#Bi Visibility Week 23rd-30th September

Image of Bi-Visibility Day marking beginning of Bisexual Awareness Week 2018

Did you know that Sunday September 23rd is Bi Visibilty Day and marks the beginning of Bisexual Awareness Week 2018? It’s a subject close to our hearts with Geeze fully bi and Minx straight. Mind, it’s acknowledged by many that there’s no such thing as 100% straight, or 100% gay for that matter. Some of you will have ‘taken the test’ no doubt via our NVS newsletter which included a Klein Sexuality Grid back in January…it’s an accurate way of determining where you are on the sexuality scale. You see guys, most of us are at different spots on the scale at different times of our lives….it’s something we see on a daily basis as fun50couple. Many people including ourselves are on a ‘sexual journey’, even those with no apparent interest at all are likely to change over time, its just the way it is. Being bisexual or ‘curious’ isn’t a stop on the way to GayTown and it isn’t usually a phase;

Many men have different ideas as to what being bisexual means. A good proportion think that ANY interest in ‘same sex desire’ means you’re automatically gay; which is utter rubbish. That’s an attitude stemming from peer pressure and out of date attitudes as to ‘what being a man’ is supposed to mean. In reality it just shows that you’re a sex positive person and open-minded. ‘Sex positive’ is defined as “an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation.” There’s some excellent content on the ISSM site (International Society for Sexual Medicine) home page listing the common traits of sex positive people, take a look! Geeze is one of them and has been since childhood. Closeted for many years as are most married men, life changed dramatically over a decade ago after he’d settled down with Minx. Though straight herself, Minx’s love was unconditional, allowing Geeze to live his ‘authentic self’ without fear of rejection or reprisal…in short, Minx ‘gets it’. And it gets better….She is often very turned on by it, frequently cumming profusely while actively encouraging two men before joining in herself. So very many of our clients are envious of our relationship since they themselves feel trapped and resigned to ‘living a lie’. Vanilla sex just isn’t enough for them. And that’s a shame, because it can cause so much emotional pain….you’ll probably have heard the famous quote ‘there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’ {Maya Angelou}. Communication is EVERYTHING in any relationship, and GREAT SEX simply can’t happen without it. Most bisexual people will tell you that once they’re ‘out’ with their partner, sex and love goes from strength to strength, rarely is it a deal breaker.

What does it feel like to be bisexual you might wonder? Well, I guess its different strokes for different folks. Some people define bisexuality as ‘any interest or attraction to same gender, including non sexual’. Your best bet is to jump on the Klein Sexuality Grid we mentioned earlier…there are some excellent questions there which you should give your first gut reaction to when answering…..that way you’ll get a true indication of where you are on the scale. Don’t cheat! Live with the first result….by all means re-visit it occasionally; you might be surprised where you are next time you take the test. Some go up, so go down. Geeze has always been attracted to both sexes to a degree, and is fully versatile. Many guys seek same sex fun but don’t want to go further than watching, or touching, or oral. Some will go ‘all the way’ and never look back….some will dismiss it as a bucket list fantasy and never re-visit it. Some will ‘do it’ and then get a massive guilt trip…..and find themselves back for more again several month’s later….to satisfy an ‘itch’. Sexuality is something you CAN’T CONTROL, just go with it guys and don’t fight it. You’ll be a better and more fulfilled person for it. Around the World, there’s a growing interest in ‘sexual wellness’. Men and Women are beginning to realise that an ability to embrace sexuality, and to be comfortable with it rather than hiding it away, is an important factor in overall health.

It’s reckoned that around four times as many people identify (albeit it many privately) as bicurious/bisexual as there are numbers who identify as gay. Are YOU one of those guys ‘bearing an untold story inside you’? Bisexual/Curious men are our niche, Don’t be shy, and don’t whatever you do continue to go through life ‘wondering’. Until next time, Have fun, Safe Sex Always, Luv, fun50couple: BISEXUAL VISIBILITY DAY September 23rd, Bisexual Awareness Week 23-30th September 2018