It’s Spring!

Mature North East female escort fun50minx posing amongst Spring daffodils

Hello sexy friends, followers, supporters, clients old & new! Spring’s here, though you wouldn’t think it because there’s a fair covering of snow on the Pennines today. Just last weekend we were out sun-bathing & even managed a day on the beach, the first this year. Hopefully there will be more ‘beach days’ to come, and if you really want to, you can meet us there for fun in the sun, mmmmmm

We’ve important news to share.

Timewasters & idiots are a perennial problem and not just in the sex industry, however, the numbers of such people have reached epic proportions recently, prompting us to take action. Enough really is enough, not just for us, but for sex workers collectively. Guys, THINK! It’s not just about a missed booking! Professional escorts like us are sought after; we deliver the goods & we invest a lot of money both in time and equipment, unlike most amateurs who do it ‘on the side’ for pocket money, most of which is undeclared. So when you’re cancelling with some cock and bull excuse, or you’ve got ‘cold feet’ either with us or any other pro, it’s not just loss of earnings we’re talking about, it’s mortgage payments, its overheads on premises, its food on the table etc etc. We know, hard times are here. We also know that after 25 months of psychological pressure, a lotta guys are at their wits end with it all, especially those who are in business. Escort bookings are directly correlated to ‘feel good factor’ out on the street, in daily life. If there’s no ‘feel good factor’ then bookings take a dive. And right now with the mainstream media, and especially the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (aka the BBC) ramping up fear just as they did in March 2020, this time over geo-political events, morale is at an all time low. So, if you’ve put escort visits on hold, here’s a sweetener. For a limited period, we’re offering 45 minute incall bookings at 20% off the pro rata price; however, they must be prepaid for in advance. Men say they can’t pay deposits. That is nonsense. It is easy to make a transfer, and if you’re worried about ‘the other half seeing statements’ we have alternative anonymous payment options. So here’s ‘the math’ as the Yanks like to say. An hour’s incall booking at either Darlington or Bishop Auckland is currently set at £180. Pro rata for 45 minutes would equate to £135, which we’re reducing to a knockdown rate of just £110 for a strictly limited period, could be ad hoc, could be a week, could be a month. That’s nearly 20% off and we don’t normally even offer 45 minute bookings! We’re also capping fees for bespoke bookings, anywhere in England (except west of Bristol) for £495 all in; that includes our travel to & from a 3/4 star hotel which we arrange & pay for, at a convenient location close to you, and a 3 hour incall booking. How’s that for VALUE! (only £165/hour equivalent).

No other rates for bookings are discounted during this EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER, and if you can’t or won’t comply with the conditions, then NORMAL RATES APPLY, ie those shown on the rates page, got it? Good.

BDSM dungeon for rent in North East EnglandOur offer isn’t just about combating timewasters though. We’re facing significant expenses as we move ever ONWARD & UPWARD. It took years to find the money & the location, then to build our five star luxury playroom. People consistently tell us it’s the best they’ve seen for a facility of it’s size, in short it has WOW factor*. In spades. No detail was overlooked during it’s construction, or the adjoining facilities by which we mean the rest rooms and studio. So if you intended to visit us there, you better make that booking soon, or you’ll be too late because we’re closing it down and moving on. We’re embarking on a project we first started talking about in 2019. If you wanna know more, and/or be kept up to speed, then subscribe to NEWS VIEWS AND SCREWS or best of all come and visit us. That’s all folks! See you soon , luv fun50couple 🙂 🙂 🙂

*We’ve never rented our dungeon play-space out to others, preferring to keep it to ourselves. However for the next 2 – 3 months until we close, it’s available for hire by M/F couples and/or adult industry professionals. Call Geeze on 07756-209560 to make a booking.