Massage anyone?

Aneros Helix Syn prostate massage device shown in North East BDSM dungeon setting

Most male escorts advertise ‘massage’ and to be honest, it’s not a skill I’m very interested in or very good at, unless it’s of the ‘P’ kind. As in prostate massage. It’s something I’ve enjoyed for years, and even now I’m learning new moves. You see anal play’s kinda like that. The orgasms you get (male or female) are in a league of their own. In fact ‘intense’ doesn’t even begin to describe a full blown A-gasm; HUMONGOUS is the word I’m currently using when talking to close confidantes about the joys of anal play. For me it keeps getting better and better. And that DOESN’T MEAN I’m using bigger and bigger to get to where I want to be.

Doc Johnson’s Great American Challenge, smooth jelly rubber & a whopping 8 inches in girth

Everyone’s different, and what floats one persons boat won’t necessarily float another’s. Sadly, most men will never experience it, cuz they’re locked in ‘denial’ and associate going anywhere near their ass with ‘gayness’. Their problem, and I’m not going to waste time and text trying to convince them otherwise. I’d rather direct this blog to open minded newbies, as well as experienced players. Nearly all the escorting clients I’ve ever met have been either bi-curious bisexual, subs, sissies or CD’s; it’s a genre I targeted right from the beginning as a mature male escort bisexually inclined myself. Do straight guys want to explore anal play? Yes, some do, but I’d say very few. But then again, we have to be careful about labels. Those that do, often have their interest piqued during M/F anal play with wives or girlfriends; after all, isn’t it natural to want to know what it might feel like, especially given that the males equivalent of the G-spot is the P, which is where? You guessed it, deep in the pelvic area located right in front of the bladder. Can a straight guy enjoy anal play and never get to the stage where they’re bi-curious? That’s a good question. Having entertained numbers of men running well into four figures, I’d say ‘unlikely’. If a married guy is lucky enough to enjoy anal stimulation from his female partner, one thing’s bound to lead to another. She may start by giving his perineum a massage without any penetration of his ass at all. The nerves of the perineum link directly to the prostate. Once a guy feels that sensation, it’s only natural to seek to increase the intensity, which could encourage penetration.

The P-spot is at a depth roughly equivalent to the length of one’s middle finger. But hey! Before she/he goes there, the anus itself is a mass of nerve endings. I read a web article the other day that described it as a ‘sexual playground’ and how right they are! ‘Anus’ comes from the Latin ‘anus’ meaning ‘ring’ or ‘circle’. It comprises the ‘opening’ and a little way up until we get to the ‘anorectal line’ which separates the anus from the rectum, the last portion of the large intestine. Jeez, we’re getting a bit too medical here, suffice to say that the anus has as many or more nerve endings than the average clitoris, so yeah, it’s very ‘open’ to stimulation heehee 🙂

When you’re massaging the P-spot, you’re not actually touching it; you’re rubbing the wall of the rectum adjacent to it. I guess you’ll have heard what you’re looking for when you’re ‘exploring’…something about the size of a walnut; the prostate swells when sexually aroused making it easier to find, so a bit of foreplay will help in its location. I started looking for it about 15 years ago. A Victorian style upbringing, naval service, and a 15 year marriage to some-one who wasn’t 100% compatible meant that I didn’t really do anything very sexually adventurous until my late thirties once I was divorced and liberated. My first serious girlfriend following the breakup loved anal sex. And I mean LOVED IT. She’d never had a vibrator…we went and bought one…this was the early 90s when sex toys even for women were still a bit ‘risque’. In my view, most men are stuck in the same place today. Anyway, the little pink vibe wasn’t meant for anal use; in those days anal vibes were almost unheard of, and yes, in case you’re wondering, we did lose it ‘up there’ on a couple of occasions, but managed to extricate it and ourselves from a potentially embarrassing situation at A&E.

So guys, if you’re going for toys to use anally, get one designed for the job. Most of ’em will have a flange of some sort to stop it going in too far. Rocks Off Quest is a good beginners probe with a bullet vibe in it too; It’s not intimidating at all. We never tried anal stimulation on me; that started with toys used during solo masturbation. Over the years that followed, I got more into sex toys. I also remember an escort girlfriend jabbing her finger up my ass just as I was cumming hard; it was SO-ooo intense and EXCITING. She eventually went her own way and married a well heeled client. Fast forward a few years & I stated selling sex toys in pubs and social clubs across the North. So I had every kind of sex toy imaginable at my disposal, however, since this was the early Noughties, and men in general had yet to discover sex toys, I didn’t stock any male items. To be fair, dildos, vibes & plugs specifically designed for men were rare outside the specialist gay outlets. It wasn’t until I was horny and alone one night in a hotel far from home that I first discovered my own P-spot. Masturbating by a mirror with my legs stretched, my hairy ass & tight little hole beckoned. It wanted attention. It needed more than a finger and a light touch. It DEMANDED more. You’ve probably been there. You feel wanton, animalistic, you crave intense stimulation with the promise of the Mother of All Orgasms. I’d recently stumbled on an article by a drummer from a famous rock band admitting to using drumsticks for P-spot massage. Searching the room for something similar, I tried using a toothbrush case…you now the kind? Around 8 inches long, curved case, which splits in the middle. Rubbing it with soap, I eased it in. I knew I’d found my spot STRAIGHTAWAY; there was that weird feeling of wanting to pee and cum simultaneously. Wiggling it around intensified the experience, and of course it wasn’t very many minutes till I came HARD. I was IMPRESSED, however, it didn’t prompt me to ALWAYS want it. I kind of kept it for Special Times, when I felt extreme, and ultra-horny.

Nowadays, I suppose it’s mainstream for me, but as I already mentioned, it doesn’t mean it’s not still SPECIAL. As a mature male escort in North East England, many of my solo clients are subs and extreme kinksters. They want anal play, they want BIGGER, some want to experience fisting, many want orgies, & there are some who get addicted to being pegged by dommes or even wives (lucky ones). What prompted this blog post was two things. On the one hand a sub who’s got hooked on anal stretching. And on the other hand, me, an experienced player, who’s just enjoyed some of the most intense ass-gasms ever, without any stretching or extreme stimulation at all. Intrigued? Read on…

I, in common with my subs, enjoy big insertions. Sometimes. I also like electro stimulation of the prostate, and other times I like the ‘real thing’. I suppose I’ve embraced anal play as an essential component of my sex life, and it sub divides into different categories depending on mood. Some of the sexiest and ‘closest’ times I feel with my female partner are when we’re escorting as a couple, and I’m having sex with her, while simultaneously pleasuring a guy, or vice versa. Minx knows what I like, and she doesn’t get phased by it. It’s one of the reasons we ‘work’ as a couple. We’re BOTH very sexual people. Life simply isn’t life without it.

Doc Johnson Great American Challenge huge dildo in plastic packaging

Lockdown has curtailed our professional activities, so we’ve been a bit frisky lately at home. I’m revamping fun-five-0 just now in response to changes in the pleasure product market…more UK made stuff, and more lines specifically targeting the people we know so well….sex positive mature men mainly. I’m also done with banks and payment providers, so I’m changing the payment options to either cryptos or cash. The last order I put in to the wholesalers, included two items new to us. #1 was what Doc Johnson bill the ‘biggest dildo in he world’. It’s called ‘The Great American Challenge Huge Dildo’ and I ordered one for escorting use on extreme subs, and another half dozen for resale. I also ordered an Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Massager. As some-one whos been around sex toy retail for decades, I recognise the Aneros brand as synonymous with ‘professional’ anal pleasure for men. They patented the Helix design yonks’ ago and it’s now often copied by cheap imitations. Tawdry crap is what we strive to AVOID as escorts and sex toy retailers. There are always people out there who’ll pay willingly for quality and precision.

When the shipment arrived I wasted no time in digging the massagers out. Aneros packaging is classy and luxurious, unlike the brash advertising card & old school plastic molding wrapping Doc J’s ‘Great American’ challenger . I opened the box knowing what I’d find. All the same I was still surprised by how small Aneros Helix is. 4″ long and at it’s thickest just short of 3″ in circumference. Miniscule. And that’s the point of this post. It’s not meant to FILL, it’s meant to stimulate. It’s not designed to be thrust in and out; it goes in, and it quietly gets to work, massaging the spot almost without you knowing it. Technically speaking, it’s carefully crafted shape stimulates 4 erogenous zones with every contraction of the sphincter muscle. I can liken it to Electro Stim of the Prostate. When that happens, electric current bridges the prostrate but you don’t feel it, since the biggest area of contact is from the loop around the cock. It’s where you feel most sensation and you’re just not aware of the stimulation in the background. Until you cum hard and hands-free, but that’s for another article. We’re here to talk about huge vs tiny, and Aneros in particular. It’s action is so subtle, you could almost dismiss it, for the first 20 minutes anyway. Then it begins to build. You question it at first, putting it down to wishful imagination, but stick with it. It’s real. You don’t so much as insert it, as wear it. You could in fact wear it to work, allowing it to gently stimulate while you went about your normal business. Massage is the key word here.

P-massage & sexual wellness device, the Helix Syn prostate massager

Unbeknown to me while cavorting, chatting and drinking with Minx in the kitchen, Aneros was quietly rubbing pressing & probing. I have to admit, we cheated, and couldn’t resist moving it towards the end. I was already 96% of the way there, then it was BOOM; an almighty orgasm exploding across the kitchen, reaching the far worktop; thick white cum; Have you ever wondered at the premium consistency of seed when you get well and truly stoked? Or is it just me? For sure I’m a heavy cummer, but these probes just amplify everything. Aneros does what it says on the tin, and then some. Give it time; it’ll bring you to your knees, not from fatigue, but from the most intense orgasm you’ll likely ever had. Rinse & Repeat? You bet.

Footnote: Aneros Helix isn’t just for solo use! you can use it to powerfully amplify encounters with a partner. If HUGE is your thing, Great American Challenge is realistically shaped and constructed from smooth soft jelly rubber, 17″ long 10.8″ insertable, and a whopping 8″ girth. ONLY BUY THIS DILDO IF YOU ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! Both of the products featured in this blogpost are available from our own store Please phone before ordering for best price and delivery option.