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Hello Sexy Friends & Followers! Its a special time of year as we approach Valentine’s Day, with the first green shoots of Spring and signs the Winter’s almost over. The only snowflakes we’ve seen this year are the ones forecasting 17-22” of snow and ‘the mercury plummeting’ to…..1 degree. Are you like us & sick to death of these headlines? Fake news. We’ve seen them time after time since November, mostly from the Express or the Mail, in an effort to sell newspapers I suppose. Not that many people read them nowadays. Some surveys suggest only 1% of the Under 30's now read a daily newspaper, referring instead to their phone's social media feeds.  About the same number of people who read through our profile before picking up the phone, to ask? You guessed it…. About everything we’ve already set out on the sites! Mind to be fair, the ones who DO see us, are guys who’ve done their homework, read every word, checked the feedback, and more importantly, checked the feedback of the feedback. What do we mean by that? Well guys, if you do that, you’ll see what kind of service providers clients have seen in the past. For example, you might not (we certainly wouldn’t) want to be associated with anyone who makes a habit of visiting bareback escorts. On a lighter note, sufficient numbers of horny men did make contact through January when we toured to South Wales & Bristol, followed by Dartford in Kent; We enjoyed several kinky meets including electrosex & time spent with cross-dressers, in addition to a fair number of straight(ish) guys up for cuckold style experiences.

We’re touring a lot more this year. Between now and Easter you can catch up with us at the following destinations. Are any of them close to YOU? Check ‘em out:

16th-19th February, NOTTINGHAM

Escort Couple in Nottingham UK, staying close to Nottingham City Centre, shown in this image.

Image of Lincoln showing location of UK Escort Couple tour stopLINCOLN  19th - 21st February, then...

GLOUCESTER 29th Feb-4th March >>> LEEDS 26th-29th March >>> SHEFFIELD 29th March-1st April >>> CORBY 11th April

We’ve already had some savvy guys call us to pre-book. Most tend to leave it until the last minute...we totally understand the difficulties married men have in ‘getting away’, however, if you CAN give us a bit of notice, so much the better, because we can then bring with us whatever ‘extras’ you might require; items like lingerie, heels, wigs, power boxes, e-stim electrodes, plugs etc. We have so much ‘stuff’ these days split between our home and the Dungeon that we simply cannot bring everything with us on the off-chance its needed, OK guys?

Other news: Minx aka Mistress Orchid the #TeesValleyMistress has been increasingly busy in the playroom, which has been upgraded by the addition of a wall mounted heater to complement the radiators. We’ve also managed to finish soundproofing the stairwell. Sound is like water. It escapes through the smallest opening, so if its needs to be 100%, especially when Mistress gets carried away with the Spanking Paddle. Even electrical socket housings have to be filled with acoustic putty to prevent transmission of noise. Eventually we hope to convert another room to house vertical cages and a St Andrews Cross.

We haven’t been so fortunate with customers to the studio, with no escorts or models using the facility to date. That looks set to change though, judging by the traffic we’ve generated via a new online AdultFolio profile. Photographers are a flakey bunch at the best of times, and we’re discovering the adult ‘modelling’ scene to be like so many other sectors of our industry: Cliquey and colonised by large numbers of Prima Donnas. Mention ‘escort’ and you’re ‘Soiled Goods’, but we live in hope of attracting male models and togs willing to shoot them. Its amazing how few photographers are OK about shooting MMF. The gay guys don’t want to be involved with females. The straight guys don’t like Boy-Boy (as they call it) action either. We’ve been struggling now for around 5 years to find reliable people, fingers crossed Adult Folio can help.Image of Cenorship with link to page explaining Twitter Shadow Banning 2020 Twitter is a total waste of time, and we’re permanently censored anyway. Christmas saw some respite as they lifted the ban briefly enabling us to go from 2930 to 3050 followers, Gee THANKS JACK (Dorsey) 🙁 Since hitting 3050 we continue to attract 2-5 new followers daily, which get cancelled out by Twitter who remove an equal number, meaning we’re static. Why do we bother? Because it helps us in the eyes of the blessed Google with website rankings. We continue with Twitter for NO OTHER REASON, certainly not to attract clients! In all the years we’ve been escorting I think we’ve seen 2 or 3 followers only. WE get hundreds of ‘wish you were nearer’ or ‘can’t get away’ or ‘definitely going to book you’ DMs aka NOISE, which is all what Social Media is really. We live in what’s supposed to be the ‘most connected age in history’ but also the ‘most superficial age in history’ which brings me neatly to VIEWS.

The brutal year we suffered in 2019 along with millions of others, forced us to work very hard on our marketing. Escort bookings are considered a ‘luxury item’ dependent on ‘discretionary spend’. Uncertainties surrounding Brexit meant ‘feel good factor’ was in short supply & we like so many others took a hit to turnover of around 30%. Since BJ got elected, there’s been an uptick in business, reflected in the news with the UK Service’s Sector reported to be surging forward once more having been in the doldrums since 2015. Manufacturing isn’t faring so well. But then neither is it in Europe, with Germany teetering on the brink of recession, along with Italy. We had to think carefully about how to attract new clients as well as retaining existing ones….


Over recent weeks I’ve begun to realise we’re all living though a very significant moment in history. The last 50 years have been kind of so-so, but right now, there are BIG CHANGES & I don’t mean changes brought about by the B word. Technology is racing ahead. Who’d have thought even 15 years ago that we’d be banning sales of new petrol and/or diesel engine cars in just 10 years time, with news last week that petrol cars will be banned altogether from 2035!? !? Elon Musk maybe? Apparently we’re going to need to build 4000 charging points a day, starting yesterday, to top up all the electric cars we’re supposed to be buying in the next decade. It’s not going to happen is it. What’s more likely is that car ownership will be restricted to those who can afford it, with large numbers of blue collar people forced onto public transport, who knows. What we do know, is that the infrastructure isn’t going to be there to support the numbers of cars currently on the road if they were to be replaced with electric. Hydrogen might be one answer. I mentioned NOISE earlier, in the form of Social Media. The likes of Greta Thunberg and the Leftwaffe are driving a conversation geared to forcing people to embrace so called Climate Emergency, however, this conversation is almost exclusively between Millennials & Gen Zers.

Boomers (our clientbase) are deemed out of touch and irrelevant, while Genx’ers are blamed almost as much as Boomers for the ‘mess’ they reckon the world is in.

Older people are blamed for ‘stealing the young ones’ futures’ . We saw similar accusations surrounding the Brexit vote. I’ve been closely following the #OKBoomer hashtag. It appears now to be all but spent, following 16 months or thereabouts of fierce debate & controversy. You’ll probably remember the effect #MeToo had on society, and while #OKBoomer didn’t reach such dizzy heights, it did hit a nerve. You see, right now, all these BIG CHANGES in society are closely interconnected. OKBoomer pits the young against the old, no great shakes you might say. After all, generations have always differed and argued; the difference now though is there is NO COMMON GROUND between the age groups, unlike the past. The young are entrenched in their position & they ‘know best’. This isn’t surprising because since the 90s they’ve been brought up as ‘little adults’ encouraged to be HEARD from birth. As an escort couple communicating with thousands of men over the years from teenagers to octogenarians we’re in a unique position. (Yes, we get 18 year olds forwardsome enough to pick up the phone expecting to meet with us). We witness the sharp generational divides at first hand. While ‘Mr 50-Something’ usually takes trouble to introduce himself, his needs and wants, age, previous experience etc in the form of a sensible message either email or text, Gen Z/Millennials first contact message is often no more than ‘postcode?’ or ‘Avalable?’[sic]. Two weeks ago, I read an article titled “OK Boomer.” ‘Really?! - Here’s what needs to be said to the younger generations’ written by Michael Levin.

I read through it with interest & found myself agreeing with EVERYTHING he said. This guy’s no fool by the way...a NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author & a regular contributor to Fox News, Forbes, Bloomberg, etc. I felt compelled to share it with others, tweeting about it, saying it was Spot On. Older followers patted me on the back. One younger reader mischievously replied ‘OKBoomer’. I get it. Clearly the latter saw me as just another out of touch old git waiting to die but it got me thinking, and re-considering. You see, in our own family we have younger members just like the people Levin talks about. We despair when they behave EXACTLY like he says, almost to the letter. I think Levin is WRONG to say ‘Here’s what needs to be said to the younger generations’. These people will take no more notice of us oldsters than we did of our parents in the Swinging Sixties or the Summer of Love (1967). Image of the Grateful Dead, Summer of Love 1967If you're one of our older subscribers who may remember way-back-then. On the other hand, I've heard said 'if you remember it you weren’t really there man…..' In fact, today’s youngsters may take even less notice for the reasons I alluded to earlier.....

If you checked out Levin's article you'll have seen a long list of observations, lets take a closer look at three of them.....

  1. ‘You spend your days staring into screens. By contrast, we make eye contact and therefore have empathy and real connection with other human beings’

  2. 'When it comes to personal finance, we balance our checkbooks. You don’t even know how much you spend at Starbucks (Hint: a lot)'

  3. ‘We make commitments. You rent your furniture’

Where I believe Levin is wrong, is that he’s suggesting these youngsters need to be taught how ‘to live right’. I don’t think we’re going to change these people. Marketeers will have to evolve to fit with these new values or DIE. Along with Levin. However impossible that may seem. He's right about young people staring into screens. But that’s what they’re going to continue to do, so we have to adjust to a world where the norm, for example, is connection by means of text message. With no eye contact. No empathy. And no real connection with another human being. Anything and everything is becoming dehumanised & no more than an electronic transaction. More & more consumers are neither able or willing to let another human get in the way. Just look at your local supermarket. Minimum wage constraints + consumers increasingly reluctant to physically engage with others through eye contact and kind casual conversation, mean stores are moving more to Self Checkouts, and on further still to total automation, with the first such shops now open in London.

So what about personal finance? Hmmmm. We met a Big Wheel recently, closely connected to the Whitbread Group. He revealed that Costa’s original business model was built upon research that suggested Millennials spend around £9 a day on coffee, £30 a month on Gym membership and £30-50+ a month on mobiles. No wonder young people won’t or can’t SAVE. They live for the moment & believe property ownership (for example) is an impossible dream so don’t bother even trying to ‘put money away'. In truth most generations have had to cope with adversity surrounding property purchase. People made commitments & sacrifices. Men & women emerging from World War 2 faced incredible obstacles to home ownership, yet they endured. Levin says young ones today merely ‘Rent their furniture’ instead. BUT, who will be the winners? The answer I would suggest are those who are innovative enough to embrace changing culture and not fight against it.

Perhaps its time for fintech companies to disrupt the market & introduce, for example, 100 year mortgages spread over two generations, making home ownership affordable for the masses?

Levin accuses youngsters of burying their heads in their smartphones and a misguided conviction that there’s an APP for everything that matters. Today’s winners in business are those who are moving WITH these younger people. JustEat is cleaning up on fast food deliveries, via Apps. They’re busy capitalizing on laziness & tech, giving the market what it DEMANDS. If I’d told some-one 15 years ago that a handful of gazillionaires in California were going to get away with taking 30% off every order from your local Chinese takeaway I would have been labelled CRAZEEEEEE. (We’re all Crazy Now...remember that one by Slade? Sorry, can’t help it, check the old school vid below & get down get with it & stomp those feet) In the airline business, O’Leary at RyanAir is playing to the virtue signalling youngsters influenced by Thunberg, portraying his carrier to be all of a sudden Touchy-Feely, Green & Sustainable. RYANAIR!?! It's laughable! Granted a proportion of the GenZ demo will see it for what it is...window dressing. But a good percentage won’t, and they'll buy tickets at the expense of other carriers, who may cautiously be adressing carbon neutrality behind the scenes, but not shouting loud about it.

So where we do we fit in? We continually strive to be successful & keep ahead of the crowd. Our research has unearthed three significant trends for 2020 relevant to our life as Boomer Escorts. They are Experiential Luxury, Loneliness and Consensual Non Monogamy.

We talked about Experiential Luxury in Christmas NVS. In a nutshell, it's the well heeled investing in memories in place of material goods & status symbols and tipped by marketing gurus to be a major trend in 2020.  And Loneliness? It’s not difficult to see why there’s a loneliness epidemic in Britain & the US, not least for the reasons discussed earlier. Around 4 million men in Britain have no close friends they can confide in, Sad but TRUE. There’s a wealth of information out there from the NHS and others, and it’s a subject we’re very interested in. Why? Because a good many of our clients are Lonely People, including many who are married. Some of them are lonely because they can’t or won’t communicate with their significant other for whatever reason. Some cheat, which paradoxically, can lead to saving or strengthening a relationship. How? By creating an anchor of connection with others elsewhere, like us. There are also couples out there who do communicate, who do realise that expecting ONE OTHER PERSON (spouse) to provide the other’s complete physical & emotional needs over DECADES is simply unrealistic.

Some of these people are custom designing their relationships and choosing to go down the CNM road. CNM? CONSENSUAL NON MONOGAMY....

This NVS is focused on Seismic Shifts going on RIGHT NOW most especially in the UK and the US. I don’t think the penny's dropped for a lot of people, especially those who I’d label ‘small town folk’. Their life revolves around family, football, reality TV and grudgingly, work, especially here in the 'traditional' North East, a region POLES APART from the affluent South East. And another reason for our country’s strife. We’re at a ti[[ing point, with huge challenges but also huge opportunities for those brave enough to tackle them. The religious brigade are caught up in all of this too. Only 2% of people in the UK go to church nowadays and Church of England membership is at an all time low. The Church is struggling with issues surrounding modern life and relationships...all connected to the way society is moving along the lines I’ve already alluded to. They commissioned a report some time ago, due out later this year, called Living In Love and Faith. Its about Sex, Gender & Relationships, & Marriage. In the meantime they’ve found themselves embroiled in an anomaly surrounding Civil Partnerships; The law courts decreed that Civil Partnerships should be available to opposite sex couples, where previously they’d been reserved for same sex couples only. Last week the House Of Bishops published what they call a ‘Pastoral Statement’ which basically lectured the country saying ‘Sex is for Married Straight Couples only’. Did anyone take very much notice? Probably not. In effect, our country has had a ‘national religion’ aka THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND foisted upon it, made all the more easier by the fact Bishops automatically get seats in the House Of Lords. It’s same old-same old establishment crap which is rapidly falling by the wayside in contemporary Britain. For too long we’ve all been humble subjects following the fold. Now, people are speaking out. I use the word ‘subjects’ with caution. I don’t consider myself a subject to anyone least of all Her Majesty, but legally, that’s what we still are apparently, despite the word ‘citizen’ attributed to you in your shiny new British Passport.

We're a 100% British Escort Couple, Image is of new 2020 blue passport replacing old EU passports

As you can imagine, all these events & shifts in the way people think have been of great interest to us as a mature escort couple in the UK. Our work revolves around satisfying the needs and desires of men caught up in a mad world, of immense pressure, expectation and disappointment. We’ve combined all three of the trends tipped for prominence in 2020 and built a website around them. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page, Take a look, but not until you’ve met Daz, a 38 year old offshore worker, with a very different take on Non Monogamy, Read on….


Daz had wasted our time for 2-3 years, so much so we’d starred his number and blocked him on AdultWork. There had been bookings put through in the early hours expecting us to turn out to Gosforth at 2 in the morning. There had been numerous phone calls asking for bookings then not confirming on the day, a couple of no shows, all the kinda form that risks an entry on ClientEye these days. Occassionally we will relent and grant a ‘second chance’ so one day when '***WOT Gosforth' popped up on the sex phone we responded instead of cutting him off. It was the usual...he said he was very nervous, first time, bi-curious, wanted red nail polish on Minx’s toes, stockings, wanted to watch, was his dream to suck a cock, cream pie, clean out, blah blah, we hear that stuff a thousand times. Money talks, so we asked for a sizeable deposit to justify turning out. Gosforth is almost an hour away, and it takes as long to get ready; we’re done with guys who blow us out when we’ve gone to all that trouble with the usual excuses ‘Been called in to work’ or ‘wife decided to stay in’ or ‘can’t get to the bank to draw out cash’. But this time I guess he knew it was ‘NOW or NEVER’ and we were pleased to see a decent transfer into our account, so away we went. It was a daytime meeting, and took place in the guy’s lounge, with the blinds open; the window had special film on it like a two way mirror so there we were fucking in broad daylight, porn on the TV, him naked and folk walking by a few feet away on the pavement. The meeting was nothing special, however, what followed a month later certainly was.

We had to jump through the usual hoops though. Cancellation at short notice due to daughter coming back early; then another time where his window of opportunity was ‘too short and therefore too risky’ so had to postpone. Nothing’s ever simple with Millennials, but hey! ...that’s their way. Like it or Lump it. They rarely spare a thought for service providers….having to get ready, douching, time spent on make-up, meal arrangements on hold, all that kind of thing, and all part & parcel of Escort Life. Our choice though. Nevertheless, one Friday morning we once again made it over to his place north of the Tyne.  Another trait common with Millennials is they tend to want to sample EVERYTHING in the sweet shop, in the shortest possible time; They'll only order what they need, and on their terms, nobody else’s. If they know they can’t last more than 20 minutes before cumming, then they’ll commonly text us saying they want a threesome, they want to watch, they want to suck a cock, they want to clean up a cream pie, and oh yeah, they want DP too, all in the space of a half hour booking.  Conversation, Sensuality, Foreplay, a build up...all are of little interest to these guys, hence the reason we choose to see so few of them.

To his credit, Daz did book us for a full 60 minutes and he's quite a friendly guy though short on conversation, and depth if you know what I mean...

Four week stints offshore meant he did a lot of dreaming and wanking in his spare time; apparently many of the offshore installations these days forbid access to online porn, so it was a few wank mags and saved pics on his phone that kept him going. Daz definitely got turned on thinking about bisexual activity & watching it on porn whenever he got the chance. He seemed to favour watching over full participation. His wife had accompanied him to a couple of swingers clubs but decided it wasn’t really her thing. So she left, and now he was shacked up with a girlfriend who was ‘curious’. At the same time he had a 17 year old daughter sharing the same house, so you can see, logistics wise it was tricky. You might think it would be easier if he just drove down the road to us for an incall, but it seems Daz likes to live dangerously, it’s part of the thrill. He also needs a little Charlie to calm the nerves; something we never indulge in ourselves. Different strokes for Different folks! I had a friend once, a respected transport manager working for an international conglomerate, who got hooked on a £1000 a week habit; he came through it fine by all accounts; unfortunately I’ve lost contact with him & several others in London.  True committed friends, the kind of people there for you in times of need no matter what or when, are hard to find, so hang on to them! If you don’t believe me, then wait until you hit tough times, then you’ll know. Anyway, Daz’s imagination had run wild since the last time we’d seen him, and this time he asked if it would be OK to have another man along to join us, a mate or some kind of acquaintance it seemed reading between the lines, and a bisexual top allegedly.

We agreed. The meeting was set for 9-30AM, Ouch! Minx is not a ‘morning person’ but again, money talks, so here we were, in Gosforth again one cold and frosty January morning.  A 55 inch HD telly dominated the room; he'd tuned it to Red Tube & there was a hot interracial bi threesome in muted play. I could see a stocky guy who I judged to be about 40, in the kitchen at the back, guzzling Red Bull from a can, while Daz showed us to a big grey sofa; it had a dozen or more deep cushions in three different sizes, heaven for Minx, who relaxed immediately, opening her long wool coat to reveal not much more than her fave Image of North East Mature female escort fun50minx in thigh boots, black stockings & long coatblack satin outfit, bra, six strap suspender with metal clips, fishnets, & thigh high suede boots with chunky heels and guilt detail; Walking towards the house in broad daylight we looked every inch the business-like couple; Daz was a bit like us, a firm believer in the Mushroom Syndrome, keeping people in the dark & feeding them shit; he would have had a plausible explanation for our presence if anyone were to ask, guaranteed. Fairplay. Geeze went upstairs to use the bathroom, leaving Minx & Daz to ‘get to know each other’ and maybe the other guy too. Its always thought provoking when you see women’s kit everywhere, make-up, tooth brush, pairs of shoes….some-one else’s life, world, whatever, we’re all different. We’ve never been caught out, yet; I guess it might happen one day, and I wouldn’t mind betting than when it does, WE WILL BE THE VILLAINS. One of the most important qualities for a streetwise escort is to always 'expect the unexpected’ and to cover your ass...things like exit routes, locked doors, knives in the kitchen, spiked drinks, phones recording, and other ‘stuff’. Nuff said! After freshening up, Geeze returned, to find Minx almost entirely naked except for the 6 strap suspender sans hosiery, with Daz wasting no time, head buried between her thighs, licking pussy and clit. They'd even positioned a towel under her bum to absorb her squirt. Jamie, the other guy, watched intently while slouched in an armchair, still with a Red Bull in one hand, & stroking a sizeable bulge in his jeans with the other. Neither guy was saying anything at all. I don’t think they could quite believe it was happening. Turning towards me Daz told me in no uncertain terms ‘You’re overdressed’, prompting me to slowly remove my own clothing, stripping down to a pair of wetlook boxer briefs from MaleZone. They feel gorgeous, and are quite good at displaying my own bulge while still keeping it under wraps.

Daz introduced Jamie, we shook hands, then all four of us moved close together on the big sofa. Minx was in charge. That was what Daz had wanted...

She ordered Jamie to get naked in between snogging Daz. Daz started to get really passionate and a bit rough with his fingers; a good many guys weened on porn assume getting a girl off means frantic hard fingering; but porn ain’t real world sex guys! A gentle touch is what does the trick, and Minx soon had both men firmly under control, Daz licking, Jamie gently rubbing her pubic mound, she with a cock in each hand, Geeze one side, Jamie the other. Jamie was well endowed, at around 8 inches and thick too, topped off with a deep red/purple bell end, the kind that looks like it’s almost too big for the cock. Most men tell us they’ve never seen another penis in real life, some not even at school! I think most people think a cock is a cock, all about the same in appearance, but differing in size. Nothing could be further than the truth as they come in all shapes, ranging from curved bananas, to rods, clitorises, kinks, foreskins either too generous or too tight, circumcised, tiny balls, balls within the body, big balls, hairy, shaven, different colours too, all part of life’s rich tapestry! Jamie was worth the journey though, his cock rigidly standing to attention, aching to be sucked & played with. Daz’s was more like a pencil, hard but very thin, maybe we should call him 6H. His kind are quite rare, though funnily enough we saw another one like him in Dartford, almost a carbon copy 🙂 🙂

Pretty soon, Minx tired of slowly masturbating two cocks, and told Jamie that Geeze was dying to suck him; she knows Geeze inside out and knew that was the case. Jamie nodded in agreement, leaning over towards Geeze who dropped to his knees. Men often say that only another man really knows how to give a good BJ, and Geeze wanted to please Jamie, to turn him on to such a degree that he would truly WANT to fuck him, and fuck him hard. To fuck him with feeling and passion, rather than mechanically going through the motions. OMG, the double meanings here! I apologise. Geeze as always, was douched & 100% clean, as well as being regularly tested. His tongue flicked in, out & all around Jamie’s swollen glans, the top of the shaft just beneath it seemed particularly sensitive. Geeze knew he’d found one of Jamie's sweet spots, and concentrated on it, encouraged by the heavy breathing and moans, before moving on to mouthing his shaft liberally coated with his spit; the soft touch of his lips riding up and down his rod caused Jamie's cock to quiver, and he had to quickly withdraw for fear of cumming prematurely. Geeze’s own cock had woken up too, not least because while servicing Jamie and receiving oral to her pussy from Daz, Minx had been twisting Geeze’s balls in all directions. Geeze likes rough ball play, especially when they’re stretched and pulled away from the body. CBT is popular for a reason, try it sometime, you might be surprised how it can amplify sexual feelings in ta similar way to nipple torture. Some guys can cum from nipple stimulation alone; it can take a while and get a little painful, but the climax when it occurrs is especially intense, trust me. Jamie sensed Geeze liked his nipples played with, and started pinching them then leant forward and sucked one of them hard, before nibbling on it. Next was his neck. Geeze ached for a love bite; even after decades, a hard 'hickey' still brings on shivers of lust, usually accompanied by goosebumps & an aching penis, and so it was this time around. Image of young girl in Miniskirt around 1969We’re all SO-ooo goody-good these days and fearful of slut-shaming; I remember as a 10 year old mixing with teenage college girls, one in particular regularly adorned with deep purpley-yellow-brown bites, administered by her boyfriend Rodney. I don’t know to this day why these people took an interest in me! I certainly wasn’t groomed by them. Rodney worked on the buses, the 2 college girls Linda & Valerie were mates, both of whom I fancied (and kissed). Valerie was Rodney’s bird. Rodney had a two tone green MG Magnette, Image of two-tone MG Magnette from around 1958 newand they used to Image of Jack, the cheeky chappy conductor ON THE BUSESpick me up from the bus stop and I’d go 20 miles to school with the three of them in the car unbeknown to my father. He must have had his suspicions about my misdimeanors, because one night the old bastard parked up at a village about 3 miles short of my stop. The bus we were all on was a red double decker, like a RouteMaster. I was an unruly kid and very sexual even then, and I suppose that’s why many took a shine to me. There were two buses on the route, a #13 and a #13A and they used to follow one another. The 13A was full of school kids, the 13 carried the ordinary people, mostly commuters. The bus halted at the stop 3 miles short of mine for around 10 minutes every night, and father watched our antics while parked; it was winter and dark so none of us had seen him and he was the furthest thing from my mind. Next thing he’s on the top deck taking us all to task; I’d been trying to get my head up Sarah Bennet's skirt, she was resisting; He’d seen all the commotion from across the street. Valerie & Linda were there too. The night ended badly. I think I ended up shovelling coal for a month as punishment. I expect you’ll have had instances like this too? How very different from today’s kids, wrapped in cotton wool and driven to school in Chelsea Tractors; we’ve got a couple in our family aged 10 and 8 respectively, who spend most of their time surfing the net, with a particular interest in ‘gender’ sites and Trump. Give me strength.

Anyway, once the bite got too much to bear, I pushed him gently away. Minx wanted to see if she could suck 3 cocks at once; it wasn’t easy manoeuvring them all into position, but judging by the gasps of adulation she clearly managed to find the right spots; she really does have a knack with her tongue, swirling is the best word I can find to describe the feeling; it’s a bit like the electrosex, only with electrosex you can keep it going, unlike the tease she is. My inner self was hoping for some hard DP and JAM in the SANDWICH action; after all, Jamie was supposed to be a top, so thoughts turned to penetration. Daz had got a good soaking at the hands of Minx who squirted freely thanks to his gentle tonguing and her being simultaneously turned on watching Jamie & Geeze at close quarters. We needed to get all 4 of us interacting smoothly and sensually. I reminded the two guys about Minx’s big booty and perfectly shaped ass, and she got on to her knees to show it off. As an ass fanatic, I dived straight in….beckoning Daz to spread her cheeks, I performed anilingus on her, driving my tongue in as far as I could, savouring her taste.

Daz moved into position so as to face me & Minx, reaching over her to spread her ass, his cock down her throat....

He started to rhythmically but gently fuck her mouth, causing her to gag slightly; she didn’t mind because she was revved up, even though it wasn’t yet 10 in the morning! Jamie was drawn to Geeze’s bottom. Kneeling behind him, he started to kneed his cheeks, then dribbled spit in between. Geeze told him to ‘rub his sex’ & took a hold of his hand, planting a finger on his pumped anus, which by now had started to self lubricate; yep, that’s what can happen guys, along with a HELL OF A LOT OF HEAT; Geeze was on fire. We were all on fire. Jamie started to finger Geeze….again, so many guys do it ROUGH and cause discomfort; a drop of lube and a little sensitivity go a long way.  Jamie took the hint, fingering first with one finger then two, then a glass dildo, before teasing Geeze’s anus with the tip of his cock, willing it to go in. Geeze moved from licking Minx’s ass to kneeling and fucking her pussy, spit roasting his partner while she blew Daz. Jamie rubbered up and entered Geeze; Geeze told him how, and when to move; Very soon he was 8 inches in, pausing while Geeze accustomed himself to the size and girth, then it was OK, and ready to rock and grind.

It’s never very comfortable in these conditions (on a soft surface) to fuck doggy style, so Geeze moved to his fave position squatting on his haunches, while still giving it to Minx hard, miraculously managing to keep Jamie inside of him. Minx later confided to Geeze that he really hit her spot on this occasion, but once again time was our enemy. Daz couldn’t hold it and nor could Jamie. Both needed to cum, it was all too much for them. Reaching around with my arms I pulled Jamie in to stop him coming out, and briefly it worked as he fucked me hard, hitting my P-spot, inducing those special feelings one gets from that type of stimulation. Minx felt them too, Geeze's rod acting as a conductor between prostate and pussy. Jamie pulled out and joined his friend, masturbating hard and fast together either side of Minx, seeking her permission for a facial. Permission denied. Instead, she pushed Image of 34H breasts, fun50minx, mature female escort in the North Easther big tits together, and commanded the men to cover them with their seed telling them to Cum Together. Not wanting to miss out, Geeze aimed to cum with them; it really is possible to use mind over matter with practise. Daz came first with one hell of a load, hmmmm, IMPRESSIVE! Then Jamie started dribbling thick white jism through the gap between thumb and forefinger, his hand clenched tight around the tip of his throbbing cock. Just as Jamie started to shout out Minx cried ‘here comes Geeze’ forewarned by multiple drops of watery pre-cum showering her torso, followed by a load to match Daz’s. Minx’s breasts were awash with mancum, a glorious sight for anyone heavily into sex, Job done. But it was all over way too quick. An hour yes, but one of these days, we’re going to find two guys who can play with us for 2 or 3 hours in a 4-way. Easier said than done though I have to say. A couple of nights ago we enjoyed what can only be described as a fuckfest, three and a half hours of deep and dirty kinky 3-way fun with a guy we've seen 40+ times. It was the kind of FULL-ON experience that few people will ever get to enjoy. Finding two men, who can get time off together, who are comfortable with one another, both bi with decent bodies, experienced, clean & douched, able to perform, with brains & capable of intelligent conversation, [ahem] ….What do you think the odds are of that happening? OMG. A million to one? Prove us wrong….Until next time, You subscribe to NVS to learn out more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned, Be good, and remember: safe sex always! #KnowYourStatus, Luv, fun50couple xxx

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