‘AUTHENTICITY’, a modern dilemma.

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Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers!

Its spring time, and Summer is supposed to be round the corner yet we are still shivering in Scotland with snow on the Border at the weekend BRRRRRR! So no outdoor activities just yet! So, what have we been up to lately? It’s been very up and down and not helped by mobile phone woes.  Awe, the wonders of modern technology!

The Adult Industry is no different from any other these days in that to succeed you need to be promoting on the web, including using social media. I have been learning internet marketing for the past couple of years, can now build websites and funnels quite well, and find myself regularly rubbing  shoulders with the ‘great and the good’ in that industry via seminars and conferences. These people talk a lot about ‘social proof’ and the need to be ‘authentic’. This has led me to do a lot of soul searching over recent months because ‘authentic me’ (and Minx for that matter) is a person who is FULL ON, either ALL or NOTHING, some-one who DELIVERS 100% to my customer, some-one who says what he thinks from the heart without much care for the consequences, some-one sickened by double standards & the falseness of so much we see in today’s ‘socially media driven’ world.

You see, its like this: when Minx and I are entertaining a client, we go about it because it’s almost our raison-d’etre; we are both naturally very sexual and intuitive people, able to immerse ourselves totally in the scene, shutting out everything else. That connection is frequently picked up on by clients who tell us all too often about other providers, particularly the foreigners in our midst…who merely ‘go through the motions’ not to mention watching the clock and in many cases, dispatching them well before time! In common with many folk our age, we have always downplayed our abilities and skills, and that hasn’t mattered too much because wheels USED TO TURN very slowly….however, in this new digital world one cannot be so blasé. Because the savvy social media brigade are shouting from the rooftops…..these people ‘MUST BE GOOD’ because they’ve got a zillion ‘likes’ and they’re on ‘Linked In’ which of course gives them instant credibility (REALLY?????). Its common knowledge that if you’re chasing success then you need to be associating with winners not losers…as I’ve learned more I’ve wanted to mix with some of these millionaire people….nothing heavy….just to meet and talk, have a few drinks, forge friendships, the kind of thing business people used to do…..I’ve had friends like that before, but they’re sadly passed; I held out my hand to some of these entrepreneurs but the realization gradually sunk in; Today’s version of a friendship is NOW, all too often a Facebook Group. I was encouraged to join one such group and within a few days, people I’d never met, were talking to me on first name terms, and SHARING their stuff with me. OK, I don’t bother with much SM because I’m not remotely interested in peoples  grand-kids, or who they’re slagging off, or what they had for breakfast or the third fancy holiday they’ve taken this year blah blah This ‘business’ friendship though was supposed to be different. It was supposed to nurture advancement among like-minded people.  Tbh it made me SICK. There were people marketing stuff and saying how wonderful they were, and others patting them on the back….but very few of them MAKING ANY MONEY! The people making the real money were the people ‘sharing’ information with them via online courses on sale at £1500 a time! U don’t need many people shelling out 1500 sobs to become a millionaire double quick. So, this ‘authentic’ word that these people were ramming down my throat hit a NERVE. I have always been authentic and true to myself as has Minx. And much of all this new stuff isn’t me. Yet we are being sold the story that most every-one and their neighbor is buying all and sundry from their phone or ‘device’ and they’re all connected on social media…. And to succeed, you really have to be ridin’ the wave. So on the one hand, Minx and I are involved in a VERY DEEP & GENUINE 121 connection in the bedroom with our client, and on the other hand we are being sold the story that to succeed commercially we need a DEEP CONNECTION with potential new clients via social media…which is a very FLIMSY FALSE & TAWDRY connection in our eyes (but not in the eyes of the serious internet  players). That deep 121 connection with our clients pays off.  We ARE successful as an escort couple.  One recent visitor summed it up to a ‘T’. He had communicated his desires to us very fully beforehand (no sick one liner from him!) and was obviously an experienced player who took time to choose who to spend his time and money with carefully.  In common with many, he covered himself to a degree by telling us that ‘sometimes he had a problem getting hard’. Not that we noticed, with a good solid boner for nearly an hour, and an explosive meet! He told us at the conclusion that he worked on the basis of ‘NO CONNECTION NO ERECTION!’  I loved that! He confided that on a few previous occasions he had been turned off by a service provider, paid his money and walked…a tale we’ve heard several times now. As professional escorts we have to have the skills to conjure up that connection. We and a select few of our competitors can do that, and it is the reason for our success. If people don’t have those skills then they shouldn’t be doing it! There are many youngsters on Escort sites, some in their teens and many in their low twenties. I question how these people can really deliver? They just don’t have the life experience or the human relationship experience….it’s not just about fucking…. granted, some people might just want that, but our clients in the main, look for a deeper & more sensual experience…as well as the fucking! Conversely we ourselves don’t connect so well with many youngsters weened on fickle social media ‘friendships’, & is the primary reason we prefer to meet more mature people. We perceive a very stark contrast in the values and lifestyles between the under 35’s and the overs.

All this matters more to us because of our efforts with Fun-Five-0, our niche brand aimed at sexually active 40-70+ year old people many of whom shun social media.  Problems such as ED, debilitating illnesses, stale relationships, partners who are no longer interested or able to perform are frequent issues we are exposed to and want to help with through our brand. The big question is HOW DO WE ENGAGE WITH THESE PEOPLE, REMAINING AUTHENTIC AND TRUE TO OURSELVES IN ORDER TO BUILD OUR BRAND? ….which is very desirable as we grow older ourselves; Answers on a postcard please!

Stay hornee, Luv, fun50couple xxx