Image of fun50couple, a hot bisexual escort couple in the North EastFEBRUARY 2022 


Hello sexy friends! How's it going out there? Have you fulfilled any of those New Year Resolutions yet? You know, the ones like 'having a threesome for the first time' or 'being a cuckold' with you watching as a voyeur before being invited to clean up a cream pie. Or maybe a step further, fluffing the bull, then laying underneath to watch penetration up close & personal, bracing for when Geeze pulls out and she squirts for Scotland. Awe wow! We don't usually get that graphic until further down the page! The reason I mention the resolutions is because we've enjoyed a fair few meets recently along those lines. Which was fortunate, because the MORONIC debacle IE the lockdown by stealth extending into January hit us hard. End of year tax returns saw us 32% down even after grants, and the most recent slowdown was the last thing we needed. February's turned out better, nevertheless we're not fooled by Johnson's rhetoric. Restrictions are only being lifted because there are too many truths coming out, worldwide. People have short memories. Many are [foolishly IMAO] hailing him as a hero; time will tell. Long time readers may know that Geeze was 5 weeks away from emigrating to Canada before he met Minx, and chose to remain here instead. If like most people you're oblivious of what's currently going on in that once great country, we urge you to do some research. As for us, we're not overly excited about the easing of control measures; we see it as merely 'the end of the beginning' and we've a long haul ahead if we are to overthrow dark & sinister forces like the WEF & NWO, not to mention the complete re-write of our HUMAN RIGHTS ACT. (See why you need to be concerned about Reform Proposals Also: see this from

You'll know if you're a long time subscriber that Geeze has a pretty good track record for predicting things correctly. If you're a new reader, check back through archives & see for yourself. Three months ago I tweeted it was just a matter of time before some country recognised the potential of disaffected entrepreneurs and investors turning their backs on tyrannical regimes. Don't scoff! Romanian & Serbian leaders hit back recently against Macron & Austria's Van De Bellen. The two eastern Europeans know tyranny when they see it, having endured it first hand; They've not been taken much notice of since the masses still sleep, indifferent to what's going on in foreign lands. There are numerous posts on social media criticising people like me for raising concerns over Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria & France...again, all I can say is 'do some digging'. Find things out for yourself because the main stream media are feeding you BS. I've never been one to hide my views or to conform very much; fiercely independent and deeply suspicious of 'authority' at least that which stems from government or the public sector. Many of our followers keep their cards close to their chest. Some though have unsubscribed from NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS, offended by our views. Increasingly though we're getting direct messages & emails like this for example, [verbatim] from a well known Adult Industry promoter...

'you only need look at the total lack of effect of lockdown in Scotland & Wales over Christmas, with infection rates doing the same things as England. It's all smoke & mirrors. And hiding the data is sh*t....
He goes on to say 'Yes I trusted the scientists, if not the politicians, but now I'm rapidly concluding that theres so much fabrication of statistics, so much propoganda, it's strange times'

And this, from a mature swinger couple we know in the States....

'America has always been great, but the people here have become very entitled and spoiled. Too quick to give up their freedoms to the government. It's been a sad couple of years to watch....Florida & Texas are the last places that are still holding out'

Florida is a place we love & somewhere we'd emigrate to tomorrow if we could. Governor De Santis is on the right side of TRUTH & Common Sense. Millions of Americans are relocating there from states under woke Democrat control, places like California & New York. Perhaps we should join them by flying to Mexico and entering the US under the radar as illegals. Hundreds of thousands are doing just that. Trump wanted to build a wall. Biden  seems more concerned with borders 4000 miles away, in Ukraine. 'Let's Go Brandon'. If you're not familiar with that term, pop it in your browser, no not Google, use BRAVE instead; it won't track you or steal your data. Or even listen to you on your phone.

Hmmmm. You're probably thinking I've forgotten about the country that looks set to welcome freedom loving entrepreneurs & investors in the wake of the plandemic? It's El Salvador believe it or not. Serbia may follow, and I would imagine a half dozen more as they realize the potential for inward investment & growth.

El Salvador's President BukeleNayib Bukele is the Salvadoran politician and businessman who swept to power in 2019 & is now president. He founded the political party Nuevas Ideas (NI). In 2020 he controversially adopted BITCOIN as legal tender (the US dollar is what the country uses as currency); people there are in two minds about it; Bukele is an energetic & visionary leader who steadfastly refuses to kowtow to Washington, or anyone else for that matter.  Recently he announced:

'I'm sending 52 legal reforms to congress, to remove red tape, reduce bureaucracy, create tax incentives, citizenship in exchange for investments, new securities laws, stability contracts etc'. He's a guy who gets things done. He concluded...'The plan is simple: as the world falls into tyranny, we'll create a haven for freedom....'

Moving lock stock & barrel to foreign shores & away from one's homeland is pretty extreme stuff. But no more extreme than the measures UK government are introducing (as you're distracted) to restrict liberties and human rights. Would we ever up sticks & migrate to foreign shores? Time will tell & we're keeping our options open. One of the few benefits of aging is wisdom. No longer does one think 'Who am I, I'm just an ordinary bod, my thoughts are irrelevant' Increasingly you see 'movers and shakers' for what they are... people in high office not for what they [don't] know, but because of who they know. The very essence of 'networking'. A word that makes me feel uneasy. It conjures up thoughts of freemasonry, social media platforms like Linked In (read Microsoft) or organisations like BNI, populated by people who insist on 'sharing things with you'. Not us at all. One thing I do know...Minx & I are 100% comfortable in our own skins. We may not be well off, but there's no smoke & mirrors, no faking, we're WYSIWYG, and quite possibly the reason you're still the guy at Christmas who wrote '

'Excellent well written and very entertaining blog post guys.....Love reading about your adventures, so much better than make believe fantasy..." or another who says 'I think there's just something about the matter-of-factly way you express yourself, so unapologetic, unashamed and liberated, and as a result, it is liberating to read' Thanks guys!'

Its worth noting that neither of us had ever participated in any kind of protest or demonstration before 2020.  For decades we'd looked on as activists fought tooth & nail against controversial & divisive issues. Groups including CND, the miners, anti poll tax, Iraq war & Brexit demonstrators; privately we felt disgruntled about many of those issues, but never to the point of feeling WE HAD TO TAKE ACTION. We became full time escorts in 2014 after a couple of years working at it part time. During this period, Geeze has learnt Web Design & SEO. Nine years building sites alongside senior developers as well as attending numerous courses in classrooms & online have got us to where we are today, with Geeze building ever more complex sites mostly by himself. Learning directly from others, finding out how to find out about stuff, breaking things & having to find solutions for yourself or from technical support teams on the other side of the world....all these things contribute to KNOWLEDGE. I believe it's this exposure along with a mind that's never taken 'No' for an answer that has led us as a couple, to dig deep, this past couple of years. 'Having your eyes opened' is an age old reality it means you're 'woken up' or 'awake'. We're living in times of tumultuous change worldwide. At an age in years when most of our contemporaries are 'winding down' leaving things to a younger generation, we find ourselves at the cutting edge of current trends and affairs; alert & with a good grip of what's really going on... a world on a knife edge between totalitarianism and some semblance of democracy & freedom. People talk about (with good reason) the Great Reset. What's needed IMHO is a different kind of reform...where politicians & bureaucrats from government right down to local council level think first and foremost about SERVING the public, not MASTERING them. That's what the trucker protests in Canada (& soon the US) are all about. Stay tuned. (to sources other than the main stream media)


Like last month, fun50couple-NEWS merges closely with fun50couple-VIEWS. 75% of Geeze's web design & SEO work involves XXX sites, 25% is vanilla stuff for self employed traders and SME's. XXX sites rely heavily on SEO skills to make them rank well; the likes of Google & Bing don't allow paid promotion of personal services so sites rise or fall according to how well they're optimized. This can be an advantage because it means a single independent escort can rank as well or better than the big players for a particular niche. We're a prime example, consistently ranking at the top of SERPS for three of our escorting sites. A big problem for adult sites is payment gateways. These are at the mercy of the Big Four: American Express, World Pay, Mastercard & Visa, and its getting harder & harder to appease this cartel; they don't really want adult business at all, and that which they will accept is heavily censored and charged. Digital adult content is classed as 'High Risk' in that it's not tangible goods; it's offensive to large swathes of the population including many back office people, influenced by religious groups, elites & establishment figures with a firm grip on levers, whether you know it or not. People like Zuckerberg and Clegg. Yeah, you read that right. Its getting to the stage where its not viable to build an adult site at all, at least not one that accepts payments via traditional methods. This is yet another reason for our interest in cryptos. Last week, 'Assembly Four' pulled the plug on Switter. Switter rose from the ashes of FOSTA & SESTA legislation passed in 2017/18, itself a knee jerk reaction against perceived 'trafficking' in the US. Online escorts lost their livelihoods literally overnight, as internet advertising for sex workers got outlawed. There was an exodus to Australian based adult social media platform so successful that's its been home to hundreds of thousands of users, until now. Their statement reads

'The recent anti-sex work and anti-LGBTQIA+ legislative changes not only in Australia, but in the UK, US and other jurisdictions have made it impossible for us to appropriately and ethically maintain compliance for over 430,000+ users on a social media platform'.

As far as the UK is concerned, we're coming under pressure from the Online Safety Bill which if/when passed will create one of the most censorious online speech regimes in the Western world. 'Save-Online-Speech-Coalition' say 'Our rights must be protected both offline and online. Speech that is legal offline should not be illegal, censored or hidden online'. We wholeheartedly agree.

Taking all of the above into account, if ever there was a perfect storm ideal for a monetary system like Bitcoin its now. Bitcoin terrifies the elites. Most of them have no true understanding of it or how it works. All they know is it threatens their control and its the reason they're trying to stop it. Technically speaking, its unstoppable. The genie's out the bottle. That's why people like us are in love with it. Week by week, in a similar way to how people are waking up to the truths around the pandemic, people are catching on to what crypto currencies are really all about. You're maybe reading this thinking WTF!  You might be saying to yourself

'I'm doing OK, I'm reasonably happy, restrictions have been lifted, I can go on holiday this year, what's this guy on???'

...and that I'm silly to allow things out of my control to ruin our life as a couple, or at least influence it. Granted, that is one way of looking at it. But the very nature of our profession means we're PASSIONATE INDEPENDENT people, mistrustful of AUTHORITY and how it treats our kind, or for that matter anyone who ROCKS THE BOAT. Mainstream folk don't like people who are 'different'. The converse is also true. It starts at school. If you're a wee bit 'offbeat' or 'divergent' you're ostracised by 'the fold'. We like 'divergent'. When folk get into their late forties and fifties a lot of them begin to wonder. They wonder about the meaning of life. They wonder if playing by the rules or conforming to 'norms' (which are invariably views dictated by others) is all it's cracked up to be. Some recall feelings & emotions they kept hidden during adolescent years in deference to the rules of the pack. It explains why so many bicurious & submissive men beat a path to our door. Recent surveys indicate the percentage of people identifying as bisexual has doubled in the GenZ demographic since the last audit 12 months ago. Interestingly, numbers in the Boomer group have risen again too. It's thought that 'coming out' if only in private and being TRUE to yourself is seen more & more to be OKAY, and not just for women. Men too. At long last! Hurrah! Not all our meetings are MMF's or bi focused BDSM sessions. So this month I'm going to introduce you to Jeff, who described himself as 'vanilla as ice cream'....


vanilla as ice creamJeff messaged us on AdultWork just after Christmas.
'Hello Fun50couple.
I've just read your profile and would love to meet you both, you seem to be very experienced and professional, which is reassuring. I would be interested in a MFM meeting, I'm straight, but very comfortable with other males in this scenario. Not one of these guys that freaks out if there even the slightest contact between the males, lol. I'm approaching 60 in five weeks time, so I want to treat myself. I read that you can organise everything. I know in these Covid times things can be tricky with hotels, but I'm in no rush. Whatever arrangements we can make that are suitable for us both I am fine with.
I am 100% genuine and if we can arrange something, I will definitely be there....' 

We'd rate that as a pretty good introductory message. Its amazing the number of men who email us with 'Hey' or 'yous available', and that's all 🙁

It has to be said that we don't go out of our way to court 100% straight men. Mind nobody's 100% either way. Check out our previous features on the Klein Scale, and BemSex. Problem is with many straight men especially swinger types is they think they're either 'God's gift to the fairer sex' OR that 'women are there to be used' & objectified. One shouldn't generalise I know. But bear in mind we've met numbers of men now running into the thousands, so I don't think it's unreasonable to comment on observations. Jeff was driving a fair distance so booked 2 hours to make it 'worth his while'. We always ask guys to phone before booking. When Jeff called he went into minute detail over the course of an hour about previous experiences, many of them unsavoury; he'd been ripped off, told to leave immediately after he'd cum despite escort's proclaiming fees paid are for 'their time' & not exclusively for sex. He'd been robbed & blackmailed too. There's no doubt, the quality of service providers on AW has declined, markedly so, over the last few years. That's a good thing too though (for us!) because well presented profiles with links to professional websites & lots of positive feedback become highly sought after. We're always BUSY. I'd say there's only around 20 escort couples on AdultWork nationally who've stood the test of time. Invariably they're people who act in a professional manner, they 'deliver the goods', and thrive as a result.
Anyway, 24 hours before the tryst we asked him if there was anything 'special' he wanted. his reply:

'No, no alternative stuff for me, I'm as vanilla as ice cream. Hope that's OK with you both.
Like I said in our phone call I just need to experience more to give me an extra kick, I'm finding it harder these days to get turned on.
Hopefully meeting you both will do the trick...'

And there lies the nub. Or 'rub' if you prefer, depending if you like Shakespeare. AKA 'the central point of the matter'. So many men who love their wives, have been with them for decades, AREN'T sexually satisfied, and no wonder. A lot of women aren't interested in sex post menopause. Many men though are sexually active, hyper active even well into old age with desires beyond what masturbation can deliver. Society is struggling to come to terms with extended life expectancy & how that affects MEN.
Jeff had talked his Mrs into accompanying him to a swingers club on one occasion, but she wasn't comfortable, & they never went back. Curvy women have a tendency to fret over their bodies; they worry about fitting in with tattooed stick insects or the toned gym-fit brigade. They shouldn't, but they do. Although seasoned escorts, we were a little apprehensive about the meeting beforehand. Jeff came across as the type who'd done everything & got the t-shirt, but it's like I said to Minx, the most demanding customers often end up the BEST CUSTOMERS. They cause you to raise your game. You feel real pressure to perform especially when they've booked through the site & there's feedback to consider. Time after time we've had meetings like the one with Jeff, and they've ended up HOT HOT HOT and a blast. Both of us though, STILL, belittle our abilities, and/or undervalue our skills. We try to combat those feelings but they're deep rooted since childhood; its one reason we 'click' together, and part of the roller coaster life which is sexwork. Intense highs, & depressing lows, a bit like cryptos!

Fortunately for Jeff it was a bright sunny day as he made his way up the M6 from Redditch in Worcesterhire, around 15 miles south of Brum. One hundred and sixty six miles in total. We'd decided between us he'd be best going the extra mile and visiting us at our home, instead of a hotel.  He'd told his wife he was off to a shareholders' meeting in of those big do's with hundreds of investors voting on this that & the other >>>YAWN <<< To lie well, there has to be an element of truth...he WAS going to the North East, he was attending a meeting. Enough said. He'd actually told his wife at some time in the past, that when he was 60, he wanted to experience a threesome; she'd indicated tacit approval, and left it there, probably in the belief it would never take place.

Hopeless with directions, Jeff drove right past our home a couple of times, way too fast. Clearly he was excited, with his brain in his pants. Finally he slowed, recognising our modest abode from the description we'd given him. He'd inquired as to whether our drive could accommodate a car 'with long overhangs'; his AW handle suggested he might drive a Rolls but no, he told us to think Italian. Maserati front grillGeeze correctly guessed Maserati, one of our favourite marques, and a topic for immediate conversation as our man locked the car and made his way into our home. Geeze couldn't help noticing Jeff's fingers. They were long, two or three of them bore rings, and they were trembling. Recently we've seen a couple of clients with Parkinsons Disease sadly, but Jeff's tremors were down to NERVES apparently, and something we didn't expect from 'a stud' 🙂 🙂

He was also quite a small guy, a bit like a jockey, with olive skin, not Asian, more Mediterranean. He reminded me of an Italian American 'New Yorker' type. Straightaway we could see he was smitten with Minx. She was wearing a black shiny cotton dress, black stockings and police boots. She's had the dress for years, but its still as good as new, quite revealing and the purrfect material for complementing her curves in all their beauty. Their eyes met & Jeff smirked as he reached inside the pocket of a thick leather bomber jacket for our 'tribute'. Geeze brewed tea, while Minx worked on calming Jeff's nerves. Cuddling up close and giving him a peck on the cheek, then lip on lip, Jeff started to relax. He started to tell us about his 'previous', including meets with a couple of service providers we know. We never comment about others but listen instead, & take everything in, forever looking for 'chinks in the armour', or clues which back up our suppositions. Pretty soon there was an obvious bulge in his skinny jeans, prompting us to suggest we 'go upstairs'. Jeff didn't want a shower, but he did ask to freshen up, so Minx & I were left waiting in the bedroom for 4 or 5 minutes. Whispering between ourselves, we were both of the opinion Jeff didn't seem to be as bad as we'd feared; quite humble in the cold light of day, good looking, personable and quite promising 'down below' at least as far as what we could see straining against his Levis. Emerging from the bathroom in white Calvin Klein trunks he sat himself down somewhat awkwardly, on the edge of the bed. Clearly the nerves had kicked in again. He didn't really know where to put himself. Bicurious men aren't like that, not often anyway. More overtly sexual, they're usually quite relaxed about what's going to happen, or not happen, the very definition of sex positivity. The bottom line is if there's no connection there's no erection. Or little chance of one anyway. The bulge had all but disappeared; so it was down to us to encourage Jeff to relax, and go with the flow. No Geeze wasn't going to be all over him; Yes, we had understood what he was looking for. Experience comes to the fore in these situations. Minx rose to the challenge, cuddling, stroking & hugging him, then physically placing his hands on her body. Gentle kissing preceded harder snogging; before long it was deeper & more passionate; at last his body relaxed & there was a bit of fire, enough to rekindle the bulge. And then some. He was soon rock solid, but still wearing the trunks.

'Are we going to take these off?' Minx inquired. Rising to gingerly remove them, his manhood 'popped out' from the waistband. Pushing a good 7 inches with a bell end glistening with pre-cum his cock didn't disappoint....

Dropping his pants to his ankles he deftly flicked them off with his feet, to a corner of the bedroom, before re-engaging; this time it was Minx's tits he wanted to explore. Pulling aside her dress, he pulled out one of her breasts. Mouthing her flesh through the black lacey bra felt good, for Minx & Jeff. Geeze had been 'hovering', keeping back a respectable distance during the 'preliminaries'. As Jeff feasted on her tits, one of them naked now & outside of the bra, Geeze started kissing his partner, first on her lips, then her neck. We're both hyper sensitive in that area, evidenced on this occasion by goosebumps on her chest and upper arms, as Geeze sucked & nipped on her skin. She was being ravaged for want of a better word by two horny men intent on pleasuring her above all else. Jeff had read about her squirting. He'd also noted it wasn't guaranteed; a challenge perhaps. Who knows what was going through his mind? He likened Minx's body to his wife's. He spoke highly of her & wished she was there with us. A foursome with full swap seemed like it might be top of his bucket list. Sadly that was never likely to happen, this was the next best thing. For now.

The three of us closed in tight, kissing fondling & sucking, but there was no cockplay; Jeff was definitely a sensual kinda guy; he seemed to relish the physical closeness, skin on skin....but we were talking too; at first in an effort to calm him, but as things progressed, conversation became more intimate. And interesting. It meant we were able to fine tune proceedings so he got exactly what he wanted. Misgivings we'd had prior to the meeting got swept was becoming more like 'a walk in the park'. That's the way it usually goes to be honest. Experience counts, and there's really no substitute for it. The three-way embrace felt hot. We were tonguing each other while simultaneously engaging in nipple play...quite hard....flicking switches 'down below'. Geeze ran a hand down Jeff's back, towards his pert bum. Firmly massaging one of his cheeks, then kneading the flesh & stretching it away from his anus was another 'first' for Jeff. Heavy breathing in between mutters of 'this is fantastic' and 'AWE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK' proved we were hitting the right spots; nevertheless Geeze didn't go too far. He didn't want to spoil it, besides, pussy hadn't seen much attention yet.

Flinging herself back on the double bed, Minx stretched one leg out in front of her, the other she splayed to one side, revealing her sex. 'No!' she cried...'you should know better, you've got to get me wet first'. Jeff seemed confused for a moment; clearly she was well past the 'moist' stage; he'd found that out as he fingered her.....but not so fast....Minx wanted to be teased & tantalised; Slipping into Mistress mode for a moment she ordered the men to pleasure her everywhere but her pussy. As Jeff did as he was told, Geeze thought it prudent to prepare a couple of Skyns. There's nothing worse than lubed fingers fighting to get a condom open in the heat of 'the moment'. We usually have several in all different sizes 'started' with little nicks in the wrappers so we can rip them open quickly. Tapping Jeff on the shoulder & directing his eyes towards the rubbers, Geeze reassured him that penetration & 'safe sex' was on the cards. Jeff could see Minx was aroused, her inner and outer labia swollen, the area around them slightly wrinkled. Chancing his luck a second time Jeff parted her cunt with the fingers of both hands, exposing her in all her glory. Stooping to taste her, she gasped as his tongue probed, deeper & deeper till he could push it in no more. Glancing at Geeze & pursing her lips was a sign she wanted more stimulation. Kneeling beside her, Geeze offered her his cock. Hard to the max he slapped it against her face several times before pushing it into her mouth sideways, in as far as her cheeks, then shifting position to a half squat, so he could penetrate her further. 'I wanna fuck' Jeff exclaimed, then again 'Let me FUCK!' Jabbing a finger towards the condom laid ready Geeze encouraged him to Go For It in between pumping his own cock deeper & deeper down Minx's throat. Soon both men were hard at it; Minx wanted more still. She was masturbating frantically; you could feel the heat. Even the window began to mist up around the edge of its frame. 'Don't cum in my mouth' she warned...'or my hair!' Jeff was fucking her hard; Groaning loudly, he looked up at the ceiling while pushing in deep, pausing, then again, & once more as he ejaculated hard. His face kinda distorted from the intensity of it all. Geeze withdrew, saving his cum for another time, soon he hoped. Jeff had told us he could cum two or three times in a couple of hours.

Friendly banter followed, then deeper discussion about middle age & sexuality. Geeze was ready for more. Hovering behind his partner he told Jeff how much he adored

B&W naked booty and thighs, white heels

Minx's ass. He told him how so many men had remarked on it, how perfect her anus was, how peachy her bum was, and the fairness of her skin. Jeff said he'd noticed. His wife was a 16 & curvy too; he started to talk about swinging again, it was as if he wanted to substitute his wife with Minx while imagining a 4 way scenario. The brain's a powerful sex organ itself. Geeze gently bent his partner over to display her booty. On all fours she bent further, pushing her bum up & allowing the two men to play with it. Big cheeks partially concealed her hole; pushing them gently apart revealed its full beauty. We took turns licking it and gently fingering her. Pussy and ass. Geeze started teasing her with his cock. Asking Jeff if he'd like to see him fucking her ass, he went a step further lubricating his bell end & her hole with his spit. Jeff was semi hard. It looked a little like he was spent. We asked him if he had trouble maintaining an erection & he said sometimes yes; we told him he should have said and we would have given him a Vi.

'Let me see you spunk on her ass Geeze...' Geeze didn't need to be asked twice. Still turned on from the oral sex earlier, he'd remained hard throughout.

The sight of Jeff's cock turned him on too. Semi hard, it now appeared similar to a big flaccid dick swinging between his legs; Geeze was imagining a cock like that pumped up hard but didn't let on to Jeff.  Both points of view were enough to make him seriously aroused.  Age brings not just mental change but physiological differences too. As a youngster I'd pre-cum for an instant, before spoiling things and ejaculating prematurely. Intense sensitivity dwindled over the years, 'leaking stopped' & I learnt how to 'hold off'.  Around five years ago though the pre-cumming started again. Now its different.  Neither a constant stream or a long gossamer thread familiar to many men; instead its an abundance of drops, in their hundreds & thousands, letting go a good 2-3 minutes before cumming proper. The feeling's amazing, akin to the pumped stoked feeling I got when a teenager. It doesn't always happen, just when I'm... and I hesitate to use the word... 'super'... turned on. I waver because its a word grossly over-used & favoured these days by Millennials....Grrrrrrrrrr. The outpour invariably leads to a solid SPLURGE, pumping 4 or 5 times, sometimes more. Heavy shards of thick white sperm rained down on her bottom. 'WOW!' exclaimed Jeff. Many men are taken aback by Geeze's heavy cumming. Intense is the word, a bit like us as people, and the work we do. Who's next?

You subscribe to NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS to learn more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. #WhatDreamsAreMadeOf! We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Until next time, take care, Luv, fun50couple xxx

Postscript: The meeting continued for another hour or so following the 'assplay', but out of respect for Jeff, we're going to leave you guessing as to what might have taken place after.  A week later he sent us this message...

This email is to let you both know how much I enjoyed our meeting on Friday.
It's difficult to go into great detail on the AW feedback, but here I can.
I'll start by saying I was made to feel very welcome in your home, and you both helped to calm me down, as you know I was very nervous. The sex side of things was outstanding, but the communication was between us all I thought was awesome.
Constantly talking to me, asking what I liked , and being given encouragement really made the whole experience for me. Also, I think we had a good laugh, I find humour is also an excellent way to relax.
So, thank you once again, to 'J' for allowing me to share your lovely wife, and to 'S' for being that lovely, sexy wife, who likes to be shared.
It's a shame you live so far away, as I would be visiting again very quickly.
As it is, I may have to wait until working up your way, or I may even have to go "golfing" in your area sometime.
In the meantime, stay safe, continue to look after each other and have lots of great sex!!

Cheers to that!

Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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