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Hello Sexy Friends! We lost a couple of legends this week. Charlie Munger January 1 1924 – November 28, 2023 and Brian Frederick Arthur Hine, October 1944 - 5th December 2023. Two people about as different from one another as its possible to get I'd say, both of whom I'm influenced by. Let me explain.

It's another dark and rainy December morning, 9AM and still not light, as I start work on this issue of NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS. Before doing so I tweeted on X (formerly Twitter)

'#SaturdayMood: on fire as I juggle bullet points in prep for December NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS, plus if I can manage it a Christmas Special like past years #motivated #interested #AWAKE #angry #prepared #excited #fit #horny #twentyfourseven #sexuality #lifestyle #magazine #NSFW'

In case you don't know, #hashtags help others on the same wavelength to find you & your content across the internet; there's a chance they may resonate with you, as kindred spirits. The vast majority of NSFW accounts on social media plug their 'Fans' content relentlessly, peddling fakery for a few cents, while lining the pockets of big corporations to the tune of billions. We don't do that, & never will. We're 100% independent & authentic, say what we mean & mean what we say. Some people seem to like that, even if they disagree with us on occasion. I say some, because 'experts' tell me 'fake' wins BIG when it comes to follower numbers & perceived 'popularity' which in turn means MUCHO WONGA to the creators or 'influencers' as they like to call themselves. TBF, most NVS subscribers are at least 90% on the same page as us with regard to their sexual leanings & what's going on in the world.

We've met & continue to meet a good number of them in person. Some discovered NVS via social media and our websites. Others found it after we've referred them, usually in the 'warm down' phase of a hot tryst. Many of them go on to become repeat clients. They recognise that I (GEEZE) am the sum totoal of all those hastags listed above. Basically I walk my talk & I'm passionate in pretty much everything I do. So it's not unreasonable in my view (or Minx's) to think many of the characteristics & elements common to both these legends might be present in my own DNA. We're all human, and we all have the capacity to develop & do great things, if we allow ourselves!

So who are these people? Brian Frederick Hines, better known as Denny Laine, was a singer, song writer & founder/co founder of two major rock bands, the Moody Blues, and Wings. He passed this week age 79, from interstitual lung disease. I've always known about Laine, general knowledge really; a face that always crops up in any who's who of rock n roll, & I was saddened by his death. There have been far too many lately. Shane MacGowan's also gone this week [age 65, pneumonia] (formerly Pogues. Interestingly, another band Shane was involved in was 'The Nipple Erectors'[punk]) Anyway....back to Denny. I felt compelled to research his life upon learning of his untimely departure. What I discovered brought tears to my eyes, but motivated me too. Take time to watch the video....

What I drew from it chimes so much with our work as mature escorts catering almost exclusively to the Gen X/Boomer/Silent Generation demographics. In the video, we see Denny as a 73 year old... reasonably fit, very sharp, modest, distinguished. In a word, GENUINE... as are so many of his peers, 70's superstars. I never fail to wonder at his kind. Extreme lives with drugs, drink, touring, money worries & endless disputes, crazy highs & depressing lows, yet they still have all their hair, they keep rocking, and almost to a man stay humble & grounded with a balanced, thoughtful view of the World. At one point in the interview he alludes to others who passed through 'experimentation' & tells how he coped, and thrived. There's a glint in his eye. He still saw himself as 'an ordinary bod' trying to make money out of music. I choose to highlight his life because I reckon he embodied everything that's GOOD about the former Great Britain. Six years ago he was saying that what's most important is and I quote: 'friendship, closeness, people that help each other who are not evil, not looking for an ulterior motive not trying to live off you, equality'  WOW! Contrast that with the turmoil we're witnessing now. The film concludes with Rich Siegel asking 'At your age, as you get older, it's such a good run, do you feel like WOW? OR, is it just a satisfying feeling? 'I'm never satisfied' replies Laine.... Interviewer then, respectfully, asks if he ever thinks 'I am near the end, & I'm sad about it' and this is what I love.... Denny's reply

The older you get the more you wanna do it, the less time you gotta do it...all the things you haven't done you wanna do, you wanna be more positive, you wanna make sure you're doing it right, ya know, as long as you've got your health, but that's what gives you your health I believe...

Hmmmm. Spot on I'd say. I've told you before, escorting to me, isn't about the money. It's a lifestyle choice & a fascinating roller coaster of a ride, envied by many. It's what I WANT to do, and keep on doing (especially working as a BDSM master). I'm also planning on doing something pretty wild & far out next year, more news about that as & when I see fit. We see ever increasing numbers of married men in sexless marriages, struggling to come to terms with ageing & performance loss. A lot of them would do well by Laine's philosophy for sure. I mentioned in Autumn NVS my own health took a dip due to decreased physical activity and a sub-par diet. I vowed to do something about it, PDQ; Thankfully, I've managed since, to reverse the decline. Fitness has returned, but the best bit is...super-elevated libido. Bravo!

25% of the guys we see are in their late 60's or older & a good many of them, when they turn up, are trembling with fear, literally. Sometimes those nerves last for a good 15-20 minutes before they fully relax & get comfortable. After that its fun fun and more fun. The Laine interview showcases a star still burning bright, albeit in an aged body, with its 'worn' look & prominent veins... occasionally you get a glimpse of the younger man... that's something I love to see in our clients...that point where they really let go, feel comfy in their own skin and the SITUATION they've chosen to indulge in... its as if the younger soul is oh so briefly re-incarnated, it's palpable & it's powerful, and for me it ticks boxes.

Over the summer & autumn I've devoured a quartet of books by Joan Price, senior sex educator and 'siren' from the US. The latest one is 'The ultimate guide to sex after 50'. I urge you to get hold of a copy if you're middle aged or older & struggling with sex in a relationship. I read a lot because I like to IMPROVE, ADVANCE & learn. I certainly won't be retiring and wasting precious time on daily crosswords or talking shite with 'friends' in garden centres. Nope! I intend to learn & grow to the bitter did our second 'legend' Charlie Munger. Not one of my favorite people, but worthy of respect nonetheless. Munger was until last week when he passed age 99, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Its main business and source of capital is insurance, from which it invests the retained premiums in a broad portfolio of positions and other securities. The boss man is Warren Buffett, aged 93. Under their combined leadership & acumen, the company's book value has grown at an average rate of 20%, compared to c10% from the S&P 500 index with dividends included over the same period, while employing large amounts of capital and minimal debt. So he & Buffet are worth paying attention to. Berkshire is the top-ranked company in the Forbes Global 2000 & one of the largest American-owned private employers in the United States. Its shares have the highest per-share price of any public company in the world, reaching $500,000 in March 2022. Both men are best known for their 'Sell when people are greedy, buy when they're fearful' approach to investing. In an interview, & I've heard this before from successful people, Munger says winners without exception, read books in a continuous process of self development. I've gotten into people like Buffet & Munger relatively recently [2017 and on] as I've focused on my own self improvement and quest to be a successful trader. [Crypto, stocks, forex] I have no interest in sharing much more just now about Munger or Hathaway's (except Bitcoin overtook them this week in terms of market cap, how SWEET is that given their contempt for it!) My main reason for mentioning him, is he inspires me, equally but in different ways to Denny. Polar opposites, but 100% relevant to my direction of travel in life. Hathaway's good fortune is primarily down to the 'buy low sell high strategy'. Lane's success is reading the street, & being in tune with 'the people and their surroundings'. My deep interest in trading markets, & our never ending quest to deliver the very best experiences to our clients we hope will see us through tough times ahead. Both men were totally committed to their chosen vocation, putting it above ALL ELSE, subconsciously perhaps, but habitually, through thick and thin. Stayers. Believers. Self confident.

In 2023, after a shaky phase following the move out of the Darlington Dungeon, we've recovered & even made made some new highs in terms of bookings & revenue, against a general slowdown in the adult industry, with a halving of escort couple numbers nationwide. Pausing before ploughing money into another commercial adult venture has probably been a good move. Because 2024 looks set to be one of the most pivotal periods in the whole of human history. I'm not being over dramatic. Learning markets forces you to gain a good understanding of the 'macro' environment, the narratives, the why's and therefores'. You pretty soon see everything for what it is... a giant chess game dominated by a handful of powerful players. Its been like that for centuries. DYOR. These people, 'elites' as they've become to be known, (illogically so imo) see us, you, the public in general as mere pawns, to manipulate & dumb down for their own benefit. They're right though when it comes to books! Most people these days don't bother with them. They rely on the teLIEvison and the MSM to inform them. Few of them know the main stream media is entirely bought & controlled by these elites. Advertising used to fund these outlets back in the day, but the rise of the internet meant people no longer paid for daily news in hard copy, setting the scene for what we're seeing today (for example, Gates partially funds The Guardian newspaper. Another rag, The Sun, used to sell 4 million copies a day, now it's down to 400,000. Yet another: The Telegraph, is bankrupt and seeking a buyer) For decades people like David Ike have tried to warn us about these moves, but have been ridiculed as fruit cakes. Yet, most of their predictions have come true. How so? Not because they're prophets or highly, it's because they've dug deep, they've asked the questions & they've done the research while others have slumbered. The New World Order have posted what they want to do in plain site, on multiple occasions, to the point now where its brazen, but most folk don't/won't let it bother them....UNTIL. There's a tidal wave heading our way. Some of us are prepared for it. Most aren't.  2024 is an election year on both sides of The Pond, there will be an interest rate pivot (maybe) followed if history's anything to go by, an economic collapse 6-9 months after. We've also got a bitcoin halving, more fiat currencies failing, further imposition of CBDC's, expansion of WHO overreach, an unstable POTUS increasing speculation about all out war with Russia, the likelihood of Iran pulling the trigger on sleeper cells to carry out terrorist acts on UK/US soil, deep division between citizens & cultures, the list goes on. You better buckle up because its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Wrapping it all up, I'd say now more than ever, if you're one of those people on the outside looking in, it doesn't have to be about sex, it could be work, investments, property, what have you, then make a move. Fast. Do something today your future self will thank you for. I'm not putting that out for mercenary reasons, I'm saying it from the heart. Reading thousands of pages about sex after 50, sex after grief, how to keep sexuality alive while caring for chronically ill partners, and most poignant of all... reading though several hundred quotes from people living through those things, makes me think. It's why I do it; it also makes me a better marketer for adult services. It gives me an edge over competitors when reaching out to people we could potentially help, connect with and have a good time with. So stay open minded. The elites have weaponized so many things, including gender dysphoria and trans 'rights'... but that doesn't mean for example, you having to shelve private thoughts & Freedom protestors London 2021ambitions of being feminised, or experimenting with cross dressing, or wanting to try role reversal. Pride being rammed down your throat doesn't mean you have to happily accept two men kissing in public; if that makes you uncomfortable that's okay; you might even feel revulsion, but don't automatically knock it! Live and let live. Live in the moment, but prepare for and be open to what may happen in the future. Everything's polarised to the extreme just now, manipulated that way by higher powers bent on dividing us, providing them with an excuse to usher in even more control (example: two tier policing by @metpolice: freedom rallies vs Palestinian demos, probable outcome: ALL demos banned, that is what 'they' want) The stakes are high. Wake up to it, seek out multiple sources of alternative news, make time to do your own research but most of all stay true to yourself. You're UNIQUE. Stay that way, keep being YOU and who knows, you might find yourself wanting to PUSH BACK #exemptfrombullshit



Ball Stretching rings for menSo, on to Views. We're gonna talk about ball stretching! Over the years, things trend. I remember back in the late 80's, anal sex starting to be openly talked about (ha!). There were top shelf mags like 'Anal Wives', quite risque for its time because it featured cocks too, a rarity back then; but you'd have to seek out those [ahem] corner shops that didn't care what they sold. The best ones, invariably Asian owned, had three or four shelves of titles. You knew it was good stuff because they were either wrapped in cellophane or the pages were taped shut. The premium titles had thick glossy covers too. It was exciting. Looking back, I'd say it was a lot more titivating that browsing the web. I have some of those mags still. By the time of the Millennium, Ann Summers was mainstream & sex toys were out in the open, but men were still living in the dark ages when it came to sex positivity. I began selling adult stuff in pubs and social clubs in the early noughties across Yorkshire. It was tough. Women attended parties in secret. Their red blooded partners [many of them in the mining industry or at least the remnants of it post Thatcher] saw sex toys as a threat to their 'manhood'. The idea that they could enhance sex between a man and a woman never occurred to them. To be fair, sex toys right up until the eighties were more usually referred to as 'marital aids'. It was like you only needed them if you were lacking or disabled in some way. Sounds incredible doesn't it, but as I write this, memories come flooding back of those days.... the small ads in classifieds, Exchange and Mart had a good couple of columns most weeks, there were a few ads in the back of some soft porn titles. Jaqueline Gold [Ann Summers] almost singlehandedly dragged the nascent 'industry' into the 21st century. Even today, your average sex shop leaves a lot to be desired; but then it's not really their fault. In truth we STILL live in a pseudo prudish kinda world, with strong religious undercurrents not to mention healthy doses of hypocrisy. Local leaders if that's what you can call them are mostly on the wrong side of sixty. [I'm referring to councils/councilors/parish councils/planning etc] Even now most men shun sex toys for themselves, stuck with the macho thing, the gay connotations. Utter nonsense but there you go.

Just lately I've changed the headers on some of our advertising, to pitch to men in sexless marriages and guess what? We've got a flood of middle aged married guys who've never experienced anything but missionary sex in the dark, EVERRRRRRRRRR. Some of them, struggling in relationships but still together, are sleeping in separate bedrooms. Rest assured though, "they love their wives". Holy fuck. 'Life's Short' springs to mind. Fortunately there are men out there who are sexually liberated. I suppose my view is skewed to an extent because we choose to have fun only with GenX and older, and they are the group most stuck in the past. In some ways that's not a bad thing with what's going on in the world. It may come to pass that that group will save us from tyranny by taking a stand & leading a revolt. History shows it only takes a determined 10-15% to topple a regime, but I'm not betting on it. Like I said before, 2024's going to be pivotal.

Numbers of sexually liberated men are slowly grinding up nevertheless.  That's one reason we have a good many repeat clients. Some men grow & continue on a journey of discovery & exploration. Others dip a toe in the water then scurry back to 'safety'. Bucket listers some of them. The first sex 'toys' favored my men were cock rings. Wearing one of those will help maintain hardness and even for those who don't really need one, the feeling can be to die for. Pumped up, ruby red and veiny, a good ring will take you back to when you were a horny teenager willing that first CUM to flow, or before that even. I have strong memories of me and another boy, aged about 10. We were 'playing' in a 'den' made of hay straw and sticks in a field barn. I don't recall how I was, but I remember shining a torch on his impressively solid veiny cock & him saying 'No kissing!' as the beam of light struggled to penetrate a mass of particles suspended in the air, chaff from the straw. They say your strongest memories are those that are attached to emotion....Hmmmmmm. So guys, cock rings are good. Go try, if you haven't already. More elaborate rings have bullet vibrators attached. Some of those stimulate the frenulum, others have a plug attached for your ass, and that's where it gets a bit mentally 'uncomfortable' for a lot of men. Get past that though and there's a chance you go a bit deeper and find the sacred spot. Just make sure when you're probing that you never feel 'pain'. Pain is the body telling you it's getting damaged. If you start to hurt, STOP. We've met several guys who've had bad experiences, almost invariably through interacting with others without proper knowledge, empathy or sensitivity. Once you've hit the spot, and experienced really intense orgasms the likes of which you never thought possible, there's no going back. You'll forever crave bigger, better, more powerful.

Tension elevates sensation. That's why St Andrew crosses work.... stretching, restriction, bondage all combine with the brain, (the biggest sex organ of all) willing you to push boundaries. Slings work well too, especially if your ankles are in stirrups; you can work your body back and forth, to intensify feeling. That's one attraction of ball stretchers...stretching. CBT is trending strongly right now. It's always been around, (nothing's new in sexual stimulation really, its been going on since the Stone age, the only difference is when it starts to get openly talked about and becomes mainstream). It's similar with watersports.... strengthening interest in recent years. One of the main reasons guys want to stretch their balls is sensation,  a lustful feeling. They're also used in BDSM circles as a form of punishment. What do they do? They stretch the scrotum so the balls are pushed down into it & feel more enclosed. Using them over time, and adding wights, can cause the scrotum to stretch, impressively so if you keep at it. So if you're ever wanted low hanging balls, this is one way to do it. Our SCREWS today features one such gent. His visit prompted us to research the subject in depth, hence this review.

Stretchers come in steel or softer materials like resin, rubber and leather. The best metal devices are made from surgical steel, dearer for sure, but you'll have no worries about allergic reactions from cheap metal plating/alloys, or sharp edges for that matter. As with everything, you get what you pay for. You definitely don't want cheap Chinese crap damaging your crown jewels do you, a point worth noting, because testicles can be easily damaged, permanently.  Ball stretchers aren't the easiest things to put on either so do your own research. A good starting point is SteelToyz. Measuring's is difficult too, or so it would seem to us, and our client. If you're lucky enough to be blessed with big balls, our advice would be to go for 'made to measure'. Our client wasted over a hundred quid ordering what he thought would fit, only to find it was woefully inadequate & painful to even try and put on. Soft ones are cheaper and more flexible of course, but then you won't get the powerful feeling you get with steel. Oxballs is a popular brand, I read the other day they've sold over 300,000 of their popular ULTRACORE stretcher; its made of silicone, and easy to slip on by all accounts. We'll likely add one to our collection of implements in due course. The more flexible units fit a broader range of clients. Are you currently experimenting with stretchers? If so, DM us with your experience, we'd love to know what you think about them.
Now lets meet Mark, the subject of this month's screw.


Mark's a skilled artisan, who works with steel. That's probably what sparked his interest in stretchers. A dab hand at making stuff, he's even gifted us with some of his creations on three previous occasions. He's a kind of a wannabe 'free spirit' tempered to an extent by his wife, 15 years his senior. They've been together for decades, but through all that time Mark's sought to 'experiment' and 'explore' on the QT, usually with Mistresses in the Midlands or more recently up here in the North East. His tastes and experiences are far ranging. Bisexuality, cross dressing, corporal punishment, humiliation, electro, milking, he's done a lot. The best thing is he does things properly. He's savvy enough to recognise that the best experiences come when the head's in the right place. An extended booking is a sure fire way of achieving that. So Mark usually books 4 or 5 hours, unlike millennials who invariably want everything possible on the menu PLUS things we don't offer, all in a half hour slot: UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Mark knows that with a longer booking he can really gel with his sexual partners. Deep connection usually leads to FIREWORKS and this time was no exception. He's got some irritating habits (haven't we all?) but the pros far outweigh the cons, and we really enjoy our time with him. He's six foot, stockily built with a goatee beard, an intelligent & thoughtful soul. He calls to book an appointment a month or so in advance after 'engineering' his time of absence, juggling holiday entitlement with wifey's travels. He runs a menu past us of what he'd like to try. These phone calls often exceed an hour in duration as he goes over wants/needs/musts in minute detail. Just what you'd expect from a kinky artisan I guess.

He asked for an early start on a Monday morning, coming to us straight off a night shift. So what he was supposed to do was come in, clean up and shower, then the fun would begin. But it didn't turn out that way.

We're always pleased to see each other. Mark's quite a character...with a hippie-ish outlook on life. Hippies got their name because they were “hip" or aware of what was going on in the world around them. The hippies took a stand against conformity. That could be a reason we all get on so well, other than just for sex. Mark yearns for a peaceful and natural lifestyle. Our focus is on 'pushing back' against tyranny & 'conformity' defined as going along with or following decisions that are generally accepted by others. Two sides of the same coin I guess. Contradictions are part and parcel of any counterculture. Interestingly the hippie movement grew from the earlier beatnik tribe, a group of nonconformists living in San Francisco, the same city now at the very heart of 'woke' culture. Its a commonly held belief that Silicon Valley 'tech' stemmed from hippie culture...fascinating stuff, especially when you think about people like Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder & former CEO). He 'used to be a semi-homeless hippie software developer who couch surfed' according to one former employee...'Nobody expected Jack to reach the heights that he did.... In many ways he is the anti-CEO" or 'contradiction'. Dorsey's recently invested in 80,000 acres of land in Oregon, with the intention of turning it into a modern day hippie commune.

Jack Dorsey with inset of hippies in Haight Ashbury San Francisco 1960s

So instead of heading immediately to the bathroom for a freshen up, Mark chose to chat for a while with us in reception. Talk soon turned to ball stretching.  During the month since his phone call we'd researched what was on the market & came to the conclusion that it would be well nigh impossible to buy anything suitable for use on Mark as well as multiple clients; they're not a 'one size fits all' piece unless you go for the less effective silicone stretchers.  The online store Mark used didn't accept returns for items already opened either, so he brought with him the useless chunk of shiny steel AND an alternative ring he'd bought too, which didn't fit him either! It's definitely a case of 'caveat emptor' if you're thinking about getting one. Geeze had a go at fitting it to himself... no joy, so it's ended up in our toy cabinet. Most men have quite small balls, so I guess there will come a 'time and place'. Manipulating testicles & stretching scrotums had got us horny; Minx had been helping too. Previous meetings with Mark had been entertaining & erotic, after time, but on this occasion things were different. Chemistry worked its magic, flipping switches in both guys. Hands wandered. Balls got massaged and cocks got very hard, very quickly. Minx disappeared; we do that sometimes, splitting when its clear that two out of the three are on fire, besides this was scheduled as a four hour tryst... plenty of time to explore all number of options. Mark's cock is shortish at 5 inches but quite girthy, and as I mentioned before he's blessed with big balls. Minx loves men with balls, both physically & metaphorically speaking. But for now she'd have to content herself attending to makeup & prepping the playroom for what was to come while the two guys played alone.

Remember me mentioning in NEWS about what happens to people when they loosen up & you get a glimpse of the [younger] person past? That's how it was this Monday morning with Mark. His face coloured up first. A  short while later his whole body appeared to glow, tempered to a degree by 'goose bumps'  (a sure sign of intense arousal). The long hippie hair got pulled out of its rubber band, allowing it to flow free. Geeze ran his hands through the silky fine locks. They smelt good too, even though Mark had just turned out of work. Clearly he'd been grooming the day before. Lengthwise it was down to his chest, brushing against his nipples, both of which are pierced with high end titanium barbells. One tit is way more sensitive than the other, and Geeze concentrated on it, first with his fingers lightly stroking, then with his mouth, tonguing, sucking, light nibbling. Unsurprisingly, Mark's level of arousal stepped up a gear. Pulling Geeze up close while digging his finger tips & trimmed nails into the taut flesh of his bum cheeks, Mark positioned himself so both cocks touched. Both of us were incredibly hard. It was almost like Mark was back at work again, with two solid rods, shiny as steel, grinding together. Intense tweaking and twisting of nipples added further fuel to the fire, before the inevitable... Changing position the two men dropped into a 69 position, side by side. That was never going to be enough and Mark knew it. Moving once more into a straddling position, he pushed his stout cock into Geeze's mouth, fucking him, while simultaneously sucking cock himself. If you're following this and thinking its way too 'gay' and you'd never want that, then please reserve never know; Its not uncommon to get swept away in a torrent of sexual chemistry. I've referred readers in the past to definitions of 'sex positivity', where no-ones getting hurt, no-ones doing anything they don't wanna do & its all very natural. That said, its a million miles from what 'most people' think of as 'societal norm', or what I should say... their assumptions of  'societal norm'. Behind closed doors lines are crossed & definitions blurred; I know too, that there will be readers intensely turned on by what they've just read, aching for a similar experience themselves, but too timid to pick up the phone.

So, we enjoyed each other for over an hour believe it or not, and managed it WITHOUT cumming. Edging to the extreme. Minx & I had discussed Mark's wants & needs beforehand. This time there was more on the list he didn't want to do than things he DID; the focus for this liaison was to be cock and ball torture, ball stretching, spanking and a mouth dildo.Big breasts spilling out of green cotton dress 'Mouth what?' I hear you ask! Read on... We knew we could pace the meeting in such a way that everyone could cum a couple of times, and it still be a relaxed tryst, punctuated by periods of high intensity.  Ebb and flow. Mark hit the shower to prep for what was to follow.  In the meantime, Minx & I exchanged notes, and started kissing. She looked fabulous in a fern green cotton dress with subtle black floral pattern, one of my faves because its VERY loose around the bust. Those big 34G's have a habit of popping out; Lilly white they are & gorgeous, even better when they're pushed together around a stiff cock and she's demanding to be spunked over. YESSSSSSSSSSS! 'Better get ready' she said.....'get me wet, he wants to fuck me next....' but not with his dick. No sir. We've got a number of gags... ball Mouth gag for BDSMgags, open mouth ones, but today we'd got the cock gag he requested. It's made of rubber and leather, has a seven inch phallus one end, and a stubby 3 inch 'bell-end' on the other (the side of the wearer). Its strapped tight to the users head, the stubby cock end is in his/her mouth, the phallus is used for fucking, cunt or ass. What's not to LURVE? It's a very VISUAL sexperience for the wearer. Eyes>Brain>Cock, CONNECTION=ERECTION. Minx sprawled back on the bed & opened her legs. She had #3 dark nude holdups on, and ankle boots finished in black velvet with spiky 4 inch brass heels. Her fair cunt looked so inviting, & Geeze wasted no time in going down on her, burying his tongue deep between her lips, then sucking hard on her clitoris before tonguing her ass...affirming that it was squeaky clean, 'just in case' heehee. She smelt sweet, not like candy, but more robust and earthy with a sweetish tinge. 'Mmmmmm, that's so good hun, you're making me hard. Again. Just wish we could bottle that smell, its so sexy......'
Mark emerged from the en-suite, a towel wrapped around his waist. Kneeling on the plush bedroom carpet he took over from Geeze. 'Hmmmm, you're so-ooooooo sensual Mark...keep doing it, yeah....right there.....'. We could hear her getting wetter and wetter, 'STOP, there's no towel....' she exclaimed. Clearly she felt ready to squirt. Geeze slid a bath sheet under her thighs and bum...'You ready for that gag then Mark?' Not waiting for his reply, he offered the bell-end to Mark, and pulled the strap tight round his head, buckling it up...'You okay mate?' Muffled by the gag, he barely managed an 'OOOOHHHHHHYEEEEEEAH'

'If it gets too much open and close your hand okay & we'll take it off....'

Mark thrust his head forward. I could see his eyes wide open, brown pupils fixated on Minx's gash.... Opening her lips, she encouraged Mark to enter her. Pretty soon he was dipping his head back & forth, reaming her pussy with the dildo. In all honesty it did little for Minx, penetration doesn't light her fire, external stim does, but it worked just fine for Mark...that 5 inch cock, tempered by the shower, was reawakening. It was getting girthy again, what's more there was a healthy looking thread of precum weeping form his peehole, gradually extending downward towards our precious carpet, a carpet I might add that's NEVER had anything spilt on it from new! Geeze moved into a position behind Mark so he could reach round and gently masturbate him while he mouthfucked Minx. Mark was in a perfect position to be penetrated. This had been discussed during the phone call.  Rapidly rubbering up, Geeze lightly fingered him with a lubed glove. There was some initial resistance, then he fully relaxed allowing Geeze to open him up some more. You wouldn't believe the numbers of men out there who truly want this for themselves. For ten + years we've been turning fantasies into real life action.... shifting forward a little, Geeze teased Mark's hole with the tip of his cock. He wanted to gauge his reaction, and to break him in gently. Mark pushing rearward & downward was confirmation that Geeze could go further. Way further. Pushing in until he could feel narrowing around the sphincter muscle, Geeze paused. Maintaining gentle pressure he waited patiently for the final move; nothing dramatic, not at first anyways, just a freeing up, followed by an almost imperceptible slide in. While Minx moaned, Mark groaned. He started thrusting gently backward on to Geeze's cock, until he could feel him balls deep.  Ass & mouth fucking became rhythmic & synchronised but alas, not for too long. Fucking with a mouth dildo requires a high level of energy. Mark had just come off a 12 hour nightshift & in addition there had been the hour or more's intense play downstairs. So after around ten minutes with the gag he withdrew as did Geeze. But Geeze was curious. What would it feel like having Mark fuck HIM in the ass with the mouth gag?  Plonking himself down on the end of the bed between Minx & Mark he opened his legs & offered his hole...'Fuck me Mark!'  The horny artisan duly obeyed, bumming Geeze with the dildo. I have to admit that though fairly small it felt pretty damn good. I was getting pegged...which is another act trending strongly right now, especially the #RoleReversal aspect. But that's another story. Geeze only tried it for a couple of minutes. This was Mark's time after all, but he was quite honoured TBF not least because all this was going on in Minx's personal boudoire! Most guys see only the playroom; Mark isn't 'most guys' though. He's a generous chap, a skillful & experienced player too, so we were only too happy to cut him some slack. He was still rock solid down below. He began to masturbate, gently but firmly. Reaching out to Geeze's cock, he pulled the foreskin way back... Geeze too was hard. Minx ordered us both about, & on what to do.... 'Go on I wanna see you both spunk'. The two men shuffled closer, enabling them to intermittently frot.... the pace quickened.... 'Shall we cum together? Yeah let's, you wanna cum with me Mark, Can you? You nearly there?'  Breathing got heavier, the jerking more intense...Geeze could tell Mark was about to let go, 'Oh YEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!' shouted Minx as the first drops burst from Marks thick cock, then 'AHHH WOW!' as Geeze exploded across the bed, hitting the wardrobes at the same time as Mark continued to ejaculate...a thick heavy stream in contrast to Geeze's rapid fire. We timed it to perfection; it was hot, and quite rare for two men to cum at precisely the same time. I have to say though, it's fairly easy to do when you've really got a connection. All three of us were aroused to the max & had empathy towards one another, key components for a really hot threesome. Happy Days!

What followed was an interlude; friendly discussion where we each learnt more about lives outside work. That's one of the plusses with repeat clients, a bit of a double edged sword though. Why? Because you feel you really wanna be good friends and socialise with them, yet the same time you know you can't because they're clients, and we need to be discreet. Some regular visitors disappear; when they're not live on punter platforms they get deleted after 6 months of inactivity usually, which leads us to wonder if some have passed. That's just part of escort DO get close to some people. I know of many escorts who've ended up marrying clients.

'So what's next Mark?' Aaah yes, the wet-look and the spanking. Rummaging in his bag he pulled out a creased black shiny bodice. He complained to us about a slit in the seam down the side. It had come like that, sealed in a plastic bag. Even in this day and age its evident that a good many XXX suppliers remain stuck in the past, with cheap badly made goods & no proper standards or regulation. They're safe in the knowledge that many folk won't make a fuss... 'novelty products' are what many items are sold as, which kind of lets them off the hook. Shoppers associate 'novelty products' with cheap toys, the sort of tawdry stuff you get out of a Christmas cracker.... there's a lot of conditioning going on. Overpromising and under delivering in terms of quality and/or performance is common. Mark wasn't for returning it, it was a case of 'single use' then discarding. Mark pulled the bodice up over his legs till it wrapped his torso and bum; it looked tight & taut. 'Come on then, lets go through'....commanded Geeze, leading his subject through to the playroom. 'So you want spanking then? Whose been a naughty boy? Over my knee...Go on, Bend, that's right, further....'

Geeze was on the edge of the bondage bed, Mark lay over his legs with his wet-look ass arched up over Geeze's crotch, his toes just touching the laminate, Slap! Over the knee spanking, love it, SLAP! Then pause. Geeze had prior knowledge of why Mark might be so keen on corporal punishment. It had stemmed from school days, where Mark was singled out as a bit of a misfit [aren't they the best ha!]. So just before putting Mark over his knee, he'd put on a long black gown. The heavy satin material extends almost to the floor, it has no masters mostly in the private sector wore them for class right up until around the 90's before education & discipline started to go soft. In Scotland & the North East especially, the implement of choice for more severe punishment was the tawse, however, Geeze felt confident he could deliver the goods using only his hand. Heavy manual work over years past had toughened his skin, & it remains so, enabling him to spank Mark repeatedly. The punishment started fairly mild, but escalated. It wasn't just random bum slapping, this was more a 'spanking therapy' session. You see, the difference between a regular spanking session and a spanking therapy scene is intention.

"Spanking can be incredibly erotic, freeing, and powerful when done in a controlled and consensual environment,” says sex educator Correy More. She goes on... “When you’re feeling flattened by life, spanking therapy can be a way to remind you of the fullness of your humanity and the joy of life,” “It can bring you back to your inner fire”

And that in a nutshell was why Mark had requested the session. He hadn't intended to react in an overtly sexual way. This was for all intents & purposes a therapy session, but as with most things to do with sex and BDSM, lines get blurred. So Geeze was a little surprised when he felt Mark's cock growing against his thigh. Again! It started with a stirring. Nearer the end, as heavy slaps beat faster and faster on alternate cheeks, the bulge increased. It was physical resistance, lifting Mark upward like a jack. 'Enough!' cried Geeze. Then...'Wow! I didn't expect that...' but I really should have! Done right, spanking can provide stress relief, pleasure and a means of processing negative emotions. It does that through the release eventually, of feel good endorphins and hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine & adrenaline. It's a subject in itself and worthy of deeper study #onwardupward #workinprogress.

North East mature escort fun50minx stimulating a client with Svakom Emma vibrator

Minx too was moved by the experience. 'Ah wow,'re so-oooo hard again! Not many like that!' she exclaimed. 'Let's keep the fire burning' interjected Geeze. Directing Mark onto the bondage bed, Minx got him to lie on his back. Then, manoevering herself into position over his head, she rubbed her cunt and ass against his face. Meanwhile Geeze teased Marks's pee hole with his tongue, then his frenulum...'You wanna drink?' inquired Minx. Without waiting for his reply & turned on from him licking all around and underneath her as and when he could as she shifted her body, she began to dribble. Not pee, but squirt. Pretty soon it was a heavy flow. 'Oohhhhhh you're tiring me out' 'Let me see ya.....' 'Oh yeeeeeeah, did you like my taste Mark? Well? did you? 'Yes Mistress!' It was lovely mistress! I want more Mistress! But it was not to be. 'Let's get that cock cumming again! Reaching for Emma, her fave high end vibe, she pressed the start button, then selected the 'continuous' setting. Three more stabs of her index finger on the control button increased the speed dramatically to a BUZZ. Then turning on HEAT, she pressed it against his bellend. Mark retracted his ample foreskin, tautening his shaft. Minx was able to concentrate the vibe onto his sweet spots. Geeze was erect too, turned on by the action. As Minx had been face sitting, he'd been French kissing her hard. He too now wanted to cum a second time. 'AWWWWWWWWWWWWE that's so INTENSE' whimpered Mark, referring to the Svakom Vibe expertly handled by Mistress. His cock was throbbing. We could see it twitching, violently, now it was just a matter of time. 'Don't cum, hold up.....enjoy!' Geeze pleaded with him, hoping for a little more time to build his own level of arousal. But when it happened there was no warning. Mark went silent. Lost in space. Thick creamy jism flowed, and flowed and flowed until it resembled sugary icing. I remember my dear old Mum & the rituals surrounding Christmas cake. Every year she'd bake one around November. She'd then stand it until the 'big reveal' about a week before the blessed day. During that period it would ferment and mature in readiness for completion. She'd mix up a heavy white 'royal icing' and we were all ordered to stir it for 'Good Luck'. She'd apply the mixture to the marzipan topping the cake, allowing a little of it to fall down the side for decorative purposes. After that she'd expertly whisk the icing into tufts using a broad spatula. It made it look like drifting snow. She'd smooth a 'path' through the white stuff [millennial speak] for Santa's sleigh, then set in position the figurines & a spiral candle. Finally she'd secure a festive frill around the base. Job done. And on that note we'll finish up, & wish y'all a very Merry Christmas! Look out for the Xmas Special [SCREW only] hitting inboxes sometime between 27th December & New Year's Day. Enjoy!

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