Sexhibition Survey

I read a post on Twitter yesterday from SEXHIBITION under the #SexFacts tag;


It immediately triggered all kinds of dark memories & prompted me to share them here. From the age of six, I was packed off to boarding school, and a succession of similar establishments up and down the country as my father sought promotions in public service. The first three schools were like something out of ‘Tom Brown’s School Days’ (1857 Thomas Hughes) complete with resident bullies akin to the notorious Flashman character at Rugby. To make matters worse, I was moved at the age of 12 to my final grammar school residing in a 17th Century castle. Worse because in those days, after the dreaded 11+ which pretty much sealed ones fate in life, you were in the same class until leaving age; so enrolling at the age of 12 meant I was joining a class who’d already bonded for a year. 60% of the pupils were military kids, mostly boarders, intensely competitive and obsessed with sport, especially football. I had no interest whatsoever in team sport least of all football, so of course I was written off within the first week. My Victorian father made bloody sure I was nothing like my contemporaries either…growing up in the sixties and early 70s with the Beatles, TOTP’s, Progressive Rock Music, long hair, leather boots not shoes…the whole permissive society thing…my ‘well meaning’ parents effectively caused me to be excluded, different, & rejected by 98% of my year… it was a life of MISERY. I survived of course and in later years a few pupils who had by then developed their own minds, came to accept me for who I was, much to the chagrin of the baying hounds.  And ‘bay’ they did. There were changing rooms and PE classes and swimming of course, and plenty of times when one was exposed naked not to mention other times when one could be stripped and humiliated for little reason other than bully peer pressure…all very ugly and GOD HELP YOU if you were perceived to have a SMALL PENIS! These military kids seemed to have bigger cocks or so they thought, certainly way bigger than me, however, I wasn’t at the bottom of the scale….thankfully. Two or three kids had tiny dicks and their life was made even more miserable than mine. When a ‘master’ as the teachers were known, called one of these poor kids by name in class, the ‘pack’ would scream in a high pitched voice ‘EUNUCH’ and bay for blood without any discouragement  from the teacher….many of whom were pathetic bullies themselves. As we got older some of the boys once they became ‘CAPABLE’ as they called it (like a badge of honour) masturbated in front of classmates fascinated by this ‘new’ experience but not yet quite there themselves…so some of us got to view others hard members at close quarters; There was very occasionally a porno mag circulating class, but it seldom got to me for I was different in their eyes, and had shown a hint of my bi side even then…more ammunition for ridicule.  It all ended at age 17  when I shunned UNI and went away to sea as a cadet…..and a very steep learning and socializing curve I have to say. Not for me was a mis-spent youth, or socializing with girls, parties, fun…it was straight in to work. That’s just how it was for many young men back then! Nothing unusual. Most of us experienced our first fuck in some foreign port with a dubious hooker for a few pounds, and many ended up a few days later knocking sheepishly on the Chief Steward’s cabin door for a private ‘consultation’ and a sharp jab in the ass. I chose to lose my cherry to a girl 10 years older than me here in the UK…albeit on Tilbury Docks! Back to the small penis though. After all those years in HELL, I was still under the illusion that I was small, not helped by a cruel wife who yelled on a couple of occasions she’d ‘seen more meat on a butchers knife’. After extricating myself from a 15 year joke of a marriage, I found myself FREE. For the first time I was ME. AUTHENTIC GROWN UP ME. Still haunted slightly by the assumption I was on the small side (a couple of mm short of 7”btw; I know….You’ve been wondering LOL) there seemed, nevertheless to be no complaints from partners….to the contrary. At age 39 I met my most exciting partner yet, ostensibly a nurse, but it didn’t take long for me to rumble her…her expertise with a condom gave it away…yes she was an escort looking for a ‘normal’ relationship and WOW was she FUN, and a looker too. We had a great time, and she confided to me AT LAST, AT LONG FOOKIN LAST that my equipment was ‘quite respectable’. Finally I had it on good authority that I was OK! PHEW! The relationship lasted about 6 months before she accepted an offer of marriage from a mega wealthy client as I went in a different direction with another woman. I’d always been fascinated by the adult industry and the time with the escort reinforced that interest,  and it wasn’t long before I began selling adult products in the North of England, and of course full blown escorting followed AKA fun50couple. ROCK AND ROLL! As a bisexual male escort along with my female partner I was now seeing scores of men. And to my complete surprise, and for the first time in my life, I saw the reality! Most men are less than 6”, many are no more than 5”…occasionally we see a beauty weighing in at 8”+ even 9” but they are the EXCEPTION not the rule! I began to see different characteristics…some were small period, some were small but grew impressively, some were big but barely changed when aroused…All fascinating and illuminating stuff!

So when I saw that post saying that around half of all men thought of their penis as being too small it really STIRRED UP MEMORIES and EMOTIONS. It took me 20 years to come out from under the cloud caused by the school boy bullies and my guess is that many of those 50% of men will have been through similar experiences 🙁 So get over it guys! Don’t worry! Be Happy! As an Escort Couple we can tell you WITH AUTHORITY it’s not how big, its how you use it and how you treat a woman! Many women despite popular supposition DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE A BIG PENIS! More women would cry out for some ‘expertise and finesse’ in the bedroom, alas, seldom seen by all accounts! It’s certainly and most definitely NOT all about SIZE!

PS: Get yourself a ticket to 2016 SEXHIBITION: August 19-21st, Manchester UK. We went to last year’s inaugural event; it’s well worth the visit!