeze struck gold, finding a yard full of derelict plant close to where subby was working. His works van just merged in. The liaison was short but intense, FUN! We're familiar with the kind of life the guy leads. Over the years we've known him he's been dealt a poor hand, so we're pretty friendly towards each other. He's a sexy guy and generous too, what's not to love? I mentioned the meet only because it occurred on that ONE DAY so far this year (apart from today) when it was actually hot. I don't know where the Met Office get all this 'hottest year on record BS from' (well I do...its a scam) because May & June we've only seen single figure temps or very low teens most days. I was saying to Minx earlier that I remember back-in-the-day school kids frying eggs on the pavement the summers were that hot. What happened? #environmentalengineering?

Submissive with SeriousKit drone trodes in a County Durham sex dungeonWith regard to regular NEWS there's little to report, except we've added a SeriousKit harness with drone trodes to our ever growing collection. 'Drone Trodes' are for electro nipple stim; the 'drone' word as in the kink interpretation, IE a person objectified, detached from the world around them who performs functions as if they were a machine, while 'trodes' is short for electrodes. When I say it's Serious Kit, I'm not just referring to the's a SERIOUSLY heavy duty piece & quite intimidating when you see it connected to its coiled flexible cables. 'Theatre' the MD of SK calls it, and he's right. I can't wait for the day we can afford a full rubber vacuum suit or preferably a pair, so we can have two subbies side by side in a medical ward environment. I'm sure you've seen pictures, mainly in Germany; there are few facilities of that kind in the UK. It doesn't light Minx's fire as much as it does mine. I have to say I really enjoy heavy sub meets, and I've been getting a lot more recently since launching my new solo website Long may it continue #onwardandupward. We mentioned last issue we were going to invest in a face-sitting chair from StyleFetish; that's #workinprogress, hampered by import red tap, #StayTuned.



Regular readers will know we're forever trying to read the market... for sexual pleasure products as well as trends in 'the oldest profession'. Its easy for us to sometimes think 'what do we know' and to doubt our observations carry any real weight; but that's just a symptom of our low self esteem. Things we see and report on ARE in play, they ARE real, & not just in the imagination or picked up on anecdotally. We're on ETO magazine's mailing list (Erotic Trade Only). The rag's gone through big changes this past 24 months but still gets published in hard copy as well as online. Spring '24 (it's now quarterly) has an interesting article on the good folk at MisterB who are celebrating 30 years in business this year. Tony de Wilde, Mister B's brand manager says

"If you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community &/or have a kink or fetish and are between the ages of about 20 and 65, the chances that you've heard of Mister B are fairly high"

Very true. What caught my eye in particular was this

Some things that are trending at the moment are chastity devices, electroplay, and since the pandemic, everybody wants a fuck machine ...

ETO features editor Paul Smith adds: 'The most socially distanced of threesome options for the spit-roast fan - it makes perfect sense. For the straight market (with, admittedly, some disposable income) as well as the (typically child-free) gay scene'.

OH. MY EFFING. GOD 🙁 🙁 To see the 'movers & shakers' in the trade embracing it as a credible alternative to skin on skin for lovers of threeways, well, words fail me. But's it the way the world's going, and one reason why GenZ is shunning skin on skin & going virtual.

Early fucking machine Just this week we had an eminent member of the medical profession visit us as a client. He's an acknowledged world expert on cancers & pharmaceutics. (don't know why but we seem to see a lot of professors & scientists, must be a kink/mindfuck thing) Refreshingly direct, he told us that after the events of the last four years he hates every single politician out there, & had no doubt Joe Public had been systematically brainwashed into fear (we weren't). Despite the C19 narrative unravelling & jabs proven to be anything but safe and effective, it seems significant numbers are still TERRIFIED by it. From experience, I can tell you the pleasure product trade is cliquey to the extreme (with one notable exception), left leaning & cynical too. For sure they're milking the pandemic for all its worth. I wonder what product they'll push next, to chime with the Climate Scam? Sickening.

Steam powered fucking machineSo, with the macro environment deteriorating by the day, it really is becoming increasingly difficult to plan a way forward, especially with a Starmer government likely (think Scotland/Wales/London but nationwide) not just for us, but for any body who's independent in thought. With that said, lets keep this VIEWS short & to the point, and move onto more stimulating stuff aka SCREWS. We've a double header this month! Get tissues, get comfy, and enjoy..... and when you've read to the end, do something your future self will thank you for & pick up the phone 🙂 hee hee. We've met several followers lately, and we'd love to meet you, yes YOU!

[Top pic is an oil painting in the Sex Museum, Amsterdam of an early sex machine. Bottom pic is of a steam powered fucking machine on display at Prague Museum of Sexual Technology] 



Ninety Five per cent of our clients are bicurious newbies, bisexual men, subs, cross dressers & sissies; The other 5% are straight guys who come for MFM or they're voyeurs. Some weeks we see all categories either as a couple, or solo him, or her. One day last week we were privileged to meet a young cross dresser, and immediately after *him* a bi newbie. I say privileged because both guys brought a lot to the table, especially the former. For the purposes of this post we'll call him Dave for the sake of anonymity. Dave's a 37 year old electrician from York, married & on quite a tight leash, so getting 'time out' has to be meticulously planned weeks in advance. The first appointment fell by the wayside...'called into work', the second time we got lucky. Just. I say 'just' because Dave was hopeless with directions. Eagerness and nerves got the better of him, and three times he sped past our home, his brain obviously in his pants. After calming him down over the phone & telling him to drive S>L>O>W>L>Y he eventually made it. Slight in body with spiky hair & standing no more than five feet six inches tall, we got him sat down with a glass of iced water & began to chat. We sought verification of exactly what he wanted... we'd remembered his BIG ASK which was to go outside 'dressed' but we needed to know the fine details... what he preferred to wear etc.

Ten minutes later we were ushering him up to the dressing room to be transformed. Being slight in stature, he didn't come across as 'macho man' furthermore he had a fair complexion with no facial hair or heavy 'shadow'.... all good when it comes to feminization. So Minx had no trouble turning him into something much more ladylike & alluring. I'll rephrase that... VERY ALLURING. *She*, from this point forward referred to as Debbie, had the cutest ass you could ever wish for...I was thinking of using the word 'pert' & Googled it for synonyms. Word Hippo lists the different contexts: Cheeky in nature, stimulating to the mind or senses, attractively small and well shaped, neatly stylish, inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun.... below the context they give examples of adjectives... sassy, brazen, cute, shameless, lively, energetic, racy, tart, keen, adorable, playful, & to be honest, she was all those things and more.

We kitted Debs out in black lingerie; a fine lace suspender belt, black thong, & 10 denier sheer hosiery under a black skirt, black patent heels, a white lacey top over a 32A bra, and a bobbed black wig. She looked amazing. Pièce de résistance was the face blusher & dark purple lippie, expertly applied by the Minx. We got her to walk up and down the lounge, to get comfortable in the heels. Pretty soon she was flexing her thigh muscles and pushing out her bum while rubbing her nipples, which appeared visibly aroused even through the bra and top. Fortunately the day was bright with a rare glimpse of sun (for the North East) so we took her out onto the patio. Our garden's quite private and the three of us sat down on a storage box-cum-seat which faces south. Geeze catches rays on it whenever he can, nude... we're firm believers in healthy eating and exposure to SUN to keep fit.

When we had the dungeon in Darlington, on two or three occasions we got CD's dressed then accompanied them outside to the car, and drove them the 12 miles home. Once, we diverted through a layby well known for doggers and cruised slowly past the parked cars with the window down so they could have a good look at our subject 🙂 🙂 But today, it was garden only, and most importantly, it succeeded in inducing the feelings Debbie craved, of DARING, EXPOSURE & KINKINESS; in short an adrenaline rush. Although its secluded, a couple of windows do overlook. One has frosted glass, the other's partially concealed by foliage. So there was an element of risk/risque not least because we didn't really want to be seen 'aiding and abetting' either. For the record, the neighbour's aren't sure of what we do; there were rumours a few years back, and one hasn't spoken to us since, but basically we adopt a 'mushroom syndrome' approach IE feed 'em shit & keep 'em in the dark.

Not for the first time did we witness a person briefly 'at peace' with themselves over their cross dress habit/fetish/dysphoria. Debbie chuckled as she felt the warm breeze against her thigh; it ruffled her hair slightly. The sun beat down on her face... Minx was impressed, 'Cross your legs Debbie...' she chirped, then 'Mmmmmm, that's better' while the three of us edged closer. Debs was in the middle. Our arms were linked, & for a few brief moments it got hot as we snogged as one, before Debbie signaled 'Enough! Lets go in.....'

We were approaching the 'hungry' stage. Hungry for one another, for sex, to see how far it would all go. Debbie revealed she'd never been with a man or been fucked for real, except by a strapon. She'd got toys too apparently, which she used on herself solo. Wifey was aware of some of Dave's kinks but felt unable to participate, 'couldn't understand it' or so he told us. We hear that a lot.

Once in the playroom she was in her element. We'd got the floor lights set to red, perfectly complementing her body as she stood before the big full length mirror, admiring herself. Turning, then lifting her skirt, she marveled at her pert ass, the black thong buried deep in its furrow, the top of her thighs radiant from the uplighters. The scene turned her on even more. She'd been frisky in the garden, and while following her up the stairs we'd noticed a prominent bulge 'upskirt'. As she kept tweaking her nipples & 'working it' in front of the mirror, the strength of her erection finally got the better of the flimsy lace pouch. Six inches of ultra slim cock suddenly broke free. 'Body proportionate' would be a fair description, in that she too was slight in frame, super fit from working out with nary an ounce of fat. A long thread of precum drooled from its tip, growing in length as she stretched the foreskin back against the tight lace. Stood tall now in her heels, the quad muscles in her thigh visibly taughtened. In the minutes preceding, we'd observed goose bumps, a sure sign of intense arousal. But they were gone now, ironed smooth by the tightening flesh. No longer was this just an act, for all intents and purposes SHE WAS Debbie in body AND mind. She'd succeeded where so many fail... & let her inhibitions and emotions go, allowing the brain (the biggest sex organ of them all' to take over. Cross dressing is a form of roleplay, a kink in itself.

I'm going to share with you some words from Mollena Williams, a New York City born &raised writer, leather-woman, actress & BDSM educator. She's a contributor to the book 'The Ultimate Guide To Kink'. I mentioned earlier about confiding with partners. She says this:

'It is risky, too. What if you work up the nerve to share with your partner that you have a really hot [fantasy] only to see them recoil in horror, decry your desires as 'weird' or worse yet, 'sick' & possibly jeopardize the relationship?' Talking about 'character's' (thinking about Dave's change of character to that of Debs) Williams goes on: 'We have plenty of adulation for those performers who can morph chameleon-like into various personae. It can be truly amazing when a skilled actor seems to blend seamlessly into the character they are portraying, losing themselves in the process'. 'One of the wonderful benefits of role playing is that you can step outside the person you are in your 'default' life, & become someone entirely different. This type of role playing "becoming the other", gives you a unique freedom. Let slip your ideas of gender, race, body type - none of these matter when you use your head to get out of your body. Turn your gaze inward, open yourself to the possibility of becoming, even if for just a little while, someone else. This gives you room to explore a reality that, while it might not be where you want to live, is a liberating place to visit'

WOW. Thank you Mollena. Those words were written around thirteen years ago. To me they're like a light shining in the dark, before the world became such an angry place, with all manner of issues not least gender, weaponized. I wrote another blog recently for AdultWork, about a meeting with an Asian cross dresser in Buckinghamshire. That meeting too was so hot sexy & intense that I felt moved to hit the keyboard. In the post I compared ourselves to other service providers. We've thrived over time by being pro-active, always investing in kit but most of all KNOWLEDGE. Others struggle to find customers, usually because they offer little more than same-old-same-old. You see the deeper you dig & the more experience you gain, the more you realise everything to do with sexuality is connected. I'd hazard a bet there are many of you saying 'no way would I ever do anything like that' but truth is, if you're even remotely interested in sex, once you fully engage the mind, it becomes a Treasure Trove. As with all things, there are winners and losers. Do you want to live YOUR (its nobody else's) authentic life to the full? OR, will you be like the fold, & forever wonder?

Pretty soon we were all on the bed. Its a steel bondage unit, with a deep pocket sprung mattress cloaked in a purple velvety throw. It's actually polyester ha! But you'd never know! It makes for easy & hygienic cleaning #JustSaying. Debbie had been eyeing Minx's breasts; 34G's right now (or thereabouts) and picture perfect under the playroom lights. 'Can I see them?' she asked, 'Course!' replied Minx, placing Debbie's outstretched hand upon her chest. Reaching in, she pulled out one tit. It was lily white & smooth, weighty too; Debs kissed it, then licked the aureole before moving onward & upward to Minx's neck.  Minx was seriously aroused now, evidenced by her moaning,  & her open spread legs. She wore fine black polka dot hold ups which got laddered by the buckle of Debbie's heels, but hey, what the hell.

Minx wanted oral. Debbie knew what to do; she was gentle, sensual, and obviously experienced. Meanwhile Geeze wriggled underneath from the bottom end of the bed and started to suck on her balls. Her cock was still too erect for him to reach it from below. Moving rearward he licked at her spraint; she smelt clean & wholesome. Spurred on by what he'd already witnessed and from what he could hear from the other two, he felt wanton and dirty. Lustful is the word I'm looking for. At last finding Debbie's cunt, he pushed in his tongue, deeply and forcefully. He wanted to get it in as far as he could, to taste her, and to stimulate her even more. She started to buck. It was all Geeze could do to maintain position. Extricating himself, he rejoined the other two, kissing them both, here there and everywhere. Then, whispering in Debbie's ear 'You wanna fuck darling...?' while still rubbing her hole with a lubed finger. 'Slowly. Go real easy' she breathed...

Geeze kept Debbie between Minx's legs, the intention being to give her experience of being 'jam in the sandwich' but it was not to be. The position couldn't be sustained for whatever reason 'Let me on top' she cried. So I changed places with the Minx and Debs clambered on board. Reaching around, I held on to her pert little bum cheeks, parting them, digging each and every one of my fingers and both thumbs into her soft flesh while doing so. It felt magical. Moving carefully until I was against her, she sighed, looked into my eyes, 'Go slow now' then: 'Okay...go on...'

'Does that feel good?' 'Mmmmmmm' she murmured...'At your own pace' I told her. She felt hot and tight. Although rubbered up I could feel her muscles, her heat, her sex. Little by little I slid in, before pausing a couple of times. Then it popped. Simultaneously she gasped. Minx had been watching up close. Then she disappeared. Sometimes 'gurls' prefer it when it's just her n him; it can feel more INTENSE. No disrespect to the Minx, its just the way it is. She's VERY intuitive.

I was surprised we'd got this far. I hadn't expected to fuck...

And fuck we did. Hard. It got very passionate not least because Debbie got totally into it too, calling out my real name while she was at it; a small point I know, but it came naturally. She was really RIDING me, as you'll hopefully see from the murky video. We've never really got to grips with camming and rely on pro togs instead... but they're SO unreliable. The latest let-down was a bloke from Glasgow booked for the 15th June. We'd arranged for two subs to be present too, but the guy never turned up. Fortunately we didn't look too foolish. I'd messaged him on 'X' repeatedly throughout the week. He blanked us until the Thursday night, offering just 5 words by way of explanation, in short a wanker. I think we're going to have to get a Go Pro or something similar and make more of our own content.

The fucking went on for a good while. I suffered the next day in fact.... muscles over-used. I came hard inside her, so hard she felt it thru the rubber. To my shame I can't recall in fine detail what happened next. I do know she orgasmed, and I do remember Minx's tits getting whitewashed. The whole tryst had been a whirlwind of sex, kink & passion, pure hedonism. A wild time to be alive (a phrase used often by one of my fave You-Tubers CamelFinance ha!) I can remember the warm down afterwards though. Once Dave came back down to earth, with the wig off and a shower towel wrapped around his waist, we inquired as to when we might be lucky enough to see him again to which he replied...'Going to be tight, I've got a holiday in Turkey, and I've got crypto, I wanna retire on it, so can't stay away long'. Music to our ears. Back in 2016 & 2017 we met several subscribers who were into crypto, but these days, retail people have all but disappeared. You'll have seen cartoons on social media probably, depicting long queues of folk wanting to buy Bitcoin at $70000 through FOMO, while no-one waits in line to buy at $16k. Their loss. It was another area of common interest. He admitted to losing some money, but overall he was in profit. There's a very interesting book I've read recently, and if you're remotely curious as to why the Worlds' in turmoil, I'd recommend you read it. Its called The Bitcoin Standard (mirroring the Gold Standard). Beats the football any day. (Sorry!) Hopefully we'll see Dave again.

An hour later we went a second round. I'm adding this to SCREWS, for the benefit of the more vanilla 'straight 🙂 ' readers. We lose subscribers when we focus too much on MMF's or similar, but that's the nature of our business, they ARE REPRESENTATIVE of the majority of our meets. So it was a manic cleanup of the playroom, Geeze showering AGAIN & we were good to go. No problems with the client finding us this time though; Eddie, an ex squaddie & prison guard was marching down our path within minutes of being given directions. Obviously used to following instructions. Despite the 'hard man persona' Eddie nevertheless appeared nervous, to the extreme. He alluded to it in the hallway, & once we got him sat down in the reception area we could see his hands visibly shaking. Funny isn't it? A guy who'd seen combat & worked in some of the UK's most notorious prisons, anxious and jittery over a bit of sex. Ha! Its not uncommon though. We're skilled at calming men like him down; a glass of ice water helps. So does the close proximity of the busty Minx with her sunny personality & easy manner. Eddie was another who'd NEVER been with an escort before, let alone a couple. He confided with us that home life was 'difficult' with a disinterested partner & an adult child needing constant care. Remember guys, if you're having a hard time, there's always some-one else in a worse situation, so look on the positives. And to be fair to Eddie, that's how he came across. He'd been watching porn more and more over time, and become fascinated by threeway sex. He too admitted to being curious about seeing another cock.

Interestingly, while writing this issue of NVS, an old confidante on X got in touch with me; She was complementing us on our Twitter feed, and sharing notes on political matters. She, her fuck buddy, AND I are mostly on the same page when it comes to all things pertaining to sex & politics. She lives in Oldham FFS, a melting pot if ever there was one; and then you've got George Galloway close by in Rochdale, fanning the flames of discontent, like I said before 'A wild time to be alive'. Anyway, Louise is a nylon fetishist. She was telling me she's had a big uptick in followers (to the tune of thousands), and a very high proportion of them appear to be bicurious cuckold fans. That's not due to any sudden change in attitudes, its to do with people more willing to be 'out'. How long that lasts is open to question. Society 'norms' & perceptions tend to swing high & low. In some instances they become extreme, before going full circle. Its why there are similarities in both hard left and right factions. Time will tell. Its another reason we're still holding off on another commercial sexual entertainment venue.

Eddie was 'tubby' but not overly so. This had been a source of concern to him. Domestic strife had taken its toll and he'd gotten into a habit of comfort eating/bingeing. Things got so bad he'd piled on the pounds & couldn't stop, culminating some months ago with him weighing in at over 23 stone. We could scarcely believe it, so he shared with us some shocking photos as proof. That's what escorting life's like. It's not just SEX. Its about empathy too. Kinky secrets aren't the only things people struggle to find some-one to share with, its often personal stuff too. (Refer back to the CIA video in the last issue to learn more about 'secret lives') Eddie knew he had to take action! He'd booked himself in for private gastric surgery about three months ago. Only the wife knew anything about it, not his friends, relations, workmates... no one. He told us it had been the best solution, & that he felt ten times better. Unsurprisingly really since now he was seven stone lighter! Wow.

With all that off his chest 🙂 he was now much more relaxed. It wasn't long before we were heading up to the playroom. We told Eddie not to be fazed over all the equipment in there, assuring him it would be nothing more than a relaxed threesome, albeit on a bondage bed!

He went to the bathroom & stripped down to silk boxers, while Minx & I got comfy kissing and touching. The floor lights really rock; it's a shame we haven't got the knack of remote photography in dim light, because there are SO MANY TIMES the Minx looks so HOT & seductive under the lights. She's very fair skinned. Most of y'all know she's got the most glorious booty, thick thighs with long legs & fine feet. Eddie obviously thought so too. Minutes after rejoining us there was a tell tale bulge... 'Get them off then' ordered Minx, then 'Come over here, next to me.....' Clambering up onto the high bed, Eddie did as he was told, shedding the boxers & tossing them towards the corner of the room. He didn't really engage with us sexually to begin with, preferring to chat, and be close to us. We got the feeling that under the surface he was still wary, especially in the company of another male. Minx is very good at observing. And listening. Often when we're comparing notes post meeting she tells me she noticed a punter's eyes, not merely glancing at my cock, but fixated on it, for extended periods of time. It's as if they go through the motions with the normal straight stuff, but get boosted by the presence of a stiff cock in the background. I say Pandora's Box, what is it?it's akin to opening Pandora's Box. They're more than just casually interested, and we all thing tends to lead to another. I love this quote by spiritual healer and motivator, Vikas Runwal from Pune in India;

“Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you can’t control what you think then you can’t control what you do.”

Ed asked us to fuck in front of him. Geeze needed little encouragement. 'Get me wet first' Minx directed. After paying lip service to her request for all of three minutes, Geeze thrust in. She felt hot, wet and delicious. When we're cavorting on the bondage bed together, we tend to gravitate towards the headboard; it's industrial wire mesh and Minx's head usually finishes up perilously close to it during intercourse. Her body curves & those big tits begin to sway. Illuminated by the uplighters they look magnificent, & incredibly sexy as does her face. I focus on her eyes. Undeniably there's love between us still after 17 years.... stronger in fact than ever. We make a good team; opposites to a degree, but so very similar in other ways.

Eddie's hand wandered down to our sex; tenderly masturbating Minx as I fucked her, his fingers just millimeters away from another penis but not touching it. Geeze put his arm round him. There was no resistance; we'd now morphed into a single unit, a sexual encounter between three sexy people. It all felt so natural. I/we often think that. Folk get so hung up on what they perceive as taboo. But why taboo? We've the religious brigade to thank for that. But it wasn't always so. Only since medieval times have they sought to shape & define 'normal' sexual behaviour. Well fuck them. Unfortunately, there are signs of a resurgence of their influence & prudism. You don't need me to tell you that right now there's turmoil in social-political-economic matters, a perfect storm. We've probably not got too long to wait now for the outcome of the battle between liberalism vs libertarianism. (see image at foot of page for explanation)

'Do you wanna go?' I asked him, my voice quietened.

'AHHHHHH YEAH!' he replied. I'd already got a Skyn partially opened for him. His cock was fairly ordinary at about five inches (average dick size in the UK is reckoned to be c5.25" hard). Rubbering up with my help, he swapped places and proceeded to fuck. And quite energetic he was too. A lot of guys wonder how I can be in love with Minx yet seemingly happy to let other guys have sex with her. Well I suppose it's just who we are. It doesn't work both ways mind. Minx can't tolerate me with another woman unless its within a couple (I do see couples myself solo) but she's okay with me seeing men & I respect her wishes, to the letter. It works for us.

fun50minx, northeast female escort and dominatrix with client, County DurhamAs a matter of fact I can get quite turned on watching guys have their wicked way with her. They seldom 'last' long. I look at Minx more as a 'hot wife' because I'm certainly not a cuckold. Bigger than average & sexually voracious I'm hardly the type who's unable to satisfy a partner, yet I do find it erotic watching. Especially up close. Sometimes I'll play with a man's balls while he fucks or even finger him if I know that's what he aches for. With Eddie though, I knew I had to tread carefully with regard to contact. So once I'd revitalised my erection from watching, I stood up while clutching the chains of the bondage bed and got repositioned, legs apart & directly over Minx's head. Looking down on them both, I knew if Eddie really wanted to 'GO ALL THE WAY' & suck me, he would. I could see him looking & so could Minx....'Go on give it a wee suck' whispered Minx in her soft Scots accent..... you know what's gonna come next....hesitating for a minute he edged forward, still inside Minx, kissed the end of my dick, then licked it. He left it at that, but I reckon it contributed to raising the level of his horn.  Changing up a gear his thrusting became more & more frenetic, the crowning moment marked by an explosion as he let go with a cry of exultation. Scarlet & visibly contorted from the sheer effort of the sex act, his face eventually relaxed, yielding to gentle laughter, then uncontrollable giggling. Job Done.

And that my friends is fairly typical of a straight(ish) meeting. The most amusing part came in the warm down. Do you remember I said he was obviously used to following instructions? Another one of the pluses of escorting life is to learn about other peoples experiences and ways of life. Geeze likes to keep fit, and regularly punishes himself by way of strenuous exercise & extreme sport. It was obvious that someone with Eddies background was a 'person of interest' to both of us. He told us that when you leave the Army, the military assist with job placements and interview technique. Eddie had failed the prison application process once, so sought advice on how to succeed. I've a warped sense of humour I know, but what he shared with us had us in stitches. According to him 56% of potential candidates for the prison service fail the minute they fill in the application form. Why? Because the form specifies you're to use black ink pen & not blue. Ignore that & it tells HMP you're not capable of following simple orders! FAIL!! Hilarious! [Black inked applications are most easily copied on photo copiers which was the original reason for the diktak lol]

And there my friends, is where we must close. I hope you've enjoyed this issues SCREWS.

Liberal vs Libertarian schematic

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