Hello Sexy Fiends! We’ve had such a busy month touring that we’re waking up each morning having to consciously think for a minute where we are….hotel…or home? As reported earlier in our blogs, the northeast is most definitely succumbing to the cold winds of recession; it’s something we’ve felt coming on and not just a fall-off in bookings and sure enough, it’s now made the news, it’s OFFICIAL…take a look:

You don’t need us to tell you we’re a divided nation, a country in turmoil, with a hopeless ‘leader’ and a weak Government 🙁 causing many to worry deeply about their futures. The most fascinating part of our job is undoubtedly the sheer variety of people we meet. OK, most of them are professionals and/or business types, and SEX is what brings them to our door, but idle conversation between us, usually after the ‘fun’ and they’re ‘warming down’ reveals much about the way people think in 21st Century Britain. And as former political activists, these conversations can be almost as stimulating as the SEX I kid you not. We are often surprised at how many ostensibly intelligent folk, some of them in charge of sizable businesses, are ignorant of current affairs and trends, even those that will have far reaching implications for them & their way of life. They remind me of lemmings. Heehee!  As an aside, one of the pleasures of blog writing, (well for me anyway as a perfectionist by nature) Image of suicidal Lemmingsis that one thinks carefully about what one writes, for example ‘Lemmings’ leading me to research the subject.  Most bloggers probably don’t, which is why so many of their scripts consist of nothing more than mindless drivel and poached content, shoehorned in between irrelevant/annoying advertisements and countless links. But then they’re probably making shedloads of money at it; isn’t that the way the World works?  I’m my own self, and write from the HEART. Anyway folks, back to the Lemmings….apparently the suicidal tendencies the species are famous for are NOT actually fact. They’ve been written about for Centuries, and there was even a video game in the 90s called ‘Lemmings’ in which the player had to try and stop the creatures from mindlessly marching over cliffs or into traps! Google it.

Back to our punters though. Yep, many of them are too busy and/or not interested in the BIGGER PICTURE beyond work and football. Women it’s maybe work and the X Factor, older folk its ALWAYS the grandchildren…the blessed grandchildren….I’m generalising yes, but REMEMBER, it’s us, me and Minx, who are invited into our clients’ most private space for an hour or two…and one gets very close to the ‘raw’ person during those times. A tiny few ARE tuned in to the shocking scenario we may be approaching as a nation.  A tiny few ARE watching the Establishment turning the screw in the name of CONTROL, attempting to contain & manage an increasingly restless, angry public, putting steps & barriers in place to make sure we can’t rebel.

And one way they’re seeking to do this is to do away with CASH altogether.

Think I’m joking and saying that's NOT POSSIBLE? Spend some time and do some delving. Look at the little clear windows on the new £5 and £10 notes then learn about ‘chipped cash’. Find out about quantative easing and why that can’t go on for much longer. Ask yourself why the government is in such a hurry to impose hybrid cars on us and phasing out fossil fuel ASAP (it has little to do with green initiatives…ask yourself…how do you store electricity in a can to run your car & keep mobile when the lights go out?) Ask yourself WHY all these things are coming. The answer is, the authorities are finding ever more sinister ways to keep us all under control and to keep the lid on. The majority of ‘the people’ AKA ‘the sheeple’ are already under their wing to a degree by courtesy of the nanny state, but us folk who are a bit different, we with our inquiring minds, fiercely independent souls who won’t take NO or CAN’T for an answer…we are a problem to these people in the corridors of POWER. Maybe you’re sat there reading this thinking I’m OTT and these things will never happen. On the other hand, you might just have read about the chaos in Venezuela, a once prosperous economy. Money in Venezuala now is worth just 3% of what it was a few months ago! 🙁 🙁 Then think about Greece, Argentina, Ireland, Iceland...the list goes on. It’s only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, practitioners of the ‘oldest profession’ are a group well used to oppression and persecution by Authority…

And contrary to popular belief, they are not people ‘forced’ into selling their bodies, or people of low IQ, or people needing to be ‘saved’. A good many are ACTUALLY intelligent practical people, streetwise, and used to thinking on their feet to keep working and to maintain their precarious lifestyle; the doms are a particularly switched on group, as you might expect. After all, 90% of BDSM is getting into the mind of a person. And doms right Image of bitcoinnow are getting very interested in cryptocurrency. You’ve no doubt heard the buzz about bitcoin, etherium, litecoin and others. Like most, you’ve probably not bothered with it, and dismissed it as another dotcom bubble, or tulipmania, whatever. But, did you know that you can now buy Lamborghinis, Teslas, Fine Art from well known Mayfair dealer Dadiani, air fares with Air Baltic, Polish Airlines LOT among other carriers, Private Jet charter, cosmetics from Lush, computers from Dell, and you can complete transactions with Paypal and Microsoft using Bitcoins? A £49,000 Tesla can be bought for 81 bitcoins. Just think…some folk will have bought bitcoins in 2013 for around fourteen quid apiece, meaning a £49k Tesla could have been theirs today for the equivalent of £1134…if they’d kept the coins until now!!! WOW.

What the hell has this got to do with doms I hear you ask?

Well, it’s not just doms, but our entire industry stands to benefit. Why? Because my friend, cryptocurrency transactions are digital transactions done via something called a blockchain, and that has big implications for YOU, our Adult Industry consumer. Why? Because it’s entirely anonymous with no paper trail, and it’s fully transparent, in that there’s a unique code matching that transaction which YOU can see so you won’t need to worry you’ve been ripped off. The blockchain is, in effect, the mechanism which works the transactions on your behalf, made up of thousands of individual computers linked together everywhere and anywhere across the World, transcending national borders…so great news if you’re an Indian in India wanting to buy sextoys (which are illegal there)…He/she can buy via Bitcoin provided their supplier accepts it (or any crypto for that matter…there are over a thousand of them), the transaction is done in seconds, no government can interfere with it or trace who the transaction belongs to. Can you see the advantages now? ‘Scameron May DUP & Crew’ are hellbent on shutting down a lot of adult industry activity. When there’s no cash and we’re all digital, Mr Married Punter wanting an hour with an escort has difficulty making payment because his bank record will show the transaction….not so with bitcoin. So, it’s also great for Phonesex….no premium number to call, no bank statement transaction, no adult site to give a credit card number to in order to age verify etc etc. You’ll simply make an anonymous credit via blockchain, and when that credit is in the adult chat provider’s online wallet, your phoneline will be open, Job done. The same goes for any adult service. Also by getting into crypto, you’re helping yourself mitigate against a conventional domestic currency disaster waiting to happen…why? …..because YOUR funds will be in a worldwide system, for the most part unregulated and because of it’s structure, more resistant than most to meddling by the authorities. ‘But sooner or later they’ll clamp down and close the loophole’ I hear you say….well maybe not. The top 1% of our country who hold most of the wealth, well they too would be affected by a currency meltdown; they too would want to turn to another system to preserve their wealth and the POWER that goes with it….meaning they’re unlikely to cut that option off. Why do you seldom see luxury car brands advertised on telly? Because the people who drive them don’t waste their time watching it; they’re too busy leading a Image of electric car TESLAFULL life making money & creating wealth. Doesn’t that tell you something when Lamborghini, Tesla, Fine Art customers, and yes the clients of doms too ( a luxury indulgence for most), are the ones who are up to speed on this new technology, and they’re putting their money where their mouth is?

What prompted me to write all the above? You remember I told you how astounded I am at how very few of the people we meet seem to know or care about things outside their own little world, beyond football and their next foreign holiday. Minx and I are not, you may be surprised to learn, very social animals. Put us in a crowded room at some-one’s Birthday party and we’re both decidedly uncomfortable. Yet, we can perform extreme acts and be totally naked amongst others and feel VERY comfortable. Notwithstanding our reluctance to participate in social gatherings and small talk, we ARE very good observers of people…as are most doms. We can easily sort wheat from chaff, engine drivers from oily rags. While we were on tour in Birmingham having breakfast in Sainsbury’s (don’t knock it…it's 1/2 the price of anywhere else) one morning, two guys were talking in pouring rain right outside our window in the street….I quickly realised one of them was in effect ‘kicking the ass’ of the other, an operative, and caught his eye; the worker's back was turned to us, I made a kick ass gesture, the meeting split up, the boss laughed and we finished our brekkie. While walking to the shops nearby (Minx had a faulty necklace to exchange) Loh! and Behold who should we catch up with but our Centre Boss, the one who’d been delivering the reprimand outside the café. He instantly recognised us, and confirmed he was indeed the centre manager. We’d had grumbles with parking arrangements earlier in the week, so seized the opportunity to run the complaint past our new found ‘friend’ who, to his credit, put things right, leading to deep conversation about the underhand tactics of organisations like Euro Car Parks and NCP. I told him the tactics were, in reality, carefully thought out by management; their purpose to swell the bottom line of these organisations…otherwise known as RIP OFF BRITAIN. He agreed. Clearly us two were on the same page…by this time Minx had disappeared. Turns out, Mr Manager used to work for the Crown Prosecution Service and retired at 50, then took the job as centre manager as a more relaxed option while collecting a pension from his old job, a common scenario these days. Conversation flowed and it wasn’t long before Brexit and May got brought up, and the revelation from him that he’d voted Tory all his life but never again….another one with no political home to belong to in this day and age where both main parties are at opposite ends of the spectrum, out of touch and way too extreme. With absolutely no prompting from me, he went on to talk about surveillance cameras (we have more CCTV in Britain per square mile than any other place on earth, incl China), and the shoddy way shop tenants were treated on the site by the landlords (national name shops mind you!)…before moving on to subjects including Big Brother and the new fiver….here out of nowhere was a guy we stumbled upon who you’d NEVER SUSPECT would think like this….like us…some-one else who's picking up on the subtle moves against a mostly unsuspecting public. Being semi-retired with time on his hands to research and delve, he and his close mates were becoming worried about Government plans to screw us all….they too were into crypto and knew all about blockchain. He was the kinda man like some of our punters, a man we’d like to rub shoulders with and count as a friend, we just clicked right off the bat…but sadly, busy lifestyles and travelling don’t permit that luxury; I was left to ponder: how fascinating it was to identify the guy in the first place from the other side of a shop window as a ‘doer’ and not a dreamer, then to discover what the guy was made of, AND how similar his thought process was to our own! And finally…..

What does this mean for us, fun50couple? We see a lot of shit being flung at the LGBT community just now, likely to continue too under current Governance, both sides of the Pond. Our service niche and sextoy e-com site is centred on MH’s and BISEXUALS, a group notoriously difficult to pin down because so many of them are closeted. We also warm to the LGBT movement as a whole and the folk within it. We count ourselves fortunate to live in a country where our sexual orientation is at least tolerated, while still there are many nations where such activity is punishable by death. A good many LGBT members are fiercely individualistic folk, proud of who they are, and resentful towards CONTROL and manipulation by authority. A crypto currency aimed exclusively at our community has emerged. It’s called GAY money….To us in the adult industry GAY money is a no brainer…we’re jumping on board, stay tuned for more about how and why we’re embracing it in future blogs. Wanna know more about GAY money? Go to  and while you’re there, go buy some. Currently they’re trading at around 3.5pence each. So was Bitcoin about 8 years ago!!! 🙂 🙂

And just quickly…..other NEWS: tours coming up soon in late September/ mid-October to Glasgow, South Queensferry-Edinburgh, West Bromwich/Birmingham, more on page.


Guys n Girls, It’s #SexualHealthWeek so this month’s ‘VIEWS’ is actually a REVIEW, take a look….

Did you know that worldwide there are 37 million people living with HIV, but here’s the thing…nearly 50% remain undiagnosed and do not know they are infected with HIV.

What is HIV?  HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus which attacks
the immune system, the body's defence against diseases.

What is AIDS? AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the most advanced stage of an HIV infection, when the immune system is no longer able to fight infections.

Why is it important to ‘know your status’ and test regularly, especially if you’re at ‘high risk’?

AIDS is life threatening, but if HIV is caught early and is treated, it will not lead to AIDS. If HIV is caught late, it can lead to more complications and could ultimately lead to AIDS. That is why it is so important to get tested early if you have been at risk of HIV, as it will mean that you can access treatment that will prevent you ever getting AIDS.

Image of HIV ribbon

As a bisexual escort couple we are exposed to ‘high risk’ so it makes sense to test regularly. So what makes our work ‘high risk’? The reason is that all of our clients are men, with a high percentage identifying as bi-curious or bisexual. Most of them are married, so one would think they’d be a safer bet, and to a degree that’s true, because 99% of the time they’re MH (Mostly Heterosexual), but it only takes one prick. Though we take great trouble to ‘screen’ our clients, some will slip through the net, spinning us a web of lies about their status, their TRUE sexuality, whatever. Shit happens.

Occasionally we’re booked by swingers….such meets are always a source of amusement to us, because these guys invariably drone on about how great ‘the scene’ is, and how sexually adept they are; the proof of the pudding though, is in the eating, with many of them showing their true colours, as selfish Prima Donnas with little clue as to how to sensually arouse a woman, OR a man for that matter. The best bit is when we ask them: ‘If the swinging scene is sooooo great, then why are you here, paying for it?’ HeeHee. But here’s the scary bit. 67% of swingers are reckoned to be bisexual, and you don’t hear too much about any of them getting ‘regularly tested’ do you? In fact, most of them wouldn’t be seen DEAD at their nearest STD clinic.  YES, my friend, if YOU are a swinger, then YOU are at high risk, the same as any Escort, courtesan, hooker, whore, whatever you care to call us.  Unfortunately, if you are a prim and proper wife, like the lady we heard about recently, (a primary school teacher and committed church committee member), blissfully unaware her husband is, to put it crudely ‘fucking other men’, then YOU TOO MADAME, are at high risk. Condoms and safe sex practises go a long way to reduce risks, granted, but you only have to browse the pages of Adult Work for a few minutes to find some desperate soul, touting ‘bareback’ sex for an extra twenty quid.

We have always tested regularly, but in truth, we’re only as good as our last test on paper, AND of course, HIV can take 3 months to appear.  Obviously, we take very strict precautions to prevent infection of any kind. These include condoms for penetration, condoms on toys, changing condoms between anal and vaginal penetration, surgical gloves, visual inspection and gentle questioning of clients prior to meeting, even not cleaning teeth within an hour of a meet but using mouthwash instead; the list goes on…one can never be TOO careful. Any escort, if they’re being honest will sometimes think, or ‘will’ themselves into thinking, that they’ve caught something. It may start as just an itch. It might be a little redness.  Maybe they’ve read something on the net, and then clicked several links, and next thing they know, they’ve convinced themselves they’re infected. It happens. So a DIY testing kit would be a very desirable thing to have, especially if you’re away from your home patch, and don’t want to run the gauntlet of the queuing crowd waiting at the door of the local STD clinic, come Monday morning. Fortunately we have stayed ‘clear’ for many years. In Scotland, regular tests in the clinic were routine, the staff was professional and non-judgmental…no-one tried to ‘save us’. A bad experience though in Darlington over a decade ago, means that here, we’re more wary, keeping cards close to our chest. As I’ve mentioned in NVS before, liberal attitudes & regimes are now under the microscope, from both a moral and a cost cutting perspective. Add to that a demoralised NHS staff increasingly drawn from academia, and trouble is on the horizon. The problem is, once you’ve convinced yourself you might ‘have something’, you just can’t do sex. You need testing, like NOW, this minute! That’s when we came across ‘Bio SURE HIV Self-Test’ while surfing the net for STI test kits in general. We didn’t know that HIV self-testing only recently became legal in the UK, and apparently there are still many countries where it remains illegal. Hats off to BioSURE(UK)Limited, and I suppose to our beloved ‘authorities’ for permitting it’s use. We believe it’s the same test you’d get FREE at a clinic. You see, one has to be VERY CAREFUL about HIV tests. Yes, we know you’re guaranteed anonymity at your local clinic. But in this day and age, can we really believe that? We have a client who works high up in the security services, and I mean HIGH. He tells us that something as ordinary as a personal mobile phone conversation isn’t even safe from the unwanted attentions of BIG BROTHER, let alone one’s supposedly confidential medical records. I rest my case. Got life insurance? Then be wary with HIV tests and tread with care. Self-testing may be just up your ally.

Thirty three quid got us our test. It arrived securely double wrapped and sealed in green polythene. Tearing open the plastic revealed a white box around 7x5”. Centimetres? No thanks, we’re old skool. And besides, we’re ditching all that euro nonsense now in the name of Brexit. Since when did one talk about cock size in centimetres anyway? 🙂 🙂 Inside the box we found a moulded white tray containing the kit.

The hashtag @BioSureUK use to promote this kit is #PrickSuckPoke.

Whoever thought that one up is a legend….it conjures up an image of the SEX act itself, but actually,  refers to the main components of the kit, which are a safety lancet, a test device Image of BioSure HIV test devicelooking a bit like a syringe, and thirdly, what’s called a ‘buffer pot’. So, you prick a finger with the lancet, Suck up the blood with the device, and Poke the device through a foil cap into the ‘buffer pot’, WAIT 15 minutes and ‘voila’ Job Done. You simply look at the marker in the tube; one line means you test negative, two lines indicate you may be positive, no line at all means the test has failed, and you'll need to shell out another £33 🙁

We tried the lancet and didn’t believe it had worked so tried again but nothing happened the second time. It looks like it may be designed for a one-time use only, no matter, because about 15 seconds after the first attempt, a good flow of blood oozed from the pinprick. You then introduce the ‘device’ thinking you’re probably going to have to use it like a nurse with a syringe, however, it’s really easy and you DON’T need to worry….you remove the buffer pot from the end of the device, place it in a recess in the moulded tray, then simply touch the blood blob with the tip of the device and it draws up the right amount by itself; magic. You then position the device above the buffer pot, push it down and firmly through the foil cover of the pot, then watch and wait. After around 3 minutes you should start to see the blood moving up the device, changing the colour of the strip…if not, then you may not have pressed the device into the buffer pot far enough…it DOES require a firm push…Wait 15 minutes and then check your result. There’s a comprehensive guide which matches what you see to the test result….one line only means the test was successful and you’re negative….CHEERS!! but WHOA there….don’t get carried away…because it can take 3 months or more for HIV to show, so you’ll need to take the test again for complete re-assurance. BioSure also recommend you have the result checked by a Health Professional…. yeah right 🙂 When we bought the test, we hadn’t seen any videos about it, however since then we’ve come across this from BioSure themselves….it’s excellent, take a look: & remember HIV is just 3 letters, It’s #notasentence 🙂


Phew, wiping brow… for the exciting bit….the SCREWS. We’re bringing you not one but TWO meets this month (well one and a half anyway)…how’s that for VALUE?  The first client I spotted from the hotel foyer; a slim mid fifties guy walking down the street, wearing jeans and a leather jacket clasping a SPORTS DIRECT carrier bag, looking a little furtive. He joined me in the seated area, where we remained for a few minutes, chatting. I noticed a thumb nail varnished pink, then spotted a pair of heels in the bag… ‘didn’t tell us you were a cross dresser old son!?!?’ ‘No!’ he replied, clearly worried that we might have rejected him had we known, but that would not have been the case…we LOVE CD’s, the more the merrier. They’re always so friendly and passionate, really INTO their kink, contrasting starkly with so many of the snooty straight property developer types who tend to treat Escorts as just another plaything to satisfy their greed. Generalising again I know, but that’s often how it is. Sexually liberated men are the best.  Up the lift we went to meet Minx, dressed in wetlook and PVC, sat in the room ready for us. Our man, we’ll call him Jon, quickly did his bit for charity then asked us if we minded him disappearing into the bathroom. In the lift I noticed his face well made up, and in truth he was an attractive man, Image of Cross Dresserbut nothing prepared us for the stunner who emerged from the bathroom 10 minutes later, sporting long blonde hair, seriously good make-up, black silk thong, nice firm 32D tits under a black & white marine themed top with matching stockings, a classy pair of white 5” heels complemented the outfit perfectly, WOW 🙂

We’ve seen a fair number of CD’s lately, prompting us to actively seek more. Several follow us on Twitter, and the meets are always FUN. Many clients we see have been with TV’s both pre and post-op, while others dabble with cross dressing in secret because they love the feel of silk or nylon…different strokes for different folks I guess. Personally, it’s not for me, but as with all things to do with sex and kink, you NEVER KNOW. We're friends with a pro dom who wouldn’t go near needles 5 years ago, but now embraces the practise, advertising it even, she can’t get enough of it; Kinky people are for ever seeking to expand their horizons, it’s just the way it goes. When one frequently indulges in sexual activity it’s bound to happen…you’re just going to be raising the bar all the time when it comes to the ultimate turn-on. It’s no different for Minx and I; ourselves now partaking in scenes we wouldn’t have been comfortable with years ago. Anyway, back to our Jon. Minx and I were blown away; the three of us closed ranks for a three-way kiss, while simultaneously teasing his Image of CD with Escort fun50minxprominent clitty through the silk string.  Prolonged snogging gave way to more explicit action on the bed. It was a turn on seeing Minx and him kissing while I played with his cock…only the night previous we had been talking about lesbian sex during a discussion about our upcoming party for #bi men women and couples. Jon gave permission for us to take photos, so while I got a camera, Minx feasted on his cock, above average in size and very veiny. WE decided to re-name Jon, ‘Davina’ and it wasn’t long before Davina was moaning expletives and breathing heavy, eyes flickering, closing then re-opening moments later; We always know we’ve hit the spot when that kinda thing happens; it’s not something that can be faked…the guy was in awe, ECSTASY even; further evidence of this was the fine thread of pre-cum trailing across outstretched thighs and stocking tops, oozing from his cock. All men are different, and cocks surprisingly so. Geeze use to pre-cum then didn’t for years, and now regularly drools copious amounts of watery fluid in the run up to ejaculation, others it’s a fine thread like a spider’s web, some guys dry cum, some guys come the wrong way (backwards and internally due to prostate problems in the past sometimes…yeah I know, gruesome ain’t it 🙁 but all part of a day’s work LOL) .

Davina was VERY close to cumming; so close we had to ease off. Things got VERY STEAMY...

Geeze got very turned on 69ing Davina, Davina likewise, apparently not satisfied until he’d wanked Geeze over his face, taking some in his willing mouth. Davina had slacked off meanwhile…possibly down to having been forcibly stopped short moments previously. Some Image of CD with hard cockmen admit they’ll only be able to cum once, so rather than shortchange them and finish early we endeavour to ‘keep the fire burning’ till the 45/50 minute mark if we can, so we stuck a ROCKS OFF RO-ZEN on his cock and balls. We’ve reviewed this combo ring before and it’s certainly a quality piece, guaranteed to satisfy. In fact we’ve considered Re-Reviewing it because Geeze has now learnt how to get even wilder results from it, in short IT ROCKS! Soon he was HARD and veiny to the extreme, helped by Minx and me both sucking him together, stimulating his glans and balls causing him to eventually lose control and shoot his heavy load violently across the room. WOW. Such meets are G>L>O>R>I>O>U>S and go a long way to make up for the endless stream of dreamers and no shows who plague our industry. Davina went on to share with us details about his work and love life….twice married and now with a supportive girlfriend who actually knew all about his kink…Davina had learned from bitter experience that living a lie is never conducive to a successful long term relationship. He’d vowed that any future partner would need to love him for who he was, so he could be 100% his authentic self.  Fairplay to them both. Thanks Davina xx 🙂

And our second SCREW? Well, this one was an outcall one Friday night in North London, and a previous booking from March we’d postponed when Minx fell ill. We’ll call him Phil. Phil lived alone, previously married but divorced years ago, and a regular ‘punter’ with female escorts. There had been a lot of messaging between us beforehand with Phil setting the scene & asking how we wanted to meet him… and ‘could we park in his drive close to the front door so he could open the door naked?’ It was agreed we’d park close and we were to walk straight in to a point where as he put it ‘we could admire the view’. So in we went. Minx was wearing an expensive green dress with silk lingerie and ‘fuck me’ heels, 4 ½ inches and gilded. I’m particularly fond of this outfit because it’s classy but shows a good deal of tit and cleavage nevertheless, every man’s dream. Minx was asked to wear PVC, but couldn’t easily go past hotel reception on our way out wearing fet gear, so it was agreed she’d change upon arrival while Phil and I chatted downstairs. The house was small and semi-detached with a long garden completely enclosed and not overlooked, which was a good job, because by now it was dusk, the lights were on, and Phil at 6’2” was prancing around fully nude by the window before sitting back down.

He dimmed the lights and it was all I could do to not stare at his cock....

Not for the reason you’re thinking either dear reader. I wanted to keep looking, because it didn’t look right. It was one of those cocks you see every now and then very dark in colour, indeed the end seemed to appear black and stunted; it was miniscule, and almost completely absorbed within very big balls. I even wondered if he’d been in an accident and it was cut short, but not left to wonder long…. he’d been looking forward to us coming for weeks; he suggested he spend some time with Minx upstairs to ‘get to know her alone’. So, once Minx had changed I was left to watch TV in the cluttered living room, while the pair got down to business upstairs. After around a quarter of an hour I was summoned, and made my way up the stairs to a colourful boudoir adorned with red covers. Phil had confided to Minx that the previous day he’d been fisted. I could also see now that he was plugged. The pair were kissing before stopping to chat, to talk about the other escorts he'd seen recently, his buttplug and anal adventures. Pretty soon he chose to expel the plug naturally from his ass, deftly throwing it into a bin by the bed, prompting me to start fingering him. He was fascinated by Minx who eventually positioned herself astride his chest, before transferring to a point directly over his face while he licked her to gush, soaking his head, to moans of contentment from them both.

In between gasps he was elaborating on the previous days fisting from the female escort; clearly he wanted to re-visit the experience, and that’s’ where I’m going to leave it, suffice to say, some serious assplay followed. Image of Safe Fisting OnlyFisting is a subject I’d read up on in the past, and I re-read it all on my return. Sometimes when you get into something NEW, it’s good to get a taste then step back, reflect and study the subject more. So I’m going to quote you a few lines from one of my reference books ‘The Ultimate Guide To Kink’ which is a collection of essays compiled by Tristan Taormino from kinkdom’s finest educators, including a contribution by Patrick Califia titled ‘Butthole Bliss: the Ins and Outs of Anal Fisting’.  Patrick is a well known American writer of non-fiction essays about sexuality and of erotic fiction and poetry. He’s a bisexual trans man aged 63 originally from Texas, now living in Florida. He says this: QUOTE: ‘Anal fisting (or handballing) is one of the most extreme sexual acts that one person can allow another to do to his or her body’. ‘Putting your whole hand up somebody else’s butt is an exhilarating experience. When you can feel those hot, greasy membranes close around your wrist and forearm, and your partner’s heartbeat feels as if it is literally in the palm of your hand, there is nothing more intimate. You are sharing an erotic space that has the potential to become a temple both sacred and profane. Few other things can equal the rush. Unless, of course, you’re the one who is getting handballed, Oh yeah, I almost forgot that part. But anal fisting is also one of the most potentially dangerous things a bottom can ask a top to do. There is no room here for getting it almost right. You need to be able to demand perfection of yourself and your partner’ UNQUOTE. Do you remember me saying how kinky people constantly chase new horizons, it’s part of the territory. Do you remember me confessing to be a perfectionist? You all know we’re BOTH quite extreme and care deeply about ‘delivering a rich experience to our lovely clients’. I have to admit to becoming quite turned on by the evening’s events.

So what became of Phil’s miniscule member, I bet you’re wondering? Am I right? Well, the dim light downstairs and the blackish appearance of his penis revealed itself in part to be a tight rubber cockring round his scrotum. But what happened towards the end of our sesh was the biggest surprise of all. Obviously super-turned-on himself, Phil’s cock started to grow to a semi hard 4 inches then BOOM! It took off. In all our years escorting we’ve never seen a transformation quite like it….growing into a solid deeply veined 8 inch beauty, pumping out a good solid wadge of the glorious white stuff….unfortunately it was a little premature, but efforts to hold it back immediately beforehand proved in vain, and sadly the sexual orgy was over; his body shook, then came on tender all over; and not surprising either considering what he’d been through in the space of 24 hours. Califia goes on to say ‘the bottom’s physical challenge in a fisting scene is obvious. The top is also running a marathon, and perhaps those challenges need to be explained. The top will be putting out a lot of emotional energy through minute concentration and attention to detail’. UNQUOTE..I couldn’t finish this piece off any better myself….I'm feeling sooooo tired 🙂 🙂 ! We turn fantasy into reality, and we tell you the way it is….You subscribe to our newsletter 'NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS' and to find out what it’s really like to be an EscortCouple, We thank you for your support, Stay tuned, safe sex always, until next time, Luv, fun50couple xxx

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