To Pee or not to Pee that is the Question

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‘To Pee or not to Pee that is the Question’, a take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act lll Scene 1 I know but couldn’t resist!  Some of you who follow our blogs know that we’ve been close to the adult business for around 20 years, with an interest preceding that even, and it has been fascinating to watch practises considered ‘taboo’ by many, gradually coming out into the open. Not too long ago, anal sex was considered ‘unconventional’ and kept firmly behind closed doors despite being practised and enjoyed by many since the beginning of time! We still see many clients where that activity is strictly OFF LIMITS back home. It’s no bad thing in this game to sometimes stand back and think about the ‘general public’ and their attitudes to things of a sexual nature…one gets hardened as an Escort and it’s easy to begin to accept quite extreme acts as being ‘normal’.  YES, as a somewhat prudish and reserved society we’ve come a LONG WAY in recent years, but there’s still a lot of resistance out there!!! I remember selling sex-toys across Yorkshire in the Noughties being surprised (as a liberal Londoner) to note an adverse reaction to my activities and products from many of the menfolk…these hard faced red blooded MALES perceived sextoys to be threat and an insult to their manhood; many of the women came along to roadshows and bought products for their sole use and satisfaction, to compensate for deficiencies in their sex lives, exacerbated by a lack of communication! Communication and consent is CRUCIAL to GREAT SEX!!! But in those (fairly recent) days, many people didn’t talk about it or discuss it! There are still couples, trust us WE KNOW, that don’t mention the SEX word at home, OMG!!!  There are STILL couples who don’t have any toys, or consider how they might help in a relationship! Still millions of women through the menopause and not interested in their partner’s sexual needs…we HEAR ALL ABOUT IT, time after time from our niche clientele, mature sexually active mostly married men. There are two sides to every story though, we know that!

Some in the adult business credit ‘Fifty Shades’ as the catalyst that’s changed attitudes so much in recent years for the good, while others deride it as rubbish which presents a false interpretation of BDSM activities. I haven’t had the time to read it, though Minx enjoyed it; I believe there’s a sequel out soon.  Anyway, back to so-called ‘unconventional’ activities, or should we say ‘unconventional’ to ‘the many’. Let’s talk water sports.  And I’m not talking about blasting up a lake behind a big American ski boat kicking up a wall of spray, enjoyable though that is for sure! LOL I’m talking about ‘to pee or not to pee’ AKA giving and/or receiving watersports! We are getting more and more requests… another sexual activity becoming ‘mainstream’ if you’ll forgive the PUN!  There are a good many folk out there fascinated by the subject and want to experience it; it’s without doubt a big turn on to many! We’re lucky with Minx being a copious ‘squirter’ (female ejaculation), fascinating for many of our lovely clients, but some want more, they want pure pee! Or to watch pee! Or be covered in pee. Or drink Pee. I remember a program decades ago about ‘alternative sexual activities’ on late at night, and a guy drinking glassful’s of pee, and I didn’t ‘get it’. What I ‘get’ NOW, is that one’s limits grow over time (for some anyway, not all), the MIND being probably the most powerful sexual organ of them all. This aspect of our vocation we find ever more fascinating. As escorts we see and experience so much and constantly push boundaries to appease clients, it just goes with the territory. Sometimes, I confess, some of the activities do NOTHING for us nevertheless we can still perform them flawlessly to the benefit of the client. Watersports are a case in point. Last week we visited a gent who desperately wanted to be urinated on, who went into ecstasy as we BOTH stood over him and drenched him while lying on the floor of his luxury boutique hotel room….he conceded that he’d never had TWO people do it to him….he was in heaven! For us…well, it was our job, it was quite sexy but no great shakes….a satisfied client, a lovely man, a high flyer with a sad situation at home to cope with, all in all a common enough scenario. Our over-riding priority and what makes us tick is giving our clients a mind-blowing sexperience. Occasionally that develops into a mindblowing experience for us too, particularly with repeat clients who we get to know and ‘luv’.  Fast forward a couple of days and another outcall to another man in a similar place in his life to the former. Over all the time we’ve been escorting, we’ve never left anything behind after a meet, not even a snippet of a condom wrapper, but this night alas, we were well down the road before deciding to check the sexphone, to find it….nowhere 🙁  We had left it with our client….a call verified it was indeed still there, so we agreed to return. The meeting had been a little unusual tbh and didn’t run to the normal kind of pattern.  Minx forgot to use the toilet before leaving, and once in the car she was saying she could just about wait till we got home, prior to us discovering we’d left the phone.  The subsequent backtrack and collection of the phone added to Minx’s discomfort, there was no alternative but to find a place for her to pee, and PDQ at that! We pulled off the Motorway (not for us to give ‘plod’ the satisfaction of booking us for peeing on the hard shoulder, no sir!)…I know the area well, and vaguely recalled a quiet spot from years ago…yes, there it was, an ancient bridge a viaduct almost, closed to traffic spanning a big river in the North East. It was a hot summer night, I hadn’t ‘cum’ during the meeting, and Minx had chosen to wear an expensive mid length dress with a low cut + heels, and a cheeky new haircut…I respect her and normally she doesn’t like to let me watch her pee in the open, but tonight was different….she bailed out of the car, leaving the door ajar, and squatted down between the vehicle and the bridge wall…as luck would have it there was a large steel drainage grill just in the right spot…she gushed her piss into the drain with the expensive dress hiked up to her waist….WOW, there was the roar of the water under the bridge, a clear and rapidly darkening sky above but still daylight, cars speeding by a few feet away, huge trees in full leaf above us…her piss went on for an eternity, she talked to me all the time, she looked divine, THIS WAS SEXY, this was a turn on, WOW. Very often a change in environment is all that’s needed to turn ‘so-so’ into ‘so fooking sexy!’  A bulge was growing down below, RELIEF was necessary!  Minx stood up, we kissed passionately, she then took out my cock before standing aside and talking dirty, before ducking to avoid a heavy blast of the ‘white stuff’….Fast forward a few fays more and we see another client who tells us in the pre-amble that ‘though he isn’t into water-sports per se, he does get turned on by watching a woman pee, but doesn’t know why’….I rest my case!

Until next time, stay horny, SAFE SEX ALWAYS, & HAVE FUN!

Luv fun50geeze xx