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An interview with fun50couple....

MEET fun50couple, a Professional Escort Couple in their 50’s. YES you read that correctly, they are in their Fifties! Who on earth would want to visit a couple THAT AGE you might ask? You’d be surprised! In TODAY’s wired world people are discovering how EASY it is to Let Go; to explore their deepest fantasies & desires. Whoever said: ‘fantasies should stay just that, fantasies’?

LIFE IS SHORT. The information superhighway is empowering folk to go way beyond imagination; enabling them to explore their KINK within the safety & privacy of their own homes, and for some, the ultimate dream: To pull the trigger and make it all happen; Whether it be a mild version of ‘live porn’ where they can simply watch as voyeurs & to maybe join in, or deeper desires, exploring their sexuality perhaps, or crossing boundaries and stepping into new arenas like Cross Dressing, BDSM, or Fetishes too numerous to list. The combinations, possibilities and scenarios are endless!

Upon meeting fun50couple, one is immediately struck how ‘ordinary’ they seem. They adopt the appearance of a smart business couple; both come from respectable middle class backgrounds & neither one of them has been ‘forced’ or ‘coerced’ into the ‘oldest profession’; they simply love sex. They are an open-minded duo sharing a deep & long held belief that provided no-one is being forced to do anything against their will, and all players are enjoying themselves, then, well, ‘WTF!’ anything goes; the very essence of 'sex positivity'. Both are naturally sexy, intuitive, and oh, did we mention, deeply in love with each other.  Those are all traits that serve them well, & help to oil the wheels of their extraordinary lifestyle. Both have former marriages which neither one of them care for nor even remember much. They are young for their age and neither has ever opted to ‘CONFORM’ in the conventional sense of the word. Formerly occasional Swingers, but frustrated by the many timewasters and dreamers within that scene, they turned Professional a few years ago. Their Adult site gets around 40,000 hits a year; Constant tweaking & re-assessment of their niche has seen their business go from strength to strength, with a constant stream of messages and calls from all kinds of people, ranging from nervous newbies to full on thrill-seekers. The life is fascinating & not for the faint hearted, but nor is it anything like the stereotypical existence so many would picture in their minds eye. ‘Clients’ make an appointment for all sorts of reasons, some Bizarre and Balmy; Others stem from some former loss, tragedy or life changing event, while a sizeable majority come for nothing more than a healthy dose of Hedonism. It can be an antidote to life’s frustrations, be it stress at work,  a solution maybe to a partner who’s not interested in sex anymore, or a spouse who can’t or won’t cope with a ‘particular kink’. All are welcomed, with visitors drawn from all creeds and classes, from every corner of the nation, and even some from overseas.

As an escort couple, they are in effect, INVITED into, and become part of, other people’s fantasies. For that reason, they feel well qualified to share comment and contribute to an ongoing debate & discussion surrounding the whys & therefores of this often misreported vocation. They like to help others to fulfil their fantasies, or to come to terms with more serious problems; Issues exacerbated by increasing life expectancy, a traditionally Monogamous Society, and a fast changing world, yet a world still clinging to a Victorian or even Medieval mind-set in some quarters. Future plans include development of other websites providing a platform for players to share their news and views, as well as a place for them to keep up to date with, and buy into, the latest trends across the ‘adult’ world. You can learn more about our kinky life by joining hundreds of others who already subscribe to our FREE escort lifestyle magazine NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS.