UK escort couple availability

We’ve had a brutal couple of weeks with NO-SHOWS we’re sorry to report….even guys who’ve booked through AdultWork have not turned up. So, do we give them bad feedback?….Errr no, we don’t waste our time, besides some of their kind turn the tables and fabricate false reports so we just block them, flag their numbers, share details with other service providers and move on. It’s a problem we all face in our industry & sadly, it seems to be getting worse. For that reason we’re re-considering our options & not posting any fixed dates for availability in specific areas at the moment. If, however, you’re a horny mature guy who’s always ‘wondered’ what it might be like to experience hot threeway fun, then ‘wonder’ no more. If you’re genuinely wanting to meet then please don’t hesitate to get in touch…. and if it so happens that Geeze answers the phone instead of Minx don’t just hang up! We ARE a couple after all and if you haven’t the balls to talk to a man on the phone then there’s not much chance of you turning up is there!?!?. Don’t leave it till the last minute…..Pre-booking is advised and if you’re not a member of AdultWork, then we may need a deposit for outcalls. Over 40’s only, BiCurious, Bisexual, CD’s, Subs and the odd straight man looking for an MFM all welcome, Image of The Shard at nightwhether newbies or experienced players. Incalls and outcalls available. If it’s Minx you want to meet with solo, then check out her own AdultWork profile here. If we’re not at home in the North East, then we’re in London. Outside those areas?…then we’re more than happy to visit you on a BESPOKE BOOKING basis. What does that mean? It means we’ll book a hotel close to your preferred location and either you come to us as an incall or we come to you as an escort outcall. Only a day’s notice is normally required. Typically, a 500 mile round-trip including luxury hotel and a meeting up to 2.5 hours or 4 hours if its a dinner date, starts at £550. (Standard rates for our time start from just £100) There are some escort couples who charge that just for a two and a half hour local booking! And remember guys, we are two fully experienced escorts, not just a female escort with a male sidekick who just stands and watches, and who is seldom genuinely bisexual. We’ve heard countless horror stories about poor experiences…you only need to check out our (154) AdultWork feedback to see we are GENUINE and that WE DELIVER THE GOODS.

PLEASE NOTE: we don’t see couples ‘as a couple’ though Geeze often works solo and will meet with M/F couples over the age of 40 seeking the  company of a fully bisexual male, incalls or outcall, please call for a rate. He’ll also see single males over the age of 30. Stay tuned for more tour dates and availability coming soon once we’ve tweaked operational arrangements.

PS: Worried about visiting us in a hotel? Don’t be. If you’ve had a ‘bad experience’ or ‘nearly been caught’ then that usually means you’ve been dealing with amateurs. All our locations are discreet and at most of the establishments we have the managment sussed and feeding out of our hands (so to speak) primed with ‘mis-information’, so don’t be worrying. #JustDoIt, Call now: 07981-726237 and Let’s have Fun! 🙂 🙂