Pastures anew!


Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers!

Hi every-one from the North East of England! What a turbulent month it’s been, though thankfully we’ve been kept busy, meeting new people as well as a number of regulars now we’ve moved closer to them.  I recalled the number of moves I’ve made in my adult life the other day and got to 25 different homes, so I’m no stranger to upheaval, though recent years have been more stable since meeting Minx. With a background in business I’m well aware that it’s never safe to assume things will be the same when re-locating or that matter taking over an existing business from a new owner. I’ve met many folk over the years who moved to Scotland ‘for a better quality of life’ only to return South years later with their tail between their legs, skint.  We love Scotland and are thankful for the success we’ve enjoyed from business activity there over the past decade; but it was time to move on. One of the things I find endlessly fascinating in this tiny little country of ours (which we can still just about call the ‘United’ Kingdom) is the diversity of the people and cultures even of the indigenous population.  One of the attractions of escorting is that you get to meet so many interesting people, many of them successful people too, which is always a plus.  When one’s lived in so many places over a lifetime, its frequently possible to place a person’s origin within a few miles just by listening to them talk…some Yorkshire accents are unique even to individual towns, so it came as no surprise to us to find things very different a mere 140 miles down the road! Granted, 50% of our clientele even in Scotland were English; nevertheless, they came from all corners of the country. Now, we are in Geordie-Land, which has always been a separate little part of England in its own right (Devolution anybody?) Having lived here previously and worked here as a youngster, I/We were looking forward to the change, and all things being equal, we are pleased we finally made the move.

The first client was a shock! Brusque, course & forward-some to the extreme and totally different to what we’ve been used to….OK we’re escorts FFS, used to dealing with all kinds obviously…it’s just that we were caught off-guard. Time to take notice! And maybe tweak a few things. In Scotland, with 47% of the country’s population in Glasgow alone, and most of the rest within the Central Belt, we were in effect, tapping into and able to ‘pitch’ to the whole of the country. Now, in the North East we are in a relatively isolated part of ‘another’ country AKA ENGLAND, a country with 65 million+ people! And it would be fair to say, a part of the country deprived to a degree, yet a region nevertheless fiercely proud of its heritage, resilient to the shocks imposed upon it by a new industrial revolution and successive governments seemingly indifferent to its plight. So, we’ve tweaked our profile and website in response to differences; early results are promising, with some very intense & enjoyable outcalls over the past few days…stay tuned for more positive reviews on the site.

We are planning a trip to London again very soon to see Miss Kim; some of you will know about her excellent fetish workshops held in the Capital…We already see a number of subbie clients & we are for ever increasing our knowledge of our trade. It’s always useful to rub shoulders with and learn from the very best, hence our planned visit. Now we are in mainstream Britain, we shall also be visiting vendors met at last year’s #Sexhibition in Manchester for the purpose of adding to Minx’s wardrobe, to include more custom fitted items in corsetry and latex. Work is also continuing at an accelerated pace on our fun-five-0 brand. Many of you’ll know of my former experience selling adult products…there are now literally thousands of folk selling online, however, quality never goes out of fashion, and there are few retailers out there with the kind of ‘hands on’ experience we as an escort couple bring to the table. So we shall be offering items we know will appeal to certain sectors. We shall be testing them too, and there are other plans afoot to promote them in ways unique to fun50couple, Stay tuned guys (and girls!)

I’m forever thinking, & for a while I’ve been surmising that maybe my blogs are a wee bit too serious; With a background in business and a passion for politics, it’s hard not to be!  Thankfully of course I/we are very sexual too…sometimes stresses & pressures from the business & political world feed the sexual appetite…a trait surely recognised by many in the sub community holding down high profile jobs with mega responsibility by day, before seeking  solace through humiliation & degradation on the darker side, but I digress!  How about us sharing with you some X rated chapter & verse instead?

Enter a wiry little 50 something year old man from Lancaster who found himself in a hotel local to us in the North East. Prior telecons had established he was potentially bi-curious and seeking a threesome experience; it was on his ‘bucket list’, a very common scenario. Tbh you never know with bi-curious; with self-proclaimed bi people its black and white, not so with curious! Sometimes it’ll mean they just want to look at cock while enjoying a vanilla experience, others want to feel another guy for the first time and maybe just maybe want to suck, others just don’t know; Some have had a fleeting experience almost by accident in earlier life and want to re-visit it before its ‘too late’. Occasionally some will just bottle out and take flight before even meeting! Some guys will cover themselves by saying they’d like to spend time watching first or even to spend time with Minx alone before maybe me ‘joining in’! That’s all OK with us. It never hurts to try and put ourselves in their shoes from time to time….something we endeavour to do, because many are nervous to the extreme, even some repeat clients. Anyway, we’ll call him Clive to preserve anonymity; Clive greeted us in ordinary work clothes, and we verified what he was after….Yes, maybe he’d like to watch first. He hadn’t washed so Minx suggested a freshen up (We recently had a guy say he was ‘alright thanks and didn’t need a wash’…..after driving a car repping all Summers Day…yeah right sunshine….it’s not you going down on your stinking cock is it;  even after a cursory wipe he still smelt….one of the downsides of escorting we know and what we have to put up with for sure, we are OK with that….but rest assured YOU WON’T BE BACK) anyway…back to Clive who appeared naked and semi hard after a few minutes…Minx complimented him on his manhood and asked if he’d ever touched a cock; he replied by requesting we start to play together….sometimes we fuck and other times we make love, it’s possible indeed necessary sometimes to fuck and not even be turned on by it in the name of duty, however, we were feeling particularly close that day and lovemaking ensued watched by Clive, who’s cock quickly rose to the occasion. Minx was sucking me and Clive approached soon after to kneel beside her head, so she could enjoy one cock after another before conceding she liked nothing better than sucking 2 cocks together… Clive’s cock touched mine, this was a first for him & not for the feint hearted for sure, no matter, any pre-conceived thoughts Clive had quickly vanished as Minx licked and sucked, bringing both men to an extreme state of arousal…three sexy people beginning an adventure in a hotel room far away from a sexless marriage & a prosaic lifestyle….this was FUN….nae, this was but ‘a once in a lifetime experience’ he murmured between sucking hard on Minx’s impressive breasts, and caressing her voluptuous curves. Furious tit-fucking followed while Minx continued to suck me, before Clive pulled away quickly, he was on the brink for sure….time to get between Minx’s thighs; Minx is one for slow gentle stimulation, and if a guy’s got a couple of days beard growth so much for the better as it rubs against her silky smooth skin. Clive fed hungrily on her lips and seemed to get very turned on digging his nose deep up into her by now very wet cunt, as I stretched her flesh up and backwards from her clit, allowing me to stroke her sweet spot gently whilst Clive continued feasting on her juices…..I could see in-between breaths that she was becoming very aroused…..her cunt muscle had swollen like a ripe plum, thrusting outwards from the pussy lips and shiny wet, I knew that female ejaculation was imminent, an added bonus for many men who’ve never experienced it…and one to be surely savoured by our Clive who bore the brunt of her gush, savouring the sweet taste, and revelling in the experience, his head and receding hair utterly drenched by her squirt; Minx offered a towel, but this was too good to miss…Clive rubbed his still wet face and upper body, then licked his fingers before barely whispering for us to start fucking. Minx lay back and we started to make love, yeah….make love….this was no ordinary meeting, here was a connection, here was a guy who was sensual, sexual, a beautiful fleeting connection made ever more poignant to us as a couple having learned earlier that day of the death of a close friend….We fucked gently but deeply…while Clive looked on, but only for a couple of minutes before diving in and under to enjoy the view…this was LIVE EXTREME PORN to him….I hoped for… and was soon rewarded & gratified by the feel of his tongue eagerly licking us both as we fucked, his stubble scoring our flesh, his powerful licking erotic to the extreme…so warm wet and sexy, this was classic 3some sex….I withdrew briefly and not to my complete surprise I have to say…..he seized the opportunity to take my cock deeply into his mouth and throat and sucked for England on it like a man possessed…… a common outcome we witness many times over from seemingly luke warm ‘bi-curious’ married men….they seem to throw caution and preconceptions to the wind and get lost in the moment; I  saved my cum….he was sucking so hard I was on the verge of pain, never far removed from pleasure though is pain as many of us know….Now he wanted to FUCK, and fuck hard…no problem for him slipping on a condom…we have all sizes and he quickly selected one of the latest ‘skins’ before entering Minx while I offered my manhood to her….I’m no spring chicken and though hard I was no longer like a rock….after three fucks that day already that was to be expected….I reached for my trusty friend in these situations….a heavy steel ring, lubed my cock and slid it on over my length…Clive was Rockin & Rolling…we’d all been experiencing intense activity now for a good 45 minutes….I always like to try and come together with the client if possible…many ask to see me shower Minx with a good heavy facial; it turns a lot of men on seeing that, so I started masturbating…I knew I had to come and he would most probably explode shortly after…the cock ring kicked in….if you’ve never experienced one guys then BUY ONE today…the sensation is supreme & I N T E N S E….that taut ‘oh so fucking hard and powerful feeling’….yes I know…every man’s experienced it for sure…way back when they were 17 or 18 and invincible…..yeah right….4 decades ago!!!! The cock ring restores that feeling, and then some!….I aimed for Minx’s face as requested but it was utterly futile! The pressure was SOOOOO intense there was no controlling it….a heavy cummer no matter what, my far flung seed spattered the wall beyond the bedside table, arrow straight streaks of white stuff shot across the sex toys….only the last few drops reaching their target AKA Minx’s lips….and a mini snowball for Clive who by this time had emptied his balls deep into Minx while I was pre-occupied …..the man finally emerged wringing wet, smiling, gasping, breaking out into a giggle…a short while later after we had bade farewell we were both left wondering if it really was going to be a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ for him?

Now where have we heard that one before? Until next time…..stay safe, stay horny,

Luv, fun50couple xx