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Hello Sexy Friends! It's been a while since the last NVS but like many we've been in 'survival mode' working on other projects which should bear fruit in later years. As usual we've been let down big time by OTHER PEOPLE but hey ho, what's new? Long time readers will remember me back in 2017 getting very excited about crypto currencies. At the time we had a very capable 18 year old working for us as a web developer. He'd been weened on computers and was 100% tech savvy. He and his Dad had around £2000 worth of BTC & ETH and some of it had been bought at the time you could pay for a pizza with a couple of bitcoins. Sadly the guy suffered from depression and didn't stay with us long but while he was here, Geeze was able to further his knowledge of cryptos, earmarking Cardano (ADA) as a potential winner. We met several NVS subscribers who were crypto enthusiasts & punters whilst on tour in London. In case all this is Gobbly-Gook and you've been living under a rock this past 4 years, Bitcoin shot up to £25k or thereabouts in December '17 before crashing back down to less than 10k a few weeks later. We got carried away with other 'stuff' as you do, and didn't look at cryptos again until THIS YEAR. No great loss, because it traded sideways for years before gradually recovering. Things started to warm up again in 2021, and Geeze tuned back in. April & May saw all time highs, but we weren't yet back in the space, with no skin in the game. Knowledge base was rusty too. Fast forward to NOW, and for 6 full months Geeze has been studying, and hoddling (HODL: it means 'hold on for dear life') cryptos. We cottoned on pretty soon that Q4 was set to be a HUGE OPPORTUNITY, life changing in fact, so we put property up for sale intending to raise funds for further investment. Long story short we got let down by a well known local 'big shot' developer who didn't come up with the money. So sadly, we're trading with a lot less funding than we'd like, however, undeterred, we're in for the long haul, with significant gains already made. Today BTC is sat at $65000 with an expectation of $88-100k by Christmas. Wow. Read more in Fun50Couple-Views below.

Other news is we've been very busy since lockdown eased. We've seen guys from far and wide, though American clients aren't due back till next year. The playroom now 3 years old has 'matured' into a high spec work space with pretty much everything you could need for a kinky sexperience. Or for that matter a gentle first time MMF. We're very proud of it, however, we were on the point of planning bigger & better, but with a government hellbent on more restrictions and with no credible opposition to what's verging on tyranny, we in common with many other businesses, have put plans on hold.

Every month we receive a trade publication called 'ETO' which stands for Erotic Trade Only. Its all about sex toys and the multi-billion pound pleasure product market. Virtual sex is burgeoning, and a lot of big players are strategically planning on 'the new normal' enduring and building on that. In other words, they're banking on people rejecting skin against skin on 'safety' grounds. People like LoveH*ney have one thing in mind, GREED. They've recently merged with another giant as have a tranche of other wholesalers. Raw material, shipping & labour costs have gone through the roof, that's why when you go into somewhere like Ann Summers all you see is cheap own brand merchandise with little choice. Instead of fighting for freedom and backing the re-instatement of inalienable human rights illegally taken from us, these organizations are cynically riding the dystopian bandwagon just like Zuckerberg is with his Metaverse crap. Have you read about that? Its another reason we're focusing so much on the crypto space. It's a means by which we can earn a living without interacting with ANYONE ELSE AT ALL in the physical sense, should that become necessary due to further lockdowns in the name of XYZ variant or even 'Climate Emergency', the NWO's latest scam aided & abetted by Johnson. (subservient to  Carrie Symonds; FLR perhaps?) In The Far East in places like Vietnam, people aren't working in proper jobs. They never had full employment there anyway. Millions are staying home & relying on playing computer games like Axie Infinity to earn their crust. Crazy. And similar madness is forecast closer to home. In Wales they'll be paying people to do bugger all after Christmas with the introduction of CCP style social credits, followed by Scotland, then yep, you guessed it...HERE  >>> Maybe.<<< Check out this quote from the latest ETO. I reckon it's spot on:

'Until it finally arrives, my advice to anyone in the industry who wants to try and plan for the day after tomorrow is to play it smart and keep on keeping on. Because while it's tempting to bet on the continued rise of whatever's happening right now, remember whether it was from reading tea leaves, gazing into crystal balls, or listening to business forecasters, the future has forever remained an inescapably indistinct maybe'

BRAVO! My late mother used to read tea leaves. Rest assured, we shall 'keep on keeping on'  for as long as we're able. Oh & by the way, if you're looking for decent sex toys of the extreme variety, I highly recommend you shun the multi-nationals & head over to Etsy. Meanwhile, two fingers to the NWO, WEF, Cop21, Johnson & his NetZero, Sunak's cashless society & the armies of clipboards in the public sector  who prop these people up (numbering 6 million+ now, equating to over 25% of employed Britons) intent on control. #RantOver

One other item of news! We've made a new site to complement Its URL is it's bang up to date and responsive too. We're moving the Private Gallery formerly on AW onto it, as well as offering XXX Phone Sex, both paid for using crypto. Unfortunately we're stalled just now hooking up the payment gateway, there's a glitch we're having difficulty fixing but we're working on it. Phone Sex customers will get automatic 24 hour access to Private Gallery by the way. Stay tuned.


That quote from ETO and my comments about the multi-nationals & politicians are highly relevant to this issue of 'VIEWS'. On the one hand, we (fun50couple) reject the new normal simply because most of it is based on lies, irrational thought and illegal practices such as coercion & psychological manipulation. On the other hand we're embracing fintech not because we condone a cashless society but because it's a key to restoring individual freedoms. How so? Banks are in charge of everything we do, either directly or indirectly. Banks control governments. Yep, you heard that right. Most people don't realize that. It started with the setting up of the Federal Reserve in the early 1900s. Nixon put another nail in the coffin in 1969 as did our own Gordon Brown more recently etc etc. B>O>R>I>N>G I know. DeFi or decentralised finance cuts out the middleman. It means we can make peer to peer payments across international borders in seconds. Anonymously. That's why the likes of Biden & Sunak don't like it, they want to ban it, and they want to impose their own CBDC's so they can control every penny you spend. People laughed when Johnson spouted about controlling meat consumption to save the planet. Well folks, that's how he'll do it. When they control WHAT you spend your money on, and there's no cash, you've no choice. Do your own research & don't sit back like the masses & let these things happen without a fight. Another thing people don't know is that all credit & debit card payments worldwide go through just 4 banks. Mastercard, Visa, American Express & WorldPay. Granted you'll pay for something using Santander or Starling for example, but the bottom line is they all get channelled through that big 4 cartel.  It's the reason Only Fans is banning content, and our Private gallery on AdultWork is no more. Why? Because AW at the behest of Mastercard now requires written consent for each and every image on our profiles, with paper files to back it up or else they'll delete our content. So we as an engaged escort couple with an account initially set up by Geeze nearly 10 years ago, now have to provide written proof of consent for each and every image of Minx posted on the site, including blogs, banners, free gallery & private gallery. Not to mention asses & dicks belonging to punters in threeways; they all need individual consent too.  The people behind this of course are the 'holier than thous' in the shadows, in Silicon Valley probably; they want online pornography of any kind banned for good. Even something as harmless as an exposed nipple has been removed from the likes of FB & Insta for 'violating standards'. Of course as everyone knows, anyone in porn has been forced against their will to bare their soul, they've been trafficked and they're born losers who need 'saving'. We're all victims. Right? It's the same cabal as who's pulling the strings behind NWO etc.  Historically, anyone & everyone with adult industry connections has had hassles with processing payments. Endless hurdles, and when you clear the first few they throw you some more. It looks like AW got caught with their pants down as they scrambled to change the site; Escorts were kept in the dark towards the end but finally a fortnight after the cut off date when we were threatened with sanctions if we didn't comply, the new regulations and accompanying forms appeared. I would imagine that behind the scenes, they're designing a new platform? Or maybe not. Maybe they're arrogant & so confident in their position as Number One that they'll just keep pushing compliance onto weary service providers. (in reality Viva Street gets way more traffic)

A couple of issues ago we told you we were building (as web developers) a 'different kind' of escorting platform. We stopped work on it mid plandemic as we weren't sure where escorting was going. This coincided with Geeze's renewed interest in the crypto space. As mentioned in 'NEWS' a good deal of time has been invested learning about this fast moving tech. Geeze totally 'gets it'; most people including some industry 'experts' still haven't grasped the enormity of the changes coming to finance.  Some gurus ridiculed cryptos as recently as 18 months ago, lambasting them as a fraud. Now they're buying into them as fast as they can, as institutional investors demand access to cryptos, especially via ETF's. (Exchange Trading Funds)  People aren't just 'onboarding' cryptos per se, to make a fast buck. Some are being drawn in via things like NFT's; Jo Average doesn't realise it's all Crypto punk NFTinterconnected & related to blockchain. NFT's are 'Non Fungible Tokens'. More gobbly-gook? Google it, no don't, use Brave Browser or DuckDuckGo instead.  NFT's are digital collectables and they've been selling for insane amounts of money. Why am I sharing this with you? Because as soon as I learnt about them I could see they're made for the Adult Industry. I even recruited a guy in the Philippines to make an NFT of the TeesValleyMistress. The current NFT market cap is nearly $15 billion with a daily trading volume of nearly $3 billion. Sadly my senior back end developer, with degrees in Maths and Computer Science, doesn't share my vision. But others do. Trailblazers, a couple of whom have appeared since July. Like I said it's a fast moving picture. My developer can't even drive a car, his choice granted, but I rest my case. DeFi, Cryptos, NFT's are the future, and especially for the adult industry. Have a Taboo Adult Entertainment tokenquick look at one example of a tokenised adult entertainment platform here. Their White Paper makes interesting reading, especially if you're an investor. There are potential gains with these kinds of start ups of thousands %; Another area of interest within the crypto space for NVS subscribers many of who are 'buy to let' investors is 'staking'. Yields of 15-16% are commonplace even with low risk projects like stable coins. It's exciting, and we're still at the very beginning. NASCENT is the buzz word! I had hoped the senior developer would get on board, but he won't. A well known blockchain expert I know with experience going back 10 years, can't be assed either. I'm looking to form a team with vison & a CAN-DO attitude. As a bare minimum I need an NFT artist/developer, a blockchain developer, a PR person, some-one with a strong background in finance (not to borrow, but for knowledge) and we could get this thing going. It's like asking for the impossible, but as you can see with Taboo®, NAFTY is another, a tiny few others are doing it, so there's hope. Can you help? Very large returns are not merely possible, they're probable. Like many things, it sounds complex. But if you've a head for numbers and a thirst for knowledge, it isn't really rocket science. All I'm looking for at this moment in time is interested parties prepared to get together, discuss the opportunity constructively and help turn levers to make it happen. Email me #EnoughIsEnough, lets now talk sex.....


Meet Finley, a 60 year old Scot & a recent visitor from the Western Isles. Apparently the name means "fair, white warrior" (Scottish, Gaelic) and it describes our man to a tee. Younger readers may wonder at men Finley's age and write them off as 'gammon' but as the saying goes 'there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle'. Old? Depends on your POV I suppose. In truth, a high proportion of our sexier clients are late 50's & early 60's. A 60 year old would have been born 1961, into what became known as the Permissive Society. Five key pieces of legislation passed in the Swinging Sixties' changed the way Britain looked at 'sex' and relationships for ever, Read more here; you might be surprised at some of the people behind those laws! The Seventies followed, with a further ratcheting up of 'permissiveness'; inevitably this 'new' culture rubbed off on youngsters at the time, influencing their life choices & behaviour for decades.  Regular NVS subscribers will know that one of the attractions to me of blogging is that it adds to my knowledge. Researching what I write about means drilling down through links, deeper & deeper into the chosen subject. In doing so I came across (not literally you understand) this gem from professor of arts and humanities, writer & novelist Clay Reynolds. I love his introduction 'cultural history moves like tides, ebbs and flows, advancing and retreating' followed by detailed observations of subjects all close to my heart: Time & Tide, Sexuality, Sex & Politics. The missive's concluding paragraph meshes neatly with what we've found with Millennials & our thoughts about where the escort industry might be heading as discussed in 'VIEWS'. Anyway, back to Finley....

Standing 5 feet eight tall, with a trim figure one could almost describe as 'wiry', white hair & goatee beard, he emerged from our rain shower wrapped in a towel, to be lead astray initially by Minx solo. We'd crossed paths a couple of years ago, & like many clients Finley had been aching to return for more kinky play before lockdown put a brake on activities. So basically he was 'gagging for it', literally. In recent months with no end in sight to the Convid debacle he'd invested in an E-Stim systems ElectroPebble XPF as he sought to scratch his 'itch'. I think we may have introduced him to E-stim in the first place, alas, our 'case notes' weren't as detailed then as they are today; suffice to say, he'd been playing with it for 3 months but hadn't yet found the 'sweet spot'. That's a common criticism of electrosex. You have to stick with it, you have to be patient, and you have to get your head in the right space when you're using it. Remember guys, the BRAIN's the biggest sex organ, NOT your penis; E-stim isn't something you just plug in to help satisfy that almost primeval urge that for some of us occurs on a daily basis. Quick hard animalistic relief is one thing, E-stim is something else entirely. Properly done, it's all about fine tuning, to induce that 'wave' of euphoria similar to what most men experience in the final seconds before blowing their load, but holding it there. Ultimate edging if you like. Patience is rewarded with a hands free ORGASM that will ROCK YOU. BUT, it does take time to learn. Save it for when you're sexually frustrated, and you've got 90 minutes minimum of uninterrupted 'you time' with no-one around to distract you. Our playroom's purrfect for it. Situated adjacent to a busy main road but professionally soundproofed, the space exudes luxury & a feeling of calm, with only the faint hum of traffic to remind you you're anywhere close to civilization. Hmmm, I'm really not sure we can call it that now, as we seem to be slipping inexorably into totalitarianism. Interacting with people and their most private thoughts as we do, it seems almost surreal to us that so many continue to sleep; drawing their news from a corrupt main stream media, questioning little, and following the fold. #DefundTheBBC. (we have, have you?) History shows us that good usually prevails over evil & TRUTH wins. Time will tell.

As Minx led Finley away, Geeze was told to keep busy in the office until 'summoned'. This was one of those meets where Minx was 75% in Mistress mode, 25% escort. I question sometimes whether dommes who offer electrostim can ever truly empathize with a male client in the same way as another male user of the equipment can. I needn't have worried on this occasion though, as 45 minutes later I was invited to join them. It appeared Minx had succeeded in bringing Finley to a heightened state of arousal, evidenced by his impressive looking cock pointing skyward, simultaneously twitching and dribbling copious streams of precum. She'd got him relaxed in the sling, suspended from the bondage bed frame, feet in stirrups with his ass positioned right on the very edge of the leather webbing, allowing full view (and access) to his hole. His nipples looked pretty ripe too; Big, pumped up and obviously used to heavy stimulation, Geeze couldn't resist running a pinwheel over them. Blindfolded, Finley jumped & cried out, then again as an ElectroWhisker gave him pins & needles when Geeze brushed it against his shaven mound. Minx had warmed him up using nothing more than a couple of pads, one on the perineum the other on his shaft, amplified by light massage of his anus with her index finger. She'd gently inserted Quest too, which is a small vibrating p-massager. Finley's quite hairy, nevertheless, Geeze softened up the areolae & skin surrounding those pert nipples, & managed to get a pair of heavy duty suckers to take hold. Slowly turning the adjustable knobs in a clockwise direction, the suction drew the flesh up and into the tube, like two miniature breasts blossoming as they became more & more aroused. Some men feel a similar sensation to what women feel at this stage; their orifices' crave penetration; some start salivating while others feel themselves 'self lubricating' defying what some 'experts' say is impossible for men. As we've learnt recently, it's never the best idea to rely solely on the views of 'the intelligencia' is it? Experience COUNTS! Finley was getting his money's worth for sure. Just what we like, because it usually means a client will be back for more.

Geeze was called upon to step up the E-stim. Probing Finley gently to find his prostate he located it straightaway. Rocking his gloved fingertip against Finley's hard knobby gland elicited further groans of appreciation accompanied by a brief spurt of milky fluid from his pee hole. We were definitely on the right track. Inserting a satin finish metal flange in line with a heavy conductive loop around his bell end, Geeze switched the unit on, gradually ramping up the power until Finley raised his hand signaling he was close to his limit. The trick is to reach that point and drop it down a notch almost instantaneously, to find a level of comfort. Then, its time to adjust the speed of the mode selected. There are 10 modes including basic flow, squeeze, milk, audio etc. Behind each sensation there's a pulse, which if you don't relax or pay attention isn't immediately noticed. The wave's crucial, because it's what you hone in on & fine tune, which in turn builds the intensity. Once that level can be maintained for a few minutes it's time to go up another notch, and so the process continues. Geeze has got to the stage where Pebble isn't powerful enough and a 2B is on the wish list. Pebble's power scale starts around the 7'o'clock position, goes thru 12 and around as far as 5. Finley's max on this occasion was 2; plenty of scope for more in the future. Pretty soon he was howling; you know when then they're stoked because they start babbling...intimate phrases interlaced with profanities & gratitude. Had we continued he'd quite probably have climaxed, violently so; he'd told us he could cum twice, but we agreed with him to STOP. He wanted now to be probed more deeply. He wanted his face sat upon. He'd reached the stage where he craved to be violated and pleasured and loved and abused and penetrated all at the same time. If that's too extreme for you then turn the page. But if you're one of those people whos forever pushing boundaries and seeking new horizons, you may recognize that state of mind & body. Its what brings people back to us time and time again. I suppose it's the very definition of a sexual 'itch' for submissives at least. The suspension sling is sturdy, hanging from industrial grade carabiner clips & chain well able to handle the combined weight of 2-3 people. Straddling his chest, Minx moved closer, positioning her big silky smooth booty close to his face. Meanwhile Geeze turned to, withdrawing the electrode from Finley's ass & loosening the grip of the loop around his cock. Finley's tongue flicked back and forth, outstretched to the max yet failing to reach anything of substance.

Desperately willing Minx to drop down a level, she at last granted him his desire, grinding her sex onto his nose then full face, relishing the sensation as his tongue probed her wet sloppy cunt...

Wriggling further forward while holding on to the supports for balance she offered him her asshole and soon she too was in ecstasy as he probed her orally, front and rear. Tasting her. His mind (& face) drenched with the eroticism of the experience, the lust and a longing for more more more. A yearning that was about to be satisfied as Geeze rubbered up, and maneuvered into a kneeling position between his spread legs. Swinging the sling to and fro brought Finlay's anus intermittently into contact with the tip of Geeze's erect cock. Teasing him for a few minutes more then holding things steady, Geeze pressed his meat against the Scot's hole, gently pleasuring the surrounds of his anus and perineum, restarting the stimulation of the p-spot in the process.  Guys, for those of you who don't fancy the prospect of penetration (yet), P-spot massage is possible by exerting firm pressure on the area between balls and ass. Firm it needs to be though and to be honest, it can get very intense so long as you're prepared to be patient and let it build. Geeze was pretty horned up too by this stage; entering Finley, he was surprised he was not too tight. Finley had admitted to being an anal virgin, however, the previous electro insertion must have relaxed him quite a bit, prompting Geeze to go deeper. Pretty soon he was in about 4 inches, around about the place where it's prudent to pause, before going ALL THE WAY. Checking Finley was comfortable, Geeze gently fucked him while also rubbing him with his finger, all around his hole. Minx moved off his face and went to sit on her throne. We've noticed men tend to get very turned on watching her watching them. She also likes to see Geeze's ass. We BOTH have a bottom fetish; its something we discuss when we're out in public even, between ourselves, comparing notes regarding passers by. Not all the time of course but often enough; we're highly sexualised by the nature of our work, granted, but we're not complaining! We've always been very SEXUAL people. After about 10 minutes of gentle bumsex, both men felt the need for more. Finley gave the green light for more length, and relaxed his muscles allowing Geeze to penetrate him nearly 7 inches, balls deep, then a pause, then short sharp strokes. Our 'fair white warrior' kept repeating himself over and over, saying how wonderful it was between deep breaths, then gasps. And for those who've experienced it, IT IS. Short & sharp got Geeze more rampant. Closing his eyes he concentrated on the feeling. He could feel the sap rising, slowly, until he got to the point that he knew even if he stopped shafting he'd still cum big. Pulling out he tore off his Skin and masturbated to completion pumping a humongous load over Finley's chest, the mesh frame the wooden balustrade and the wall beyond. It's why we decorated the place in satin paint; it's easily washed. Wonderful.

As a point of interest, did you know though that not all bi or gay men actually fuck? Some just don't want to, or are repulsed by it, in the same way as some straight people are. So why do some men crave intercourse with other men, or want to be fucked by a mistress, girlfriend or hot wife with a strap-on? It's because it feels so good, that's why. Men who have experienced it, if it's done carefully and with sensitivity, all say the same. Sadly a good many too, after trying it for a first time, never want it again because they've been hurt, usually at the hands of amateurs or the inexperienced. It should never 'hurt'; Right? Even when its performed beautifully it isn't discomfort that brings matters to a close, it's exhaustion; not just from the physical effort, but the mental thing too. It's a BIG DEAL for a lot of guys! Even for Geeze, who reckons it's one of the kinkiest and closest things a M/F couple can do together, reversing roles while looking each other straight in the eye, mmmmm.

Catching glimpses of Minx watching & rubbing herself during intercourse had turned Finley on even more. Now he too wanted to fuck. Geeze helped him out the sling and folded away the chains while Minx & Finley sipped drinks, then they started to kiss. Soon the pair were shuffling awkwardly back towards the bed while still snogging and fondling one another.

Finley was the hardest now he'd been all day. His cock stood to attention, solid and veiny and slightly curved, his muscular legs (from cycling apparently) and very fit body were taut, primed and ready to fuck for Scotland. Geeze did the honours in the condom department, rolling a 'magnum' on to him before stepping back to watch the pair at it. Minx rode him cowgirl style and there's nothing Geeze likes better than watching her getting fucked by a big cock at close quarters. Watching it going right in, then out again glistening with her juice thrilled Geeze; especially when he caught sight of her anus, like a starfish centred in an area of darkened flesh and shadow deep between her bum cheeks. Cuckold? Yes sometimes, I Cuckold with fun50couple, mature escorts in the North Easthave to admit. Finley was about the same in length as Geeze, but significantly thicker. In & out he pounded her, a blur of motion, then came the inevitable. BOOM! Shouting out as he exploded inside her, a couple of sharp aftershocks, then reluctant withdrawal. Two minutes later it was all but over. All the planning, pent up energy & emotion that had lead to the earth shattering orgasm withered away, at once replaced by gentle laughter and acknowledgment that a good time had been had by all. That in a nutshell, is how we make our crust. It's a tough job, but hey, somebody's gotta do it! It's all about Supply & Demand, delivering a service & 'doing what we say on the tin' (Few do). So, who's next? Might it be YOU? Don't be shy, pick up the phone +44 (0)7981-726237. You subscribe to NVS to learn out more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Until next time, be good (I used to say Stay Safe but that phrase now means something else entirely) and realise that in all situations however dire there are Winners & Losers. Focus on the former, don't be unduly influenced by others, and strive to be your TRUE SELF. Chances are a decade from now, we're going to look back on this dark time and see it for what it is/was, GROSS OVERREACTION, CYNICAL MANIPULATION & an unjust & unwarranted ASSAULT ON OUR FREEDOMS by people we should kick out of our lives FOR GOOD,  Meanwhile take care, Luv, fun50couple xxx

Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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