What’s going on? MARCH’19

Image of Mad March Hare in watercolors

Hello Sexy Friends! So, what’s going on? We’re busy-busy building a new BDSM playroom ‘somewhere in the North East’ with the help of electricians, joiners, plumbers, a handyman and hopefully dungeonkit.co.uk who’ll be the main supplier of equipment along maybe with a few items from Fetters. It’s fulfilling a 10 year dream and we’re looking forward to opening around the end of April/early May. Many of you’ll know that fun50minx has felt increasingly drawn towards the world of femdom this past 3 years, and soon Mistress will have chambers fit for purpose, and built to a very high spec too, with all mod cons including an upscale bathroom. She’s rebranding (apart from on AdultWork) as ‘Mistress Orchid’ with a custom website to market her kinky activities going live in due course. We’re still very much ‘on song’ though as an escort couple, splitting our time between the North East and London, servicing the kinky needs of a mature (age 40+) clientele.

There’s a lot of interest in ‘gender’ right now.…. and we see more than our fair share of cross-dressers ranging from ‘full-on’ players, down to ‘straightish’ men who ‘just like the feel of silk panties’ or ‘stockings’..it’s NOT that unusual a fetish guys! Men with ‘same-sex desire’ also beat a path to our door; again, it’s NOT UNUSUAL & we see all kinds of guys from diverse backgrounds including ex SAS soldiers, offshore workers, civil servants, judges, teachers, sportsmen, line 10 people up at random & there’s always going to be one a wee bit kinky! Thank goodness 🙂 . Wanting to get sensual and very sexual with another MAN and his woman simultaneously doesn’t mean you’re on the road to Gaytown; it just means you’re open-minded, sex positive and some-one with the balls to make it happen. Minx loves a man with balls, metaphorically speaking and in the physical sense! If you’re ‘swithering’ about picking up the phone to arrange an MMF #JustDoIt! You’d be surprised how many men torture themselves for DECADES before finally plucking up the courage; a threesome is no more than 3 sexy people having a bit of fun, it’s not an affair, and in many cases it helps to keep people in ‘sexless marriages’ together by providing a safe sane & consensual outlet for their kink.

A threeway in itself is a very interesting dynamic & cause for endless discussion between the two of us. Men supposedly 100% straight book an MFM with no ‘man on man’ contact, however, these guys invariably ask to experience DP! One of the attractions of double penetration is the sensation from another guy’s cock pounding away at close quarters, separated only by a thin membrane; men who enjoy this often come across as ‘macho types’ and straight to the bone, but it’s well proven there’s no such thing as 100% straight or 100% gay; these guys without knowing it are somewhere off the bottom of the sexuality scale; scroll back through previous NEWS VIEWS & SCREWS and you can read all about the Klein Sexuality grid…fascinating stuff. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a handy little test you can do in private which reliably places you on the scale of sexuality. In point of fact, there’s a ton of difference between macho ‘straight men’ and sex positive ‘straight men’ the latter group often openly identifying as ‘bi-curious’. The macho brigade have a tendency to exploit women for their own ends whereas the sex positive guys are more open-minded, respectful to both sexes, and usually more interesting to be with; from our perspective they’re ‘kinder’ souls. I’ve probably offended some with these comments, but then how many other men have, to put it crudely, fucked their partner over a thousand times in company with another man?  Not many I’d guess! So I feel well qualified to comment. Our whole lifestyle as a bi escort duo revolves around male sexuality 24/7 and reveals so much about the rights and wrongs of Contemporary Western Society. I could go on to write a book but sadly there’s no time. Maybe I should seek crowdfunding to finance the time off to write more? Which reminds me. Did you read the story about the dom who had her newly refurbished dungeon trashed (Alchemy Rooms) and vandalised? Fellow BDSM community members got together via social media and arranged a crowdfunding campaign to the tune of £30k to pay for re-instatement of her chambers. Last time I looked it stood at £16k and I don’t think it’s one of those schemes where you have to raise the lot or you gain nothing. £30K buys a HELL OF A LOT of dungeon furniture! In fact, as we build our own playrooms, we’re finding the major cost is the infrastructure, not the furniture. Anyway, on to AVAILABILITY…

This month due to construction work we’re in the North East every day, and we’re not down in LONDON again until the 12th April. Geeze is on an advanced web design course near Liverpool Street Saturday 13th and Monday 15th-18th of April inclusive, so on those days we’ll be working as a couple from 6PM only. Thursday 12th, Sunday 14th and Good Friday19th we’ll be available during the day as well. We’re taking advance bookings NOW…usual restrictions apply: Men over 40 only & you must be AdultWork members for incalls at Hanger Lane/Park Royal. (Close to Piccadilly & Central Line TUBE A40 & North Circular). Outcalls to Central London, Middlesex, South Herts, South Bucks & Surrey for members and/or non members. Give us a call on 07981-726237.

Finally in-between all the Brexit crap there’s a lot of shouting going on about ‘decriminalising sexwork’. So you thought it was 100% legal in the UK right? Well mostly, but soliciting on the street or in a public place is illegal What's going on? Decrim of sexwork is in the NEWS. Image shows escorts' calling cards in a London phonebox(remember all those phone boxes with escort cards back in the 80s??) as is ‘two or more sex workers working together’ which equals a brothel, in the eyes of the Law. That’s the main nub of the de-crim conversation…the right for 2 or more sex workers to work together legally for ‘safety’s sake’. Many inquirers give us a hard time (some have told us we’re talking rubbish) when we refuse to discuss rates and/or services over a phone pointing out its illegality. Even as a long term engaged couple of 13 years, working together as an escort couple on incalls is ILLEGAL hence our reticence to divulge too much detail to strangers over the phone. Not so with Outcalls. THAT is perfectly legal since the punter is REQUESTING our company at his place of abode. Crazy we know, but that’s the way it is.

You’d probably think that we’d welcome any moves to decriminalise, however we’re not keen, and we’re not alone in our thoughts. Why? Because in our view, the ‘activists’ should be careful for what they wish for. There’s a real possibility they’re opening a can of worms with the end result being the decrim they demand, followed by drastically reduced numbers of clients. Government is adept at ‘giving with one hand’ while ‘taking away with another’ and there’s a real risk they’ll criminalise the punter instead, as they have in Ireland, in an effort to ‘reduce the demand’. (Nordic Model) Most of the noise is coming from the younger crowd, just like the Brexit row; they demand to be heard, and they won’t be satisfied till they get what they want come hell or high water, regardless of what the ‘silent majority’ want or feel. We agree the current system isn’t perfect & we acknowledge that prostitution is a difficult and emotive subject. Online marketing of sexwork keeps us out of sight and by default, out of the minds of vanilla people. Let’s keep it that way.

In the next blog we’ll no doubt be commenting on Censorship as the Digital Economy Act kicks in shortly (April) and restricts you from viewing porn, in the name of protecting children and the Nanny State. We’ll be bringing you up-to-date news on how to keep accessing your fave sites and/or how you can circumvent the system, or NOT, as the case may be. Stay tuned, Remember, safe sex always, know your status, but most of all Have FUN, Luv Minx & Geeze xxx