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So, what's this all about?

Hello Sexy Friends & Followers! Most of you will know that in addition to our work as an escort couple, Geeze works as a Web Developer mainly on XXX sites. You'll also know we're a wee bit 'political' having been party supporters and activists, though these days we don't have the time to knock doors & attend conferences. Nevertheless, our finger is firmly on the pulse of what's happening in contemporary Britain, especially with regard to SME's, hard working families, the self employed & freelancers, many of whom have worked for decades & paid their dues, only to experience a deteriorating quality of life, and in many cases the prospect of a miserable retirement, through no fault of their own.

Two years ago we hatched a plan to build an online forum, supported by advertising and revenue from webinars, specifically targeting this group. We called it Project Potless and hundreds of hours of effort went in to research and feasibility studies. A big part of the platform was a 'Jobs page' where people would help others on errands & small tasks around the home as well as bigger jobs you'd expect to hire tradespeople for. We didn't want to make 'just another online marketplace' though! Our site needed to convey the spirit, the passion, the anger even, surrounding these people's plight.

Around New Year 2020, we were weighing up the pros and cons of what we wanted to do this year; would we go ahead with potless or would we start work on a big XXX platform we had planned too? Covid changed all that in an instant. Emerging from the shower one Monday morning in March, shortly after news of the virus in Gloucestershire, Geeze said to Minx...'this Covid thing is a gift'... Why? Because straightaway Geeze realised the magnitude of the potential fallout from the pandemic, prompting him to start work immediately on potless albeit with a few changes. Ignoring #StayHome directions, Geeze went to work in the office every day for 12-13 weeks dawn to dusk, with a lot of help too from a full stack web developer. (to be fair Geeze was alone in the building most of the time, hence ZERO RISK to others)  The end result is a First Edition of 'potless.co.uk'

potless.co.uk is an online marketplace that Lends A Hand To Households & Individuals across the UK offering Help for FREE, Help for Hire, and somewhat uniquely...Barter Opportunities too.

Geeze has got pretty good at SEO this past 2-3 years, and in the course of carrying out Competitor Analysis prior to the website build, discovered a similar site had already been born, back in 2009 in Boston Massachusetts, with an almost identical remit. Geeze had never heard of them, and read with interest several articles going back years, tracking their progress. It looked like a rocky road, smoothed though by the injection of wait for it....$30+ million dollars in venture funding!!! They've managed to build a database of around 20,000 helpers in the US, coming here about 5 years ago. Their UK platform is a kind of 'lite' version of the American site, including a lot of Americanism's, and not 100% functional or fit for purpose IMAO. They're targeting London (predictably), Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham, and recent advertising effort seems to point to them developing the platform more along the lines of Check-A-Trade or Bark.

Geeze didn't linger long on the site's pages, because he didn't want to be influenced in any way by it or them. We're us, and this is the UK; 4 decades of marketing experience has shown that what works over there, doesn't automatically work 'over here' not in the short to medium term anyway. Things that are considered 'everyday' services in the States, can take decades to catch on here; we're a nation of mostly closed minds, unwilling to embrace anything NEW very quickly, least of all American. A good percentage of folk, sadly, are anti-entrepreneurial; you only have to see the social media trolling of people like Lord Sugar for proof of that 🙁

The $30 million dollars they've had is proof positive that the idea 'has' legs. They're also in bed with FACEBOOK apparently, and now IKEA, however, enough said about them! We know that people in the UK are fed up with big American Corporations infiltrating every facet of our lives and we have no intention of sucking up to Silicon Valley 'influencers' to further our cause. The aforementioned 4 decades of marketing experience has mostly been at street level; leafleting, door canvassing, use of mobile media (advertising vans), plus radio ads, and latterly online methods. Over the past month or so since site launch, we've taken our message to the streets and been rewarded with some success, attracting the very people we set out to; what we have to do now is ENHANCE THE NUMBERS. We intend to do this by constantly campaigning across the country, improving our Search Engine Optimization, and looking after the subscribers to the platform in the hope they'll reward us with referrals.  We've built sites in the past  that we've worked on over years, and gradually brought them up to first page SERPS on Google, and that's what we intend to do with potless.co.uk come hell or high water.

How can you help? Well, as a Twitter follower following an XXX account, we think that you'll maybe have other 'vanilla' accounts. We know also, that a good many @fun50couple followers are secret accounts maintained by guys for a bit of 'fun' unbeknown to 'significant others'. Obviously we don't want all kinds of XXX rated followers publicly following Twitter potless, however, if you do have vanilla accounts elsewhere, you could FOLLOW US from them. We'd have no way of, and no interest in connecting the two; you'd simply follow @potless5 and hopefully spread the word to friends, relatives, acquaintances, others who might benefit from help in these difficult times. We're trying to lever the 3100 followers we have to help us with potless.co.uk with them either following us, or indeed using the platform themselves to post jobs, save money, earn money, find work etc...take a look. Can you do some of those things for us please and help kickstart the platform?

Thank You!

Minx & Geeze


This message & webpage isn't asking for MONEY, however if you do wish to contribute we have a GoFundMe campaign you can support HERE Thanks guys 🙂