Image of man holding NO sign, fighting against Covid-19 New Normal & lockdownSUMMER 2020 'NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS'


Hello Sexy Friends & Followers! Firstly, Apologies.....for no NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS since February! Last ish we talked about tour plans for the year ahead as we attempted to make up for lost ground following the debacle surrounding, well, you know what. We did Nottingham & Lincoln, then Gloucester. Nottingham's supposed to be a kinky place, and we did have a good number of meetings, however, its a city I've always found depressing. We'd chosen to stay close to the centre, but our hotel was actually on the University Campus, consequently we were surrounded by students...definitely NOT OUR SCENE. Even the local Wetherspoons had a slimmed down menu catering especially to them, consisting of little more than pizza. We were the oldest folk in there by a country mile, not that we cared. At least the breakfast menu was unchanged; with fewer bods in there at that time of day, we were able to relax and contemplate the days ahead. The pictures on the wall invited discussion...Geeze's adoptive mother came from Nottingham, and Wetherspoon's gallery included several old prints showing Goose Fair, Nottingham City and the first trams. 'Mother' was one of eight children. Two of them died as infants, most of the others and their respective families remained in the area as adults, so Nottingham was somehwere I visited Uncles, Aunties and cousins frequently as a child. I remember her talking about her father watching Goose Fair being torn down in the early hours during the late Thirties. It's still reckoned to be the biggest 'fair' in the World.

Image shows tram passing Newton Building during our Escort Couple Tour to NottinghamOur hotel was close to the Newton Building, a striking art deco style structure constructed between 1954 and 1958 to keep pace with increasing student numbers at the time, and at the heart of the modern day campus. Goldsmith Street which runs past it northwards to Waverly Street is essentially closed to traffic save for trams, so in between the rumbling and the clanking bells of the tram cars, there's an eery silence. The broad streets scored by tramlines stretched as far as we could see, devoid of people or cars, giving us food for thought.  As touring escorts our finger's are well & truly on the pulse of whats happening in contemporary Britain. Nottingham was one of the first administrations to declare war on the car, now, dozens of other cities are following suit, forcing people on to public transport; it used to be to reduce congestion; now of course it's CLIMATE CHANGE, which reminds me; Newcastle NHS Trust is looking to recruit a new 'sustainability manager'. Clearly a top priority now for the health service is to take a lead in combating climate change. Their advert repeatedly mentions 'climate emergency', 'climate action' & 'climate breakdown' saying

' In June 2019 Newcastle Hospitals became the first healthcare organisation in the world to declare a climate emergency, recognising the threat that climate breakdown poses to public health, and committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Since making this public declaration the Trust has embedded climate action into its five year strategy'.

I wonder what the 2.4 million embedded cancer patients who've gone without treatment for 4 months due to the Covid Nonsense would have to say about this? Or the 44k salary that goes with it? But I digress. The best bit about Nottingham was busker Lloyd Dread opposite the Victoria Shopping Centre.  I'd hazard a bet he'll be there long after intu's gone (filing for Image of busker Lloyd Dread aka ReggaeNotts on the mean streets of Nottingham City UKadministration) the way things are going right now, Read more about him and his mates HERE. The bitter cold of Nottingham gave way to sunshine as we made the short hop to Lincoln. We stayed in a wonderful hotel, and enjoyed a good number of meets, incalls and out. They were all MMF escort couple jobs; I forgot to mention Nottingham included a very hot solo meet for Geeze with a bespectacled barrister. The guy had been swithering about meeting a male escort for YEARS, and he was not to be disappointed. One of the most fascinating things about escorting is the way 'ordinary looking' folk morph into hot sexual 'beings' behind closed doors. I used to think the phrase 'Never judge a book by its cover' was suspect; now I know it to be true. There was an added interest in Lincoln...RAF Waddington beckoned, however, all was quiet, with nothing flying. Geeze managed to scale 'The Hill' below Lincoln Cathedral one morning, but before we knew it, it was Friday and time to go home.

Next up was Gloucester and we heard news for the first time about the 'virus', at Cirencester around 20 miles away. They'd opened a centre too, for 'suspects' near to our hotel, but our stay there passed without disruption. What we lacked in Quantity of meetings was more than made up for in terms of Quality, with several lengthy sessions with mature men, the memories of one in particular stirring me still, as I pound the keyboard.

As Covid news grew, we decided to tour closer to home and headed to Liverpool & Chester. By now panic was beginning to set in and bars were starting to impose restrictions. We cancelled Chester, and headed back North, which is where we've remained to this day. After a flying start to the year, hopes have been dashed once more, but hey what's new? We were shattered by the Banking Crisis in '08, battered by Brexit Procrastination '17 to '19, and now well nigh destroyed by the so called pandemic, having said that, we're no different to millions of others, which brings me neatly to VIEWS.


Escorts in general are independent people, most of them fiercely so. We're streetwise from having to always look over our shoulder. As an escort couple, any incall is technically illegal because the law classes two escorts working together as a brothel. Most of the time we don't have to worry too much, nevertheless we can't be blase. All it takes is a new police chief wanting to gain favour with some-one like Krankie and next thing you know there's a purge, with a few unfortunate souls made an example of. Plod paid us a visit once, following up complaints from neighbours about explicit material concerning us being passed through their doors. They conceded we weren't doing anything illegal and told us their main worry was whether Minx had been trafficked. That's a fave word for the politicians and the do-gooders....who invariably think we're all either illegals or victims, crying out to 'be saved'. It was probably fortunate that the pair who felt our collar were from uniform and not vice.  The former saw us as two independent escorts, they didn't put 2&2 together and cotton on we're a working couple. Mind, the only way they're going to prove that is by entrapment or bashing the door down and catching three of us romping nakedo haha. So guys, don't be giving an escort duo a hard time or the cold shoulder if they appear 'elusive' prior to actually meeting, we have our reasons. Text messages are hard proof, WhatsApp or anything to do with Facebook is suspect, and in the current climate even AdultWork can't be trusted not to pass on information about people 'working' through lockdown. You'll probably have seen their popup, emblazened above every profile, literally laying down the law quoting Acts of Parliament etc forbidding escorts from working......while still collecting tens of thousands in [increased!] fees from the 2000 or so girls currently escorting and AVAILABLE TODAY. They've disabled the online booking mechanism on AdultWork, & their small print gives them the right, subject to you signing up and accepting their terms in the process, to pass on information to 'authorities' including that which is in private messages, so guys, be wary! By all means use AW as a first point of contact then switch to an alternative like protonmail which is all encrypted, to continue the conversation. Of course what its really about, is they're terrified by the likes of Mumsnet and other HTT's (holier than thous) crucifying them for promoting escort services while social distancing is in force. Everything but everything is down to politics at the end of the day, and people covering their asses. As I was saying, escorts are independent people, and where we are different to millions of others, is we seldom 'follow the fold'.

Image of mature female escort in the North East, fun50minx on holiday, June 19

The past fortnight's been a miserable time for our country, following 2 months or so of enforced lockdown. I should probably qualify that though. The lockdown has seen nearly 9 million people furloughed. In America furloughed is taken to mean fired by the way. Over here in the main, the masses are enjoying their time off, fully funded by Her Majesty's Government; 16% of them apparently are financially better off than before, and there's been no shortage of customers for luxury items like spas & motorhomes. Most of these people still believe they're going to walk back through the doors of their employers in a month or so, picking up where they left off, albeit submitting to having their temperatures taken and wearing the obligatory mask. I expect some subscribers are now looking for the unsubscribe link....every time I write anything that's right of centre or non complimentary to the Millennial Demographic I see a few fall by the wayside. The interesting thing is, those same months I get increased fanmail, and even more people subscribing.

Still here? Good. The Dominic Cummings story and the BLM protests have poured petrol on an already explosive mix. The acres of print and days of discussion about DC has nothing to do with lockdown, and if you think that it does, you're naive. It has everything to do with Brexit and Johnson, and the 48% who are growing in number as us older bods die off. Same with BLM and the statues. Why do you think there were no police at the Edward Colston riot in Bristol? Because the 'protesters' were doing what the council couldn't do due to 'sensitivities' following 7000+ letters demanding its removal in the months leading up to the riot. In contrast, thankfully, Poole, Dorset residents have taken a stand, boycotting the 'politically correct' 'woke' council for planning to remove a statue of Sir Baden Powell the founder of the scouting movement. Meanwhile in London, Sadiq Khan's priority has been overseeing the removal of yet more statues, Robert Milligan for example on West India Quay. Never mind knife crime or gun crime, BLM and apologising for slavery is what matters most just now. More ominously, today June 12th, Winston Churchill's statue has been covered up and cancelled by Khan. If it hadn't been for Churchill there would be no freedom & London would be under the control of the Third Reich! You'll noticed I used the word 'Cancel'. It's one of the 'in words' banded about by the activists. It's all very messy and unpleasant, & one can scarcely believe all this stuff is happening, let alone adequately cover it in words, so I shall leave it to Sarah Vine; check out this thoughtful article.... Divide and Conquer are well know methods of controlling the 'masses', and its what we're seeing now. A tweet I saw read 'Since when did the minority start controlling the majority?' Reply: 'When the majority sat back and let them'. Minx & I are most definitely NOT members within that majority tacitly allowing these things to pass, without public comment at least, here and on social.

The Covid-19 lie is slowly being revealed for what it is. Some reports suggest (NHS) out of 60,000 so called Covid deaths, less than 1500 have been people without known underlying conditions. In 1968, when we were 55 million people strong, 30,000 died but there was no talk of lockdown, or hysteria. We just got on with it. I well remember the occasion. It hit our family, literally flooring us; two kids, Mum & Dad barely moved for around a week, able only to eat tinned grapefruit. We got over it. Covid poses as much risk of dying in terms of chance as driving between 39 and 101 miles a day. An article written for medical journal The Lancet makes interesting reading, comparing today's hsyteria with how we tackled things 50 years ago. Whats changed since then is attitudes to Personal Responsibility, the influence nay imposition of left leaning social media on the Under 40's and the rise of the nanny state.

Lockdown is causing or more correctly will cause, untold suffering to tens of millions of people....the SHIT HASN'T EVEN STARTED TO HIT THE FAN yet. The furloughed are about to be laid off in vast numbers. GDP in April dropped by an insane 25%, equivalent to 2 million jobs at £30k a year. 4 months ago the great, the good and the remainer camp were jumping up and down about growth forecast to decline by 2-3% or thereabouts due to a No Deal Brexit! It's now calculated we're in for a hit of about -14.5% for the year.  Nothing like it has been recorded in British history. Johnson is a divisive figure. He's being blamed for the economic damage as well as for 'murdering tens of thousands' by delaying lockdown. Once again, I say the same as in other NVS's from years has to question the judgement of these people. Sunak figured around a million people would furlough. As it happens the figure is 8.6 million.  Johnson & Cummings were originally set to follow the Swedish response to Covid, with no lockdown. Sadly they faltered, and came down on the side of the #StaySafe brigade. Many of these people are refusing to return to work now until a vaccine is found; in short, they've been brainwashed by a State Machine pedalling fear. The 'mask' has become the greatest virtue signal of them all, second only to the Clap for the NHS charade.  The same folk will be queueing for the jab once it becomes available, like lambs to the slaughter. I won't be among them. Nor was I found standing outside on Thursday nights clapping people who are just doing the job they signed up to, albeit under a bit more pressure. (but not much). The 30% of us left standing in the private sector after this debacle are going to be paying a very heavy price in terms of taxes & austerity for decades to come. Harsh words? Hovering over the Delete button? Thinking...what if it was you dying or your Granny or your Dad? Well shit happens and I for one don't expect a Health Service so big as to be able to cater for every single human being whatever their situation or however big an epidemic. If you've lost some-one through Covid, then I'm truly sorry for you of course. If I get sick & I can't get to, or the hospital won't take me for whatever reason then I'm OK with that. I've always walked my talk. If I die I die, end of. I don't see why millions of people should suffer from lockdown and job loss to appease a loud minority shouting StaySafe from the rooftops. We, fun50couple, have earnt virtually no money since March; unlike some other sexworkers, we don't do virtual stuff. #2millionreasonswhy is a hashtag promoted by the people #leftbehind by Sunak, small company directors, job changers and the self employed. They, like us, are all expected to survive on NOTHING. Attitudes are hardening. Recent days have seen lawyers in conjunction with ordinary citizens turning to crowdfunding to raise £300k to finance further investigation of Cummings. Another character by the name of Simon Dolan (for the other side if you like) is taking the UK Government to Court to end the illegal lockdown and bring those responsible for it to account. His target was £170,ooo, and it's all been raised, including a contribution from ourselves. Its now been stretched further to £200k. Pledge NOW while saying an emphatic 'NO!' to the New Abnormal.

As always there are winners and losers in every situation however dire. The Monday we were preparing to leave home for Liverpool I shouted from the shower in the en-suite to Minx still in bed ...'You know what? This Covid shit is a gift'. 'Why?' she asked. For a couple of years I'd planned a website for people disillusioned with life in contemporary Britain; hard working people who'd worked a lifetime, done 'the right thing' but still not really prospered, forced to accept declining living standards year on year, and a BLEAK FUTURE'. For every person who gets to be a millionaire from a SME, there are tens of thousands of minnows and one man bands, as well as people who've worked for others & for want of a better word been 'shit on' over time.

The site was planned as a forum, with webinars on offer to help people with their problems, funded by advertisers. It was also intended to promote casual jobs, not trades or careers, but little jobs helping others out. I'd hesitated up till that point, because in 'loadasmoney' lazy Britain I had my doubts as whether sufficient numbers of folk would be interested in doing anything for small change. I knew within a fortnight of Covid breaking in the UK, that the nation was on the road to disaster, with hard times ahead the likes of which none of us have seen post World War 2. It seems the penny's not yet dropped for most people. That Monday morning I chose to pull the trigger on the help provider site which I'd already bought a domain for 2 years previous, and decided to relegate another XXX site I had planned to second place. You'll probably know I've been advertising for a full stack web developer to help in the office for well nigh 2 years. No-one came forward apart from a couple of cowboys I sent packing within minutes at interview. Would you believe, the week I made the decision to go ahead with the forum site, a geeky kinda guy got in touch inquiring about the job. The 'boy done good' at interview and started work with us a week later.  Since then we've toiled for 11 weeks dawn to dusk and created a workable site around my ideas. It launched last week and now the REAL TASK begins, promoting it Nationwide. It's going to be a long hard road and it'll need a lot of funding to move it forward; if there's one good thing about the current 'situation' as far as we're concerned at least, it's this: people formerly considered 'reasonably well off' may soon find themselves in a very different place. Some may even be where Minx & I have been on occasion, wondering where the next meal money might come from 🙁  Our new site could be a lifeline. We're excited about it. Find it here. It's an online platform that links those needing help with 'the little things in life' to people willing to offer them their time. There's help for free, help for hire and barter opportunities. If you're furloughed, unemployed, short of money, skint, less able, altruistic or just needing a hand, there's a place for you on the platform. Take a look, and please lend us your support by posting a job, or becoming a helper, or even both. Thanks guys 🙂

I've got used to embedding a different music video into each ish of NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS, usually one that reflects our tastes, however, this month I'm leaving the same one on as we had last time....because it's even more apt: Mama We're All Crazy Now....shouldn't that be Stir-Crazy after weeks of the wretched lockdown? Enjoy.

Talking about music, before Covid took its toll, we'd booked tickets to two more concerts, George Thorogood at York and Lee Rocker in Newcastle, November 5th. Gigs are getting cancelled left right and centre just now, and it's not clear if British theatre is going to survive at all! Only this morning, the Theatre Royal group have announced mass redundancies, with fears of permanent closure. Gee thanks Rishi-Hancock-Johnson-Shapps! As for George Thorogood, you may never have heard of him but let me tell you, he's an ace 'high energy boogie blues' musician born 1950 from Wilmington Delaware, in the U S of A and just the kind of vibe Minx & I love, Check out this link & enjoy One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,  Cheers George 🙂


Mistress Orchid posted an interesting blog on her #TeesValleyMistress site recently titled Bem-Sex and Feminisation. We edited it and put it on AdultWork but they rejected it, accusing us of 'blatantly disregarding rules and including links to websites that are forbidden'. They weren't direct links; they were merely mentions of sites we felt would be useful ports of call for wannabe trannies or men who sought nothing more than minor feminisation such as nipple enhancement. We didn't bother editing it for AW's benefit, simply because the whole spirit of the article would have been lost. So, we're done with blogging on AdultWork. Finito.  Anyway, what prompted the post in the first place were several meetings we've enjoyed this past few months with Cross Dressers of varying degrees. Some have been nylon lovers & guys who just love the feeling of the material against their body, others have been into full lingerie & stockings, one or two with heels and wigs and one guy who's embarked on partial transformation, with small perfectly formed pert titties, similar to a teenager, big nipples, a smooth body, and yep, A HARD COCK. The hottest meet was with a guy we've known for years, we only discovered was into cross dressing fairly recently. To be fair he's been on a bit of a sexual journey, coming to us originally as a second timer with a couple. His bi streak has endured, and grown over the 4 years we've known him...we're not sure if he ALWAYS had the CD bit in him, we suspect he has, however, just lately it's got a lot stronger. Maybe it's a case of him being more confident. Our 'business relationship' with him has changed...its almost become a sexual union between the three of us these days. Lockdown has been hard. He lives hundreds of miles away & he's not been able to travel, consequently our monthly meets have been curtailed. It had become a habitual kind of know how it is when you get home and crave a beer, 'because it's something the body got's used to and expects', well, thats the way it is now for us three. We don't have to look at the calendar to work out when we last saw him, our bodies tell us. Really!

Image of mature female escort fun50minx with well endowed client Vaughan, the subject of June 2020's NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS escort lifestyle magazineWe'll call him Vaughan. Outwardly he's rather unassuming, fairly masculine looking and a shrewd negotiator in business. He makes his crust marketing the most prosaic of products, earning an annual salary with bonuses exceeding six figures. It's a good job he does, because in between his liaisons with us, he's got another 3 or 4 regular female escorts on the go....girls he's known and grown attached to over a period of years. In effect, he's built himself a small circle of trusted partners to satisfy his voracious sexual appetite. We've lost count of the number of times we've met, but its gone well past 45. None of the meetings are 'samey' either; we don't plan anything, they just seem to flow, and intensify. Vaughan alluded to wanting to add another guy to the mix occasionally, making us 4. It's something Minx is keen on too, which reminds me...'rusty trombone' is a term I dropped on to recently. Have you heard of it? Check out this link to learn more. I can see from the erotic sex positions shown, that there is plenty of scope for our fourth player, Can't wait. Having said that, I guess we'll have to go through the usual shenanigans to actually get some-one reliable/personable/experienced to turn up! We've given up on the photo shoots.

Vaughan's a generous man, and this particular night he turned up as usual with Prosecco, Budweiser, nibbles and flowers for the good lady. Sporting a smart two piece suit and sports shirt, no-one would ever suspect...underneath...a white lace bra, knickers, suspender and stockings. Our meetings usually take place in multiple rooms; we start in the kitchen, then the dining area, the sofa, then on to the lounge, sometimes the bedroom. We've got an 8 foot chaise longue in the sitting room; sex on it feels even better...we use the seat, the arms, the frame in every kind of position imaginable, the plush velvet against skin adds to the eroticism of it all. Geeze pours the bubbly leaving Minx & Vaughan together, to re-acquaint themselves. Upon his return, the pair are usually snogging hard and passionately. Geeze distributes the drinks, we all take a slurp, then join as three, kissing together, tongues are sucked on and pushed into mouths tasting of bubbly, it's a delicious prologue. Stood in a tight circle the kissing continues, one arm around each other's backs, the others reaching downward, hands & fingers exploring...Minx's thighs, Geeze's cock, Vaughan's cock. We back off, and Minx heads to the bathroom, not before issuing a stern warning to the two guys...'You two behave until I get back'. We obey these days, out of respect; too many times in the past she'd returned to find us in a heavy 69 on the floor or across the dining area sofa.

Minx returns to find us this time chatting. I try to remember Vaughan's 'officially' the client, and to allow him take the lead. Sometimes. We're all hungry for each other. Hungry's a good word....we ache for contact, skin on skin. Vaughan's hand is in Geeze's jeans; he's got a knack of pleasuring us both simultaneously, rubbing Minx's sex at the same time through her warm & slightly damp satin knickers. He loves assplay too, and is always impeccably clean. Once Geeze's jeans are off, Vaughan starts to lightly finger his ass, while going further into Minx. He and her are still snogging. Geeze moves to finger Vaughan, each is now fingering the other, with the three of us in a ring, kissing all ways again. Tongues are being sucked like bellends, & occasionally bitten. There's strong passion, the air is emotionally charged. Geeze is the only one completely naked, Vaughan is resplendent in his white lace set sans knickers, his 9 inch cock standing rigidly to attention. Minx is still in black satin. Action transfers to the sofa. People turn their noses up at IKEA, but they've always sold an extremely robust 'every day' three seater with loose covers....ideal for us to romp on. It has big flat arms each end, arms you can lay on with your legs wide open, and take whats coming to you, Delicious.

The blog post I referred to earlier on Mistress Orchid's site was about femininity. It even included a self test enabling you to establish your own masculine/feminine %. Don't say you don't have any female in you...fact is we ALL DO, so get over it. Some have more than others. We both took the test. Unsurprisingly we fell outside the Masculine/Feminine zones, with Minx in the 'Undifferentiated' sector, and Geeze a little way over the line and into the 'Androgynous' quarter. That probably goes some way to explaining why we get on so well as a bisexual escort couple. Vaughan's femininity isn't restricted just to his love of lingerie. He craves to be fucked, hard. This particular night we all fucked each other multiple times. I've said it before and heard it from others...if guys were more open minded and able to ditch preconceptions, many more would enjoy anal penetration; it needn't be from another guy! A good strap-on screw from a female can be just as FULLfilling, and then some! If women enjoy anal sex, why shouldn't men? And if your woman DOES enjoy it, then it's pretty easy to broach the subject with her at some stage and invite her to finger'll bring you closer together I can assure you. Sharing is Caring, Couples who Play Together Stay Together, cliches, but true. Vaughan sat on Geeze's cock and stayed still, affording Minx full view of two big sets of balls together, touching, with Geeze pushed deep into V. She mouthed Vaughan's bell end, before taking it as deep as she could into her throat. She gagged involuntarily, but didn't withdraw, she was there through choice, not discomfort, willing herself to accept as many inches of his big thick penis that she could physically handle. When she let go, sticky threads of spit entwined themselves with lines of precum similar to a spider's web, as Vaughan was brought to the brink. Balancing on G's cock, he bounced up and down, quickly, moaning & whispering as Geeze lightly stimulated his nipples. V doesn't like hard nipple play, whereas Geeze is the opposite. He likes stimulation to the point of pain, and occasionally cums from it alone.

Vaughan's like many serial players. He has self discipline and stops himself cumming. There's usually a point we recognise in the early stages where he could easily blow his load, but he stops short, barely noticeably, allowing hiself to continue for another 3 hours or so, and managing to maintain an erection for 90% of the time. The trouble is, spoiling an orgasm early on makes it doubly hard to cum later. This night was no different. After fucking Vaughan, the two men swapped. Geeze lay over the arm of the sofa, took Vaughans cock from a rear entry position then moved to riding Vaughan hard cowgirl/boy(?) style, then reverse cow. G likes it rough, the harder the better. Some guys give up, citing pain and discomfort as reasons to stop. You only need a little lube, and when you're used to it none at all, especially if you've enough feminine % in you to cause your ass to self lubricate lol!!! Just take it slow. You reach a point where you can't go any further, but stick with it. Pause, and as the muscle relaxes, you get that pop, and a feeling to die for for as you drop down that final couple of inches. Knowing that the tryst may well extend to several hours Geeze held back. He wasn't to cum until later, when we moved upstairs to the chaise suite.

On the way we picked up a couple of bath towels. It was Minx's turn. Vaughan loves going down on her, and will edge her for long periods of time, eventually licking her to orgasm. While he licked, Geeze straddled her. Minx is a bit of an ass fan too & she kept fingering Geeze while he massaged her Mons Pubis & clitoral hood. It wasn't just pheromone that got secreted, pretty soon she rewarded us with prolonged gushes from her swollen cunt, hence the positioning of the towels. They soaked up most of the flood, the rest ended up being drunk. Vaughan lapped it up, exciting Geeze in the process. Geeze started masturbating. Two hours of sex had filled his balls to capacity and they needed emptying, NOW. Vaughan pulled away from Minx and opened his mouth, flicking his tongue in and out in expectation. He craved Geeze's salty sperm. Geeze felt the sap beginning to rise, and transferred to a stooped position before unloading over Vaughan's face. Regaining control, he fired the rest squarely into Vaughan's mouth. Vaughan swallowed the lot, then dabbed the spill up with his index finger, sucking it clean. LUST is how you could describe it...defined as 'a psychological force producing intense desire', some call in 'heightened libido'. We'll drink to that.

And so we did, for a while, finishing off the Prosecco, going on to wine, and chatting in the comfort of the lounge upstairs. Geeze felt he could easily cum again. So it was into Round 2. Minx got well and truly roasted this time. We haven't had a DP sesh the three of us, yet, surprising really after 45+ meets. It's something to look forward to, on her terms though, not ours. Fair's fair. We have no idea when we'll be meeting again; News as far as escorting is concerned looks bleaker with each passing day. We're monitoring numbers on AW, and profile numbers declined by 10% over the last fortnight, though the past 2 days have seen a small rebound. With millions more becoming unemployed it remains to be seen whether significant numbers will turn to escorting. I have my doubts, since the #StaySafe lobby is instilling fear into everyone, and they're now jumping on the 'Second Wave' bandwagon, so who knows.

As with many things, there are dark forces at play. The religious lobby's prayers have been answered in recent weeks with lockdown rules effectively banning sex outside marriage. Don't laugh. Spread enough shit and some of it sticks. World Wars are times when policies are introduced and implemented at the stroke of a pen, with little or no debate, excused as a way of coping with the perceived 'Emergency'. History tells us that when crises subside, the knee jerk laws tend to remain in place, sometimes for decades. This morning there are reports that HMRC are gearing up to go after people who've received business support grants, subjecting them to scrutiny.  I always thought a grant was just that, a kind of one off payment; officials say its going to be taxed as if it was income. Well, wouldn't that in effect make it a loan? Its pretty clear, Sunak & Co are going to beef up HMRC big time in an effort to claw back as much revenue as they can to offset the deep (supposedly unexpected) cost of furlough. I also note, there's a move against Image shows hand holding £100 in sterling, cash. Could Covid-19 Stay-Safers do what Chancellors haven't been able to, and pave the way to a Cashless Society?cash in the name of 'the disease' and 'staying safe'. Do Gooders/Stay Safers won't touch it. Furthermore, they're venting their displeasure at the self employed, insinuating they don't pay their fair share of tax, and thumbing their noses at cash payments of any kind. Disregard the self employed's lack of holidays or sick pay & the long hours! Oh & while you're at it, heap scorn on their entrepreneurial spirit! Silly people. Why? You'll remember a couple of years ago me writing about Scameron & Osborne's stated wish to do away with cash by 2019. They were thwarted by Brexit and elections. Not now though. The sheople will do it for them, without any need for statutes. As ATM's become unviable due to people not using them, cash will disappear and the ruling elite will have won. They will have control over EVERY SINGLE PENNY YOU EARN & SPEND, and tax it at source. To date, the black economy (which I'm not saying is 100% right) has been allowed to flourish, since indirectly it contributes much to the main purse, so 'authority' leaves it alone for the most part; they tinker round the edges but that's about it. Now though, they can see how they can get control, just like the marchers are in London and Bristol. It's another reason the future of escorting looks set to change, as punters find it more difficult to conceal payments. Is escorting dying a death? We've survived thousands of years, but with 'new normals' being embraced by the fold I'm starting to have my doubts. What about you? Chances are if you're a punter as well as an NVS reader, you're probably on the same page as us. You're the kinda guy who takes measured risks and doesn't take kindly to restriction. Again, remember the tweet that asked: 'When did the minority start controlling the majority?' ANSWER: 'When the majority sat back and let them'. So Fight Back. Say No the New Abnormal. Until next time, You subscribe to NVS to learn out more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned, Be good, and remember: safe sex always! #KnowYourStatus, Luv, fun50couple xxx

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