Will Sex Positives ever rule the World?

Image of Liquid gold popper from fun-five-o.comWill Sex Positives ever rule the World?

Sex what? For those not in the know ‘sex positivity’ can be defined as ‘having an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all sexual activities pleasurable & fundamentally healthy provided its consensual and nobody gets hurt’.  To be honest I wasn’t aware myself that I was ‘sex positive’ in the sense that I wore a label, however, it’s an attitude to sex & relationships I’ve informally subscribed to for nearly 5 decades. I’ve shared my thoughts with hundreds of folk over the years; it’s a belief I’ve always been comfortable with and one that feels natural. Most people I’ve confided with have had little to say about the matter; they’ve kept their thoughts to themselves as I am a passionate kind of person as are most sex positives….an all or nothing type, and in my ignorance, have always assumed it was an ideology embraced by the many rather than the few; but then I’ve always been the black sheep from a disjointed family and never followed the fold.

And I’m proud of that.

A multitude of things have converged recently to throw all this sharply into focus and to spur me to hit the keyboard. Yes I know its been over a month since I posted a blog. The Blogging Mentors I take some notice of say I should be posting 3-5 times a week if I’m to build any kind of ‘tribe’ as they call it of ‘raving fans’ …well sorry guys, I have a living to make and I won’t blog unless I feel moved enough to produce something worthwhile.

And moved I am.

I am no different to hundreds of thousands, millions probably, of my contemporaries in Britain today. On the one hand are the early retired professionals and civil servants on generous pensions for life & literally awash with cash, and on the other side are the blue collar people, the triers, the small time entrepreneurs, and the mass ranks of the ever hopeful and perennially self-employed AKA busy fools in many cases (I don’t mean that in a bad way….so many work hard and all hours God sends but the point is they never achieve or come even close to a good quality of life and financial independence). Many in this latter group have had their lives turned upside down by events they have no control over…the banking crisis, mass immigration, excess regulation and globalisation, but they fight on, in the hope of a better life before death,  by learning new skills, embracing modern technologies, and finding new ways to capitalise on what they DO know about, on things they’ve learnt over a lifetime. If you’ve never read the story of Colonel Sanders I urge you to do so, then you’ll ‘get it’. Take a look  http://bit.ly/29hSk5w

I know about sex.

It’s something I’ve always been drawn to and lived for. Its led to good times even in the bad times. I also know about flying planes, repairing roofs and cleaning offices. I sold sextoys in the millennium years and have just started again. This has meant I’ve had to embrace computers and the internet, never something I relished, until these past few years. The idea of building a website myself from scratch was not even contemplated, yet these things I now find easy. It’s a case of continual daily improvement, and taking action…yes…I know you will have suffered all that boring stuff before, but…..

What is very striking to us Boomers and GenXers is the speed of change.

We are going through another industrial revolution, but this time its happening in a few short years, not decades or over generations. The web is fast evolving to become a social platform overtaking the original concept of a purely informational model envisaged at its outset. I’ve attended conferences and been told in no uncertain terms that

‘If you’re in business and can’t get a handle on social media, then get out of business’.

Things are a’changin and changing VERY FAST! The Arab Spring was an early example of the power of social media, and our own recent Brexit is another where the ‘establishment’ has been taken by surprise and been caught with its pants down. We like pants down.  And with regard to Brexit, only now is it sinking in with the powers that be in Ivory Towers, that Out is supposed to mean Out (sorry and all that 🙁 🙁 ) and they’d better start doing something about it. Yet still, these people insist on talking in years.

Life’s no longer like that.

We embrace new technologies to do things which used to take years and do them in a fraction of the time. The point I’m making is that many people haven’t woken to the fact that the INTERNET HAS and IS changing EVERYTHING, be it your corner TakeAway  (in the shape of www.justeat.co.uk) to banking, to recruitment, retail, right the way thru to the top and the Corridors of Power AKA Westminster.

EVERYTHING is changing.  Including cultural attitudes.

This weekend we have seen a well-known politician brought down by a National tabloid Newspaper. As of Monday he was hanging on and supported by some who, rightly enough, protested that their colleague had done nothing illegal certainly with regard to meeting two gay male escorts for ‘fun’ while taking ‘poppers’; an affront to many people for sure but nevertheless not exactly an uncommon scenario these days.

🙂 🙂  Yes you read that right.  🙂 🙂

People are jumping up and down talking about ‘filth’ blah blah but any-one who’s streetwise, & actually knows about humanity, sex and sexwork, knows that looking out your bedroom window at your neighbours, or working in a school, at a hospital or on an assembly line, or even in the Forces….anywhere you care to mention, a percentage of folk are into something a bit different.

A wee bit kinky maybe. Something most ‘ordinary’ people wouldn’t think of as ‘normal’

And they’re never the kind of people you’d suspect of course, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Some are saying that what people do in their private life is up to them and matters little. Others more vociferously (as usual) are jumping up and down taking the moral high ground and saying that what matters is the sexual exploitation of the ‘rent boys’ as they call them.

You see their kind always portray our kind as just that….morally corrupt, vulnerable people who need to be ‘protected’. Who TF are they to judge? I’ve had long term relationships with escorts, I rub shoulders with escorts, I have done for years, and have yet to meet one who’s been forced to do the job.  Granted, some will have, but that’s NOT the rule. YES, I’m so sorry…I actually ENJOY my job as do many of my com-padres; oh and while we’re about it, don’t lets forget  the millions of swingers around the world who would also be put in the same morally corrupt category by these dinosaurs and so called ‘pillars of society’.

Sex positivity is the subject of this post. The internet and the cultural revolution taking place, and the kind of Sixties Permissive Society ‘Mark 2’ it is feeding alongside the industrial one, is changing things for EVER….it’s called progress, and its happening NOW, and its happening whether ‘Establishment’ likes it or not. More people are feeling freer to express their true identities, to come out, to be more sexually free. Including some of those folk walking the corridors of power, who are after all human just like the rest of us.

Will Sex Positives ever rule the world?

Maybe not but they’ll be a lot more mainstream in my humble opinion at least, for what it’s worth.

The party’s already started.

Until next time, stay horny, safe sex always, take care, Luv fun50couple xxx