UK Escort Couple | 2020 | Year in Review

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Our review? In a word, SHITE. 2020’s been a year we’d rather forget & I’m sure you’ll think the same. Unless you’re one of Johnson, Sunak or Hancock’s cronies and been ‘awarded’ a multi million pound contract for PPE; despite the fact your company’s only 6 weeks old and never turned a profit. While 3 million unfortunate souls have been #excluded from help through no fault of their own, & not received a bean since the scamdemic started in March. Never ones to follow the fold we’ve been out protesting for freedom at demonstrations in the Midlands recently, but I’m not optimistic about things changing anytime soon. It seems the the majority have taken the bait and swallowed the lies hook line and sinker, with the mask increasingly seen as a morality signal. Well two fingers to that! Fortunately, your average punter likes to live life a little more dangerously. He sums up the risks and acts accordingly, something most people used to do all the time, almost subconsciously. But it seems vast swathes of the population TRUST THEIR GOVERNMENT; they’ve been weened on partisan information spouted by left leaning teachers over 3 decades, embracing the nanny-state and spurning entrepreneurship and independence.

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Collaboration has been the BUZZ WORD of the 21st Century, and right now, it looks as if millions are ‘collaborating’ with ministers, believing the Covid Lie and rushing headfirst like crazed lemmings towards a cliff edge looming ever closer. Another ‘lefty’ trait is hypocrisy. We listened to some-one who works in the entertainment sector the other day, deeply worried about his 90 year old mother, who he’d moved in with to support her following cancer surgery. He told us ‘the virus’ was ‘definitely out of control’ and castigated us for saying Covid wasn’t much more than a cold, & 99.5% of folk get over it. He told us he didn’t think 60,000 people would agree.

But it didn’t stop him visiting an escort.

So guys, what are our plans for 2021? Business as usual as far as we are allowed. We’re busy on XXX web design, with sites under construction for Snapchat performers and new escorts. Sexworker numbers appear to be holding up; those leaving the industry are being made up for by new entrants including former escorts returning, forced in some cases by circumstances. As always there are winners and losers in every situation. The BDSM world doesn’t seem to be fairing so well with several dommes selling up. I suppose one reason for that is they’ve got significant overheads including premises, unlike escorts working from home. Swinger clubs too are having a hard time, and I can’t see much improvement thru ’21. Our industry will adapt for sure, after all, it is the ‘oldest profession’.

Earlier in the year we’d started talking about acquiring bigger premises and developing a fetish club somewhere in the Tees Valley. That vision is still on the agenda, so if you’re a mature couple, or single, a cross dresser, a sub or kinkster of any kind, get in touch via DM @ScrewsViews or @escorts_web on Twitter or send us an email via We’ll likely start by networking, then promote small informal meets, before moving & opening commercially.

Talking of fun50Geeze, he has a new website, check it out. It’s already ranking in the top 40 on Google amongst the agencies and portals; There appears to be no shortage of mature men wanting to explore their sexuality, and sexy MF couples too looking for a third person to join them. Love it. I’m able & willing to travel, but won’t be bothering with Scotland or Wales anymore.

Our popular uk escort couple online magazine NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS is on hold just now due to lack of time. It has hundreds of subscribers, however, meetings have been few & far between this year, so content is scarce. Rather than write about non existent gigs I’ve held off, but I’ll bring you another edition soon, promise. I’d also like to share with you our thoughts about one or two new products, Stay tuned.

So guys, that’s it for now. Although we’re not touring, we ARE up for bespoke bookings as a mature uk escort couple to anywhere in England when possible. Call for up to date info, our contact details can be found on this page. We’re favouring established AdultWork members mainly because it’s proof they’re genuine and not Stasi out to entrap us. So if you’re not a member, sign up and get yourself some feedback if only for phone or webcam.

And finally…we wish you a Happy Christmas and a Better New Year 2021. Luv Minx & Geeze aka fun50couple mature North East escorts xxx