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LOOK!!! We're needing two BiSexual Male Models/Performers for a PAID video shoot in the North East one weekend in JUNE. We have an experienced videographer booked, all we need is YOU to join us. Minimum age 35, Get in touch if you wanna get involved: 07981-726237

'Screws' this month is as usual, exclusive NVS material! News & Views is an improved and updated version of our Adult Work Spring 2018 blog, also posted this week. ENJOY!

Hello Sexy Friends! After a promising start to the year things have gone rapidly DOWNHILL, not least because of the FOSTA/SESTA nonsense across the Pond. Dunno what the hell I’m talking about? Well, I’m not surprised because it seems VERY FEW of you men know anything about it or care by the looks of it. A bit like the complacency surrounding the forthcoming Digital Economy Act. (DEAct) Yeah I know everybody’s out there working and worrying about jobs and Brexit and football, but FOSTA/SESTA and DEAct are a big deal for us in the Adult Industry AND YOU as a punter and lover of Porn!

So what’s FOSTA all about? Basically its a law rushed through in a matter of weeks to clamp down on sex trafficking. FOSTA stands for ‘Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act’ while SESTA is ‘Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act’. Of course we ALL KNOW that ALL ESCORTS are victims and we’re ALL BEING TRAFFICKED right? Over the last couple of years in particular, escorts, hookers, prostitutes, hoes, call us what you will, even doms ...we’re all finding ourselves lumped into one category by our political & religious masters….we’re all victims of trafficking. We’re all on drugs, we all have habits, and not one of us has a brain & not one of us does sexwork out of choice, Got that? No, I’m NOT exaggerating here. You’re no doubt thinking what the hell does a law passed in America have to do with us here in Blighty? Well, my friends, as it happens, a HELLUVA LOT.

You see up to now, the internet has been governed by laws passed a decade or more back...rules which basically freed internet websites or more correctly providers of platforms for content, of any legal responsibility for what third parties posted on that platform. Some of you will have heard of BackPage and there was another big gay escort site I forget the name of….cutting a long story, Law Enforcement & Government perceived most of Backpage’s content to be sexworkers who had been trafficked, and/or under-age. It WASN’T but Backpage was raided and shut down overnite anyway, directors arrested and charged for ‘facilitating trafficking’ etc etc. So prior to the laws passed just three weeks ago, the US authorities DID have the power to shut down such sites, but no matter; Senators jumped on the bandwagon, and saw it as a good opportunity to shut down sexwork full stop (we all know the power of the religious Right in America, PLUS prostitution is illegal in almost every US state), some undoubtedly saw it as a chance to effectively censor free speech, criticism of Government for example, or whistle blowing. And that’s what happened. If you’re a Brit like us, working entirely legally here in the UK, selling consensual sex, & your site happens to be hosted on an American platform, you’re gone. Craig’s list personals vanished overnight. Google are removing pornographic content from people’s Drives without notice. Microsoft are banning nudity on SKYPE & even screening emails for pornographic images before blocking them.

A month ago I was at Eroticon in Camden and one of the workshops was about DEAct, something all us writers and pornographers are concerned about. At Eroticon there wasn’t one cheep about SESTA/FOSTA! It’s all come to pass within 5-6 weeks, done, dusted, and signed into law by Trump. So guys, if you’ve wondered why we’ve gone quiet on Twitter it’s because sexworkers are feeling the heat...we’re ALREADY shadow banned. We can’t be seen to be advertising sexwork, and neither can Jack Dorsey @Twitter. We’re all still waiting to see what Twitter's OFFICIAL response will be, though many escorts & doms have already been kicked out. Some got together and formed a new platform specifically for Sex Workers; it’s called Switter and originates from Oz, hosted in Austria. In just 3 weeks, 50,000 sexworkers signed up including ourselves. We’ve since been suspended for allegedly spamming….all we wanted to do was help other escorts with sales of {ahem} room aromas and websites, but our protestations of goodwill fell on deaf ears cuz we’re still banned (and unlikely to return). Even Switter got taken down last week by CloudFlare who were helping them host it….CloudFlare, although historically supporters of free speech worried that they too could be shut down under the act and arrested; Switter turned to another platform and got up and running again after a 6 hour break. Fairplay to them. You see, my friends, this is all getting nasty. The golden days of the internet and FREE SPEECH ONLINE are OVER. Did you wonder why the Head Millennial as I call him aka Zuckerberg was so reticent about responsibility surrounding Cambridge Analytica? It’s because his organisation too has been facilitating stuff posted by others and not legally been required to be accountable for it. Until now, with the change of the law. So folks, browse online for escorts WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

We’ve been escorts for many years, and the truth is, Adult Work is the best out there as a portal, by a country mile. It remains to be seen, how they will navigate the choppy waters ahead, not least because our own Authorities here in the UK are sure to follow the American example, if only to silence protest & restrict consensual paid sex. They’re already patting themselves on the back over the DEAct, showing off to the world that Britain is setting a shining example with regard to age verification of porn. At Eroticon there was a lawyer telling us all about the Act. The guy might as well have been a representative for the BBFC, the crowd trusted with enforcing the Act. (British Board of Film Censors) The same people who give the likes of Fifty Shades an 18 Cert FFS! We’ve seen more erotic scenes in the ‘Sweeney 2012’ and more recently ‘In The Line of Duty’. The legal eagle told us he saw no problem with age verification and said that in 'many areas of life today in Britain, age verification had become the norm, and accepted'. What planet is this man on? Does he REALLY BELIEVE that Mr Married Man who’s watching porn night afyer night after ‘her indoors’ has toddled off to bed, does he SERIOUSLY BELIEVE this man is going to age verify using credit cards/passports/driving licenses etc each and every site he visits?

There’s talk of a scheme whereby you age-verify once, after which you’ll be able to access multiple sites….and who are the people being asked to finance all this?...

...the porn sites themselves, so guess what, no more small players. Like us. There’s also talk they’re going to be going after the Top 100 sites first, and the smaller people needn’t worry. I doubt this. Maybe they will, but I can guarantee a few of the Top 100 will be minnows, made an example of by the heavy hand of the State in the form of BBFC. Apparently implementation of the Act has been postponed to allow for further consultations, but rest assured, it IS going ahead. So my friends, your PORN HABIT/ENJOYMENT is coming under serious fire, and I would suggest you do what we’ve been doing lately and 'gen up' on VPNs & the Dark Web. The latter sounds quite sinister doesn’t it, but nothing is further from the truth. Granted, its been used for all kinds of illegal trade in recent years, but that is changing as more & more ‘ordinary bods’ seek it’s shelter in the name of ANONYMITY and a bloody mindedness that we’re NOT GOING TO LET GOVERNMENT CONTROL US ANY MORE THAN WE CAN HELP, so guys, click the Tor Project image (left) & you’ll find it very easy to upload a browser to your machine. That way, no-one can trace where you are or what you’re looking at, so seeing as the DEAct applies to British viewers of porn, Tor enables you to appear French or German or wherever, at random. What about your internet service provider I hear you ask...they too may shut you down if they see you on Tor, however, if you go a step further & invest in a VPN, you’re covered on that angle too, and it doesn’t cost that much. So do some homework & stick two fingers up to the holier than thous and the nay-sayers.

All this change is happening at lightning speed, and I see so many folk well behind the curve, completely OBLIVIOUS to any of it. Left and right are joining forces, some are even using #MeToo to bridge the gap between the two political extremes, unlikely I know, but TRUE. Cosmopolitan was a recent casualty….pressure from activists forced Walmart to remove it from shelves next to checkouts, because it was deemed to be ‘sexualising children’. Last week, in America & here in the UK, ‘concerned parents’ took children out of school in protest over graphic sex which had become increasingly liberalised and True to Life….fyi ABSTINENCE is the new Sex Education folks. Just a year ago we were marvelling at the growing acceptance of ‘Sex Positivism’. THAT is what they should be teaching in schools. And it gets worse. Yesterday on Social Media, a dom dressed in black lace got deleted, because it was deemed too sexual….no nipples, no nudity….just a suggestion of ‘SEXY’…..binned off, like the lady said, we’re heading back to the 1880’s. And I think she’s right. Sad times.


The problem is, we’re living in a world of extremes with no middle ground, and we’re led (if that’s what we can call it) by folk lacking experience and most of all JUDGMENT. Did you hear the story this week about the Government Minister’s PA who’s come under fire for touting herself out as a Sugar Babe? Apparently she got set up by an undercover reporter posing as a Sugar Daddy on some controversial website for such people, and the girl bragged she knew all about the Minister, his work, his life, the whole chabang, setting the Minister up to be blackmailed. Questions are being asked, and she’s under investigation, not least because as a civil servant she’s bound by the Official Secrets Act, though by all accounts, she doesn’t care. What amazes me, is this….OK, the minister (Age late 40s & tipped as Prime Ministerial material) may have done nothing wrong BUT……….anyone with any Common Sense wouldn’t have taken on a young 20 year old as a PA in a sensitive Governmental role would they? It’s a bit like the senior MP who got caught out with rent boys….the dipstick chose a couple of Romanians to have sex and drugs with….again, a question of judgment! There are people like us as service providers who NEVER DIVULGE ANYTHING ABOUT NAMED CLIENTS! And that’s how it should be! We’ve talked about discretion before. And sometimes DISCRETION costs us. When we’re away touring we get many calls from non AW members wanting to meet. In Suffolk recently we had three guys get the hump because we wouldn’t give out our precise location. Guys, with a Feedback score of 137+ and a profile going back years we can be counted on as being GENUINE! So why don’t we give out exact location? Because we don’t know who you are. Many men seem to be ignorant of the fact that a couple selling sex, a married couple even, can be arrested on a charge of running a brothel, IE 2 or more sex workers working together. If you’re phoning up out the blue, you could be anyone, so we ain’t gonna tell you where we are and room numbers etc until we’ve met you off the premises and sussed you out first, that’s if we even bother with you in the first place; at least if you’re an AW member of good standing with feedback then we know you’re a genuine player, OK? It’s called JUDGMENT!  So get yourselves on AW  & get some track record behind you! Outcalls TO YOU by the way ARE legal as a couple. #JustSaying.

Another thing we came across at Eroticon was how the DEAct affected pornographic blogs. The good news is that anything text is not covered by the Act. The bad news is that pictures are, and a lot of what we’d like to write about and have written about (now removed) subjects like kidnap roleplay, squirting, face-sitting, piss, watersports, certain BDSM activities….they can fall foul of the Obscene Publications Act, so we’ve decided, reluctantly to tone down NEWS VIEWS n SCREWS for the time being and possibly cease publication altogether. Who needs the hassle? Instead, we’re starting a new online magazine called GENSEX, and it’ll be covering subjects which fascinate us the most around the World of Sex; People’s problems, relationships, different attitudes towards sex across different generations, sexuality, all things that concern us on a daily basis, and things we can HELP people with. There will be guest articles too. GENSEX, is a play on GEN X, (the demographic which represents the majority of our clients) and GEN as in "generations", since we see all ages from around 30 onwards up to 80+. The image shown closeby is the new GENSEX logo for Social Media, Stay tuned!


This month I thought it would be fun to share with you ‘Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of an Escort Couple’ so you can get a taste of what our life’s REALLY like. So I’m gonna run through time between Noon yesterday and Noon today...Saturday. (You'll see I've included a bit of pre-amble before Noon on Friday to set the scene OK?)During the morning I’d been composing an Adult Work blog and another one for Gayswap; carefully written comment designed to inform and YES dare I say SELL our services through these two fine sites. It’s no good putting up a profile and leaving it there in the hope it will bring in the punters, they have to be worked on daily to produce results. Whilst writing these pieces, I’m monitoring emails etc and at 0846 this one came in (+ what follows ad verbatim) from a guy we’ll call Brian (B), replies are (G) for Geeze.

0845 B: “Morning Mistress & Master are you working this evening?”

0847 G: Hi Brian, Yes we are {thumbs up} (thinking….alarm bells ringing, we knew the guy and saw him once for a decent booking, but several re-books and cancellations followed, so we were forced to block him from AW & our phones, but not private email, however, business is slow, so we give him a chance; He’s a sub, and subs can be very hard work, so it was a case of 'stay calm, and be nice'……)

0855 B: OK what area? (No access to Adult Work so can’t see profile, but we’re saved on his phone)

0856 G: We’re here in County Durham

0900 B: OK how much for 2 hours

0900 G: To Middlesbrough?

0903 B: Yes or I can come to you both

0907 G: £*** for 2 hour outcall as per AW

0907 B: Is that to me?

0907 G: Yep

0908 B: OK will only have £*** sorry

0910 G: We’ll do an hour and three quarters for you at £*** no problem

0911 B: What would you like? I can be dressed up at mine and cock caged too

0912 G: Hi B, we were thinking that….if you came to us it wouldn’t be so easy to dress up etc, yeah, we’re up for coming over to Middlesbrough

0915 B: OK but want two hours. How would you want me dressed

0921 G: As convincing as possible, Ideally nice wig, carefully applied make-up to face, fingers & toes, prosthetic titties, fishnet bodystocking, tight satin corset, and heels

0922 B: OK will try but what about my body hair. Never done make-up before

0926 G: Well darling, that will be fine….you’ll need to start taking the pills and feminising, and you’ll gradually lose the body hair. All part of your fascinating journey, and similar to many others we’ve seen especially this last 12 months

0928 B: Ok what outfits will you be wearing (at this stage I realise message ping-pong could go on all day and inform him I can’t answer instantaneously as I have IT work to do)

1044 G: You want Minx in PVC?

1122 B: Can’t open it (sent pic)

1252 B: So what’s the plan?

1300 G: We’ll be over at 7PM...if that’s what you want (still not really believing this meet will happen based on previous)

1311 B: What’s Mistress going to wear? (I find Minx in the garage, and ask her)

1314 G: She’s just told me short PVC dress and animal print heels

1325 B: OK with what underwear?

1352 G: Balck chemise trimmed in red ribbon, hold-ups, knickers optional

1401 B: OK what about you Master, lady’s knickers, I want spunk piss gushing fun

1458 G: Black lace panties & yeah that’s what you’ll get

1531 B: OK you both in black lace panties xx so 2 hours xxx

1659 B: Can you do 8PM two hours for £*** (now offering nearer the asking rate & looking more promising ~ Ka-ching?)

1703 G: Hello again Brian, DEAL, you know what we’re like, we don’t exactly clockwatch anyway, Yeah, both in black, what’s your house number?

1709 B: OK great 8PM is ok for you both (we’ve got to this stage before and he’s cancelled at short notice on more than one occasion)

1710 G: Yeah fine, see you then x

1844 B: OK are you texting me when you set off please

1854 G: We’ll set off at 7-40PM. We’re now getting ready OK?

1854 B: OK how would you like me to waiting {sic}

1858 G: In the living room on the couch or sat on the stairs, legs open, in heels, hand up skirt, gently massaging your clitty

1858 B: OK no problem hope you’re both in lady’s underwear

1859 G: Of course!

1943 B: {house} Number 3*. Are you on your way?

1944 G: Just about to leave

1944 B: OK what you think you will arrive {sic}

Guys, Have you counted those emails???? Yep, twenty three in total, and you see, it’s all part of the build up. Typical sub behaviour, as is the attention to detail of the grammar & spelling. And all coming through while I’m writing the blogs, which took me until Noon, after which I moved on to editing new pictures, uploading them and updating profiles, another time consuming task. Shooting sexy pics is an art. You just have to keep clicking and then sift through them to find the few that are any good & useable, from hundreds. Once we did a shoot in a porn studio and over 1900 pics were shot, out of which only around 30 were suitable. During the week we’d met with a fave client, a regular, and Minx had played the part of a Naughty Nurse. Resizing, adjusting, cropping, improving and spot healing can take an age, however, I managed to sort out around ten pics and added them to profiles, as well as sending a personal ZIP file of the best ones to our lovely client; So guys & girls, you can see that by 5PM, it had already been a busy day!

It takes an hour and a half to properly prepare for a meeting...there’s eating arrangements to think of (we wondered if Brian might be for real this time so chose to eat at lunch so we could digest our food before the action started, no use fucking on a full stomach!), there’s douching, Minx’s hair, make-up, sextoys to pack into briefcase, condoms, lube, all those things have to be taken into consideration, so it was no wonder we were 5 minutes late leaving. Brian’s actually a lovely guy and generous too, as are many subs. A player for years and never married, he likes nothing better than a heavy MMF threesome, as well as occasional visits to the bigger swingers clubs across the North. He’s the kind of guy who works hard, doesn’t get a lot of time off, has a heap of responsibility as a business owner with some serious money invested, and KINKY SEX is his escape, a rare evening now and then where he can actually RELAX, until the inevitable, and he cums; Then it’s like the light’s are turned on full again, and he’s up, up and away to bed, for an early start at daft’o’clock the following morning, and ushering us out the door. That’s our Brian, and we see many like him.

So 8-05 PM found us knocking on his door. Minx was in a long black coat, concealing PVC fetwear, and struggling to keep balance on Geeze’s arm as we strolled up the steep driveway to Brian’s immaculate home. The door opened, without any sight of our man; concealing himself behind the entrance, and quickly re-locating to the couch as Geeze closed the front door behind him. Brian was in a blonde wig, prosthetic titties, black basque, red silk panties, stockings and shiny red 5” heels. The last time we’d seen him he’d splashed out £90 on a pair specially for the night...these subbie’s take their kink seriously, as do we service providers. Soft music played, banter flowed, and the three of us played; He’d addressed Geeze as Master, but then wanted him dressed in lady’s panties, a bit of a contradiction; it was agreed that Geeze would for tonight, take on a more sissy role, with Minx the dominant. Brian wore a rubber cock and ball ring, keeping a thick 6” penis with a massive bell end firm and rigid for the duration, while Geeze’s own member ebbed and flowed, without mechanical assistance, turned on repeatedly to the point of coming, then holding back; Action moved upstairs to a smart bedroom, softly lit, music, a comfy duvet on a big double king. We could see now that Brian sported a furry tailed metal butt plug, quite small but firmly inserted. Geeze wasted no time in replacing it with a Rocks Off QUEST mini vibe, while Minx rode Brian’s face, soaking him with her squirt. Despite his experience, Brian is still an anal virgin and had only once hit his P-spot via self stimulation. So it was time for Geeze to repeat the experience, only this time with a bigger implement; A medium size black glass anal dildo was brought to bear….an ideal tool for the job since it has a straight handle, and a sharply curved kink at the other end, ideal for massaging the P-spot once it’s found. And find it Geeze did, evidenced by moans and heavy breathing from Brian who was asked to rate the experience as the toy gradually moved closer to the target. Firm upward pressure on the handle caused the dildo to hit the spot, encouraging pre-cum to leak from Brian’s cock; things heated up further to the point where Brian wanted desperately to fuck Minx while Geeze continued to stimulate his anus. He rolled back over to play with Minx. Some men have a knack of whipping pussy to the point of cream almost, from furious manual stimulation; the sound of that rapid hand action is a turn on in itself, making Geeze hard again, but not quite solid enough to enter Brian (by now an hour and a three quarters had passed). Soon after, Geeze dressed B with a condom, rolling it down his firm shaft while masturbating his own cock, then Brian fucked. Like a bunny rabbit on steroids. The day’s emails and slow erotic buildup climaxed in a violent shudder, as Brian fucked to the point of cumming, pulled out, then chose to ditch his condom and spunk hard over Minx’s pubic mound. Turning back over again, he lay on his back, trembling, spent, and totally relaxed...he was there in that state for I would estimate a full four minutes. LOL 🙂  Then it was back into biz mode. That’s what his kind are like. The cum seals the deal, then he wants you both outa there! Like NOW! Sextoys hastily gathered, condoms wrapped in plastic to be disposed of, clothes back on, Brian now in pyjama bottoms I kid you not, a quick poached egg on toast we were told before hitting the sack for another early start...even though Brian’s director level, he’s still very much hands-on and by the sounds of it, ducking and diving like the rest of us just now, in these times of uncertainty. For us, it was time to bid farewell, and head for McDonalds; Minx had packed a flat pair of shoes, and so it was, two quarter pounder meals and a coffee each, followed by a 30 minute journey home, to bed, but not before answering texts from punters who’d contacted us during the meeting, and of course, tweaking profiles to read right for Saturday, the next day.

~ Sleep ~ then up again early to the sound of a dawn chorus at 5AM. Brains active, both of us, time for coffee/chat/look at profiles/check Twitter/reply to notifications/nap, then at 0740 comes a text message confirming a meet this morning at 1030! Rock and ROLL 🙂 🙂 To be honest, Minx had forgotten all about it, and I’d never been told. He was one of those guys who wasn’t an AW member, wasn’t sure if he could make Saturday when he originally phoned, and a first-timer, so Minx hadn’t bothered to record his details but HAD asked him to confirm the proposed meet on Saturday, not expecting him to do so. To be fair to Minx, we get calls from men like him several times a week, and they seldom come in. We’ll call him Shaun. Three hours later we were in his company. Smart, articulate, clean and obviously successful, the ‘transaction’ couldn’t have been more different from Brian the night before. One initial call, one text, one confirmation call and that was it; Many of the genuine punters are like BS, no runaround, they Just Do It. Though Shaun, at age 50, had NEVER been with an escort, and NEVER been with a couple. Wifey had gone away for the weekend (apparently) so there he was; shorts, leather yachty type shoes, pink shirt and a suntan to die for, and a hint of ‘smelling nice’ too. No BO here! Paperwork was got out of the way, and we were led to a cosy bedroom, and it wasn’t long before Shaun’s clothes were off, save for a stripey tanga, barely concealing a prominent bulge. The night before had been intense, and Geeze felt he needed a boost to be on the safe side, (Don't scoff! Nearly every porn performer out there takes enhancers from time to time!) so about an hour and a half prior to meeting took a non-pharma performance enhancer. Just before meeting Shaun he tested for it’s effects by gently masturbating, and was rewarded by a solid hard on, helped by the tablet for sure cuz Geeze could also feel his ears burning and face flushed as well, a sure sign that ‘things were happening’. Always remember guys, with performance enhancers, including Vi, they won’t work unless you’re aroused! They’re NOT a magic bullet. And be careful, cuz we know porn stars who’ve taken supplements for years, until they have no effect on them whatsoever, through over-indulgence. Shaun told us he’d never been with a man before, then confided that ‘well, he did once when a youngster’. No problem. You see, if you’re that way inclined and ‘sex positive’, the thought’s don’t usually go away, unless you’ve satisfied your curiosity and found out it’s not for you.

However hard you try and banish those thoughts, they WON’T GO AWAY until you address them, and it’s something we come across all the time….three times this week alone!

Shaun was drawn to Minx’s titties, then her pussy, giving her intense oral. Things stepped up a gear with him eventually reaching out for Geezes cock, visible out of the corner of his eye, while still working on Minx. After that it was up a gear, up another and then into Top, to FULL ON threeway action, almost a blur. So many first time experiences at once and almost overwhelming for the man; Touching a cock with his hand; two cocks touching while being sucked by Minx, frotting, kissing a man and a woman, anal fingering, then a small vibrating toy, all fresh territory for our Shaun. You know you’re doing good when you hear words muttered like ‘Phew you dirteeeeeeeeeeeee bastards’, and ‘Wow, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, OhfffFUUUUUUUCK, accompanied by glazed eyes, a reddened face and a straining cock; Shaun was of average size down below, but hard as rock; He settled eventually on sucking Geeze in a manner that suggested he wanted to take his seed, but the timing was slightly out; No shame though to a nervous newbie; Shaun came hard and plenty of it, all over his chest; Geeze had been enthralled by Shaun’s oral skills as had Minx...the guy was a sensual type for sure, no jabbing fingers or rough stuff, he kinda knew how to PRESS buttons. As soon as he’d cum (and we’ve witnessed this before with newbies) he became completely overpowered by his inner thoughts & feelings; Disabled almost. What had he just done? Intermittently retching, (dictionary def: to undergo an involuntary spasm of ineffectual vomiting) groaning and physically shaken, churning emotions gave way to barely comprehensible speech, but only after a full 2 minutes in 'awe mode'; He told us he never thought he’d go ‘that far’, Hmmmmmmm, we’ve seen it all before. Then it was Warm Down Time; twenty minutes of animated chat & cuddling, putting the world to rights, talking about generations, employment law, business, the usual stuff. Clothes back on, mobiles checked. As we parted company I said to him, ‘you know what the best part of escorting is?….the people you meet’ Thanks Shaun! And there you have it folks, it was 11-45 AM, and a short journey home. Twenty Four hours in the life of an escort couple. I’m still horny now from the meeting AND the tablet (ZUYOSA by the way) Until next time...

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* Please note we NEVER divulge people’s identities and we have changed some names and details to preserve complete anonymity.

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