Hello again to all our sexy subscribers!  It’s September, the end of the Summer & the schools are back, tfft. Though to be fair, we had little disruption from kids over the holidays, business wise or at home. Minx & I are enjoying the mini heatwave; we hope you are too. Unfortunately we can’t get to the beach as we are FULL-ON at work saving for our upcoming trip to Mistress School in London, run by Miss Josephine near Baker Street. Fun50minx is mildly dom already and sees a fair few clients 'into' light corporal punishment, feet fetish etc, while as a couple we see a fair number of 'subbies' over the year who’s demands include forced bi, bondage, humiliation etc. Domination can be taught from scratch indeed Mistress School offers 'ab-initio' courses to would be dominatrix, however, we are told the majority of students are from an escorting background. Never ones to do things by halves, we are going to Mistress School to re-in-force our knowledge and to professionalise our BDSM activities, bearing in mind too that expertise stems not only from schooling but through solid experience too. That is an aspect we are all too familiar with in the Escorting Industry, with a majority of service providers somewhat amateur in their approach and failing to deliver a sensual experience. Repeat business is key to ongoing success, especially during quiet periods, when one needs repeat clients in their droves to maintain an income. So stay tuned for more updates on the Mistress School experience. Minx & I often joke about corporal punishment and occasional light spankings are not unknown in our household….the London experience in a full blown dungeon is quite a different matter though; since we are attending as a couple we have been told that instead of a model being brought in, we shall be working on each other, under supervision; we are wondering whether to pack the Co-Codamol or a bottle of spirits at least LOL. We’re doing the course in 2 parts, there being 12 modules in all. The second half we’ll be attending at the end of October/beginning of November. For those of you curious to know more, the 12 modules are: Introduction to dungeon, equipment & client assessment, Corporal punishment, Rope bondage, Tie & tease, Anal play, a session with Mistress Jo, TV transformation, Electrosex, Client consultation, Chastity, a full blown session with a real client under supervision, Warming down.  WOW!

We shall be making a new page before the end of the year ‘fun50dom’ and adding it to our sites and profiles including adjusted rates and locations. With the latter in mind we have started to look for industrial premises close to the A1/A19 anywhere between Newcastle and the Leeds/Barnsley areas with the intention of building a dungeon and an office to handle FUN-FIVE-0, with the excess space let out & available for another business... a metal fabricator would be ideal. Do you know of anywhere suitable? If so let us know. We’d want a place with an option to buy outright becoming available over time.

We’re trying to find where our demographic tends to hang out. Our niche is mainly GenXers and Boomers, neither of whom have much to do with Twitter. Around 40% of our Twitter audience is 25-35 age bracket only half of whom are active, so we have been doing research. It seems our audience favours Facebook and Pinterest. We know also that Tumblr is useful. We’re not keen on Facebook, but we HAVE opened new accounts at Pinterest; they are fun-five-0 and fun50couple. We’ve started some interesting boards including Dom, Stockings, Heels, Bisexuality, Erotica, Burlesque, & others. We don’t quite know how this will work out because the whiter than white Pinterest organisation frown on adult content. But we’ll do our best. I know there is some super stuff on there of interest to all of us sexy peeps…if you get a chance take a look at our profiles and share some pics, ty.



Some of you may have read our blog a few months back about penis size. With the opening of FUN-FIVE-0 we’ve been focusing on this issue a bit more and have unearthed some fascinating sexfacts including this: ‘14 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE PENIS’…well tbh we DID know most of ‘em but thought you’d maybe like to take a look too. [See right sidebar] It's nice to know I’m well above average, and to see that I’m classed as a ‘grow-er’ not a ‘show-er’. That’s alright then! I see 6% men have a micro-penis, IE, less than 6cms when HARD, that’s 2 3/8” btw to us old’uns, Struth…..we have seen 3 or 4 guys like that recently; they come for the cuckold experience, fairplay.  On a more serious note though regarding penis size, I’ve been privileged to read recently about new and ongoing developments on how to grow one’s penis. For years I’ve tried to subscribe to the erotic trade rag, and have only just recently been accepted. It’s a bit of a closed shop, understandably so; Last month there was a very comprehensive write up about the subject and the way the market is going, and I’m pleased to report that some products REALLY DO WORK, in the short AND the longer term. The trick is to go with a good quality product from an established manufacturer, FOLLOW the instructions, STICK WITH IT and adopt a disciplined approach….the results will follow. Many of us have traditionally tended to disbelieve penis growth is even possible in reality, but I can assure you it is…just follow the rules and keep at it; Rome wasn’t built in a day. There are some seriously good pumps out there, and these used in combination with traction devices such as JES EXTENDER KIT See  should see tangible results….even impressive results in terms of length AND girth. We'll be introducing some top quality pumps into the collection very soon.

New to Fun50coupleVIEWS are mini sextoy reviews. This month we’ll take a quick look at ‘His Nipple Kit’  As bisexual escorts, we know that MOST MEN with bi-curious or bisexual tendencies like nipple stimulation; they are used to nipple play and aware of their own bodies and sensuality. Some guys can even get off to completion from nipple play alone, and is one reason we stock this kit in our niche collection. The packaging on the box is a bit dated I reckon, but never mind, I believe it’s up for a revamp soon. There’s a short video on You Tube but it doesn’t show the product in action, we’ll be doing that in time. The kit includes Nipple Vises, Clamps & Suckers. Instructional leaflet is very basic. As with all new sextoys/pleasure enhancers, don’t leave it till the last moment to open the box and start playing, unpack it first, discover how it works, then bring it on for maximum effect. That includes remembering to remove the protective plastic sheath from inside the battery holders on the vibrating nipple clamps!  We’ve tried these clamps on clients with mixed reactions, some love em, some they do nothing for, though its fair to say the naysayers are the ones who haven’t discovered their nipples yet. The vibration is a high pitched buzz, and the clamps can also be used to good effect on the scrotum while participating in mild cbt activity, something not mentioned on the packaging. The vises are good quality, though fiddly to attach. Get them on right though and you get the desired effect, and then some. Some guys will have difficulty attaching them…you do need a bit of nipple to get on to, its like some guys have no balls LOL (literally AND figuratively, trust us, we know). Finally there is a pair of nipple suckers, they grandly describe as having a flanged edge for extra suction. You have to use a light lube to establish a seal, and the suction IS palpable; it is possible to pull the nipple up around an inch before losing suction, so reasonably effective we’d say. This kit is a good addition to a collection….in the heat of foreplay, it can be there at the ready to heighten the senses, which can only be GOOD. Enter CODE SEPTNIP at checkout for September discount on this item.

Fun50coupleScrews *

Meet of the month has to be one we did up North. We were invited one Sunday morning at short notice to a static holiday caravan near the coast by a man on his own. The guy is a successful businessman and was on his own that day in the caravan, close family were away. We didn’t hesitate too long about deciding to go….we can very soon sort the wheat from the chaff over the phone, this guy sounded like he knew what he wanted, he’d been following us for a while, and in short, he was HORNY. His description of the location rang true too….we know many of the holiday parks up and down the country, so it seemed he was genuine. And indeed, he was. We arrived a couple of hours later to find a smart unit with all mod cons, a huge television, clean furnishings and a comfy boudoir. The guy is a regular swinger, very ‘sex positive’, and fully bi. After chatting, Minx went for a freshen up, during which time the 2 guys started to ‘explore’. Minx returned to find Geeze’s cock deep down clients throat to murmurs of appreciation, increasing in crescendo to the point of gagging….heavy oral on Minx followed made all the better by a multitude of mirrors hanging from all angles, which further eroticised the scene. Play moved to the comfy bedroom, where Minx drenched the guy with her squirt, followed by heavy ejaculations from both men. I’ve described this scene in mere minutes, yet the action went on for an hour and a half…a magical meeting between 3 sexually charged beings, and one we want to repeat as no doubt will our client, Thanks J!!!! That’s it for now peeps!

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* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity