IT’S SUMMER, What’s going on?

High Class London Escorts & Travel Companions

It’s mid June & we’re nearly half way through the Summer! What summer I hear you ask…mainly grey days and cool winds here in the North East, but we DID manage one whole day on the beach. Not that we have a lot of time to spare, since we are busy-busy with FUN-FIVE-0. At long…

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IT’S SPRING, What’s going on?

Image of Spring blossom and blue skies

We’ve just emerged from a foot of snow, all gone now and the local rivers in full spate with the melt, so hopefully now we can look forward to Spring. They say that if March comes in like a lion it’ll go out like a lamb, so here’s hoping we have a sunny & mild…

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Where Were YOU 23 Years Ago?

WHO were you 23 years ago? A twinkle in your mother’s eye? A spotty school leaver looking for a first job? A sixth former studying A levels? We like A levels 🙂 If you were a 17 or 18 year old in the year 1994 that makes you 40-41 today and in the Generation X…

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What’s HOT and trending right now? Electrosex!

Electrosex North East

JULY ’17, What’s HOT and trending right now? Electrosex! Also known as E-stim or Electroplay. What is it? The art of using electricity to stimulate the body. Why call it an art? Because everybody’s different, and finding ways to pleasure the human body is not an exact science. It’s a bit like music…we all like…

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Will Sex Positives ever rule the World?

Will Sex Positives ever rule the World? Sex what? For those not in the know ‘sex positivity’ can be defined as ‘having an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all sexual activities pleasurable & fundamentally healthy provided its consensual and nobody gets hurt’.  To be honest I wasn’t aware myself that I was ‘sex positive’…

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To Pee or not to Pee that is the Question

fun50geeze headshot in gilt frame

Hello Sexy Friends & Followers! ‘To Pee or not to Pee that is the Question’, a take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act lll Scene 1 I know but couldn’t resist!  Some of you who follow our blogs know that we’ve been close to the adult business for around 20 years, with an interest preceding that even,…

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Friday 1st July 2016

Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers! I’m always being told that I should be constantly writing content because that’s how ‘social media works’. That’s according to the zillion self-proclaimed experts out there, many of whom just want my money to enrol me on some ‘expert course’ which will supposedly grow our followers by…

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Pastures anew!


Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers! Hi every-one from the North East of England! What a turbulent month it’s been, though thankfully we’ve been kept busy, meeting new people as well as a number of regulars now we’ve moved closer to them.  I recalled the number of moves I’ve made in my adult…

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‘AUTHENTICITY’, a modern dilemma.

Image of fun50minx promoting August 2020 escort couple tour Herts, Lincs, Notts

Hello to all our Sexy Friends & Followers! Its spring time, and Summer is supposed to be round the corner yet we are still shivering in Scotland with snow on the Border at the weekend BRRRRRR! So no outdoor activities just yet! So, what have we been up to lately? It’s been very up and…

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Sexhibition Survey

I read a post on Twitter yesterday from SEXHIBITION under the #SexFacts tag;   #SexFacts — Sexhibition (@SexhibitionUK) 29 March 2016 It immediately triggered all kinds of dark memories & prompted me to share them here. From the age of six, I was packed off to boarding school, and a succession of similar establishments…

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