Friday 1st July 2016

Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers!

I’m always being told that I should be constantly writing content because that’s how ‘social media works’. That’s according to the zillion self-proclaimed experts out there, many of whom just want my money to enrol me on some ‘expert course’ which will supposedly grow our followers by 5000 overnight, yeah right.  I thought a blog was supposed to be like I’m sharing a story with some-one down the pub, like we’re talking 121….so for that reason I only post a blog when I feel ‘moved’ to do so…and right now I’m feeling ‘moved’. I caught a glimpse of an article in the Guardian (No I’m not one of their readers I hasten to add) about so many people having sleepless nights this past week over Brexit and its aftermath; Yes, Me included. Many of you’ll know of our political interests, former party membership and campaign duties, so YES, the events unfolding have hit a nerve. What prompted me to hit the keyboard was lying in bed wide awake this morning at 3AM with Minx beside me. I rolled over to face her, and was instantly turned on by the sight of one breast spilling out of a sexy silk nighty, the nipple firm and proud. I just couldn’t resist kissing and nibbling gently even though she was half asleep; Minx never resents being woken, unlike so many people who ‘go into one’ if they’re disturbed whilst sleeping…she is gentle, kind and easy-going, as many who visit her testify in their positive feedback…I felt moved enough to tell her there and then that I was truly glad she was in my life and that we were together to face the growing uncertainties in the world. Similar political events ten years ago changed our lives for ever, together with millions of others, and once again we face challenges through little fault of our own.  We are positive people though, and we’ll get through without whining about it or protesting about what’s fair and what not, life goes on. What made this morning so poignant is that just yesterday we saw a client who upped and left our hotel room quite suddenly after ‘cumming’. That in itself is not unusual….so many men shoot their load and it’s all over, finito, despite brave words at the outset promising more, they are OFF, outa there, GONE!   Before pulling on his clothes he conceded that ‘guilt’ had got the better of him as a married man for over 30 years.  I doubt the feeling lasted for more than a few milliseconds because he was a regular patron of many escorts up and down the Country. The guy, in common with many just like him, proclaimed he ‘loved his wife’…a statement that Minx & I discussed over lunch shortly afterwards. We empathize with many who justify visiting an escort as a way to keep a sexless marriage and/or a family intact…it’s just part of the territory of being an Escort…we are simply providing a service and we lose no sleep over that….but just occasionally, like this morning, there’s pause for thought. This referendum has split the country along so many lines….young against old, educated against working class, city against country, South against North, Scotland against England….as Escorts we see little fragments of all that through our close encounters with men from all corners of our Kingdom.  We may be poor in material terms, but our life is rich in that we are a strong and loving couple, pragmatic & enterprising, fully supportive of one another, and for that we are thankful in these scary times, Stay horny, safe sex always, until next blog, take care y’all,

Luv, fun50couple XX