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Hello Sexy Friends! I would imagine you're probably looking forward to the extended Platinum Jubilee Weekend if for no other reason than the paid days off work. Personally, I/we don't care much for the monarchy, which probably won't surprise you, given our rebellious/non conformist nature. This Twitter tweet sums the whole charade up admirably IMAO: 'I just feel like there is a real grossness to the state driven Jubilee celebration fanfare. People are skint, getting so much more skint & full of worry & we are supposed to go out & celebrate 70 years of unadulterated, unaccountable wealth, privilege, power & exploitation? Nah.' Today they've projected images of 'Her Majesty' on to Stonehenge, and another on... 'Something ancient and now pointless that we keep under the guise of tourism, projected onto Stonehenge'....

Platinum Jubilee Stonehenge vandalism
As mature escorts meeting predominantly middle aged and older men we really 'get' the 'Life's short' thing, or cliché if you like. I find myself pondering over it, more and more over time...putting myself in the shoes of Millennials with decades of time ahead of them...remembering how at that age, one just didn't think about lifespan or death; most of the people Minx & I associated with 'lived for the moment' & still do. Yes we thought about pensions, even paid into them sporadically before cashing them in during times of hardship...brought about by divorce, illness, bereavement, but never unemployment fortunately. We're amongst that demographic (known in some circles as 'gammon') who've worked hard all our lives (former administrations used to call us the backbone of the economy....independent self employed people) now facing a bleak future as fiat currencies collapse at the hands of 'experts'. These people have got us in well over our heads collectively as a nation, through money printing first with the 2008 banking crisis, and more recently with Convid. To make matters worse, we're living in a world increasingly manipulated by BigTech moguls who've gotten fat through rampant consumerism, especially in the US and the UK. This overspending, to date, has mitigated and/or delayed the day of reckoning, for the state's debt mountain. Yet few people see this or even seem to care! So many folk we know, some of them high achievers, refuse to 'do their own research'. Working hard in jobs with planned pensions they perceive as 'safe', their main worries are family, the next holiday & football. Each to their own obviously...we're hardly 'your average Joe's'...but perhaps those few opening lines give context to our view of the Jubilee 'celebrations'. We're currently doing everything we can to position ourselves 'ahead of the fold'. The sale of our commercial premises continues to edge forward, purchase of another property remains on track, and increasing investment within the crypto space continues along with elimination of any form of debt. We may not 'live the luxury life' but we're reasonably happy in our own skins.... we share love, hope and endeavour still, and for that we're thankful.


Unless you've been living under a rock this past few weeks, you'll likely have heard about the Crypto Crash? Bitcoin's been down as low as $28k and could possibly dip to 20K; 14k even. Time will tell. Today it's rallying a little to $30k+. Are we worried? NO! We're hodling (HODL: Holding On For Dear Life) which is seen as one of the best ways in the long term to make serious money out of cryptos of which there are now a staggering 20,000+ coins. It's possible 90% of these will fail, only the big projects with value and a 'use case' might stay the course. Unfortunately we don't have a huge amount of capital working for us. Another way to make gains is by scalping & swing trading & I've had limited success with this to date. I'm not disappointed though...only a tiny fraction of the world (around 300 million out of a population of 8 billion) is engaged with crypto, something I have to remind myself of, constantly. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it, so I'm persevering with knowledge training.  Cryptos are a volatile market. A 2% gain each day on a $1000 initial stake compounds to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year, incentive enough to keep spending several hours each & every day on education.

Six months ago I incorporated a crypto payment gateway into the website, where you can buy access to our Private Gallery, phone sex or even pay for escort service deposits....but no-one's using it. People tell me it sounds 'complicated' & they don't/won't get involved. The gateway automatically converts your £Sterling to crypto and sends the correct amount to our wallet. OR, you can pay directly wallet to wallet easy-peasy. Jamie Dimon JP MorganTo be fair, we are 'early adopters'. People reckon the crypto space is about where the internet was in 1995...with some saying it's a scam, its worthless, it has no future. That's what Jamie Dimon told us two years ago.... now he's promoting it as one of the few 'safe bets' for investors. In case you don't know, James Dimon is the American billionaire businessman and banker who has been the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase - the largest of the big four American banks - since 2005. Dimon was previously on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Does he know something most of the rest of the World hasn't cottoned on to yet? (as per para 2 above) I think he does. We're sticking with the crypto gateway on and even going a step our e-commerce store for sex positive men and couples, but making it crypto only for payment. We've come across some fabulous new products which we'll be adding shortly, and no they won't all be 'Made in China' (#boycottChina & the evil #CCP); they're carefully sourced items we know will appeal to our niche. With the move coming up, and difficulty recruiting IT help, it may be a few more weeks until it's operating, rest assured, we'll keep you informed. By the way, on the subject of moving...

We'd especially like to hear from anyone with joinery and/or shop fitting skills. We're anticipating 2-3 weeks paid work at our new premises refurbishing and improving space to make way for a new bigger playroom....

We're happy to provide FREE accommodation for the duration of the work, in addition of course to paying you a reasonable day rate. Anyone out there?


I mentioned in 'VIEWS' that on the whole as a couple we're comfortable in our own skins. That said, you sometimes have to put yourself in 'uncomfortable' [a word I hesitate slightly to use] situations in order to stretch. Stepping outside one's comfort zone is a better way of putting it. And as for 'stretching' I never forget a sales trainer years ago telling me there are two types of people when it comes to defining 'experience'. Person 'A' can work for 10 years and never get much further than what they achieved in their first 12 other words they have TEN times ONE YEAR's experience.  Person 'B' on the other hand, works for 10 years and compounds their learning. Stretching does that for you and it's a hallmark of successful people. I'd say most escorts are category 'A' with a good proportion of them not treating the work seriously or conducting themselves in a businesslike fashion. This applies particularly to couples. We've managed to keep going throughout the plandemic, and find ourselves in constant demand still. Bespoke bookings hundreds of miles from home are UP, as is the monetary value... fewer meetings but longer duration, with QUALITY people. I don't mean 'quality' as in well heeled (though a significant number would fit that description for sure) I mean 'quality' in that they're experienced players and 100% reliable. Deciding on a fixed date? No problem. Securing the booking with a deposit? Again, not an issue....they know the reasons why we ask for one & UNDERSTAND the problems within our industry. In business, especially escorting, TRUST is everything. Kink's about trust too... not a week goes by when we don't come across someone who thinks BDSM is all about beating people up! We've a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG way to go before general public has the remotest understanding of kink. Learning from 'experts' in the crypto space is another example of trust.... an industry tarnished by scammers and rug pulls; Trust has to be won. Ten years on AdultWork, an intelligent profile, four killer websites & more +++ feedback than almost any other couple helps to reassure punters. #Sexworkisrealwork is a popular hashtag. We've had a lot of fun over the last ten years, but we've kissed a lot of frogs too. At all times we've been professional, businesslike & trustworthy. By 'stretching' we've learnt loads. We're still on our sexual journey and enjoying the ride. The 'train' is transporting us towards ever more distant horizons, as boundaries are pushed, and we gain deeper understanding of our more kinky clients. Don't get me wrong! We still love to meet straight newbies, leading them astray in an MFM situation, which nine times out of ten turns into a passionate MMF. For some guys it's nothing more than a tick on their bucket list, never to be repeated. For others though it's a start of something new, and exciting... It's like we're opening the floodgates, giving their life new meaning & antidote to an otherwise prosaic existence in a world gone mad.

NewmarketMeet Oliver, a 58 year old PR executive from Suffolk, just outside Newmarket to be precise....a mecca for the Racing Industry. Strangely enough, we'd enjoyed a meeting in a Doncaster hotel a few weeks back with a champion jockey & trainer from the same small village as Oliver! But Oliver AKA Ollie, had no interest in horses at all, quite the reverse in fact...he reviled the industry. This came as a surprise to Geeze after reading his introductory message. Apparently he was secretly bi, married, a bit of a Switch, had a smoking fetish, enjoyed French kissing, watersports, and in his words [verbatim]

'To be very upfront to aid me to relax I enjoy taking a small amount of ketamine this really chills me out and enables me to enjoy the experience even more'...

Hmmmmmm. Straightaway after spotting the 'K' word Geeze thought 'racing'. Ketamine is well known in veterinary circles as being the 'go to' drug for tranquilizing horses. We didn't know much more than that about it, so of course, before committing to the meeting we did our own research. NVS readers may recall the nightmare meeting we had in Sunderland a few months back when we were on the receiving end of 'cocaine psychosis' an experience we don't want to risk repeating. Special K, Jet or just 'K' as it's sometimes called was widely used in Vietnam for emergency pain relief in trauma situations; since then it's become widely used by revelers in clubs and raves. Why is this? Well, taking ketamine can make you feel dream-like and detached, chilled, relaxed and happy. It can also alter your perception of time and space and make you hallucinate (see or hear things that aren't there). If you take too much ketamine you may lose the ability to move and go into a ‘k-hole’. This feels like your mind and body have separated and you can't to do anything about it, which can be a very scary experience. Consuming alcohol can also heighten the risk of unconsciousness, coma even. That's why it's notorious as a date rape drug. OH-KKKKKKKKKKKK-AY. To be forewarned is to be forearmed as they say. We'd done the research, we accepted the risk.

A deposit got transferred into our business account, and a few days later we were headed down the A1 and A14 to the grassy gallops which are, and surround Newmarket. Ollie's other half had gone to visit friends up North for the weekend, and wasn't due back till Monday. He sounded like he was on a fairly tight leash...first marriage had failed due in part to his 'indiscretions' (mind one has to remember it's always about TWO people not just one). Second time around he'd managed 15 years to date and had only recently returned to browsing the profiles on AdultWork. He'd cancelled a previous membership in 2012, two years into the new relationship, because he felt it was getting out of hand. Sex had dried up again though, so he reached out to us:

'Wow what a great profile I love the sound of you, I am married but secretly Bi. I love being a Switch'....

The meeting looked from the outset as if it would be 'demanding'; synonyms include the words 'challenging' 'tough' 'exacting' and 'testing' . It was going to be all those things, for sure, but exciting too. It's a 250 mile trek to his neck of the woods and he wouldn't let us book the meeting for our preferred time of 6PM, which would have allowed us to get away with just one night in a local hotel. So we had to book two. Check in at 3PM means we can get ready & freshen up after a 5 hour drive. A meeting scheduled for a 1PM start following a hotel check out at 11AM isn't ideal, but we agreed to his terms. Ollie had it all worked out. Knowing his wife to be a creature of habit, who'd likely call him by phone early evening, he wanted to make sure that a) we wouldn't be there, and b) if he overcooked the 'K' and rendered himself unconscious, then that risk too would be minimized by arranging the meet for an earlier time. He'd sent his address...we could see from Google's 'aerial view' a large detached home hiding behind tall laurel hedging; ample cover for a 'visitor's' car, & safe from the 'neighbourhood watch' brigade. Anyway, what could be more innocuous than a smartly dressed middle aged business couple, him with briefcase, her with handbag rocking up to a PR exec's home early on a Sunday afternoon?

PR man jokes

Yapping dogs announced our arrival; a couple of excitable spaniels intermittently springing into view. They were brown and white with long pink tongues extended, drooling slobber with excitement and anticipation. But we were not to meet them. The front door swung open before we'd actually knocked almost as if it was automatic, the homes occupant unseen until we were in the hallway. A tall thin guy with a shaven head, in heels, stockings, deep suspender belt, black knickers and white blouse greeted us from behind the door. Usually we're ushered into a sitting room or kitchen, to share notes and a drink before the ACTION starts but Ollie had other ideas. 'Up the stairs' he ordered....into a scantily furnished bedroom, curtains drawn, a couple of candles, and what looked in the dim light to be a paddling pool; once our eyes adjusted we could see it was a lilo covered in towels; a makeshift water sports arena, albeit very different to the ones I used to frequent 'back in the day'. Thorpe Park Arena in Surrey was one of my faves, a venue famous for hosting world class water ski tournaments, little used today in comparison with its illustrious past, sadly. Minx had brought wine. A gentle hint during the phone conversation hadn't prompted Ollie to offer any of his own, though he did email us later to say he'd found some whiskey in the house we were welcome to drink. Geeze was driving, so it was water for him, just as well, because with WS on the menu, he was going to need plenty of fluids! Having genned up on the risks associated with mixing alcohol with 'K' we were surprised to see Ollie pouring himself a large Scotch on the Rocks, however, we knew what 'could happen' & vowed to stay watchful, to keep him on the straight and narrow. We could see Ollie was 'smitten' with Minx. She'd dressed in trousers, concealing fishnet holdups, with black satin panties & matching bra under a loose white top & black leather jayket (Scottish for jacket btw). He'd wanted the 'PA' look...pencil skirt and heels, not the most discreet outfit for an upper class residential area, that's why Minx wore the strides. In point of fact, sight of the fishnets at ankle level was quite a turn on. Less is more so to speak. It wasn't more than 5 minutes before the kecks were off anyway.
Minx headed for the en-suite, leaving the two guys together; Ollie saw that I was 'full on' and the real deal from the off...I was keen to show him we were totally on top of our game right from the start; it wasn't hard. Ollie was an attractive man not only physically but intellectually too. He kissed me as I played with his nipples briefly before Minx rejoined us. She always likes to know more about a client's 'previous' not least from the safety angle. Did he bareback? When was his last meeting? Did he see female escorts too? Oliver didn't mind the questioning. Pouring another large Scotch he sat down with us on the bed and told us about his marriages, his experiences with escorts (some shocking) and more. This was the first time he'd played in the marital boudoir with an escort. Previously he'd fucked in the lounge by all accounts, with single females. It was his first time with a couple. One of his more unsavoury meets had taken place quite recently; a hotel incall he'd booked in Nottingham. The escort had 'forgotten' her cigarette lighter and said she must have left it in her had already changed hands & Ollie wasn't born yesterday, so he accompanied her to 'her car' which clearly wasn't her car when they got out there. She then said she'd left the car's keys in his room.  Making their way back through the hotel's reception, she startled him by crying out...

'I'm an escort & this man's bothering me! Help!' 

Ollie told her to 'fuck off!' there & then. Can you believe someone would try that kinda thing? Sadly, its similar to many a tale we've been told in recent years. No wonder we're busy...guys TRUST us. We get calls on a daily basis from men who won't read past our profile's headline. Consequently they know nothing about us, with some complaining there's way too much to read. To be honest we're not interested in their kind...the comprehensive pages both on AdultWork & our own web sites are there for a purpose, & reassuring to QUALITY people, especially those who've been ripped off in the past. Ollie wanted a GFE to begin with, or more like a CFE (couple friend experience) and that's what he got. Deep French kissing, nipple play, then oral sex, and before we knew it full on threeway cunnilingus/anilingus, in a word: Delicious. He'd sent us a rough 'order of service' but didn't expect us to follow it rigidly. It was scheduled as a three hour meeting, so Minx & I had discussed beforehand how we might tackle it. It was a case of starting gently and moving up the scale to hard core domination by the two of us. The 'K' appeared...a modest amount of white powder in a stainless steel ashtray, ready to be snorted. We were curious to learn more. He told us a London domme had introduced it to him one time he'd been a bit stressed....PR & advertising execs tend to get a bit like that, frazzled, I've dealt with them myself. She told him it would calm him, and allow him to chill. He'd been an occasional user ever since. It would be about 20 -30 minutes until it started to take effect, and in that time the two men took turns worshipping Minx's ass worship in the North East UKass. She rarely strips right off, preferring to leave on a suspender belt or camisole rolled down to her waist. When she gets down on all fours & pushes that big booty up in the air, its truly explicit....the scant clothing adds to the eroticism. There's been many a time she's done that while I'm playing with a guy but 'not quite there' either through fatigue or lack of attraction (it happens!) It stokes my fire, makes me stiffer & encourages me to cum. Ollie asked me if she liked anal, and I said it wasn't automatically on the menu. Minx piped up 'It might just be your lucky day!' Clearly she was comfortable with Ollie and the threeway dynamic. Some of our hottest moments have been when we've partaken in Double Penetration. I suppose because it's not a 'given' it's all the more desirable, and memorable.  Many occasions I can recall almost move for move; it's right up there with the best sexual experiences IMAO. Ollie was a sensual guy and had turned Minx on previously with his tongue...she'd climaxed hard...she liked him, enough to allow gentle 'A'. Pushing in gently he was sensitive to her body, choosing not to go balls deep and all animalistic. [guilty your honour 🙂 ] Just slow rhythmic penetration in and out by about two inches leaving four more for Geeze to handle. Reaching around him from behind, his own cock rubbing against Ollies bottom, tantalizingly close to his anus yet staying 'safe' nevertheless, Geeze gripped Oliver's shaft, fingering Minx's ass as well while he pushed in with his cock, before withdrawing again, and repeating the cycle. Pressing hard against Ollie, the two men turned heads and snogged while still fucking Minx's ass. Ollie swiveled again, stretching his neck. Geeze took this as a signal to mouth him. A love bite was out of the question...we didn't want to mark him & arouse suspicions with the wife, gentle pecking and light nibbling hit his spot though, evidenced by goosebumps on his arms & the top of his legs. Sharply pinching the lobe of Ollie's right ear between the nails of his thumb & index finger, Geeze separated from him.  Minx can only stand anal for so long, besides, it was Ollies turn now. He'd told us he loved to be fucked but he was very would need working on, gently, and over time. We'd come prepared, with small beads, three different grades of anal lube one with a desensitising additive, plus a range of dildos including a small p-massager from RockOff and a fleshy cock dildo modelled on some porn star and made to fit a strap on.  The latter is incredibly realistic and feels SO-ooo fact it's turning me on now just thinking about that feeling. When we bought it, it took me some time before I could take it. Anal is like that, you have to build up gradually, and even when you're used to it, it depends 'on the day' how relaxed you are. Straight men really should let the 'macho stuff' go and experiment in private. Once you hit 'that spot' there's no going back. Geeze started stimulating Ollie's ass with a gloved finger....rubbing gently at first, getting him aroused. Minx kissed him and kept up conversation, while Geeze probed deeper. And deeper, until that familiar 'walnut', as sex educators like to describe it, could be felt aka the prostate gland. Massaging it with his outstretched middle finger encouraged tiny beads of fluid to dribble from Ollies pee hole...confirming to Geeze that he was right on the money. Pretty soon it was more lube and more fingers, two, then three, opening him up him, getting him into a frenzy...

Awe, fuck me, I love being fucked, fuck me FUCK MY HOLE! he shouted. Geeze rubbered up...he'd got a condom part opened ready, and rolled it on out of sight of Ollie.

You'd be surprised by the huge number of men who fantasize about being penetrated. Ordering the PR man to draw his knees up to his chest, Geeze deftly shoved a pillow under Ollies bum, supporting him clear of the bed. Speaking of which, it was one of those wooden IKEA things, with a raised frame, impractical for hard sex, risking injury if you moved too close to the edge. We'd had a couple of near misses already, so Geeze took care to position Olly centrally, before penetrating him gently at first, while looking him straight in the eye. That alone can be a big turn on for guys like Ollie on a tight leash...the couple were with each other pretty much 24/7 as they worked together in their own SME. The wife had no inkling of his bisexuality....he told us divorce would be inevitable if she caught him or saw what he was doing now...on the marital bed. The audacity of the act made it all the more INTENSE for him. Hard MM fucking continued for a good ten minutes before Ollie declared 'Enough!' He wanted to inhale. He'd got poppers.....from France. The real thing, not the watered down 'room odorisers' you get at your local sex shop. Mind you, befriend some of those retailers and you'll sometimes find they have other products 'under the counter'. WE have a trade account with a wholesaler, so what we supply can be pretty potent. But Ollie didn't just want poppers! He wanted forced inhalation of cigarette smoke as well. Smoking fetish aka 'capnolagnia' is something the #TeesValleyMistress gets asked for, often. She used to be a regular smoker but gave up (ENJOY!) decades ago as did I; nowadays she's disciplined enough to indulge only on the odd social occasion, and for 'work'.smoking fetish girl in County Durham UKA good many men seem to get turned on  watching a sexy woman exhale. As with everything else, Ollie wanted it FULL-ON which meant Minx had to inhale deeply, before sealing her lips around his mouth as if to resuscitate him, & basically blowing his lungs up with her smoke. It really did the trick for him, his cock now noticeably stiff to the max, the foreskin rolling back by itself as his glans swelled; Ollie jerked his shaft hard 3 or 4 times and let go, crying out as a good spurt of the white stuff rained down on his tummy. Some hit Geeze too. Dipping his fingers in the mess, he offered it to Ollie to eat. The meeting was now going the way of the script; we'd started with GFE and vanilla stuff, now it was progressing towards hard domination & humiliation from the two of us. We've been told that very few couples offer this, perhaps that's the reason we're meeting so many men like Ollie these days, all over the UK. The popper bottle appeared....'Breath control!' he yelled excitedly...Reaching for a Breath control black bin liner that just 'happened' to be on the bedside drawer unit, he poured some of the liquid onto a tissue within the bag & told us to seal the bag tight around his head & release it when we'd counted to 10...yeah I know, this might sound extreme to most of you, but like I said, we're on a journey, along with others. Men use poppers to get an immediate 'rush' or sensation of intense relaxation, dizziness, euphoria, mood elevation & intoxication. Effects last from a few seconds to several minutes. When we released him we could see a marked change in his look...I could fairly describe it as silly/happy/beat with an attitude that could be interpreted as 'I don't give a fuck' as surely as if the words had been written in biro all over his face. Minx & I glanced at each other...we were definitely delivering upon his expectations. We were two thirds of the way thru the meeting; everything from now on would be plain sailing. We'd won his confidence, we'd lit him up, now we had to cool him down. Standing over him Geeze chipped in... 'Watersports!' 

'Not on the bed!!!'  pleaded Ollie as Geeze teased him, dribbling 4 or 5 drops of his piss on to his chest. Reaching out to take his hand, Geeze pulled the PR exec upright, helped him to his feet while still on the bed, then shuffled him over to the paddling pool. Ollie didn't need to be forced...letting go of Geeze he dived onto the lilo, turned & spread his legs. Again, some readers may squirm, but remember, you subscribe to News Views & Screws to learn more about our life as a kinky escort couple, the good the bad & the ugly so stay with it! Watersports is one of those acts you totally 'get' when you're in that raw & vibrant sexual mood... you just want that other human being to kinda flow over you, to merge & unite; If you've never been there I sincerely hope you'll experience it one day, because it's intensely powerful. Geeze had no need to mentally will himself to urinate, since he was on the same page as Ollie. Aiming fairly & squarely for Oliver's open mouth his piss hit the target >>> BULLSEYE! Geeze kept it there as the high roller gulped & guzzled...choking briefly...a signal for Geeze to change direction and direct his dick towards Ollies cock & balls. Stooping down then lying on top of Ollie for a few seconds, the two men held each other tight as Minx cried 'Wow!'

'Need a shower...' screamed Ollie, 'you've just had one!' quipped Geeze, accompanying his client as he made his way to the en-suite. I always love that bit...when you see 'her' sink next to his, her moisturisers conditioners hair brushes & all that other womanly paraphernalia, and you're there with your own kinky hot wife, in 'their' home! Naughty I know & one day we're going to get caught for sure but Hey!...we're just doing our job! O & G showered together, soaping one another while gently fingering and massaging. The meeting was coming to a close, or so we thought. Until....

'How much to keep you guys here another couple of hours?...'

Music to Minx's ears. As a Scot, she's quite canny when it comes to money. Me, less so. I tend to psyche myself up for the duration & need a little time to re-adjust to an extension. I don't drink during meetings, as I'm the driver. The others get hyped up & I'm still fully [ahem] 'sensible'[?] a problem familiar to anyone who's been a named driver on a night out with friends! Minx can hold her liquor though, and neither of us ever touch drugs. Although she's a tease and a flirt & can get quite extreme herself at times, she always remains professional. A deal was struck, money got transferred and Round 2 commenced. It was basically more of the same....lots more forced intoxication and a good hard shag towards the end culminating in a heavy cream pie and simultaneous ejaculation from both guys. All that remained was for Ollie to clean up. Spreading her legs wide, Minx pulled the PR man in close, ordering him to clear up every drop. The big Doxy was at her side. Firing it up she massaged her mound as Ollies tongue licked her labia. She doesn't like me using that word.... cunt lips to you and me, then O went deeper, finding her urethra, and stimulating it. She was getting pretty wild now...the massage wand can be relied upon to deliver the internal orgasms she craves. Two or three years ago her libido waned slightly, but these days it's back. Her whole body heaved as Ollie desperately tried to remain 'on station'. Audible sighs gave way to loud groans as the peppy wand made good on it's promise....whipping the massager away at the last minute she squirted hard...ferociously even, directing it at Ollies face, rinsing off the last remnants of the cream pie stuck to his stubble. Geeze wanted in on the act too. Pulling Minx upright into a kneeling position, he kissed her, while beckoning Ollie to do the same...the three of us engaged in a threeway Frenchie, the perfect end to an afternoon of pure debauchery.

I'll wrap up with a few words from  'A kink or a fetish is just an unusual form of one's sexual expression as long as it's safe sane & consensual. Needless to say if practiced properly, a kink or fetish will spice up your sex life & establish a stronger sexual bond between the partners, what is even more, it might be correlated with better mental health. Dive into the world of kinks, you will be ashamed of your imaginative poverty, because one thing you may consider absurd or bazaar, happens to be appealing to another person'  Cheers to that! You subscribe to NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS to learn more about our life as an Escort Couple. YOUR PLEASURE is OUR BUSINESS as we turn fantasy into reality. #WhatDreamsAreMadeOf! We tell you the way it is….and we thank you for your continued support. Until next time, take care, Luv, fun50couple xxx

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