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Tees Valley Mistress Orchid posing by Spring daffodils 2022Hello Sexy Friends! Spring's nearly here! We'd been hoping for some vague semblance of normality to return and for a brief few weeks it did....before WW3 started. Bookings were surging, we even began to think we might see Miami again, but alas, recent 'geo-political' events have cast a shadow over the nation. A dip in 'feel good factor' means a fall in bookings, so once again we're having to market hard to stay afloat. We're both survivors granted, but wouldn't it be nice FOR ONCE to be able to make one's way in the World without one disaster after another brought on by political masters many of whom we never even elected??? Anyway, the BIG news this month is that we're just about to embark on 'Phase 2' which we started thinking about before the scamdemic. Our current BDSM playroom took years to plan, finance and build. This next stage is a larger facility with lodgings adjoining, situated a few miles away. Phase 3's going to be even bigger...estimated to be completed in around 3 to 4 years time, provided Putin hasn't finished us off with a hypersonic nuclear missile(Interestingly, while researching this subject I discovered Britain's BAC & English Electric were at the forefront of this technology AND re-usable rockets similar to Musk's way back in the 1960's. The projects were cancelled by government) DEEP BREATH. Finger crossed. We'll have more to report in the April issue of NVS.


According to a recent report, physical music sales just increased for the first time since 1996. You don't remember 1996? Well perhaps this from British R&B & hip hop artist Mark Morrison might stir memories.... a song called 'Horny'...

Why do I mention this? Well it seems after decades of music and movie consumers switching to streaming due to its low cost and convenience, the humble CD is making a comeback, along with vinyl. More & more people are opting back in to having their music in their physical possession, rather than depending on streaming services. TRUST is the issue here; a commodity in high demand these days, but in short supply sadly. As we've seen in Canada and Ukraine, bank accounts can be frozen in an instant. You beg to differ from 'the official' narrative? You're CANCELLED or DE-PLATFORMED. These used to be actions confined to places like China & North Korea; now it's spreading, to the western world. Like a cancer. In a nutshell, you are NOT IN CONTROL. I've talked extensively about Bitcoin over the years; you might be thinking 'it's online' it too can be cut off. Well, yes and no. First & foremost it depends where you store it. Since February's NVS, billions of $$$ in cryptos have been taken off exchanges and moved to hard wallets aka cold storage. Depositors have woken up to the very real risk that assets can be seized by governments and law enforcement for something as low key as 'organising a protest' or 'going against the will of the Establishment'. By the way, do you know the significance of that word? Oxford dictionary defines it as

'a group in society exercising power and influence over matters of policy, opinion, or taste and seen as resisting change'

Members of The Establishment 'always know best' or think they do, believing their experience, knowledge & position give them the right to make decisions & to rule. That is why they are known as 'the establishment'. Anyone else 'resistant to change' is ignored or worse. If they dare to persist, then they must be crushed and vilified. Sound familiar? This isn't a new phenomena, its as old as mankind itself. Critical thinkers (people like us) have always been demonised. Today's 'de-platforming' and 'cancel culture' is just the latest form of suppression. Medical professionals & others have 'toed the line' this past 2 years fearful for their their jobs should they speak out. Centuries ago, critical thinkers who believed the earth revolved around the sun were burned at the stake by governments. [TRUE!] Socrates [470-399BC] was sentenced to death as 'a person with an inquiring mind', showing curiosity, accused of corrupting the youths of Athens. Words like 'MISINFORMATION' & 'FACT CHECKERS' are everywhere. It's no wonder people have lost faith in just about everything and everyone. It's something that's going to take decades to put right. It may not even be possible if there aren't enough of us (critical thinkers) pushing back. Its a race against time. 'Awake' folk are crying out for organisations they can TRUST. Is this latest indication from the music industry grounds for feint hope that the pendulum might just be starting to swing back? Time will tell.

Retail Customer browsing music CDs & vinyl 2022


I thought it would be fun to write about a recent 'week in the life' of fun50couple, which included a longtime regular, a lifetime punter 'coming back into the scene' & an 'experience' in a roadside layby. So here goes.
I/we often ponder over the guys we see & the life we lead. 'How do others perceive what to us is routine?' For example, I'd hazard a bet that a high percentage of people, if told about a 73 year old who's lost so much weight due to stress and cancer recovery he looked like something out of Belsen, with a cock which sometimes functioned & sometimes didn't, might feel slightly repulsed or at the very least excuse themselves with a phrase like 'too much information'. But you subscribe to NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS because you're fascinated by our kinky lifestyle right?

So, let's meet David, from Sussex of all places. Like many inquiries these days David chose not to introduce himself via AdultWork, instead emailing direct via ProtonMail. His missive was long, detailed and grammatically correct. Just what we like....a good sign, because as I've told you many times over, COMMUNICATION is the key to great sex. It turned out, he'd been a player all his life. Escorts, Mistresses, Sex parties etc etc, which all ground to a halt when he turned 60 and got diagnosed with the Big C. As if battling cancer wasn't enough, his wife of 40 years started to show signs of Alzheimer's, mild at first as is always the case, but with an expectation of steady decline; like an ominous thundercloud, hovering over our client's head. His cancer was operable fortunately, and after five years testing he was pronounced CLEAR. His cock still wasn't working as it used to apparently, though there was improvement as time passed. His wife meanwhile got worse. They'd been childhood sweethearts and a close couple. Both had been career professionals, there were no children; in short they were the kinda people who made sure they dotted their i's & crossed their t's all through life, leaving little to chance. Except HEALTH, which to some degree is out of anyone's control.

Yeah I know, one can live healthy, exercise, eat five a day blah blah, the fact remains though, many do just that and still meet their maker, long before time. My adoptive mother was one, so was her brother.  So, just as he got a new lease of life, things got complicated, with the wife needing constant care. Now, difficult decisions had to be made; that was one reason David headed North, to discuss such matters with trusted friends. He'd seen us featured on AdultWork many times & thought, why not? He was travelling by train too and we're just a 3 minute walk from the station. So, after a few messages & a brief phone chat, it was agreed we'd meet. A couple of weekends later, David, as good as his word, turned up. He appeared a slight little man, just as we expected, semi balding with dark brown hair, with an air of confidence about him. Best of all he was clutching what turned out to be an expensive bottle of vino, for Minx. Bravo! I don't know whether you watched Waterloo Road back in the day,

Portraot image of Grantly Budgenbut he bore a striking resemblance to Philip Brown who played Grantly Budgen in the series. David had booked a 3 hour sesh, so we were in no particular hurry to 'make out'; Like most meetings, conversation was easy....three sexy people skilled at the art of verbal communication, helped along with a couple of glasses of wine. What better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon in March? Minx was dressed 'to order'. He'd made clear his preferences. He hated basques, loved stockings, liked wetlook & appreciated women with curves. Obviously a man with good taste. After about 45 minutes he asked to freshen up; meanwhile we 'compared notes'. We felt for David; we weren't really interested in what size cock he had or his sexual prowess or his previous experience...we just wanted to take him to a better place for a couple of hours. Emerging from the bathroom looking lost in a giant purple bath sheet, we could see for the first time, the frailness of his body. Having said that, it looked as if he'd always been kind of 'wiry'. Peeling off the robe once we were in the playroom revealed a modest cock, dark pubic hair, prominent nipples and a pert bum.

B&W Wartenberg Wheel NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS

He said he loved pinwheels, hot wax, nipple play, cock & ball torture. Minx blindfolded him. Sensory deprivation always raises the 'temperature' & the pair of us got to work on Tie & Tease. A silk scarf tied tightly round his genitals pumped them up in no time, the 'chicken skin' texture of his ballsack ripe for attention from the pinwheels & then some! Trailing a single wheel over his nipples while dragging a double Wartenberg over his taut scrotum very quickly had him moaning. It became obvious he was an experienced kinkster, a little rusty perhaps but we knew what places to work on; armpits, ear lobes, his mouth, his neck, the back of his knees, his calves, everywhere EXCEPT his dick. I suspected when I read his messages that we'd be able to get his cock working....more often than not guys like him just need a change of environment to rekindle an erection. He began to leak, sticky threads of precum getting in the way of the pinwheel. His cock grew to around 7 inches and about 80% HARDNESS I'd say. As an escort, getting paid to 'alleviate' stresses in men like David, feels almost like you're privileged in that you're able to HELP, and get RESULTS, in the form of genuine sexual arousal, and pleasure; Clearly this man had been to hell and back, and he'd picked us out from hundreds, in the hope we'd be able to show him some magic. The hot wax really got him going. Dribbling it down over his nipples, then his belly, down to his balls, & finally his bellend, had him reeling & gyrating in the sling, restrained to a degree though with wrists in purple leather cuffs & his feet secured in stirrups. We knew we were getting it right when he said 'I thought you'd be good you pair after I'd spoken to you on the phone, but not this GOOD' followed by the usual Ooohhhhhhs & Arghhhhhhhs. Music to our ears!

Something else we hear quite a lot is 'It hasn't been like that for a long time' referring to his twitching penis, still streaming precum. Geeze mouthed him while Minx simultaneously pushed her tits onto his face, temporarily smothering him, causing him to resist and arch his back. Muffled cries gave way to more audible expressions of pleasure; as Minx stepped back we could see his face, twisted into a rictus grin as he chortled away like a man deranged. Ultimate hedonism I'd describe it. Pulling D's foreskin tight down to his balls, Geeze pushed him to his limit; the cancer meant he didn't cum normally, there was no sperm, just fluid. He told us that if he 'got going' he might cum twice or thrice, but Geeze stopped him short. We've heard that kind of talk so many times; we didn't want to risk an anticlimax following premature ejaculation...keep the fire burning!

David revealed he was a bit of a Switch. Genuine switches are quite rare. Geeze was about to get some of his own medicine thrown back at him. Asking to be unshackled, David got ready to play with us both out of the sling. His 'bisexuality' had been with him for a lifetime, a bit like Geeze since schooldays. He told us he always liked sex with men but nothing emotional. Just the physical lusty kind of interaction. He was in love with his wife still, which made it doubly hard for him to come to terms with her demise. He knew she knew she was a woman trapped in her own body, aware of what was going on, but unable to communicate, at all. #sexworkisrealwork is a hashtag on social media. It angers me that the holier than thou's, the sex work 'deniers' and legislators, the religious brigade el al almost to a man, or woman, have no experience or empathy with these kinds of situations. Even when they ask for input from service providers, they do nothing with it save for ridiculing what we say & dismissing us as people with low intellect...'if we had a brain we wouldn't be doing sexwork' is the way they see it. Which is odd, because I know a lot of sex workers who put the average white collar worker in a 'high quality job' (whatever that means) TO SHAME when it comes to standing on their own two feet or dealing with a crisis. You need only to look back in anger (I love that one btw) at the reprobates and shills who have systematically destroyed this country over 27 months to see that. And now it's the lower middle & working class who are going to have to pay for it in the form of redundancies, net zero energy prices & soaring inflation brought about my money printing, sorry, 'quantitative easing'. Yeah right.

The sight of Sunak delivering his Spring statement yesterday churned my stomach, what about you? Anyway, best steer clear of politics....

Back to David. He wanted to frott, and kiss, and get a wee bit rough. It got like a porn scene; two hard cocks pressed together, with David intermittently slapping Geeze's quite hard, left and right, twisting his balls and tweaking his nipples to the point of pain. David was definitely in domination mode. I suppose that now he knew us, he felt he could push our limits too, or at least Geeze. Minx is ALWAYS #1 when it comes to discipline & etiquette though. When some-one gets rough with Geeze's balls it usually results in enhanced arousal and this time was no exception.  David was clearly enjoying himself, the bravado was building; spitting at Geeze's cock, then slapping his balls hard from underneath treading that fine line between pain and pleasure. Geeze stayed with it nevertheless, waiting for the command...

'Go on, let me see it!' Dave shouted, his cry echoing back & forth around the chambers...'You're supposed to be a heavy cummer that's what it says show me, show me go on Do IT!....'

Geeze fulfilled the order, to the max. In all our years escorting I've never seen so much 'mess'. It would be fair to describe it as a 'pat' of combined fluids, spit, precum & thick white semen heaped up & covering an area on the floor about the size of a beer mat. I didn't want to clear it, I should have photographed it, but alas, we can never rely on our smartphones in the subdued light of the dungeon. Faffing with the devices' exposure settings kills the moment, so we don't bother. We should really, because such content would go down well with porn lovers. There's so much rubbish out there on sites like Only Fans. Earlier today I saw a clip which had a staggering 330,000 views. It was a vanilla couple petting, clearly staged, with the chick looking bored AF... I mean it was such RUBBISH!  I despair. Not least because as an adult industry web developer & 'insider' I'm privy to confidential information about one of OF's competitors, who went from £77,000 a month turnover in February 2020 to a million a month later the same year, all on the back of amateur content. Holy Moly. Numbers like that are what keep us going...#Motivation

After a brief interlude it was time for Round 3.  David needed a good fuck. It had been six LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG years since he'd been 'intimate' with a woman. Not that you'd have known. Remember I told you earlier with the 'tie and tease' we concentrated on every area of his body EXCEPT his cock. Now was the complete inverse... he worked on every area of Minx EXCEPT her pussy, prompting her to mildly rebuke Geeze.

'See that's what I ask you to do....but you never do it' Hmmmmmmm. 'Guilty your honour'. Like it used to say on my school reports 'must try harder'....

I did manage O levels; 'A's didn't come till later in life 🙂  The guy was 73 years old, take off 13 years of abstinence caused by his situation, leaves 5 decades of experience to draw on, and it showed. 'Get a towel Geeze, QUICK!' she yelled. David was nowhere near her cunt, nevertheless the featherlight touch of his tongue & fingers upon her body caused her to orgasm hard, then again & AGAIN until she begged him to stop. 'I want you in me'...

Rising to an upright position, he rolled on a condom the best he could; his cock wasn't quite there, still at 80%. It wasn't enough to penetrate her. Geeze rushed to help, applying a tight rubber cock ring to D's cock and balls in an effort to stiffen him. Rings can work wonders but we'd forgotten; his 'equipment' was still in recovery mode from the cancer, fairplay to the guy though, he'd proved himself as an impressive performer. Again, our first thought as 'service providers' was to 'keep the fire burning' & deliver the goods. We wanted the threesome to end on a high note.  Laying him down on the bondage bed, we re-assured him and got to work on his dick using two vibrators. One's called 'Emma'  made by Svakom, the other was a full size Doxy. Both are 'high end', capable of delivering sensations to die for.

Image of Lady with DOXY wand massagerDoxy's history is interesting. Back in the 'Noughties', Hitachi Corporation had 'accidentally' found themselves in the sex toy market after people started using their powerful mains-operated Magic Wand back massager for clitoral stimulation. It wasn't a market they wanted to be associated with so they ceased production in 2013. About the same time a certain Will Garland was tasked with sourcing a replacement for his wife's broken Hitachi. He couldn't find anything like it. Long story short, Mr Garland & a mate in Cornwall UK with a background in metal casting got together & succeeded in refining a design which we now know as the Doxy Massager. The name 'Doxy' came from the old term 'floozy' [meaning sexually promiscuous woman; heehee]. The first units came to market in 2013. Since then they've become the #1 vibrator of choice for women the world over, and for good reason. Simple in construction and operation, with just an ON/OFF button and an UP/DOWN speed option, vibrations range from 3000rpm to a whopping 9000RPM. It's heavy too, which helps in the delivery of the oscillations, intense enough to create sensations similar to 'vibration white finger', a secondary form of what's known as Raynaud's Syndrome. The condition occurs when blood vessels go into a temporary spasm, which blocks the flow of blood; suffice to say, without getting too deep into the medicals, its the reason most recipients never want the experience to end, it's THAT GOOD. Designed primarily for women, in the right hands it can be just as good on men. So was the case this afternoon with David. While Minx massaged the underside of his 'helmet' with Emma, Geeze lay the big Doxy against the top side of his penis, trailing it against the foreskin, riding it back and forth the length of his shaft. D kept saying 'AHHHHHHHH this is fantastic this is fantastic this is fa...oaHHHHHHHHHH' . You get my drift? To be fair he was almost breathing the words, not saying them. Then he started to buck, gently at first but becoming more of a full body contraction, which intensified in strength & frequency the more we worked on him. A synonym for 'intensity' is 'white heat' and those two words sum this meeting up, not least the Happy Ending that followed. The tryst was HOT HOT HOT and very rewarding too. We'd under promised and over delivered & succeeded in 'lighting David up' and that's what we like to do.....

Mature UK escort couple in MMF threeway sceneJust a couple of days later Client 'A' texted out of the blue. Client 'A' is a guy we've been seeing every month more or less, for 6 years. He used to be regular as clockwork, sometimes even twice a month, but now we're having to compete with Zoom & 'work from home'. Ughhhh!  Client A is a Scot from way north of the border, who does business with customers all over Northern England, Convid restrictions have curtailed his visits, but we still get together as often as we can. Client 'A' is special, not least because he's got a 9" schlong. That's a word the Yanks like, I've never used it before. Most 'schlongs' are cut but Client 'A' isn't. He's just a glorious specimen of a penis, thick and arrow straight. I hasten to add, 'A' himself is neither of those things. Educated yet practical and unassuming, when we first met he'd been with a M/F couple for sex just once. Prior to that he'd never been with a man, only women...his wife (another childhood sweetheart), female escorts too numerous to mention,  and two ladies he'd had steamy affairs with, lasting several years. Quite a player is 'A', spending four figures a month sometimes on kinky 'entertainment'. Heaven knows how he'll manage when he retires; he's 60. He's clever academically, but dropped out of Uni, choosing to pursue a career in engineering instead of the chemical industry once prevalent in his local area but now dead and gone. It looks like he made the right decision because he's thrived. He's also smart in the way he handles his 'extra curricular activity'. What he does, and we've seen it with others of his kind, is he 'pigeonholes' or compartmentalizes us. I've often witnessed this with busy driven people. My daughter's similar. In between flying backwards and forwards from Heathrow to LA & Miami for an airline, she works for a well known aerobatic team, helps manage a pub in the Midlands AND runs a mobile champagne bar. fun50minx North East GILF escortI go months, years sometimes and never hear from her, then she'll decide to devote a day, or a couple of days at best, when she's FULL ON, then OFF again till the next time. In between meetings there is no contact whatsoever. You might say, rightly, as far as Client 'A' is concerned, that's how it should be for reasons of discretion. After all, we're just sex workers delivering a service. Very true, but when something goes on for 6 years, and the sex is different EVERY TIME we meet, and it's EXPLOSIVE, it gets complicated. But we can handle it. Minx myself & 'A' are now almost in a long term relationship. Our meetings are incredibly hot, and for want of a better word, NATURAL. Another word for intuition is 'instinct'; we have this kind of deep unspoken 'appreciation' of our place in each others lives. Its a pity there aren't more 'A's around. These days he overnights with us, so its not like he's just wham bam thank you mam/man...his visits are extended stays. We don't just play...we wine, dine, dance & discuss...imagine how difficult that must be to keep secret, to not let anything slip, over decades! Hence the pigeonholing. It's a kind of mechanism which protects 'A' from revealing his double life to anyone else at all. Cynical people would say he's just using us for his own good, and in our earlier days we would have/have said the same. But with time comes experience and deeper understanding. I don't believe there's an ounce of malice or 'cunning' in 'A's body. He just loves SEX as do we. Sometimes we question what it would be like to quit escorting and just be a 'regular' couple. YAWN. That's not just me thinking Keep calm & Get on the train baby's both of us. Having sex with multiple partners works for us. Who the fuck do people think they are, those who preach monogamy, religion, abstinence, morality etc? Just DO YOUR OWN THING and if you're sitting there something today your future self will thank you for and Get on the Train. [life's short, look after #1, take a journey, don't be left sat on the fence at the station]

This issue of 'SCREWS' is all about 'a week in our life as escorts'. Last week as it happens. There's another hashtag I'm sure you've heard of: #SinfulSunday! HaHa. Anyway, there we were on 'the Sabbath' speeding home from looking at a property we're interested in buying, and lo and behold there's a tart by the side of the road flashing some leg. For an instant Geeze thought it was a cross dresser. 'She' had that look...kind of furtive but exhibitionist at the same time. She was prancing about close to her car, main road side of a layby well known for 'indiscretions' shall we say. 'That looked like a CD there' Geeze shrieked to Minx riding shotgun in our Jeep, 'Shall we go and have a look? What say you?'
We'd had a good time together that day, and Minx was up for a laugh. The road was a dual carriageway, so at the next roundabout we did a 180 and sped back to the previous junction so we could retrace our route. By the time we got back the estate car had moved on; it was 'hovering' behind a crowd of cars bunched up in the layby ALL with single men in them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So we had to manoeuvre between his or was it 'her' car and the parked ones on the right to get by. There wasn't a lot of room so we got a good look at the driver as we crawled past. Sure enough 'it' looked only vaguely masculine, with a bobbed blonde hairstyle, pink lips and a tight fitting black top, I'd say she was a 32B. INTERESTING! We carried on to the end of the line plus another 50 yards and paused, eying the rear view mirrors....Minx had her sun visor down too, clocking what was going on. After a few minutes the estate moved very slowly onward. Geeze put his foot on the brake pedal to briefly illuminate the rear lights... wondering if that might signal we were 'friendly'. It seemed so...the estate edged a little closer, then lurched forward; there was another moment of hesitation, then the driver appeared to throw caution to the wind as the car gathered pace, stopping about ten yards behind us. Minx said 'I'm not getting out...' 'You can go though'
'Awe you gotta come too' replied Geeze...'I'm going to take a look....'
Leaving the car window open so Minx could hear what was going on, Geeze strolled back, pursing his lips for a couple of seconds to gauge the response of the estate car's driver. Straightaway there was a positive reaction; smiling while fondling one of her tits, she gave a kind of 'come on....' signal and pretty soon Geeze was introducing himself...

'Saw you were flashing a bit of leg there we passed...'

Cross Dresser in dogging layby County Durham'Yes!' she replied. Now Geeze could see her in all her femininity; white patent heels, nude stockings, a light frilly skirt, a hint of suspender, a tight fitting jumper and yes he was right...tits about a size 32B. Minx was curious. So curious, she got out the Jeep and wandered over to join us. 'What do we call you?' she asked of the CD 'Anything you want' she replied. 'Joanne then', Fumbling with her skirt, she pulled it up revealing a smallish 'cock', very wet and very pink...

'haha, look what we have here Minx' proclaimed Geeze...'SISSY CLIT!!'

Reaching down into the car, he started frigging Joanne off, as if she was a real woman, asking the CD if he knew how to do it that way. She nodded yes, clearly reveling in the attention, and feelings, as Geeze worked on her bud. Slowing things down a bit, the three of us got into conversation, 'this is my dream...' she said 'being seduced by a M/F couple in a layby...this is SO horny!'
'You know who we are don't ya' said Geeze...'fun50couple'...
'Yeah, I think I saw one of you years ago' she answered, directing her gaze now at Minx, then adding 'I remember you sitting on my face, and your squirt'...'Awe God I can't believe I'm meeting a couple, its my dream' for a second time. It was a warm day, and we were well ahead of the crowd parked behind, and Joanne got bolder by the minute. Pretty soon she was masturbating hard while talking dirty to us both. Minx freed one of her big breasts from tight within her bra, shielding it from view of the nearby pervs by pulling her fine full length cardigan forward & outward. Joanne got excited by the sight of Minx's tits. She hiked up her skirt still further in readiness we presumed for orgasm. It came out of the blue; we weren't expecting it so soon...a powerful outpouring of thick creamy jism, no pumping or spurting, just a heavy stream the kind that looked like it had been stored for days if not weeks, waiting for the right opportunity. And then she was gone. 'Gotta Go, I'm all embarrassed....' Before we could say any more than 'No not at all, no reason to be...' she was headed up the layby, in a cloud of dust, literally. Job done!

We followed, not to stalk her, but just to go home. We saw a car the same make coming back down the other side of the dual carriageway with a man in his early 50's driving...was that her/him, with the wig off? He'd shared with us the rough date he met Minx solo, his real name and where he lived. Later, looking back through diaries she found note of him, from way back in 2016!
The next day Geeze tweeted about it on Twitter. No details as such, just briefly what had happened & where. Interestingly a follower replied 'Didn't know there was any dogging lay-by's in Teesside anymore, tell me more I need to be there!'  I thought that was so typical....more social media NOISE. You see we get scores of people like him every week saying they HAVE to meet us, they 'wished we were closer' or 'they're saving for the day' blah blah. Others explicitly ask when we're available and then give excuses time and time again about how/why they can't see us on the day, like we were born yesterday. They constantly engage with others who post suggestive tweets, saying 'what they would do' if given the opportunity, but in reality they're just empty vessels. Sexy people recognise & find others like them by means of signals, body language, innuendo what-have-you. In point of fact they're all around us hiding in plain sight; you've just got to be awake, no not woke, AWAKE!  Until next time..... You subscribe to NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS to learn more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. #WhatDreamsAreMadeOf! We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Until next time, take care, Luv, fun50couple xxx

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* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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