A New Year dawns & news about some shocking events in December

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Hello Sexy Friends! So, we come to the end of another year! December has been a cruel month for us with Minx battling illness forcing us to cut short two visits to London and head back home. It all started with a flu jab and looks like an adverse reaction…now, 5 weeks on she’s on the mend thankfully after a double whammy of anti-biotics so here’s hoping we kick the New Year off with a bang, or preferably several, as we’re back in London from New Year’s Day.

I’ve got a million things I wanna tell you about, however, I know some of you find those 6000 word mega blogs (News Views n Screws) daunting so I guess I’ll have to drip feed the subject matter over the course of a few posts during January time permitting. Electrosex is something we got into around a couple of years ago, and to be honest the first time I tried it I was disappointed…something worth bearing in mind when clients book an appointment to experience it. Every cloud has a silver lining, and whilst Minx has been laid up sick, I, Geeze have been desperately horny. So, in the absence of regular MMF action and (unusually) no single bi-curious men or MF couples wanting meets with me solo, I’ve been ‘forced’ so to speak to seek thrills and to push limits on my own. And at long last, I’ve achieved the Holy Grail of Male Orgasms, IE, hands free whole body climaxes and not once, but twice.

Many of you who have met me know how ‘enthusiastic’ I can be, and I’ve been described on more than one occasion as a ‘human dynamo’, a bit of a double edged sword I have to say. Why? Because ‘quick’ is my middle name…an always busy-busy ‘all or nothing’ kinda guy who ‘gets stuff done’ however, when it comes to the kinda sexual activity I’m talking about here, it takes a disciplined & somewhat measured approach, all calm and relaxed like. I’m not talking about all that yoga, meditation & hippy crap…I’m just saying that I seldom have the luxury of TIME to MYSELF. So on two occasions recently, lying horny in bed and unable to sleep, brain still going 100mph, I felt compelled to do something; Having experienced ever better sensations over the course of the last year while using E’stim’s ElectroPebble, I thought I’d experiment further and see where it took me. I lay in total darkness and got right under the duvet…ElectroPebble has bright blue control lights, sufficiently illuminating my cosy ‘man-cave’ so I could see what I was doing. I’d bought a Premium Bobble type electrode a couple of months back purely for my own personal use…It’s bigger than their Flange electrode, beautifully finished in polished aircraft grade aluminium, and it had adorned the top of Minx’s work drawers for weeks like some kind of art nouvelle sculptured ornament. So I was quite excited at the prospect of inserting it, but knew I’d have to be careful cuz without a flange, these types of toys can get ‘lost’ even though their attached to one or two cables, one has to be cautious.

Image of E-stim BobbleBobble is a bi-polar electrode which means you’ve got two wires in, one delivers a pulse up the middle to the tip, the other to lower seticon of the probe. You see, what you’re doing with electroplay is using current to stimulate nerves. Electro-Pebble isn’t about pain, it’s about sensation, nevertheless it’s ‘baby steps’, something that has to be bourne in mind, if you’re a potential client who wants to experience this kind of thing and to get maximum benefit from it. I often learn through reading & conversations with clients about instances where people have suffered pain and discomfort from inexperienced doms using electro-play equipment; it’s not all about whacking the current up to the max and frightening a sub into submission, though some would want that for sure. Most of these doms have NEVER USED it on themselves;, so can’t ever hope to get the best out of the equipment, which is a shame, because in the right hands, it’s mind-blowing. That’s the reason I got disappointed the first time I used it. I’d expected it to harden my flaccid penis and give me a massive orgasm right out of the box! I’d seen video reviews enthusing over the sheer joy electrostim can deliver…so what was it I wasn’t doing but these guys were?

It’s the P word. No not P for ‘Prostate’ lol but P for PATIENCE! You see alone in bed, I had all the time in the World. The first time I was at it for TWO HOURS…time just slipped by. I started with Bobble fully inserted connected as a bi-polar; I already knew from previous sessions with the flange the sensations are to die for, but never quite enough. There had to be a way to find more. You see, you have to get comfy with it, settle down to a particular setting and a kind of rhythm sets in, not immediately but after a few minutes. There’s also a tantalising ‘background wave’ very similar to the kind of feeling you get about 15 seconds before cumming except this wave is there ‘on demand’. So this night was very different to previous occasions, in that I gave it time to settle and got into the vibe. So much so, that I found myself increasing the power, step by step, eventually to the max. Once there I played with the Mode Adjustment as it too can effect sensation wildly. ElectroPebble has 9 different modes, so you’re probably beginning to see why it had me hooked for two hours.

Image of E-stim ElectroPebbleUsing the bi-polar plug alone is good, but introducing another electrode to a different part of the body, removing one wire from the probe and attaching it to the second point of contact takes things a stage further. ‘Electrode’ sounds a bit frightening and a bit Frankinsteinish…fear not, it’s just the word used to describe loops, wheels, plugs, pads, wands etc. So with a single wire to each, you’re turning them into mono-poles, putting current in and picking it up again with the other; Electricity is lazy and takes the shortest/easiest route, so get it right and you can bridge the P-spot with the current, stimulating it all the while, but GET THIS: You won’t feel the P-massage since the biggest area of contact on the body is from the second electrode in this case a cock loop, so that’s where you feel most sensation. And by God, what SENSATION it is. For two years I’ve used E-stim and NEVER got to this level…Lying under the duvet, my body & soul turned on to the max and HOT…you know…that SEXUAL HEAT, knees drawn up to chest, control box lying beside me so I was able to adjust whenever, and sensations so INTENSE they had me grabbing the sheet & mattress. It’s so intense you grip, but then you adjust to it and you want more and so you take it up another step and grip again. Then the magic started to happen. Experienced anal players will often tell you the time to keep going is the time you think you should stop. Double Dutch? Not really, cuz very often anal makes one’s cock go soft, but then you get to a stage where you start to get super turned on. It’s something we’ve noticed when fisting…intense stimulation kicks in and THINGS HAPPEN. It’s the same when experiencing strap-on sex. So when I talk about magic, I’m telling you I felt stirrings down below. The cock loop was quite tight and more so as I ‘grew’, my semi-erect member pushing the wires aside on its way to full hardness. Well nearly full…I no longer cared. I was now feeling that GLORIOUS sensation you get close to orgasm when you’re not quite there, BUT it was strong enough for me to know it was GUARANTEED in it’s own good time. That’s one of the beauties of E-stim…you can control it and finely too, so you can prolong the feeling. At no time was my hand anywhere near my cock. I was enthralled by what was happening; it’s what I had always expected was possible but had begun to think was something that would elude me. I’d never got there before due to lack of time and patience. Then the cum came, heavy bursts followed by a steady gentle stream. It just kinda kept on going. For a half minute or so I reflected on stuff I’d heard about continuous orgasms and wondered if this was it. My body shook hard, this was GOOD and OMG GOOD and more. And then I switched it off. I’d had enough. I almost surprised myself, why wouldn’t I wanna go on and on? I felt totally satisfied, tired, elated, happy, drugged almost…just what really powerful SEX can do to you, and a feeling many of us to be honest have forgotten about in the fullness of time, after hundreds of sexual encounters albeit it GOOD but short of MIND-BLOWING.

So there you have it guys, a hands free full body orgasm and an experience worth many times the money you’ll pay for it I can assure you. A two hour sesh, an open mind and an ability to relax and to not EXPECT ANYTHING is what’s required. Just adopt a ‘go with the flow’ attitude and you may get there, on the other hand, you may not. It’s not guaranteed, since electroplay affects different people in different ways. We’re changing the way we conduct (lol no pun intended) e-stim sessions to help give you the best chance of ‘getting there’; As always, just send us a decent email and we’ll take it from there. Remember, sending us a message along the lines of ‘Yous avalable [sic]?’ ain’t going to cut it, nor are endless silly texts asking us about stuff clearly written in the profile! And guys, how many times do we have to remind you…we’re not being awkward acting cagey on the phone about services, fees and locations.. there are legal implications to us working as a couple that don’t apply to solo escorts OK? Invariably the guys we meet have all done one thing. They’ve communicated sensibly and effectively cuz you know what? That’s how you get great sex. It’s all about communication and especially true when introducing newcomers to the joys of electroplay, or strap-on, or forced bi, or submission, or cross-dressing, mmmmm, but that’s another story.

Image of teacher administering cor[poral punishmentStay tuned guys…I’m bringing you another blog shortly about corporal punishment; its history, my own experiences of it at public school, and grand plans we already have in motion to introduce Role Play Extraordinaires in a Headmaster’s Study witnessed (as the rule book requires) and signed off by the school Matron. If you’re aged 50+ and attended school in the 70’s you’ll know what we’re talking about it, and some of you we know, will want to re-visit it. More soon. Happy New Year guys! Luv, fun50couple xxx