What’s HOT and trending right now? Electrosex!

Electrosex North East

JULY ’17, What’s HOT and trending right now? Electrosex! Also known as E-stim or Electroplay. What is it? The art of using electricity to stimulate the body. Why call it an art? Because everybody’s different, and finding ways to pleasure the human body is not an exact science. It’s a bit like music…we all like various types of music from rock n roll to opera, but you need to experiment to find out what you truly enjoy. And so it is with electroplay. We’ve invested in a top of the range kit from E-STIM. It offers levels of sensation & pleasure that are difficult to find anywhere else. Book a session NOW either with us as a couple, or Minx solo. Explore new boundaries, you can combine it with sensory play and/or tie n tease, with Minx dressed in Leather or PVC, what are you waiting for? Call 07981-726237 for an appointment.